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Huh? I am swamped with work.... it is extremely busy.

Posted By: MDI-FL on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: Looks like another week of no work at MDI-FL. And they - Darn

Are you sure you are talking about the same place????

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It's third shift work; we are extremely busy and they have a lot of (see inside)
accounts. I love Transcend. Best place I ever worked
Extremely busy... sm
It might be because they have been extremely busy with transitioning a new account.
It may take a few days...they are EXTREMELY busy - SM
They just had multiple new account start this week and things are really crazy in the office. I would give them a few days, and if you still don't hear anything, it may not hurt to contact them. Good luck. It's a great company.
Yes, they are extremely busy in the office - SM
They are constantly getting new accounts, which means they are hiring a lot and are getting a ton of resumes sent to them, so it might take them a little bit of time to get to the all. Also, they just replaced their HR person, so it is a little hectic now. I would definitely give them a call. They are all very nice in the office, and I'm sure they will help you. I have been there for almost a year, and it was the best move I ever made! Good luck!
I have found this time of year to be extremely busy. People
are scheduling elective procedures while they have a long weekend off and don't have to worry about missing work, plus docs do their best to get  everyone home for Thanksgiving and I have DS galore.  I do think around Christmas it slows down, but I also think there are lots of MTs taking time off during this time frame so you would think the work would balance out - less work, but less MTs, so still a fair amount of work.

It has been slow for me since at least August, so it isn't just the holidays. 
Busy does not mean disorganized. I would rather work for a busy company sm
than one with no work. I started with Keystrokes 3 months ago and it is the best thing I ever did. I have a steady paycheck and plenty of work.
They pay 0.015 cpl for QA work! Extremely, extremely low, low, low. nm
I'm swamped and want a day off. Please come to work!
Not sure what account they have you on ...but I'm swamped with work..
I definitely would ask for another account. It is rare that there would not be any work. I work two accounts and sometimes my primary does get low but there is always a backup account. This just doesnt seem right. Even over the holidays, they were screaming for help on the accounts I was on..
so far plenty and swamped with work but that is due to new accts and not enough MTs yet so not sure
They DO run out of work a lot, but we have been swamped on my accounts this week nm
My hospital is swamped also - too much work! Can't figure out these companies either. nm
Different company but no slow down, swamped but we were before holidays. Nice having work..

Oh my no! LOTS of work. Didn't have first 15 minutes of Thursday, but swamped outside of that. nm
Maybe it's the accounts your on. I work for MDI-FL and I'm swamped with work..
Sorry.. I had gone through a few days a while back of slower work, but lately especially since over the holidays, it has been crazy.. too much work..
Extremely low for VA work
Worked in VA a long time and it tends to be very challenging and very ESL. For VBC, this is a really low rate.
I am sure they work extremely hard, lol.
They are used to that from setting up their dirt houses and what not. They are used to working hard trying to fight for food scraps.
Extremely low work load right now
Supposedly new accounts are coming on board soon.....I sure hope so!
I have never had low work at MDI... very busy
all the time. I guess different people have different experiences. My experience with MDI has been a great one. I really love it there and would be happy to give you more information via e-mail
Great bennies but extremely disorganized and out of work a lot. nm
By the TT MTs. They are so busy with work, they find time to come here
Years ago posts said they were extremely picky & hard to work for. Haven't
The jobs I have doing acute care work seem to be quite busy. sm

The clinic work that I do is still low, but that was discussed below ... I don't think it has anything to do with the holidays, and I do not care anymore.

Generally, probably hospital work is the way to go as far as a steady stream of work.  With clinic work, doctors can take off, shut down totally for holidays, etc., which leaves a big hole, obviously.  That's just my opinion, of course.

It would be great to have just one great job you could rely on to always give you a nice fat check each time, but I am beginning to realize if I truly want to be safe, I need to hedge my bets with several other jobs as well.  At least until I win the lottery

Does Happy OSI'er ever work? She is too busy posting on MTStars!

Do they have enough work to keep you busy? Do full timers have any flexibility in their hours?
Competitive line rates?
Just do your work and quit being a cherry picking busy body.
Maybe some people cannot understand the dictator. If you understand the dictator, then just do the report and quit whining on this board.

