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I'm near the border of New York

Posted By: Pennsylvania on 2008-10-02
In Reply to: Me too! - YO !

What part are you in?

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I'm right across the border..sm
in SC.  I'm probably only about 10 minutes from their office. 
I'd say you border on courageous, lol!
Since your employer is the subject of so much controversy about the offshoring, I consider it courageous of you to get out there and post your opinion of them and support the organization insofar as you are able to regarding your position.

I, too, work for an MTSO who occasionally has it's disgruntled employees on here offering up complaints and accusations at them, and when the accusations are not accurate in MY personal experience, sometimes I feel compelled to suck it up and take the heat/hate and post MY positive experience with them to balance things out.

I admire you for sticking by your employer even when you know you could get blasted. I also, however, get the very distinct impression that you would be equally honest with us if things were not going so well for you, and that makes me respect your posts all the more.

You keep posting, CrankyB (NOT to be confused with the other infamous CB, lol!)...Whether someone agrees with your opinion or not, they should at least you respect you for diplomatically and intelligently always posting exactly what you feel.

You go, girl ;-)
HIPAA Stops the the border
My account is just over the border in US and it stinks.
Because quite frankly her posts border on illiterate and psychotic....
Sorry, but it takes a much better-spoken, articulate, RATIONAL opinion to influence me. *shrug*
How do accts on the border (I assume Mexico) give rise to
the IF I was a TH MT? You must be management. You never link your posts to an email and you never have problems with them and you always cheer lead for them.
TRX, Portland and New York
Can anyone tell me anything about this company?  Searched the archives and found nothing helpful.
New York location
I don't know about the other, but the one in New York has a very nasty attitude when it comes to transcribing foreign languages.
If you can live in New York for 45K
a year, you are a better man than I, gunga din.
They were pulled into Warminster and some may now be in New York.
Any info on CMTI in New York? NM
Superior Transcription Co, New York

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I tried to download their instruction files, and when I double click on the installation file like the directions say, it just brings up a page of symbols.  There's got to be another way.

The lady wanted me to start right away today, and sent me all the things I have to download (Voice Scribe), then it was late in the day and I didn't get it all downloaded by the time she left at 4:45 PM.  Now I'm not sure if I can do this. I can't call her back until Monday.

Superior Transcribing, New York..sm
anyone have any experience with this company? QA seems rude and they seem to nitpick every comma and I am not sure how long I will last on that job. Would appreciate any info.
Superior Transcribing, New York
I did well on my tests, but was told after 30 days of being with them I would have to pay $600 for their platform, payable at $25 a week. Did you have to pay this? The only contact I had was with Rosanne.
Anyone work for Medical Transcription.Org in New York sm

In searching the net, I read about this company and it sounded pretty good - was wondering if anyone out there works for them, likes, dislikes, general comments.  Thanks.

company called protype out of new york
I see protype will pay 11 cents per line.  Does anyone know anything good or bad about them?
Here is a job listing I found in New York - 45K a year. sm
New York, NY 10001 ( mapMap it )

Base Pay:
$40,000 - $45,000 /Year

Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee

Healthcare - Health Services

Manages Others:

Job Type:
Admin - Clerical
Health Care

At least 1 year(s)

Contact Information
Risa Fox

(212) 719-9600, ext. 208

(212) 719-9384     instantly fax your resume >>


Busy radiology clinic needs experienced Transcriptionist to fill a full-time, permanent position. 


The schedule is from 11:00-7:00 (can be somewhat flexible -- 10:00-6:00), Monday through Friday.  An attractive salary and benefits package are offered.


Apply now!  Interviews begin soon.


Qualified candidates are encouraged to register with http://www.promedpersonnel.com/ to be considered for this and future opportunities.

Requirements Must have one year of experience in medical transcription

Anyone have any information on SpetraMedi Medical Transcription out of New York
Need opinions. I am part of the Northeast region of MQ or New York and we have been told that they

want to keep all the accounts so I assume that means all the NE Region within one hour of being out of work and out of work every night or caught up. Now I ask you where does this leave the MTs. I am speaking of acute care accounts with TAT of 12, 24 and 48 hours. Our offifce accounts are already complaining of poor quality work coming back to them because of just everyone being thrown into them to get the work done so I guess to accomplish this ridiculous obssessive 1 hour complete work situtation they will lose accounts and quite obviously MTs as running that close to complete in my option will run us continuously out of work into backups and of course then we are watched for how much of our work goes to QA etc. Does this seem like a no win situation. ASR has picked over all the accounts already also on DQS. I can see looking around very soon depending on how this situation plays out. Is this idea crazy or is it normal.



We keep getting these ridiculous bulletins carbon copies to everyone in New York MQ it seems telling
us how far off this TAT we are. I think they should stick their 1 hour TAT where the light doesnt shine. The only time the TAT for 1 hour percentage is right is when there is no work. I think MQ needs to be looking for some new managers or soon that is all there will be left, all managers no workers to pay their freaking salaries.
Awhile back they got a New York account that everybody is fussing about the ESLs
It depends how fast they are growing. I worked for a company in New York that sm
had 5 new accounts start, 1 a month for 5 months, that were all very large and needed 20+ MTs. They are now a larger company and do not constantly need new MTs, but I think it is unfair to judge a company by how many people it is hiring. I think it would be interested to find out how many are new positions and how many are due to MTs leaving and why they left.
Anyone know any info on Silent Type out of New York? I don't know how to find in archives. Thnx
As a recruiter, I'd hire an Andrews grad in a New York minute. You're doing a great job of se
They are properly trained. They are ready and able to work from day #1.
Wouldn't YOU like to have training that made you a hot commodity the minute you graduate? Maybe you should go back to school so you can be an arrogant MT and not be penalized because you aren't cutting it.

As a famous model once said Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Good luck in your future endeavors.