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How am I liking the W today?

Posted By: seektruth on 2009-09-24
In Reply to: Hey, seektruth! How you liking the W TODAY? - told ya so!!!!!

Just fine and thank you for asking. I am grateful that I have a job, happy that it is at Webmedx and oh so grateful that I have not allowed myself to turn so nasty and cynical. Flame away while I get back to work.

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Hey, seektruth! How you liking the W TODAY?
Did karma just take a chunk out of your gratitude about your job?  Is your cheerleading outfit smelling like teen spirit today?  Be sure to wear it when you call in to find out how low YOUR wages can go!
A little too much for my liking.
It also just throws you out sometimes without a way to recovery report.  I have told others that have posted to be sure to save mid stream on long reports to save yourself the trouble of having to retype reports.  
How does this MT not liking to do VR affect
your work life in any way to the point you'd tell them to quit their job? If you're an MT enjoying your job and your VR, then why would this MT's opinion on VR bother you? You sound like management doing damage control.
I'm not liking what I've heard so far!
Did this all happen recently?
liking tax break as IC as opposed to employee
I have a question...I am an IC where my employer took out no taxes whatsoever....no W-2 form, but received 1099-MISC form....ends up I had my tax preparer prepare my taxes today...I ended up having to owe the government for first time in my life...I am single parent claiming head of household. Come to realize no FICA taxes out whatsoever by my employer....usually an employer who gives you a W-2 form pays half the FICA and you the other...just wondering how is it better to be an IC person as opposed to an employee come tax time? As an IC, I received no benefits whatsoever, no taxes whatsoever were taken out of my checks, no overtime, no medical, no PTO AND I owe????? Do IC people usually make more than me or what? She is paying us 9 cents per character line with 70 characters per line with spaces...old fashioned slow down system...C-phone and a book to look up every doctor...??? Am really wondering....how do people on here who state they make past 20,000 per year doing what I am trying to figure out to do? Sincerely
Dang It girl! I'm not liking my fourth one
I wonder where a person in the field of only MT'g for 10, 15, 20 plus years could get hired for any other kind of work anywhere?
So, what's it going to be today?
Who is gonna stir up the pot today?  Come on gang, lets have a good fight.
How about the ad on TV today....
make $7000 a month PART-TIME....hmmmmm.....
Since today is all about KS (sm)
Ha!  Could you tell us if we have our check direct deposited.  How do you see it?  Do you get stub in mail or intranet, etc.?  Thanks!
Way of Today
I don't post here frequently because so many of the messages are vitrolic and full of negativity and meanness. I think the mindset of today's world is reflective of just the opposite of the life advice given by your mother (and mine, too). So many, not all I know, but so many folks these days seem live their lives based on the belief that they should
-say ugly and hurtful things every chance you get.
-be rude and insensitive each and every day in each and every way.
-it is not necessary for people to like you, just make sure they know (that you believe) they are less that you.
-nothing is private, nothing is sacrosanct. Let it all hang out.
-if you're miserable, do your best to make everybody else miserable, too.
-do all manner of dirt unto others, but become aggrieved and just downright highly pissed if (when) you reap what you have sown, and feel empowered to lash out in any and every way you can.

Lyndia, you struck a chord, and I just had to respond
I know. Got my W2 today and I'm down 3G from
deficit and I always thought the idea was to increase; at least that's how it used to be.  Never thought I'd see transcription turn into a limited income industry. 
QAs being cut today
From what i was told they cut 100% of the US based eScription QA force, 75% of the US based SWAT QA force. I was making 6 cpl as a QA on escription, nice first shift M-F job. They offered me 4/8 cpl as an MT 3rd shift in escription or 5 cpl to be QA for a new account on the Dictaphone side, and told me that being they offered me a new position I would not qualify for unemployment.
is always like that, not only today..nm
Wish I did. Know nothing. It is indeed bad today.
nm :(
wonder why the ad today then sm
very low paying (April 2009 was 6.5 to 7 cents.  Good grief.   
Here's another one from today
got a job today... sm
Well I had an interview today and received a job offer about two hours later. Whoo Hoo! Smaller company but they supply all equipment etc. Tech support, one weekend day a month etc. You never know the whole details until you get started, but at least its something. Money isn't bad either with incentive scale to boot!
Had interview today . . .

Pay is per hour. They have .8 and .7 positions. Both are elligible for full benefits. $196 per month insurance for family, dental family is $32 a month. Hours stink. 4 days a week 5pm to 10pm and 8 hours either Saturday or Sunday. 0.55 shift differential. Don't know what hourly wage would be...yet. Strickly radiology reports. Would have training at the head MT's home, about 45 minutes away from me. Don't know how long that would be. I was showed basic platform and it doesn't look to bad. WordPerfect 5.3. Their computer and equipment. I guess they are swamped. They have 19 hours of dictated minutes right now on their system with 8 MTs currently. They like to see it more around 4 hours.


RE: Had interview today
If you are lucky enough to get hired, I personally would not turn down a chance to work that type of environment.
Today is my first day! Whew!
Shorthand only works with Radnet, so I'm told, and now I'm trying to figure out how to import my old expander into Shorthand. So far going good though. I'm excited. Good luck to you and welcome aboard!
PMSing Today?

Applied with them today...