Swamped 2...
Swamped in Kentucky!
Seems they are all swamped now
with so many MTs applying. Give them a few days and if you don't hear call or email. Good MTs are hard to come by so keep your chin up and see what happens.
She is probably swamped and cannot
or family emergency, could be many reasons. 
I'm swamped
I am swamped. I am doing about 1800 lines a day and leaving a ton in my queue every night. Can you ask to switch to another account. The acocunt I was on when I started was terrible, but the account I am on now rocks!

Good Luck!
I'm also swamped
I always do at least 2000 lines a day on my account. We have a huge amount of work. Some other accounts may be slow, but I don't see why you don't just give them a call and ask for another account. There are usually plenty of other accounts available.
Not on my account. We are swamped. nm
I know they've been swamped
I would drop them another line or call them if you can and see what's up.  They're worth it. 
Swamped? When I worked for them

Hope they have corrected that.  Otherwise, nothing bad. QA department is wonderful. Management, well, best left unsaid.

Hospital swamped
Do you work for a service or directly for the hospital?  if a service could you share the name...guess I will have to divide my work week among more than one service just to make sure I have work. 
Be Patient...They are swamped...
It was almost 2 weeks before I heard from them. You might drop them a quick phone call just to let them know you are interested. E-mail me if you want more.
What are you talking about? I am swamped! sm

of course, I have 4 accounts I do and I am seeing them all, fast as I can type all week. 

I have said it before, and I was told this when I started, if you'll take more than one account you will be far less likely to run out of work. 

Really? I am swamped today! sm

Do you only do one account?  Because there are a couple today in Span-Tel/TSP that are swamped with work.  Also, from what I hear, they are adding a large hospital next week to the DocQScribe platform, so if that is the platform you are on, I imagine it will pick up rather quickly.  I guess it just depends which team you are on and which accounts you work on.  If you are this low on work, could you ask for more or to be trained on the other accounts?  I think the work is there, and if you really want it, you should ask for it. 


As an aside, I think it has likely been slow the last couple weeks with a lot of companies - it usually is around Labor Day but then picks back up through the holidays - at least in my experience anyway. 

Companies pull their ads if they get swamped with
If their ad is gone, they probably got swamped with resumes & aren't hiring. nm
She said she's going through the resumes in chronological order and is kind of swamped right now.
I've been totally swamped throughout the season, worked yesterday, doing double shift,,,,sm
tomorrow, working weekend, no slowdown here, I actually wish there was, I worked lots over OT to make $$ for the holidays and now can hardly find the time to enjoy with my family....oh well, THANKFUL FOR A GOOD STEADY JOB!
YES, extremely sad. Especially,
When you search and search and try to find a great company and you find one like DRC. Gone now. Who next? Very depressing. Time to get out.
What do you consider extremely
I work for a company and I average $20+ an hour. For my city I'm at about twice the hourly pay for someone without a 4-year degree and about twice the hourly rate for an in-house MT. I don't feel like I'm underpaid.

If you are talking about companies that pay 6 cpl or something... well, that's a different matter.
Extremely low
I agree that the people at Proscript are great (wonderful in fact), but nice doesn't pay the bills.

My work load there has been very low (to sometimes nonexistent). I have sometimes had to just sit at my computer for up to an hour or more just waiting for a job to finally come in.
Pay was okay, staff was extremely
rude, they will fire you for anything and you cannot trust them at all!! Worst company out there IMO
He was extremely rude to me when he was at JLG. nm
Extremely unprofessional nm
Are you a member of management?
That's extremely hard to believe
As of a few months ago, the pay was extremely low.
I would be extremely leery
of starting up with a company if there was a lot of negative comments here.  Granted, we have all had bad experienes with different companies and there are sour grapes out there but if there are a number of negative comments and the comments seem reasonable and not real 'anger-based' - just mostly frustrated - then I would make note of them.  We are only going to grow and stay united if we give appropriate feedback from our experiences.  If you do start with this company, just be cautious and don't quit the one you are with now unless you have a really good feeling about them.  IMHO only.