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Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a

Posted By: big mistake. Has anyone gone back after leaving? on 2005-09-08
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I left them about 2 months ago. When I (sm)
started with them a year ago, things were great. Then they started lying about things such as pay and work, etc. They screwed me over big time. I had the best account there that I could get 300 lph on and they put me on one that I only got about 120 lph on. Seems a lot of companies do this. I lost all respect for A then.
I left MQ several months ago and
have worked for Landmark since that time. I have had no problems - always plenty of work, always paid on time. ExText is very easy and user friendly.
I left SPI 6 months ago
and I'm REALLY glad that I did! I had about 4 different managers before I left. I don't know where they all went, but they kept leaving! I did both typing and QA for CyMed, and I left in February, which is when all of the SPI changes started becoming more and more noticeable. I am now at Keystrokes and am so much happier being with a company that refuses to outsource, and one that pays for spaces unlike Cymed or SPI did!
I left about 7 months ago
I worked for Cymed for a year, and that was alright, although not exactly the best either. Then, SPi came along a little over a year ago and took over, and that is when things really started to go down hill. I started running out of work almost every single day and my account manager was always changing. They then set up these awful work pools where I would get all of the crap work (heavy ESLs and very short reports that yielded very little lines). I finally left in February and moved on to another company (one that does not outsource) and am so much happier. I bet SPi will fold very shortly if they keep all of their antics up. They have already lost a lot of good sized hospital accounts.
I left MQ a few months ago.
I left MQ a few months ago.  I do have to say, MQ is a good company.  They are flexible with hours and such.  I do not regret leaving, though.  I am now an IC and love it!  Just make sure you leave on good terms in case you might change your mind and want to go back.  They called me quite a few times asking me to return to work for them.  Hope this helped. 
Took them 2 months to know I left...they
even called me after 6 months asking me to work on my day off. Not very organized if ya know what I mean! I don't think I finished my 2 weeks though as I was taking a 2-week vacation before my new job started.
Left MQ, been at WMX about 3 months s/m
They count their lines the same way.  The difference is, I'm typing about 3000 lines a week more now than when I was at MQ, and working less hours, because there is no more cesspool.  I have one account, and no VR, and it is heaven!  I have about 30% ESL, but it's not too bad, you get used to your docs and then they're not too hard.  They have a great QA staff, also.  Very helpful and positive feedback.

I have 12 hours to fit in my 7-8 hours of work (35 hours/week is full time at WMX).  I have heard, however, that they are going to do away with their 12-hour window, unsure if this is true, you can ask a WMX recruiter.  They usually require one weekend day, but this depends on the account you would be assigned to. 

I do acute care only, and we have been swamped!  I am on the Enterprise platform, which means I use their computer.  I have heard this is a better side to be on for steady work flow.  I have been assured that I can have another account, or however many I need, if my account runs out of work.  Haven't seen anything like this yet, though.  WMX also has an amazing incentive program, and it gets even better when your account has backlog.  They sometimes run a special weekend incentive program, and I can make up to 3 cents above my normal pay, and also get paid OT. 

And, the best part, the people at WMX are wonderful!  They are just friendly, friendly, friendly, and very supportive and helpful!  I have had an absolutely positive experience with them, am very happy with the whole package.  No outsourcing, either.

Good luck to you! 
I left after only a few months when

it became painfully obvious they 'assigned' work even though it was supposed to be 'pool' work.  I would bust my a_ _ to work down to the 'good' dictator only to see the whole batch disappear.  It happened several times so I asked her where the files were going and she acted like I was nuts. 

I don't mind doing the ESL and mumblers but don't think it's fair to give all the easy work to 'favorites'.   I have a low tolerance for lies and unfairness, so no, it was not a company for me.  If you are a 'favorite', then you pretty much have it made.  There can only be so many favorites though....someone has to do the crap transcription.