I think:  Individual $26-something per pay period, employee+spouse was $180-something, employee and children was somewhere close to $200, and I think the whole family was $360-something (really high for family), but these are guesstimations so don't hold me to it, but this is what I remember.

Have you taken your medication today?
Settle down.
Got the call from MQ today

Came from "Mike" at corporate MQ number on caller ID.

Just wanted to verify that I got the letter and that I would be getting the new benefit package in October. I politely asked if he could give me any advance FYI on any of it and he said, nope, they were just calling & verifying we received the letter...and that October was not that far away  my last name starts with G & I'm in the midwest, so maybe their going in alpha or by office, who knows.

I did ask him a question about the new links on the QNet, about what to find on there and he actually had to pull the page up and his computer was running so slow he said, that I just told him never mind.

So...the suspense goes on ladies and gents.

Got a job offer today . . .
considering it. I wish I knew more.
oh my.....are we in a bad mood today?
So, you got your packet today?
I didn't get mine yet! Does it say the requirements for part-time versus full-time?
Here's what I've been doing: for example, today...(sm)
I had a patient with 2 cysts, in the OR for fine needle aspiration. The dictator very clearly said, "the 2 needles were aspirated."  So, I put what he said, and made a note in QA, but did NOT leave a marker in the report. That way, it goes right to the client WITH the note, but doesn't stop at QA.  That covers my butt, and helps the client.
Called her again today ...
asked about start date, schedule, etc. and told her I'd call her back tomorrow. Will probably be accepting with them, starting on 11/28. You know how it sounds too good to be true? I sure hope it's not.
Did everyone get paid today?
I did not go to the interview today because
it seemed like it would be knocking down the value of QA to get paid 2 cents per line. I think if more people would be willing to do as I did today and refuse to take jobs that pay so little and sacrifice quality for quantity we might have more respect in our field. Getting paid 2 or 3 cents a line is demeaning and completely unacceptable. What makes me so upset is companies will only hire someone to do QA if they have considerable experience in transcription, yet are unwilling to pay for our expertise and knowledge.
And where did my work go today -
And offshore for no reason but to save money?  Happy, happy, happy, very happy I don't count on MT for anything anymore!
The new PT job I have stated today they had others from MQ (sm)

joining them.  I said sorry, we are all trying to cover our financial bases/asses.  His response was bring em on. 



Very likely she was out of the office today
I'm not sure, anyway you can rest assure she will get back to you when she can. They don't play games at Transtech but really do have a lot going on right now.
Yep, one called today. sm
I asked a company, who I previously worked with, for a letter of reference, and she asked me if I could work for her again. Still waiting for counteroffer as I said yes with certain conditions.

A few years ago, I went in with a brochure to one of my previous clients, and they asked me to work with them again. With that one, I wish I had not gone back. We parted company this time, but not on friendly grounds. He has a nasty temperament.

I got something from Webmedx today. sm

It came priority mail.  Our postman said they were delivering all priority mail today, everything they had there to get it out before Christmas?!!?  Whatever!?!?  Works for me!   Anywho, nice gift/acknowledgement. 



I do, I do!! I was just thinking about ddi today.
I loved their software, especially RADD when I could preset it to start and stop downloading jobs--no wasted time. This company was also crystal clear on client specs, too.

I just started today
and it seems great, at least from a first day perspective. My new lead is VERY nice and helpful, and the software is extremely easy to use. The account that I am on also seems very easy and is nothing but ER, which I love. Hopefully it will all go well!
Today everything they say is getting on my nerves!
I learned today why/how they can say that...sm
Wherever a company's payroll division is based is where they can say their business is based.  Hence, the MA office does their payroll/HR, so that is how they can say they're a US-based company, no matter where the rest of their work is done.  Furthermore, yes, the people that I talk to, no matter where THEY themselves are sitting, are trained to say, Yes, WE are in Massachusetts because (loophole here) they say WE and are referencing the company.  Most people (me) just assume they are talking about themselves specifically.  I fell for it.  My mom explained all this to me today, being a manager of a financial institution.  :(
Yes, when accounts get out of TAT - like today.
Yep, I got the laid off today too
I've been with Cymed forever too. I did double the required amount of lines to edit, typed when needed and worked the shifts nobody else wanted.  No one is safe with this company.  SPi took a #3 company and have run it in the gound!!  I am hoping they will go belly up before they can say what the...
Interview today
I have an interview today with Webmedx. I am so nervous!! I haven't had to do an interview in quite a long time, but have decided to move on to greener pastures.

Someone tell me the interview isn't bad....please!
oops -yes I did, been doing that a lot today - LOL
They are a spinnin today
today it's spaces
what's next, not paying for the letter a? For goodness' sake. It takes the same effort to get a space into a document as anything else.
Yup! Got one today and I don't even work there!
I haven't worked there since February! Up until as recently as a month ago, they were still calling me and e-mailing me asking me to work and type stat reports! The incompetency of this company just makes me sick. I had to finally call the HR person to tell them to stop calling me or I would report them for harassment as they were constantly calling me very late at night (10 PM and later). I have been gone from that hell hole for about 7 months and am with a much, much better company!
I got ANOTHER packet today!
This is getting ridiculous! The thing took up my whole mailbox! I haven't worked for them in 7 months! I was so annoyed that I e-mailed HR once again and demanded that they remove me from their list of employees and stop all contact with me immediately.
I'm sorry-been really busy today!
I will email you in a few
LOL - haven't run out today yet.