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I applied with one company several months

Posted By: ka on 2008-02-01
In Reply to: Wonder why no hires in NY, CA and MO? (sm) - Looking

ago and was told that they do not have permit to have employees in my state. Maybe that is the reason.

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I applied and with them over 18 months ago - sm
they sent me a test....which was awful. Needless to say I did not kill myself to finish it. The pay was good, BUT unless you were a miracle worker you would not make much. The test was a speech of some sort with a guy at a podium talking, the recorder a million miles away, and the clarity sucked. I had a zillion blanks in one minute, so I figured (A) I wouldn't pass the test and (B) if this is what I'd be transcribing, forget it. Of course they may have a better test now, but when I did tested it was very bad.
Your twin must have applied a few months ago -
My company has been low on work for months and months..sm
Tired of getting the same ol' message that things will pick up.  I remember the days of bonuses, making money and being able to pay my bills!  I am also wondering what is going with these companies not having work.  Is everybody sending work overseas?
If this is the same company I applied to...
But if so, I took the test, was offered a position and sent the contract. In the contract there are at least three conditions where they state they can withhold 50% of earnings. When I questioned this, contact ended. It's pretty clear to me that this company fully intends to withhold earnings one way or the other.

I'd run, and fast.
I applied for a company in the past...sm
and I needed to send my resume via email to his particular contact person. I asked him for his name so I could address the email accordingly. He simply gave me initials as his contact. Duh, I wonder why? (I'm most confident that he had a last name that would be quite suspicious). NOnetheless, I sent the resume, but deleted my phone number and address other than the state, as I had no intention of communicating with this guy ever again. I have many years of experience, and if I apply for a company who I come to find out outsources, I simply place an x by that company name.
This is hilarious, a company I just applied for had UNPAID
How is that a benefit? Where do these people come up with this stuff......Gee thanks guys for letting me have a day off without pay, you are such a wonderful company to work for, I feel so fortunate!!!
I live in Montana and applied with a company in Missoula..sm
but turned out to be not what I expected.  Very old school and low pay.  What would you like to know?
I just took a big leap and applied for IC status with a company who just posted

a job on here today...HIP or Health Information Partners. I didn't find much in the archives about them but what I found was favorable. I have been employee status my whole life but with the new Medquist pay scales this year, my paychecks took a big nosedive. I think I am only going to apply to companies that have IC status even though I'm somewhat afraid of doing that. I just need bigger paychecks and more flexibility with scheduling and I'm hoping if I do get hired as an IC somewhere, I will learn to really like it and earn more money!!


Has anyone ever applied to a company that does not have good reviews on this board

but ended up liking it anyway?  I have an interview today with a company like that . They opened up a training center locally and I thought that maybe I might get some local accounts, but the main reason for applying is that I am doing clinic work and would love to go back to acute care. 

Has anyone every brought up to the interviewer the bad reviews, or is it best to leave that out?  I am new to job hunting. 

After 7 months with a new company...sm Former

I made $3,000 more in 7 months than I did annually with Transcend after working with them for almost 4 years.   I can't say that I'm surprised that Transcend has now gone the way of offshoring because they are the kind of company that will stoop lower than low, but I will say I'm a little surprised that everyone was so up in arms on their company board when finding out about it.  People were warned about this company over and over and over and over.  The ones who tried to warn others about it were called liars, inferior MTs, troublemakers, the list goes on.  Yet, here it is 7 months after the last exodus, which was only 6 months after the previous exodus, and the proverbial stuff is STILL hitting the fan with this company.  It was once said that time would tell if the troublemakers were telling the truth or not.  Aren't you guys at Transcend tired of being shocked yet? I'm curious to see how many left this time.

