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I accepted their offer and gave a 2-week notice

Posted By: at my old job. on 2007-08-02
In Reply to: Advanced Transcription - McFingers

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It really can't be worse than my present job.

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I once gave my notice when I was in a non-MT position, gave

2 weeks, but the person I was supposed to train felt like she knew my job better than I did (although she knew squat) and was a pain to deal with, never on time, etc. so I only worked about a week of my notice before I left and told the person I was supposed to train that since she knew more than I did have at it.  Anyway the owner wouldn't pay me for vacation.  I filed a complaint with the labor board and they were more than happy to get my money for me.

Breitner can threaten all they want to.  If you can document that you are owed monies, if Breitner can't prove that you aren't owed monies the labor board will be glad to collect your money.  I would also file a complaint with the Attorney General .   I have heard several people have had payment issues with them while the still worked for them.  If people are willing to let them get away with it by just chalking it up to experience, then they will continue to try to get away with it.  I'd contact the IRS too.   I don't know what Breitner thinks they can do to you - let them threaten all they want to.  A word of advice - DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT.  

I gave them my notice. I was looking

for a job when I found them so I'm not worried. Good luck to you. You might need it.

Well I gave notice, had no production
or quality warnings, worked my shift plus lots of OT. Had a great supervisor when starting and a not so good one when I left, reason for which I left. She was aware of that so because of her I can't get rehired! She just didn't like me. It happens but as far as my work ethic and quality, no issues there. It doesn't matter anyway, it was a lapse in judgement on my part when I re-applied.
Was this because you gave your notice or while you were still working for them that they did this to
They gave advance notice to those that will likely
Shows they care about their MTs.
Yep. I gave a notice, thinking they would do the
right thing.  They immediately locked me out of their system.  I wouldn't give notice until you have another job and are working. 
A friend who just gave her notice...
from the same place I quit sent me the email my ex-boss sent her and in that she made that claim. I was mainly just confirming that she was lying and did not want to alarm anyone.

We are both looking for companies with a few positives. Losing benefits is always a negative. It is more likely, I believe, my former employer just spreading rumors to justify her own bad treatment of longtime employees.
Newsflash... I just gave notice and
They told me stop working right away. I asked if I could be given a higher rate and if not, then I would like to find a typing job. I offered 2 weeks notice and they said seeya and what's more annoying is that she doesn't believe it is because of VR. She thinks it is because I wanted to work on a different account.

I accepted a job offer from
Transcend and the incentive plan looks excellent.
I have accepted an offer from them as QA also. nm
I just accepted an offer with them and

They really do sound too good to be true.  I had been away from this board for about 9 months and just happened upon the posts regarding them last week.  The one that really caught my eye was (a few pages down) the MT who posted that they are a bright spot in a dim MT universe.  After reading that, I sent in my resume.....and have just accepted a position with them.

If I had not been offered employment with them, I would have asked how long they keep resumes on file for consideration and when that time period is up, if I had not heard from them, I would then re-submit my resume.

I will post again in the future with an objective assessment the company and their treatment of MTs.  My motto is always - If it sounds too good to be true (you know the rest!!).

Also, FYI, I have over 30 years experience, specialize in acute care with OPs being my favorite, and also have extensive ESL experience with a variety of dialects.

Accepted an offer too...sm

for part-time, but I am not quitting my current job yet.  I am going to test the waters first. 

Gave my 2 weeks' notice yesterday SM

I was so nervous because I really like the company I'm working for and was afraid they would be upset with me, but they were wonderful.  They said that I was a wonderful Transcriptionist and that they would miss me a lot.  She thanked me for giving them notice.  Even told me about another national that offers benefits as I explained to them that I needed benefits.  I told her I already accepted a position with a company that offers benefits, but I was really touched that she cared enough to recommend other companies to me.  Wow!  How cool is that?

The company I'm leaving pays very well (I am in the middle range and get about 9.75 per line), you are an employee, have until midnight to get your lines done (at least 80 minutes per day), only have to work Monday through Friday and don't have to work holidays.  You work in WordPerfect 5.1.  They have Smartype for DOS as their word expander.  They have direct deposit and provide the computer and foot pedal (no monitor).  The only draw back (for me) was that they do not offer benefits.  I don't know if I am allowed to post their name on this board, but I will ask my supervisor.  If she gives permission, I will post the info as I know that some of you do not need benefits and this probably sounds perfect.

Hope you're all having a great night.


