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I agree. Three months and the best move I made. For radiology, I do not think anyone can compete.

Posted By: KS MT, ex-MQ on 2005-11-16
In Reply to: how do u know if u haven't worked for them? - just curious


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I made the move 8 months ago and am glad I did. I did sm
take an unpaid vacation so I time off and look forward to PTO. I have the insurance they offer now. It is expensive but has covered everything for me. I have also done the question sheet for 3 other insurance companies and they keep getting either turned down or higher rates. I talked to my supervisor, and she said that it is making the owner pull her hair out because KS is too big for some policies, too small for others and has too many pre-existing things for a good rate. Once they get it, though, it will be easier.

My FIL owns construction company and had the same problems for years, so I know it is hard to get good coverage at a good rate.

I agree with the above poster. Two months?? Wow.. time to move on.. Can you say jacking you around..
I knew you could..
I made that move and it was good for me.
And because I was extremely fortunate, I was able to walk away from MQ with no other job at all. I had the entire summer of 2006 to myself with no job demands, and I needed it! After a little re-charging time, I went into TT with both feet, and I love it. There is none of the nonsense that drove me away from MQ after 1/1/06.
Go for it. I made the move a little over a year ago and have not looked back.
Plenty of work, nice people, decent pay. All in all, one of the best decisions I have made.
Just made 3 months sm
I followed my account to Keystrokes, so I already knew what to expect there, but am very happy I did.  I can call my lead and she will actually answer the phone!!  She also answers emails.  Mostly I am pretty self-sufficient but if I do need help from anyone, they are quick to respond.  Welcome aboard! 
Changes were made a few months ago......sm
I haven't had any problems anymore with pay being late in the last 6 months or so since payroll personnel was changed. I have never been taken off my accounts, but a lot does go offshore if they can't get any MTs on the account.
HA! First year made $30,000, that is working six months SM
for hospital and the next six months for small MT office with a very big account. Oh, those were the days!
My husband has been on STRIKE for almost four months and we are barely getting by!! The union made
big promises and all I can say is we have lost our job!  We are struggling to get by!  If you go on strike and do WITHOUT you will see what I mean!
I agree...move on if you are unhappy, sm...

you have to expect there to be times of little to no work, it is called TAT, plan accordingly. While I don't like down time either, I find something more worthwhile to do than sit here and complain about the company. Spend time with your kids, read a book, clean the house, the options are endless! If it is a money issue, have a little saved up for just those occasions when work is slow. Better to be prepared and calm than unprepared and stressed!  TT is a great company to work for, IMHO.


I agree...if they can't even tell you what you are producing every day time to move on...
good luck...
Agree with above poster, time to move on. sm
If they aren't returning your calls now and ignoring you, imagine what it would be like if you worked for them?
I agree with every point you made, D.
And I love the jagged little pill reference.

The "Bigot"
Agree with below...too many errors were made
Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a


I agree. I was with MQ and made fabulous money and worked for
large universities.  Finally, I had enough and left 2 years ago and never looked back.  It wasnt easy at first learning new hospitals but I am still at that place and am fine.  Actually, I like learning new hospitals every now and then, takes care of the boredom.  Now dont get me wrong, the money isnt as great, but I cant take the boredom.  I lose my focus when I get like that and get sloppy I think.  You just dont watch as closely so every now and then you need a reality check and get pulled back into shape, at least I do.  I focus much more closely on new accounts.
I agree. I left after 3 months. nm
As your accounts move to India, they move you to another account. NM
I agree they have WAY over hired, but I am required to work my schedule..you got it made then!

Nope. I'm thru with this thread. I made my point. We all just need to agree to disagree with b
I used Emdat for 9 months and do not agree that it is that great.

It is great for the company and the doctor.  Generally the doctors are not expected to supply the information or even use their designated recorder which causes the Transcriptionist to change and fix the demographics.  The spell checker is the worst and I ALWAYS copied my finished document into MS Word to check for errors.  You CANNOT copy back into Emdat from Word. 

It is slow and boggy.  The F1 function is way over rated.  There are good points if the doctor actually does his part at his end.  Just my opinion.......

they have to compete with the

I guess that is whats happening? 

Non compete
Normally a noncompete clause pertains to an employee leaving a company and either going to work for one of their clients or taking the account for herself.

