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I actually think DQS is a great platform, used by

Posted By: MQ, DSG, and someone else I think on 2005-11-22
In Reply to: Who loves the platrform they work on and what company uses it? nm - Jan

Can't remember the third one.  I have worked on several different platforms and I think DQS is really easy once you get the hang of it, convenient with the ability to pull doctor's names into the report from the database, the ability to leave blanks and at the end let the audio jump immediately back to where the blanks are.  Other great features, too.

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Yes, SPi does use this platform....it's a great platform, but not worth working for SPi. nm
Platform is great, but (sm)
do read the contract carefully and know exactly what you'll be paid for when you *negotiate* your pay rate.
They have a great platform, but
line rates are not that great, so the below poster is right, negotiate for the best line rate you can get.  It takes longer to get your lines in when you are not paid for spaces, but if you can use your Expander a lot, that will help.  I am happy at Cymed.
It is a great platform.

Is a great platform. SM
Where ever you heard this from is wrong. Line counts are accurate.
Great platform
Take the time and learn every little trick and tip, when you go into your line count screen (alt x) you can just click on the shortcuts you are not using enough to make you more productive and it gives you a great tutorial on how to implement them, it took me a few weeks but then it all became natural and I'm doing an average of 600-800 lph depending on the dictators.

My platform is so great can just
sit here and let the pedal go, like taking candy from a baby, unbelievably easy. I make 98-99% every 3 months on QA so I guess mine is just as good if not better than most here. Management not complaining at all.
Platform great...promises not met
I disagree..The platform EXText is great and I do it for another company now. However, promises were not met as I referred 2 MTs to Medware and did not receive referral money promised by the recruiter. Also, too many accounts to have to switch from one to another because there is never enough work, as I stated in my last post. I would not recommend MedWare. Good luck to you in your search. :)
Great people..AWFUL platform!!!nm
They use Dictaphone ExText. It's a really great platform.
You know MQ has a great platform. How does KS compare for ease? nm

Great platform, horrible company
The current Emdat platform is great

and nothing like the previous poster wrote about.  It is up to each client how much or how little information is plugged into the demographics and how much must be manually entered.  The ONLY things I have to enter for three clients are: Patient name (if not only entered, say for a future admission), MR# if not provided, doctor name, chose the right template for the work type, and any CCs to send.  None of those functions require the convulted hoops mentioned elsewhere.

I am making more money with Emdat than I do using Bayscribe, and I use the same ShortHand dictionaries with both.  I would recommend Emdat to anyone interested.

Staff is great-no work and too many platform issues.
Webmedex is a great company but their platform is terrible.
That is the reason I left. Too many screens to enter simple imformation and too slow switching between screens. Platform is such a big part of our production.
I did QA, didn't find their platform great. I've seen
a recent post where they pay 8 cpl.  Sound quality and dictators horrible and no way is 8 cpl enough.   They have constant tunover. 
Platform is easy to use, and the people are great to work with. sm
I only work there part-time, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Good luck on whatever you decide. 
Yes, had that same problem. Acct was great, but platform sucked.nm
Transhealth is very organized, great benefits..horrible platform
Maybe it was just me but i never made it through training. It certainly could have been a lot easier than having to open up 3-4 programs to get going. I found it to be time-consuming and in a production-based atmosphere, this did not cut it. On the other hand, maybe others think the program is wonderful, but I sure did not. I have used Dictaphone EXText and that is way easier.
The fact is, if you think the sound quality and platform at Transcend are great, you have not had
many other experiences with "sophisticated" equipment or companies.  Heavens, their idea of big cutting-edge technology is being able to have a drop down list to pick from dictators, though that was an incomplete mess.  Defend it all you want, but they are not cutting edge at all.  Definitely a step back in time for lots of us, and who wants to move backwards, slower platforms, working off paper lists, manually filling in demos, and horrible sound quality, for LESS money? No thanks! 
No complaints at all. Platform is super MT friendly. Great QA department.
Very happy at Medware.
great friendly people, IC work, pay so-so (9-1/2 cpl), clumsy platform. nm
I work on a great platform, have good QA support and make

a lot more than 8 cpl.  I even have GREAT benefits, which are more than affordable.  There are good companies out there that pays for experience!!!!

I currently work at JLG and love it. Great, user friendly platform.
They leave you alone to type.  Pay on time, never late.  Pretty well organized and good communication.  And they do not offshore!  I be sticking around.   Cubicles 

I love it here; easy platform, plenty of work, great communication
Been there 9 months and LOVE it!!! Plenty of work, good platform, great staff.
I finally found a home.
Easy platform, assigned accounts, always plenty of work. Great OM and boss. nm

Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm
RISS is not a platform. RIS stands for Radiology Information System. The platform sm
would be EXText.
MDI-MD platform is fast, not full of problems like Transcend platform or MDI-FL

On Transcend platform you have to click, click, click all day and still get errors, change screens constantly -  its a nightmare to work in. 

System great, pay good, everything great, but most managers from old Edix, problems, poor people ski
when you are out of work, you are out of luck. If you are good at brown-nosing, are tough enough to be without any self-esteem, and have maybe money coming into the household on the side in case you tick someone off, then you may succeed, for a little while.

Don't ever ask questions or have problems with anything. Don't ever have a problem. Don't think you will have any control over anything you do, either.

