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Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists


Posted By: mtme on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: New Site? - Boo

e-mail dogma5645@aol.com

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I'm interested too

I've thought about going back to Transolutions, and this looks interesting. How are they coming up with the hourly rate offered to each person, do you know? What sort of accounts? I was wondering if this was a crew of people who went around getting the new accounts started or filling in when there is an overload on accounts. Is there any special or different training? Would I be working on the DOS or Windows platform?

Any info would be great.

C-Bay has always been interested in HIS,
I wouldn't be surprised if they jump on this offer.You have no chance if C-Bay buys HIS as they don't have a domestic team! If you think HIS has too many indians, C-bay is owned/operated/managed by them!!
Also interested.....sm

Please post only if you have worked there in the last year. There are lots of negative posts from late 2004, but from what I understand, there have been major management changes since then, so I'd like to hear from those of you who have experiences from 2005.  Thanks!

You might be interested in the within
Why? Anyone interested would already know where
Interested Too
Any other feedback, pro or con, appreciated.  Thanks!
I am very interested in your company I have experience with Medical Transcription and I would like to send you guys my resume. If you would please get back with me asap. my e-mail is gsopiglet143@yahoo.com
If you are interested
in an employee status position, most require that you type a minimum of 150 lines per hour. You could probably easily find an IC position with an MTSO, they are not usually as strict with the hourly line count. Also, working as an IC allows you to work more than 8 hours a day to get your desired line count.
Sue, I would be interested...
I would be interested weekend or back-up transcription. Let me know how to contact you. Thanks!

If you were truly interested in
the job, you would find the time. Just like you would find the time to look things up when transcribing actual dictation. Did it ever occur to you that they may have been testing your research skills as well as your knowledge?
also interested
Can you e-mail me a company name or any info?
You would be interested in becoming an
editor for $14 an hour with 25 years of expertise in the field. People like you lower Editor wages.

I'd be interested
in what the problem seemed to be. I really don't consider myself to be exceptional. I've worked a lot of places and on so many accounts I lost count a long time ago and I've yet to leave a job because I couldn't make any money. I know people say all the time they can't get their lines with this or that company and I just don't understand it. Were you by chance doing chart notes? If so, I can't speak to that as I've never done anything except acute care.
Thanks! Those of us who are interested in this -
I'm interested.
What do you know?
FYI, if you are interested...
they handled it BEFORE Monday.  An email went out this afternoon by someone in management that it was his/her human error and an apology was issued and explanation given.  The matter is resolved in my mind. 
I'm interested, sm
Very interested, I like typed in the USA or some variation of that, as long as USA or America is in there somewhere. I am very interested. I am also in PA, but not near Philly, in the Poconos.
Where is the ad for this? I'd be interested...nm


IMO...if anyone is interested....
I think if we have to work for 3 different companies to get the equal of one good paycheck, it is time to get out of this profession, and that is what I am planning to do!!!   Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! 
Same here, was interested until I saw that. :(

I got paid that as a new grad just 3 years ago.  I really do need a job but at that rate It's just not worth it.

Would be really interested to know

Knowledge?  Spelling?  Typo?  Punctuation?  Grammar?  Inconceivable to me that an untimed open-book test would be a problem. 

I (along with many others)  was laid off due to a merger a few years ago.  I filed for unemployment and several weeks later, before it was granted, I was invited to test to be hired back. For 10 years prior to that, with several companies, I had always scored over 98% on QA reviews, but on this test I ''passed the knowledge portion and failed the transcription portion.'' I always figured that the invitation was with the hope that many of us would not respond; then they could say they had offered us jobs, but we refused.   But when I actually did play the game and took the test, I ''failed'' because they really did not want any of us back and were just hoping I would not test, that way they could say I refused a job offer and avoid paying unemployment. 

At least, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! 