That's why I left there a few months ago sm
And speaking of line counts, when you worked on Mongoose did you ever notice that the estimated count always seemed to lose about half a line when it was finalized? Never could figure that out. Besides the tiered pay system, if you have their insurance you are also penalized by having to pay the extra they pay when you can actually get 10000 lines. I don't know what happened there because they were a great company when I started with them but just went completely down the tubes late last year.
I did not know they lost it. Left months ago though.
I agree. I left after 3 months. nm
do you mind saying why you left after 4 months?
Exactly the same reasons I left too after only 3 months...NM


Over 1000?! I left there 18 months ago...
..and there were only 300 or so! They hired that many since then?

Ex Recruiter
I left about 3 months ago, but was never paid
shift differential, never paid OT. 
I worked for them for 3 months and left. Always
of full time lines, so no sign on bonus. I had an 80% ESL account and I cared more about the quality, so I made less than 900 dollars a payperiod. Great quality, good for them and my conscience, but not enough money to live on, no sign on bonus and no benefits. I left for a company where I am already far exceeding 900 dollars a payperiod with no sweat. BTW: No incentive or good QA bonuses at Transcend, so that was no help. No differential either. They do pay overtime, but that is not so great when you are trying to make sure you understand multiple foreign accents. Good luck to you.
I left them to go with another company using the same platform and I made tons more..
It has to be in their line counting and they must not pay for spaces, headers, or footers even though they claim to. I did not know the difference until I switched company. I was shocked that I made in 2-3 hours what I struggled to make in 8-10 at Focus.. As far as I am concerned, they are a huge rip-off and on top of that, they have their Indian QA people checking your work, and if it does not meet their standards, you pay is docked. It was quite disturbing to say the least.
Shannon left months ago. Nmsg
Worked there for 2 yrs and left a couple months ago.
Couldn't take working with unqualified people any longer. A very unprofessional company.

I left due to no work for 2 months and they were STILL hiring
when that was going on.  I would stay clear for a while unless you can survive off of 200 lines per day and want to work 24/7 and fight over the lines as they come in.
This could have been my post, but I was only there 3 months & left for same reasons. nm
Just left Precyse a couple months ago and it
was still that same way.  Nothing has changed, but the work coming from India has improved.
Left a couple of months ago and the plan will not
change until end of October.  Do you want family or just employee and children? If I remember correctly - the employee plus child(ren) was running about 225+ a paycheck and family (employee + spouse and/or children) was running high 300s per paycheck.
I left SPi 8 months ago and still get crap from them in the mail
I recently got a huge packet from them that took up half of my mailbox. It was a bunch of forms they wanted me to fill out and send back to them (tax forms and other SPi stuff). I haven't even worked there since last February! They really are incompetent and have no idea who is still working there and who is not.
Congrats! I left MQ 3 months ago and it is hard to believe
the difference. I am not with KS, but it is nice to feel appreciated once again and to have only 1 account.
I left 6 months ago, but they weren't paying OT then, but

I worked plenty OT. 

I left a few months ago, all my acounts went to India. SM
Try is and see for yourself. They are going VR for the rest. Good luck.I couldn't make a living there.
Left 3 months ago for lack of work
and haven't looked back.  It is just the nature of the beast than when a network of accounts change to VR and MTs are doing more lpd now, there will be less work to spread around.  There were already problems with not having enough work, so I did not wait for the transition to VR  I had already moved down over the previous year from full time to part time because of lack of work.  Glad I made the move because I am also the sole breadwinner for my household and can't afford to go without work.
I echo BTDT and left a few months ago. Don't bother. NM
Lots don't stay. I left six months after the 1/1/06 disaster
In fact, I was so fed up then, I left without having another job. I just jumped away. Glad I didn't stay for the most recent round of changes. Judging from the MQ forum, it doesn't appear to have gotten better at the Q.
I left a couple of months for the same thing. The prior

3 months I was lucky to get in 800 lines a day.  I had a couple of days where I got maybe 4 reports.  I would sit in front of my computer for 12 hours/day, checking every 5 minutes, and still couldn't get my lines with 3 different accounts.

They hire away ahead of time for new accounts and after training they have to do something with them until the account goes live so they put them on other accounts temporarily and then there isn't enough work for the regulars. 