RE: After 7 months with a new company...sm Former
If you do not work there anymore (7 months), why would you even care what happens to Transcend? Continue to move on and care about the company you are working for presently (which I think probably will not be for long, either). Transcend is not your concern, so why inquire?
I provided several months for a company
as they appeared legit - offered me position and then never contacted me again.  Will never do again. With today's identify theft being #1 crime in the nation - way too risky.  I was told it was needed as they were going to do background.  I should have done more background on them!!
I was hired by a company 2 months ago.
They downloaded everything they needed on my computer, sent me pedals and now just waiting for training. My question is this - How long does this normally take. I have never had to wait this long to get started (not even with Keystrokes). I have sent several emails and have called the office several times and am told the same thing ---- still waiting on the hospital, we are extremely busy, etc.

I'm seriously considering sending their pedals back to them and chalking it up but I would like to know your thoughts on how you would (have) handle this. TIA

You can buy XP from Dell. I started with a different company about 2 months ago and sm
had to buy a new Dell as Vista did not work for them either. Most of the companies do not take Vista. It just doesn't work with everything yet.

Why would you keep working for a company for 3 months without being paid? sm

I'm sorry this happened to you, but when the first month's check didn't arrive, that would have been it.  I still enjoy transcribing (most days) but not enough to do it for free. 

Good luck to you in getting your money   That's an awful thing to happen to anyone.

Oh my gosh yes! I started at a company about 6 months ago,

starting out right out of the gate producing around 2200-2500 lines in 6 hours, best I have EVER done since leaving my local clinic and going with a huge company.  However, it seems that once the honeymoon was over, things started to change and now, on the same dictators, I barely get 1600 lines in a day.  It is a Word-based program and in the beginning I had no problems with the programs opening or typing in them and now they seem to freeze all of the time which, of course, slows my production tremendously.  I cannot figure out if it is my computer or something that they have in the program to keep you from doing over a certain amount in a day, which I am not sure why they would. 


My company ups the line rate for several months SM
while we learn. Then on our own. This all really relates to how good a system your company has and how smooth the progression is with your account, which also relates to how good a supervisor you have. Mine is very good.

I'm trying to understand, is everyone upset over VR or drop in pay due to VR? I assume it's the later.

I would really say to at least give it a try. I'm not management.

I'm not even sure how much longer MT will be in existence. If you want to ride this thing out, get used to VR.
500 emails in two months?!?! Not my idea of an organized company. No thanks. LOL
The company I work for went to VR a few months back. I was as terrified as you are. sm
It has been OK. I like doing the VR work, and my check is really no different than it was before the change. I do a lot more in terms of production in the same amount of time.

The downside is that the increased production, even though in the same timeframe, is taking its toll on me. It is stressful.

If you get an easy report that has very few edits, you will fly through it. If you get one that is full of errors, it will take you longer than typing it from scratch.

It's a catch-22 in that we really don't have a choice but the good news is that my pay has not suffered and my hands are not as tired.
I've only been with present company for months and don't have counts where I'd like, otherw
Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
Can I asked when you applied? I applied a few weeks ago
and never heard a word and I have over 16 years of experience. I applied because I got a recommendation from a friend of a friend who loves working there..Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get anymore details other than that.  I'm all for even one positive at this point on this frustrating job search. Good luck to you though and check back with us to tell us how the interview went etc. Thanks
TransTech and low/no work for months and months _ don't think there are continous holidays LOL

This HORRIBLE low/no work situation has been going on at TT for almost a year now.  You can't convince me it is due to Memorial Day.  Are holidays now assigned in this world to being daily. 

That is an excuse these companies use in these no work situations, but it is due to their OVERHIRING.  Holidays just come on a daily basis, but LOW WORK/NO WORK is happening and has happened going on a year now at TransTech.  Always asking to flex into the middle of the night, EVERY weekend, etc. 

The TT mgmt checks are NEVER affected, tho, so they can continue to HIRE EVERY MT who gives them a call, and create a NO WORK situation for all of us.  The newbie MT's are cheering at first, but then realize that it hit them in the paycheck, too, and very soon it did!!!!!!!

No. I applied, but I've applied SM

at a lot of places lately.  I got an e-mail from a lady whose name starts with an M, but she didn't identify her company in the letter.  She had my resume on the bottom of her e-mail, so I know it's someone I applied with, but I don't know which one!!  LOL  I'm thinking it's The Word Pros.  Anyone else apply to The Word Pros and get an e-mail from M?