I'm interested too. Please contact me also.
Does Amphion now have the St. Luke's ER account? If so, please contact me at
Hi Missy! I'd be interested....
in getting more information from you about Golden Isles.  Can you post your email address, please, so I can email you with more questions?  Thanks so much!
I would be interested in hearing as well...(nm)
I am interested in working for a
dynamic, awesome company too.
Can you give any info?
I, too, am interested in knowing more about this.....
How about QA positions? May be interested.
Went on website and looks like you can only apply for MT. ?
You see, I am not even interested in the insurance
part of the job as covered under my husband's excellent benefits. I could not believe we would be dropped in pay to become an employee. Just talked to my tax person after that little shock this morning and she told me what I should sit aside as far as taxes, SS. Now, having said that, do any of you pay each year or quarterly or how?? I am new at this IC but don't want to come down in pay and then have more taken away from me. Thanks.
I am interested to find out also...
Can not even make PT hours.
same here .. oh well, they're obviously not interested
Becoming interested in Axolotl
I have been an MQ employee for 12 years now. I show up for work every day on time. Quality is most important to me.  All along, I always thought it was a pretty good company to work for, lots of changes throughout the years.... they changed their name like 4 times since I have been there.  It just seems like lately things aren't the same for me with this company.  I feel like I have to work a lot harder, and it is getting me no where.  My quality is 99% plus.  My production is a little lower, because of all the CP searching, etc.  We have 13 accounts for which we need to memorize a CP.  Now come on, it is difficult enough to memorize 2 or 3.  How is our production going to be even decent if you have to worry about all the QA rules, and getting the CP straight to the right account.  What really freaks me out is on certain CP's, when there is a doctor who is an exception to the rule (he/she wants it done this way, which is different from the normal way this account would like it).  I could just scream!  Yeah, with 13 accounts to familiarize with, I'm going to remember this particular doctor wants it this way....this is ridiculous!!  Also, it could be days to weeks before we see this particular account again, which means you have to constantly go back and re-read things.  I feel like I'm always reading a CP before typing any of these unfamiliar accounts. Sometimes I feel like I am pedaling on a stationary bike,  Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bad mouth the company; there must be something I like about it to keep me there for 12 years, but lately, I have just been feeling very disheartened about things there.  Its just not the same anymore,   I don't like to job hop, but it may be time to make a move.  I'm just being very cautious about it.  So far, I like what I hear about Axolotl.  WebMedX is another one that appeals to me.  Still thinking about it all.  I'm still not sure what I want to do.  You guys sure have been helpful in pointing me in the right direction with all your input about these other places.  Thanks for your help!
Maybe the MT's at TT aren't interested in QA
A lot of MT's aren't cut out for or even interested in doing QA. TT is running the ad but they haven't even posted the ad within the company for some reason. I am happy doing MT'ing for TT and make a lot of money so I'm not interested but I do have acquaintances and friends in QA, one just left and another one has been looking to leave for some time.
i'd be interested in knowing that too
I would be interested in any answers to this as well. nt


I am interested in learning more...
Please email me at dmorganzack@yahoo.com
If you decide to do this, I am still interested,
I have over 25 years experience in acute care, but mostly in radiology. I started in radiology in house, then went to a service and did acute care, then to Secrephone which eventually became MQ where I did acute care, then it was back to radiology. I am really very interested and offer whatever help I can.
Personally, I think anyone that is interested in

becoming an MT is crazy.  It is one of the worst jobs to have and horrible for your health (sitting all day - horrible on your circulation).  I regret the day I got into it and thankful I have the opportunity to get out of it.  They pay is low unless you are an above average typist and you are responsible for your own taxes.  I hate paying taxes for the luxury of working in my OWN home.  If you get employee status the benefits are horrible.  Any MT that praises this field either types 200+ lpm and/or doesn't mind working 10 hour days including weekends. 

   I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

I have done a search and I have been interested..sm
in finding out some recent information on them as well.  If you find anything out would you please email me?
I'd be interested in knowing, too.
I'm looking for a 2nd job, and it would be nice to find something that would be hitting in between the other job when things are getting really tight.
I would be interested in knowing

I love Emdat

Thanks in advance

don't work there. I was interested too, until --sm
saw the 7 cpl. sounded like a good fit, too. dang.
Bonita (and everyone else interested)
Y'all might want to ask yourselves WHY it is that Transcend is not forthcoming with cpl information and basic information. For heaven's sake, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL ALL QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED TO YOUR SATISFACTION!
Interested also in GOOD company for PT...
I have some insight to share if anyone is interested. sm
I started with KS a little over a year ago. I stayed on during the pay cuts and had faith that the changes would pay off. They did. I now make more than I did before the cuts, love my account, have pretty steady work except during the usual slow times, have health insurance that is OK although expensive but less expensive than none, have direct deposit with very few problems, love my lead, etc. I am glad I rode it out and will if there are changes in the future because I believe this company is looking out for the transcriptionists and by keeping work in the U.S., I think that they will be one of the biggies but definitely the best in the next few years.
To all interested in Medical Bazaar,

I am interested in Orion too. I received an
email from them and got the opportunity to check out their software which is very MT friendly as far as productivity is concerned. They are supposed to call me tomorrow so I will let you know.
Take it to the politics board - not interested
Karin; I am interested, need benefits (nm)
Also interested--position offered
I'm also interested in UST. They have offered me a position. All of their work stays in the US but the pay they offered is less than what I make now. Anyone have any idea how easy it is to hit 1800 lines per day with them?
Allegiant MT - Would you be interested in emailing me?
I'd like to ask you some questions.  Thanks