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I've always heard if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. n/m

Posted By: Frustrated MT on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: i agree - texan


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Sounds like a true management attitude if I ever heard one.
no - it is true I've heard of it also nm



I've heard they don't offshore anymore. Don't know if true.
What sounds too good to be true - REALLY IS!!!
Gads! Three phone lines? What in the world could you possibly do with THREE phone lines?

What freaks me out about that posting is


At the end of the day, babe you will have earned every penny of that money. My head hurts just thinking of working that dictation puzzle.

Those dictators are the worst of the worst and they can't find anyone who wants to do it. ECK!

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. (sm)
Nothing is as it appears to be there. I would look elsewhere.
Sure sounds too good to be true.
If anyone has any info I would sure be interested. TIA.
Sounds too good to be true? It is.
Ok, so you are a provider and you want to eliminate your MT costs. So you either go with VR or EMR (template point and click). So you think if I just buy this program I can eliminate my costs of creating a record. So you fire your MT (s) and buy into this electronic thing. But then you find that you need to hire IT staff to make it keep chugging along. So you are replacing someone who does piece work by working by the line with someone who needs salary, PTO, sick pay, benefits, etc to keep that electronic thing going. So in the long run you aren't saving any money. In fact you are creating another boondoggle by having to install a body on your precious real estate and in the bargain you must take them to raise. This won't last long once these idiot providers realize the costs outweigh the benefits of going electronic.
I feel if it sounds too good to be true,
there usually is a catch..susan
TT has paid maternity leave? Sounds too good to be true..
Just wondering if anyone has used this paid maternity benefit?  Is there a catch? This is such a rare benefit now days it just seems too good to be true.
i've heard nothing good about transolutions
I've heard good things about both...sm
but which one pays better?  I'm curious to know too as I thought about applying for eMTS.  Let us know.  TIA
Pretty good from what I've heard...
A friend of mine works for them. Said they are strict on accuracy and line counts but are also somewhat flexible in schedule.
I've heard good things about MDI.
Sorry, I'm not part time so that's all I can offer. Felt I should write something as poster below didn't seem to realize this company board is for asking and discussing companies.
Do you mean Axolotl? If so, I've heard many good things about them. nm
I've heard good and bad, just want facts from the horses mouth.

I have also heard great things about this company, only recently have I heard bad things.  If they post on this message board they supposedly do not offshore work. The moderator would definitely have something to say about that, don't you think?

Does that make sense to you?

I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
Sounds to go to be true; it probably is. I have been had before by a similar ad and never got paid
as unfair as it sounds, I have never heard sm
of a company that lets you see a contract until you are ready to sign. If when you read it you don't like it, you don't have to sign it. A hassle yes, but companies are not going to just arbitrarily send out their contracts for folks to see.
Sounds to me you've
been scammed, or either your trainer is just taking her time while pulling you around the nose, or they have decided against hiring you and are too lazy to tell you. I have never been done this way and hope I never will be. If I were you I would send an email saying you are sending the footpedal back and to forget it if you're too busy to train me. If no training w/in two days after that, actually send it back.
Sure sounds like we might've been
I hate to say it, but it sounds like you've been
Sounds like you've got the documentation to
If nothing else, it might be enteraining making them squirm a bit. Hee.
What good does it do? They've lied, they've betrayed us.

They've taken all they are going to take from me.   I am not going to waste any more time being angry.   I hate the way things ended, but I refuse to accept the blame for any part of it because I know that was a lie too, even though they did try to blame the MTs.  I know part of the problem was quality issues, but QA wasn't to blame for that either, although they have been.   

It is time to pick up and move on.   I think mgmt will reap what they sow.   For those who worked on the main account Webmedx is still hiring, though the best time slots have already been taken.  



Ok, you've got me, it's true
Yes, I started the thread and asked a question, then confused the issue further by going off on a tangent and not answering my own question. I'm misspelling words in some posts and not in others. I'm even posting as you and attacking myself. And to add to the confusion, I'm signing my posts with a name that I use everywhere else on the board just to throw people off.