It should not keep you from working for a competing transcription company just should keep you from taking one of theirs clients for yourself or to another company.

Check the fine print a little closer
No compete
I do not think I would sign this, but also wondering if any of this affects your right to unemployment. When the hospital outsourced us we got a severence and then they denied unemployment for the time of the severence. We did not have to sign a noncompete though. I think this can vary state to state though as far as unemployment laws. On a funny note though, the hospital assumed we would all jump at the chance to work for the company they contracted with to outsource the work. Not one of the 35 MTs went to work for this heavily Indian-based company with a bad rep of hiring the MTs for the transition, then firing them once things were in place in India. The HR person at the hospital told me they were shocked and never expected to have to pay out the severence or have the unemployment claims they ended up with. Oh well!
If you are in a specialized business, such as medical transcription, you can claim hardship and a court will not hold you to said non-compete.

You have a right to reasonable opportunity to support yourself and a non-compete signed with a transcription service isn't worth a whole lot.

And if you work for someone and go after their clients, then ya just hope Karma doesn't pay you a visit.
Need to know the wording. Non-compete does not mean you ....

cannot work for another company.  It usually means you cannot actively persue work from any of their accounts.  They don't care about other MTSOs or if you have an accout of your own.  This is especially true if it is IC. 

You need to read it over again.  Non-compete isn't about your time...its about their clients.......

No-Compete Clause

I need help making a decision and I don't know who to ask.  My company recently had a layoff, and in order to receive my severance, they are asking that I sign a form that states that I will not work for a competitor for the next 12 months--basically stating that I will not begin to work for any company in the MT business and that I will not try to start my own business.  The severance pay only equals a very, very, very small fraction of 12 months of pay, so the compensation of this request is inadequate.

I have contacted to local attorneys.  They both said that it is legal of them to request this.  One lawyer said that I just simply should not accept the severance and that I should just try to find another job.  The second lawyer said to sign the agreement, accept the severance, and still try to find another job because the no-compete clause is just too vague and asking me to give up my career for 12 months is not something that would be supported in a court of law if my previous employer decided to prosecute.

Has anyone ever been in this situation?  What did you do or what is your advice to me?

Some places have no-compete clauses with
Are you sure the non-compete clause prevents you from working elsewhere?
Oftentimes, what the non-compete clause in an MT contract means is that the MT cannot solicite work from the clients of the MTSO, not that the MT can't also work elsewhere. In fact, for an IC contract, stating you can only work for that MTSO is a big no-no (since one of the IRS definitions of an IC is that they provide their services to more than one client).
How can you compete with the big-company price-wars? - nm
Yes, its simply called a No Compete contract.
in our industry. MTs and management alike are bound by them, so really should be no hard feelings or a big deal. Its a very understandable clause and common in all industries, not just ours. If you don't like the clause, you don't have to sign or work for the company. Its not a biggie, really, and very common.
Non-compete clauses in contracts. Has anyone refused to sign this and still got the job? nm
You may have to move on to move ahead (sm)
One way to look at what you are doing right now is more training only you are being paid for it; once you have a year or two under your belt as experience, you may be able to command a higher wage someplace else. It's funny, a place will pay more for someone with 2 years' experience than they will pay someone who has worked for them for 2 years! Go figure.
I worked for an all US MT company, we lost to offshore. Couldn't compete with their bids, and th
Keystrokes has the best radiology accounts IMO. I have plenty of work and radiology only. nm
I make a good living and rarely run out of work. When I do, it is for a few minutes at a time and usually because the rads have not started early enough. No other complaints!
Keystrokes for radiology. They are the biggest for radiology out of all of the companies out there.
I have been there 2 years and have been very happy. I make a lot more money than when I worked for Edix/Spheris.
TransTech and low/no work for months and months _ don't think there are continous holidays LOL

This HORRIBLE low/no work situation has been going on at TT for almost a year now.  You can't convince me it is due to Memorial Day.  Are holidays now assigned in this world to being daily. 

That is an excuse these companies use in these no work situations, but it is due to their OVERHIRING.  Holidays just come on a daily basis, but LOW WORK/NO WORK is happening and has happened going on a year now at TransTech.  Always asking to flex into the middle of the night, EVERY weekend, etc. 