A few 'good' managers remained when I left, but the new ones were all from the old Edix, and were completely into numbers, cared nothing for individual MTs...if there is work, you BETTER be working. If there no work, you will hear nothing, no one will help you.
You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.
Oracle is great. Bayscribe is wonderful great line counts.
The trainer at OTI will always answer any questions about the platform and if you have any problems they have already worked them out, so just ask. Good luck!
YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
Loved Alltype! Great management and great accounts.
wah  -  i miss it there!
It's a great company -- lots of work and great pay. sm
Web site is www.mditrans.net.  If you need anymore info, feel free to ask. 
Axolotl has AWESOME, AFFORDABLE insurance.  Family plan medical and dental costs a little over $300.00 MONTHLY.  They also pay for family plan vision in its entirety.  STD, LTD, 401K with match and flex spending account, great PTO and HOLIDAY pay.  OH and paid downtime in the case you run out of work, which doesn't happen often!!! 
Bad Platform. I personally know of 3 MTs who left because of the platform.
If you are like me, the bottom line is wages and what I get in my check. I have never worked for Amphion, but I personally know of 3 MTs who worked part-time at Amphion before quitting their other service to see what Amphion had to offer before it was too late. All 3 quit Amphion and stayed with their other service because of the Amphion platform. Too hard to make any decent lines.

Something to think about.


Here is one post from a couple days back:

Posted By: Amphion on 2005-12-02

To all of us trying our hardest to grab our work when it is available, and then still only make 24 bucks a day because of the garbage platform.

Great pay, great benefits for 11+ years..sm
I've just started with this great company (eMTS).  I have 11+ years of experience and I was started at .10 per line as a regular employee, not IC, with a huge sign-on bonus, full benefits, very nice people, and a good account.  So far, this is the best experience I've had in my years as a transcriptionist.  Unfortunately, I don't believe they're hiring more right now, but you could always check in with them, they're online at eMTS.com.  The management seems to really care and they work with you.
Great company, great boss....

I use to work there.  The dictators on my account were really good.  They use Emdat/Inscribe.  Pay on 1st and 15th by direct deposit.

That''s great and I've heard they pay great as well.
I just have heard a lot of adjectives for a few accounts - zinger, killer, impossible, etc., and I sure know I couldn't hack it there. But I'm sure they know what they are getting into when they sign up.
Great little company..I worked there for a short time, IC, and pay always on time, great owner too!
I had good dictators, they use FTP, and I had a 12-hour window to return the work.
Started small; great company. Rapid growth; not so great company
First year I was there was like heaven. Then the big growth spurt when they hired managers from another company (that I had run away from before because of their bad management) and let them kind of take over. Although I have no proof it was as though I got 'bumped' by these new people when they came in and I lost a good account, good manager, etc. My paycheck went down every month lower and lower, and it became harder and harder to make my minimal lines. Having any kind of advocate was nonexistent.

It depends on you and what kind of MT you are. Seems to me there are pretty much 2 types...

Sports like basketball where you have the pros who play with finesse, and then you have street players who think it is all about physical strength, period. More and more the physical strength is winning but the art of the game gets lost more and more...

As in this country where there are almost 2 sides now, those with intellect and thoughtfulness, and those who think the only way to be strong and be a leader is to beat up everyone who does not agree with you...and force your will on others.

Suffice it to say in my opinion WMX changed its philosophy of the way it treated employees and lost its heart when it grew, and it was literally almost overnight...

If you are a mass producer who has no care of what it takes to make money, if you are a 'street fighter' then it would probably be for you because you WILL have to fight for everything. Fight for the right account, fight for lines, fight to be treated fairly, etc. If you appreciate MTing for the art of MTing or have any kind of joy for the profession, my guess is you will not make it there very long...

This is happening all throughout the what used to be called profession. Seems to happening all through everything these days. Humanity and heart are being pushed down to the bottom...
Great pay rate on a 55 ccl, great lady to work for and work is not tough. sm

It is all IC work, although you still are expected to give a schedule if you are doing stat coverage.  Only major drawback is the big wait for your first check -- almost a month from the time of your first invoice.


Good luck!  

Wow - you all have given me great, great things .. sm
to think about and consider. I know myself well enough that I realize I don't always things through well enough before acting.

I do appreciate everyone's comments - both pro and con. This is exactly why I decided to ask for opinions. Thanks so much for not laughing at me and just saying that a hospital job is always the way to go. I'm pretty sure that I'll apply, and I already feel better prepared. You all are great!
Yep, they get great lines and great QA
yeah I see your point - because all the crap dictations go to everyone else :( Kind of makes steam come out of your ears doesn't it LOL
To each his/her own! I was on a different VR platform sm

and ran out of work constantly.  I have worked on several VR platforms and BeyondText is not the best, but it is not the worst either. 

Every company has good and bad.  Transcend was just not a good fit for me; however, it may be a good fit for you or the next person who comes along.

I love new technology and work on state-of-the-art platforms, the newer the better, so that typewriter theory of yours really does not jive here.

Every company has good and bad, it all depends on the individual MT and what that MT is looking for in a company. 

Good luck to you and if you choose Transcend, I hope it is a good fit for you! 



Any info at all on CareFlow platform?  Is is productive?  Any info appreciated. 
MDI-MD's pay & platform

1.  How do they pay in comparison to other companies?

2.  Can you access reports typed by other people or review the patient's old reports in Bayscribe?

3.  Do they furnish PC and/or charge a fee?


Could you tell me what platform they use?