Have a nice day. Really.
You''ve got to be kidding. It sounds like they are looking for some suckers
to do a free month of work.  That is so ridiculous.  You just know at the end of the end they are going to tell you after all that work that it didn't pass because you didn't put a comma where it needed to be etc.. and how are you going to dispute any of it or get paid. There is no way in ###$#$# that I would work for a place like that. Sounds like a bad scam of some sort.
True. My dad was born in 1914 and I heard him use it
I think they may even say it in some old movies. I grew up hearing it... it was slang for looking for, hoping for, jones'n for a new job, etc.
I say that because it is true. I've been doing this for 20 years, sm
but 2 kids through college and yes I made more 10 years ago than I do now. If I don't feel like I'm being compensated I move on.
This is the first I've heard about it...sm
and why would someone leave the company over QA problems?  If they're not a good MT then that's not the company's fault.
I've heard of them, go for it. nm
Yes I've heard of them
and worked for Tanya for awhile. She is extremely, extremely nice and amicable, but it just wasn't the job for me. Hope this helps.
I've heard both yes and no, so I'm not sure. Most say yes. nm
I've always heard...sm
that there are an average of 10 five-letter words in a 65-character line, which would mean there are also 10 (or 9 possibly) spaces you are paid for. So 55 characters without spaces would probably be about the same as as 65-character line.

I've done a few checks on reports by dividing number of words by 10 to get total lines and/or number of characters divided by 65 to get total lines and it is pretty close to a 65-character line with spaces... not always, because a lot depends on what you're transcribing, whether it uses a lot of big words or small words, etc., but I think overall it pretty much averages out. You'd have to try it and do the comparison on that particular account or work type to find out for sure. Hope this helps.
I've never heard of that (sm)
I had contacted Sprint to see if DSL was available and it wasn't. I guess I'll call them back to inquire about that. Thank you.
10-15 cpl for CMT? The most I've ever heard sm
was a half a cent or three quarters of a cent more than without the CMT.  I'd also question how much this person actually knows if she has to point out that CMT needs to be through AHDI/AAMT and not college, MT school, etc.?  I mean, last I heard there is only one place to obtain CMT cert.
thanks...I've never even heard of that before

I've never heard of that either.
We get paid per line, but like the AP said, we get credit for the full report. I have never heard of anyone that gets paid per correction. That's nuts.
I'm not really sure about PT. I've heard that they do or they used to and don't (sm)
anymore. You could go to their website www.keystrokestranscription.com and either contact them by e-mail or phone. I'm sorry, I wish I could answer you but I really don't know for sure. 
I've heard the same about them.
Plus, my company is losing several accounts to them. They do offshore quite a bit of their work which is why they can boast low rates for clients.
I've always heard it used
as in jockeying for position, as in jones'n around to strike the first blow in a cat fight.
I've never heard of them, but
I looked at their website. They say American only. I find it curious looking at the executive management page that many of the management are former Medquist people. I don't know if that's good or bad!
That's just not true. I've hired and fired MTs over the
In fact, in most cases, the CMTs were the least flexible and unable to take constructive criticism. Some didn't even pass the test. At first, I was quite shocked by this but I grew to ignore the initials. Therefore, to me, those intials do not cause you to stand out. Some CMTs were grandfathered in without ever taking an exam, and to my recollection, the exam even changed at one point, so not all CMTs are on equal ground with equal knowledge. Therefore, it does not accurately portray excellence, just tells you which ones took AHDI's test. That's it.
Very true. I've also found 20-30 years in SM
makes a person resistant to any kind of advancement in technology.  I've seen MTs of 20+ years who don't even use an Expander because they don't want to learn anything new.  Then they complain that they can't make any money.
Had the same happen here, heard the same thing, good references and good ....sm
job record will get you better $$$ if you are willing to promote yourself, search like crazy, talk to everyone, etc., but I have never been paid a cent more for CMT, what a waste, and all the years I paid my dues to AAMT, what a joke, they did NOTHING to better our field, just took the money for better conventions, as far as I can see.
Sounds like several places I've been with! They can tweak the distribution of work any way they
I've had to submit mine for a lot of transcriptions jobs. Sounds okay to me. nm

Sounds like you've been reading too many "Donna" posts, ROFLMAO nm
I've heard of them but have never worked for them.
Originally, it was a mother/daughter team in Montana.  Evidently now, the daughter's in Wisconsin but they still have an office in Montana.  Nice enough people.  I worked with the son-in-law for a while at another job.  The workload is easy, but I don't know how steady it is.  I applied with them when I was a newbie but found a job elsewhere for more pay.
I've heard the same thing..
The announcement is expected sometime in Dec - oh joy, just in time for x-mas! How thoughtful of them! not...