I'd love to hear information about them as well.

Just Me

HUH? I just applied with them.

Thank you to all who applied.
Great responses and experiences. Thanks.:)
Thank you! I have applied but sm
haven't heard anything yet. Just curious.
Is that why you applied?

just applied
Good luck to you.  The test was easy.  I did 100%. 
Just applied also and took
the tests.  Hopefully this a good company.  Still waiting to hear from Keystrokes.....  For being desperate to find transcriptionists for their radiology accounts, they sure take a long time getting back to you!
No, I actually just applied there myself. nm
Anyone applied to JLG? Ad says they need 100 MTs. (sm)

I have to assume they are growing big time to need this many MTs added to their work force.

I can't find any recent info on this company.  Any help appreciated.

I agree, there's nothing to lose. I already applied. As well as being an MT I also do insurance claims typing and it really isn't that hard. You just have to be able to type verbatim including um's and ah's. I get paid by the page now so to me it seems the pay may be actually better than what I'm getting now.
Anyone else applied to JLG? (sm)
Was told there were some changes and they would call and talk to me before the official offer letter was sent.  The lady I interviewed/tested with was very pleasant and I am guessing very busy.  Anyone else have input?   I know I can't be the only one who applied. 
Actually, I had never applied to them...
or even heard of them before I received the e-mail, and I have been happily employed for 6 years for the same company, so it is a mystery.
When I applied with TRS the -
recruiter couldn't even explain how pay rate was determined.  He told me is personal life story, which I thought was very unprofessional.  I found a job elsewhere. 
I just applied
I just applied there myself.  Do you know if the insurance is affordable there?  They sound like they have good benefits from looking at their website.
I applied too
I haven't heard back and at first thought the pay was low.  Then after I read the description of the work, it sounded too easy to get paid much more than that.  Let me know if you hear back from them.. Thanks.
I must have applied to at least 20 of
the wrong companies as well - looked for about 6 months - IC or employee - didn't matter - 25+ years experience MTing and 5 QA, and best offer was about 8.75 cents...with huge daily requirements to hit that mark - one offer for IC at 10 cents which never materialized - company folded. Lots of 7 to 8 cents per line offers - several 6 cents per line - needless to say, I stayed with my day job! To me, the 10 cpl and 11 cpl offers are like unicorns - I have looked and looked, but never found one and am definitely thinking they are mythical.
I applied....
for the pathology position.  Never heard a word!  I have 12 years pathology experience, so I know it wasn't because of lack of experience!
When I applied
They wanted this ridiculous itemization of where I worked as an IC over the past few years. Hello?

When I run into that type of red tape, I 'run'. (Because it's a sign of how they 'might' be if you were worked with them).

I don't have a problem providing a resume, and testing, but that was not enough to move the process along.
I have applied to several
I have usually always heard back.  But I don't go by the job seekers board and found out who  is advertizing for employment   I just read the company board and apply to the company I find has the better reviews.   It just seems to me that they are all always hiring. 
I just applied also!
I have never heard of this company, but orthopedics is my favorite specialit7. Sounds like a new company to me.
I Applied
I applied with them over a week ago and never got any response. I have 7 years of MT experience which included dermatology, so I'm not sure why I never heard anything.
Have you applied?
Hi Little Bear,

Thank you. Believe me, I am thanking my lucky stars in heaven for this one. I needed the benefits so badly and they just seemed like a wonderful place to work. I will definitely let you know how it turns out. Have you applied there?

I got one too and just applied! sm
They said the list was from AHDI.
I just applied
and missed 2 on the test.  I do not know if that is good or bad.
Anyone who applied
for the jobs posted recently by p.r.n. Transcription or Phoenix Medcom heard back from them yet?  I applied the same day they posted the jobs, but have not heard back and yet I am a very well-qualified transcriptionist.
I applied but don't know anything either
We must have applied for the same job.
I applied too.
I got the same 2 emails and was wondering the same thing. I am thinking it is a scam.