I worked for a small mom & pop too and they gave me a 30-day notice

that they had lost the account.  They asked that I stay through the 30 days, which I did, and I appreciated the fact that they told me ahead of time.   I'm not going to starve or lose my house if I'm out of work a week, but there are many MTs who would be in a real bind if they lost a week of work.  There are lots of companies hiring so getting another job isn't the issue.  You have to submit a resume, go through an interview and testing, and then if you are hired you have to get setup and go through training, and they may end up having to take the first job that comes along because they need a job.  If we are expected to give a 2-week notice, why can't we expect the same from the company.  

I didn't believe the rumors either, but stopping DD is a red flag that something is going on.    

I just accepted an offer from MedWare and I am

I gave 2 wks notice as IC and I had to work to the very last minute. It sucked.

I gave a couple of days notice, just til September 1st...
The day the merger actually occurred. It was about 3-4 days' notice.

Honestly, I gave notice during the training and was called back to MQ.
I wouldn't worry about it.
OMG I feel so giddy, just gave my 2 weeks notice at Spheris SM
and feel so liberated! I am totally getting out of MT - tired of being tied to the computer waiting for work to come in! So tired of hearing with this platform or that platform you will earn more. Good luck to all.
Thanks for your input... I accepted the offer from Keystrokes today! :-) nm

I gave notice and was told had to work final weeks in order to be eligible for rehire. Had no
I accepted a position with a company last week. sm

How long does it take usually for a company to get you into training and typing after just being hired?  A week from your acceptance? Two weeks?   I'm waiting for equipment to arrive now. 


I accepted a position with a company last week
I was able to set up an appointment to start training after my software and equipment arrived also.  It was approximately 2 weeks after being hired on.  Don't get to worried.  They still have to run business as usual and it takes time getting training schedules and software set up.  I am so thankful that I switched from MQ .  I have been with my new company for 6 months now and wondering why the heck I didn't leave earlier.  Good luck. 
Gave me one rate in offer letter, then changed
SGS gave me one nonimpressive line rate in offer letter, which I agreed to, then uncerimoniously changed it to a lower rate one month later, told me I had no choice. They are not good about answering questions and do lack respect for the very people who bring in the money. It is sad and heartbreaking.
2-week notice
It seems if you give a 2-week notice, companies are pretty forgiving... I would give it a try.... the worst they can say is No... or the best they can say is Yes!!  You don't know until you try!   Good Luck!
2-week notice
It is something you have to be prepared for. It has happened to me once, and then my last employer told me in an e-mail that was obviously a normal how valuable I was and would be missed, and added in the line below and would you like today to be your last day. I nicely replied saying no, I was fully prepared to work the final 2 weeks and promised I would put out quality work.

When you put in your 2 weeks, you don't really know what is going to happen. Do you have PTO saved up they have to pay you anyway in case this happens?

They give MTs a 2-week notice when things aren't to their liking or a new hiree doesn't catch on, don't they?  Don't theyyyyy?  WHEN TURTLES FLY!!

I have never understood this 2-week notice protocol (although I have always given a company that consideration when quitting) - when they're free to hire/fire at will and specificy so in their contracts/handbooks but on the same page require you to give a 2-week notice.  Who are THEY? BS!

Who gives 2-week notice?
I feel that even when you've been done wrong by a company (depending of course on how bad) you should still give notice and work for the final 2 weeks. I'm curious what you all feel about this.
I left before without 2-week notice and
Give them a call. If you were a good MT in terms of production, they will have no problem taking you back.
To MT who emailed me about 2-week notice
I gave a 2-week notice to avoid any hassle and not burn bridges.  It sure was a long 2 weeks but I just played it safe.  Good Luck!
Give a 2-week notice, but work less
therefore, you will not be out of much money if they indeed do not pay you.  Also, if you leave, be well informed that you probably will not make what you are making now at any other company right off the bat.  You said you have been at this place for years, so you will have to build up your income again and pay.  Sad to say, but they probably have people who can do the job at less money now and are willing to sacrifice a good employee to have a bigger cut of the pay that they can get cheaper.  I wish you the best, but I do not think it is personal.  I believe it is business and you generate too much income away from them.  Good luck and I hope you find another good home.
I stand by my opinion. If OP had given her 2-week notice, sm
then the new recruiter could be assured she would be starting work on that new account. It appears that the OP is just letting him hang. I wouldn't blame him if he dropped her completely and instead found someone he can count on.