When I first started running out of work I watched the backlog report to see where an account might have a big backlog and there were 3 or 4 who were on OT most of the time, but when I asked to be put on one of those accounts I was told no.  There were many days that it looked like half the accounts had a 0 backlog.  Then they started hiring for 3-day weeks and 4-day weeks so there was no work on weekends to try to make up your lines/hours. 


I left but came back. sm
I was considered a hospital employee.  I left.  They sent me the PL but it took about a month and it was hit heavily with taxes.  I then went back.  I would call your usual POC.  I have found this company to be honest in dealing with me.
I personally know of one MT who left, but came back after...
approximately 5 months of working for another national.  She's been back for a few months and it's going well.
Probably the one who left and came back recently
Heard she was planning to leave again.
I am with you. Left a while back. Very disappointed.
It is as simple as filling out a form. I did it when I left an MTSO and when I left sm
a non-MT position at a company years ago.

What company? I did not know that any of them offer 401K anymore.
I worked there and left, recentily went back and
this is where I will hopefully retire from.  I went from company to company and was never happy with any of them.  MQ works for me.  Very happy that I went back!
Dont ever doubt yourself - is why i left a while back- its not you
Left Keystrokes for MDI-MD
I do not regret my decision. My experience with Keystrokes was not a good one.
Along the same lines, has anyone ever left TH and gone back with good results?
You went back? I thought they were upset at me when I left because they were looking foward to
working with me and I put them off. :(. I am too shy to even let them know this which is why I put anon. I loved my supervisor Ginny and Becky too, and the work. Thanks for the nice thought. I guess I am chicken LOL, and too chicken to ask to come back. Glad you did and it worked out!
I left MQ and went to Keystrokes...so far I am not disappointed..(sm)
I haven't run out of work and I love the account I'm on.  I think if my account did slow down there are plenty of others that are coming on board that I could be cross trained on. So far..so good!
I left more than 2 years ago and went to Keystrokes...
I am way happier
Did any of us who left emails hear back from the MT who was highly recommending her
I left Amphion a couple of years ago and never looked back.
It was one of the best moves I ever made.
I left MedQuist last July and went to Keystrokes..(sm)
I like it there.  They are very nice to work for.  The pay is on time.  I always have plenty of work on just one account, maybe a couple slow periods but there is still work to do. I also have a backup account but have only typed on it once because my main account has enough work. I type on Meditech and don't find it bad at all. I can still produce a lot of reports. I hesitated to leave MQ because I had been there 8 years and thought I would never leave.  But I had several accounts and none of them had work and I was losing so much money. All in all, I'm glad I  went to Keystrokes.  Good Luck!
Well, I left MQ after 8 years last summer to go to Keystrokes (sm)

so I would have to say Keystrokes.  I have plenty of work and love my account and Keystrokes gave me primarily what I asked for as far as what specialty I wanted to type. I work in Meditech but there are other platforms there, it just depends on your account. MedQuist was a great place to work for about the first 7 years.  In January 2006 they introduced what they called the Rewards Plan and after that my work dried up in a hurry and I lost a LOT of money by staying there. But there are still people at MQ who have plenty of work and like it there, the way I felt about it in the old days. Both places have positive qualities but I am happier now at Keystrokes. It also depends on what you are looking for as far as how large of a company you want to work for...MQ is a big national, KS is much smaller and more personalized.  Good Luck!

Wonderful company!!! Left for personal reasons. Would go back with no hesitation! nm
If you look back in the archives people left when they realized they couldn't make money with it.
For radiology, Keystrokes is the best. I worked at MQ for 8 years and left in January. sm
Wish I had done it two years ago. Lots of work, easy accounts, great team leads! I am making less per report but more each check because of better account with more work available!
Phoenix Medcom- Another apply a few months back, ask to take a test and never heard back??
I applied a month or two ago, received an email from someone asking if I would take a test and said she was getting ready to go on vacation for a week, so I hurried and immediately and told her I'd love to take the test. I never heard back. I waiting thinking she went on vacation and would contact me when she got back to do the test but nothing...very strange..Just wondered if this happened to anyone else.