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I am interested in Orion too. I received an

Posted By: job hunting on 2005-11-16
In Reply to: Any infor on Orion Medical?? nm - TIA

email from them and got the opportunity to check out their software which is very MT friendly as far as productivity is concerned. They are supposed to call me tomorrow so I will let you know.

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has anyone ever heard of or work for orion transcription in Alabama?  If so, can you share any light on this company?  Thank you!
I was wondering if anyone has worked for Orion and has any experience with them?  TIA
I have worked with them now for over a month and they are wonderful people.  It is a great company to work for.  I plan to be there for a long time.
I work for this company.  It is a wonderful place.  Everyone is extremely nice and helpful and they use Emdat, a great platform.
Any Orion MTs out there?

Does anyone have anything to say about this company?  Do you like them? 

I used to work for them. Really have no bad complaints. Paid on time and decent pay.
Orion is great to pay on time.
Orion transcription
I am planning to test with Orion Transcription can anyone tell me what kind of company they are to work for.  Thanks you can email a reply.
Orion Transcription
I don't quite understand what you mean by they're emails are rude "big'hurry" the email I received was very well put and told me they were interested in me.
Orion Transcription
...anyone work for Orion?  If so, are they a good company?
Does anyone work for this company or heard of them?
Orion? Anyone work for them? nm
Orion Transcription
Found this for ya
Orion Transcriptions
Can anyone give an informed opinion on this company, how they are to work for?
Orion transcription
Has anyone heard of this company?  Anything at all?
Is this Orion out of Alabama?
Orion is great!
I have worked for them for over two years. They use EMDAT, which I like. The also have great managment and appreciate us. Always pay on time as well.
Orion Medical Transcription

Hi!  Does anyone have any info good/bad on this company? 


orion medical transcription
Does anyone have any info on this company or the EMDAT software?  Thanks
Any infor on Orion Medical?? nm
Anyone out here work for or heard of Orion (OMT)?
I just tested for weekends only work and was wondering what other's thought about the company/pay/support, etc.  I tried to do a search on the names but nothing came up.  I applied through the Job Board so hopefully someone here has some information to share...good or bad.  TIA
Does anyone have any info on Orion good or bad? Thanks.
Orion Medical Transcription
Anyone have any information on Orion Medical Transcription?  TIA!
Orion Medical Transcription

Can anyone tell me, past or present experience, about working for Orion?  Do they pay on time?  Do they have plenty of work?  Do they provide you timely QA feedback and an open line of communication (i.e., answer questions regarding feed back, account specifics, respond to your E-mails, etc., the general communication that an MT would like between the company and MT)?  TIA

Work from Orion and Phoenix
Does anyone know if they pay on time?
Any info on Orion Transcription? They have a ad on the Job Seeker's board (sm)
I have to get a weekend job and on the Job Seeker's board Orion has an ad for weekend transcriptionists?  Anyone have any info on them...good and/or bad? 
I'm interested too

I've thought about going back to Transolutions, and this looks interesting. How are they coming up with the hourly rate offered to each person, do you know? What sort of accounts? I was wondering if this was a crew of people who went around getting the new accounts started or filling in when there is an overload on accounts. Is there any special or different training? Would I be working on the DOS or Windows platform?

Any info would be great.

C-Bay has always been interested in HIS,
I wouldn't be surprised if they jump on this offer.You have no chance if C-Bay buys HIS as they don't have a domestic team! If you think HIS has too many indians, C-bay is owned/operated/managed by them!!
Also interested.....sm

Please post only if you have worked there in the last year. There are lots of negative posts from late 2004, but from what I understand, there have been major management changes since then, so I'd like to hear from those of you who have experiences from 2005.  Thanks!

You might be interested in the within
Why? Anyone interested would already know where
Interested Too
Any other feedback, pro or con, appreciated.  Thanks!
I am very interested in your company I have experience with Medical Transcription and I would like to send you guys my resume. If you would please get back with me asap. my e-mail is gsopiglet143@yahoo.com
If you are interested
in an employee status position, most require that you type a minimum of 150 lines per hour. You could probably easily find an IC position with an MTSO, they are not usually as strict with the hourly line count. Also, working as an IC allows you to work more than 8 hours a day to get your desired line count.
Sue, I would be interested...
I would be interested weekend or back-up transcription. Let me know how to contact you. Thanks!

If you were truly interested in
the job, you would find the time. Just like you would find the time to look things up when transcribing actual dictation. Did it ever occur to you that they may have been testing your research skills as well as your knowledge?
also interested
Can you e-mail me a company name or any info?
e-mail dogma5645@aol.com
You would be interested in becoming an
editor for $14 an hour with 25 years of expertise in the field. People like you lower Editor wages.

I'd be interested
in what the problem seemed to be. I really don't consider myself to be exceptional. I've worked a lot of places and on so many accounts I lost count a long time ago and I've yet to leave a job because I couldn't make any money. I know people say all the time they can't get their lines with this or that company and I just don't understand it. Were you by chance doing chart notes? If so, I can't speak to that as I've never done anything except acute care.
Thanks! Those of us who are interested in this -
I'm interested.
What do you know?
FYI, if you are interested...
they handled it BEFORE Monday.  An email went out this afternoon by someone in management that it was his/her human error and an apology was issued and explanation given.  The matter is resolved in my mind. 
I'm interested, sm
Very interested, I like typed in the USA or some variation of that, as long as USA or America is in there somewhere. I am very interested. I am also in PA, but not near Philly, in the Poconos.
Where is the ad for this? I'd be interested...nm


IMO...if anyone is interested....
I think if we have to work for 3 different companies to get the equal of one good paycheck, it is time to get out of this profession, and that is what I am planning to do!!!   Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! 
Same here, was interested until I saw that. :(

I got paid that as a new grad just 3 years ago.  I really do need a job but at that rate It's just not worth it.

Would be really interested to know

Knowledge?  Spelling?  Typo?  Punctuation?  Grammar?  Inconceivable to me that an untimed open-book test would be a problem. 

I (along with many others)  was laid off due to a merger a few years ago.  I filed for unemployment and several weeks later, before it was granted, I was invited to test to be hired back. For 10 years prior to that, with several companies, I had always scored over 98% on QA reviews, but on this test I ''passed the knowledge portion and failed the transcription portion.'' I always figured that the invitation was with the hope that many of us would not respond; then they could say they had offered us jobs, but we refused.   But when I actually did play the game and took the test, I ''failed'' because they really did not want any of us back and were just hoping I would not test, that way they could say I refused a job offer and avoid paying unemployment. 

At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! 

Allegiant, Greenlight in Oregon, Interpro, Orion, Probity, Stat-IQ, & Stat-Med
I'm interested too. Please contact me also.
Does Amphion now have the St. Luke's ER account? If so, please contact me at