The TT mgmt checks are NEVER affected, tho, so they can continue to HIRE EVERY MT who gives them a call, and create a NO WORK situation for all of us.  The newbie MT's are cheering at first, but then realize that it hit them in the paycheck, too, and very soon it did!!!!!!!

Keystrokes has a radiology division. They used to be radiology only but their sm
customers started referring other departments to them.

I know that they just got a bunch of new accounts!
For radiology, Keystrokes is the way to go. They seem to have the most radiology accounts. sm
I have been very, very busy since starting with them 19 months ago. No complaints at all other than one or two of the radiologists who speak at the speed of light and expect us to be able to transcribe what sounds to be a mouse on a treadmill!
My company has been low on work for months and months..sm
Tired of getting the same ol' message that things will pick up.  I remember the days of bonuses, making money and being able to pay my bills!  I am also wondering what is going with these companies not having work.  Is everybody sending work overseas?
u made 300 a week? That's more than I made there.
But no work, no pay. Nice ppl, they really are, some of the nicest in the business. Just can't communicate to save their lives and the recruiters are lying dogs.

I'd say if you're looking for part-time work, as in less than 20 hrs a week's worth of work, then this place is for you. Use them as ur backup. Because guaranteed that's all they're using you for.

If radiology is going to VR, why are there so many job openings for radiology MTs? nm
Ascend Radiology & MDI Radiology?
Is anyone currently working on or know anything about Ascend radiology or MDI radiology accounts?  What platforms do they use?  Do they have a lot of ESLs or crappy dictators?  Thanks in advance
Move on from both! nm
Sometime you have to move on for (sm)
your own sanity.  Working under constant pressure is not enjoyable.  It is important for me to like my job.  Unfortunately, I worked for a place and felt like we (many more than just I) were not being told the truth.  I moved on and so did several others I know.  The company lost a few excellent MTs in the process.  I feel you get more with being straight up than moving through a thick smoke screen.  Sorry this is happening to you, I've BTDT.
Why would you just move on? There are a lot of sm
accounts. You are going to base everything on a few bashers. There are over 300 MTs at KS, some who have been there for a very long time.

My advice? Ask for a different account or ask for assistance on the one you are on. They will help you but maybe you need to go over the person you asked.

I have heard that there is a lead who will not pass on information like that because she doesn't want to lose anyone on her accounts. I know that she is not going to be a lead very long either as I have heard that someone else is taking over her accounts. If you email me, I will help or at least will work to get the right person to do it. I know that it isn't one of my accounts as no one has asked for a change on either of mine and most have been on them over 2 years.
May be you need to move then!
Move on.
LOTS of better companies out there than TTS.
I had to move to QA
I broke my thumb playing softball and it still hurts to this day after several years. A lot of people in QA have had injuries of different sorts, but we obviously must have a bank of knowledge and a lot of experience as well. Unfortunately, I have seen some companies stick brand new MTs in QA for some odd reason, presumably because they are friends.

If you can consistently type for 8 hours without getting tired you can make more money as an MT.

One thing that we in QA have noticed is that it seems the highest producers also have the most errors, some of them critical errors. You can tell that they don't proofread or do live checks. They seem to be interested only in the money and not the quality.
Why not move on?

If you're that unhappy, why not just move on?  There are lots of other jobs on the job board.  It sounds like from your posts that you are a highly skilled MT and you obviously want to work.  If MDI isn't working for you, then why not look for a new job? 

I feel terrible for you that your experience is not good, but I don't understand why you stay.  Consider taking another PT job with a different company.  You could work it when the work is slow at MDI and if you find that it's better for you, then move on with the new job.  I'm sure no company wants someone working for them that is that unhappy. 

I know that making a change is hard, but it sounds like it's harder for you to stay than it would be to move on.  Not every company fits everybody.  You deserve to be happy. 

If not able to do the job, the MTs should move on
I have never worked at a job where I was asked to do so much work I could not do it. Maybe lack of get up and go or slow MTs, who knows? Why do you get the MTs are being disrespected? They can't do their job, we work production. We all put up with dictators who cannot speak clearly, chew, snort, ESLs. That is the way it has been and will be. The dictators are not changing for us. That person needs to probably find another profession.