Did Webmedx honor your 2-week notice? sm
I'm on good terms with Webmedx and think it's a great company. I have an opportunity that I'm probably going to take, and I would give a 2-week notice to Webmedx, of course.

My concern is that when you give a notice some companies don't honor that themselves and instead tell you to go ahead and leave early. Has this ever happened to you with Webmedx?

Please respond only if you left on good terms with the company when they gave Webmedx a 2-week notice. The question doesn't apply to those who resigned without a 2-week notice to avoid getting fired or were terminated.

I'm thinking Webmedx is an honorable company and would let me work my 2 weeks, but with the state of the economy, I am naturally concerned about the possibility of being without 2 weeks of pay.

Thanks in advance!
I won't bother giving a 2 week notice sm
when I leave. They give us last minute notices to get our lines caught up or else whether it be 9 am or 11 pm so it serves them right to get last minute quit notices.
I would just give my 2-week notice, state the reason you are leaving.
Sorry to hear your troubles.

I wasn't there long enough, put in a 2-week notice but ended up leaving early, footpedal and last
What services offer pay every other week (versus
Notice is a courtesy, not a rule and they don't give you notice when they fire you
Giving a 2-week notice is common courtesy, and in most all my jobs, I have given them that courtesy; however, a company never gives someone notice when they are firing them. In my opinion, if a company does not treat their employees right, they do not deserve to get any notice at all.

As a matter of fact, I just left a company without notice. I felt horrible about doing it to my team but not to the company. While they never messed up on my pay, I was under constant stress. They treated several other people horribly and also changed all the terms of my employment contract within months of hiring me, which was going to cost me $800 a paycheck. I am the major breadwinner for a family of five and couldn't hang around a second longer losing that kind of money.

The only reason you would not want to quit without notice is if you want to use them as a reference and/or want the chance to go back to them in the future. I was advised by a recruiter that you should never put anything on your resume that is less than a year, so you really don't want to use them as a reference anyway, and you certainly don't want to go back to them.

Messing with someone's money is a big NO-NO, especially when they are costing you $400 for a second time. Heck no, I wouldn't give these people notice. There are some great companies out there hiring right now.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like some more detailed information about the companies I narrowed my search down to. I was very sceptical about trusting another company with the bad luck I've had (just as you have) in the last few years, but I think I finally found somewhere I can be happy at for a long, long time (of course only time will tell, but I'm feeling very optimistic).

:) Best of luck to you!
Full time with Transtech is both. 40 hours per week and 5500 lines per week.
Nope .. email on 1/18 promised "within the next week." Here we are, 1 week later and no info.
The minimum is 5500 per week, NOT 6600 per week. I think you made a typo. :)
I just accepted a job with them
they have been very nice so far, I will keep you posted. I think the pay is dependent upon your experience. Eligible for benefits after 90 days.
I just accepted a job there.
My only scare is the strict schedule and sticking to assigned hours. I have been very lucky with this in the past. Does anyone who has worked for Spheris know how long it takes to move into a better schedule, days?
And you accepted it ...
This sounds like made up accusation. No MT ever lets an MTSO get away by shorting them. Sorry do not buy it.
I just accepted a job with them (sm)
Recruiter is very helpful in answering any/all questions.  The company is sounding like a good fit for me.  I can't wait to begin.  Good luck!
I just accepted a job with them (sm)
They are supplying the foot pedal, I am responsible for the computer equipment. I previously worked on eScription, which is the platform for the account I'll be working on. It is very easy to use and I made more money doing a combination of speech recognition editing and standard transcription than doing straight transcription at my previous job, even with a lower cents-per-line rate than DeVenture is paying. And I'm a good productive transcriptionist, so in my opinion eScription is great! Good luck.
Just accepted a position with TH...
and then I read the post below. Are all MTs with TH having trouble getting work? Just wondering...
Explain that you accepted the job
on their initial offer, since they went back on that you decided to stay with your old job. If they really want you, maybe they will go ahead with the what they promised you in the first place.
I just recently accepted...
A position with them.  Did you interview with them, and ask these questions?  It is supposed to be a good company to work for.  Their QA is supposed to be good; I heard their strict, but you will learn things quick.  There line count is a daily 1200.  As far as the hours worked, they expect you to work your full shift; this is very important to them; they strive on dependability and quality.  You can E-mail if you wish.
I have accepted an offered with them as QA also. nm
Thank you. I accepted the position. nm