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How it breaks down...... sm

Posted By: m on 2008-10-23
In Reply to: Yeah and I bet.. - AG

I stated earlier that I had almost 20 years in the business; I have 17 to be exact with 10 years as an independent contractor with my own accounts and 7 years working for various national and smaller companies. I started out with Edix and HealthScribe, so I have been through the acquisitions and merger thing as well. I have been with Webmedx for less than a year, and no, I am NOT in management. I have been in management at 2 other companies in the past, however.

I still see technology as the driving force of this industry because it is what brings about the changes we are all seeing right now. The MT, in my opinion, is the backbone of the industry, but that backbone has to be flexible enough to accommodate the changes as they occur. ASR is a major change in our industry right now, and yes, it does put out some garbage. It will never be perfected to the point that there is no need for it to be cleaned up by good, knowledgable MTs who are willing to accept the challenge of learning new things. I don't like it any more than anyone else because it has cut into my earnings because of the lower pay rate, but I realize that I must accept that challenge if I want to continue in this business. No one of us can make ASR go away, unless of course one has one's own accounts and can call most of the shots. I love medical transcription and realize that I must make changes within myself to meet the ongoing changes within the field or I will find myself out of a job. Like I said before, I may have to eat my words one day, but until that day, I will strive to make myself as marketable in this industry as possible.

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Breaks & Line Count

The company I work for lets us take our breaks, but our line count is still based on 8 hours.  They deduct the 1/2 hour for lunch (shift is 8.5 hours) but don't consider our break time, so isn't that basically like we really aren't getting breaks since we are penalized for it paywise?

Apprectiate any thoughts on this and if it is standard.


Link inside to Fed DOL on breaks/lunch
interesting reading, don't know if this varies by state as overtime laws do, but anyway...
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