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I e-mailed you this morning! Still waiting on reply.

Posted By: Cindi on 2007-02-01
In Reply to: How about you e-mail me? NM - Goldbird (Moderator)

This is very strange!!

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Reply to the MT who e mailed me: So sorry for
I don't mind saying that I went to Transtech and absolutely glad to have switched companies. I know they are hiring right now, so if you send the resume and follow it up with a note and call letting them know your situation, you could be getting to work in a jiffy... I sure am sorry things turned out this way, let us know how it goes! Hang in there... and do try TT, it is really a great company.
Okay, WiMT - Waiting for your reply to the posting above.
or is it just that the owner and the mgmt of this company are dishonest liars?

I say the correct answer is "B", how's 'bout you, hon?

That posting was a direct quote from the owner, Andy Renfroe. What say you about that?
I hope you're right. I've been waiting 4 wks for an ID - still waiting! nm
whups - sorry, reply to wrong "who wants to be" reply
if I only had a brain...

Again, sorry to BTDT.
There was no work for me this morning and . . .

that was okay. I spent more time with my 2 babies. I held my 9 1/2 month old in my arms while he struggled to stay awake and finally gave in to his sleepiness. As I type this, I am listening to my "almost 2-year-old" laying on the living room floor "watching" TV talking to herself, curled up with her blanket, and almost sleeping. It makes me smile. Just about 15 minutes ago, I snuck outside and gave my horse a carrot and she nickered a nice hello. THAT is why I'm home.

I work for Transcend. Have been for about a 1-1/2 months. I have learned a lot and I hope to learn more. I checked my Ps and Qs before I left my in-house, cushy, very solid clinic position to work at home. I checked the money situation. (I was also lucky enough to land an IC job with a local clinic that pays .12cpl, but only comes out to $100 a week as they don't have much work for me.) I hemmed and hawed over it for 7 months before I made my decision to stay home. I will admit it, it is a little frustrating not to have work, but, there will be work later. I may never have benefits through them, I may have to marry my (not so darling...ha ha) boyfriend (the father of the two kids) in order to get health insurance....but I'll deal with it. I LOVE being at home. (BF is jealous and wants to be home to, my Dad, who is soon to be retiring, is jealous as well. Course, they're MEN and wouldn't be able to work and watch the kids, but I'll let them be jealous!)

When I first started with transcription over 7 years ago, I never even thought of working at home, never really crossed my mind. I feel very lucky to be in a career that allows me to do both, be at home and still have a career. I'm not afraid of hard work or minor setbacks. I've put up a 1/4 mile of horse fence in 90+ degree weather, this is easy. Sure, it may come with some "bull****, and slow times, and frustrating times, but then I have a morning like I did today...(see above)...and I sigh...and smile. To each his/her own. If ya don't like the stew, get out of the pot.

Your post was on this morning because
Very funny. Thanks for the morning
My, my, having a bad morning? Sheesh.
I can't see what was so offensive about the first post.
I had one similar this morning

Only it was from Meditech.   Never applied there.  Letter sounded pretty similar to yours though.

No, just out of work this morning


Electric off this morning?
I think they had thunderstorms this morning and maybe a tornado.  Their electric may be off.
Sorry, Monday morning
I could not find any posts on this company.
Thanks, I actually have an interview in the morning. nm

I applied this morning
I took the test by playing and pausing. Then I went back through the dictation and filled in and corrected. I had to play each section about 4 times to finally get it all.
My deposit was in this morning
When did you send your line count to invoices?

I'm not a cheerleader, I just think the good things should be mentioned as well as the bad.
2 cpl isn't worth getting out of bed for in the morning.
Not a single job this morning. nm
No work this morning. nm
We get disrespected each and every morning
Anyone have work at MDI this morning? nm
Thanks, I e-mailed you!
I just e-mailed you as well...sm

I am the one asking for info with 25 plus years of experience. 

Thank you! I e-mailed you. :) (NM)


They don't have to be mailed until 1/31, not be
received by 1/31. 
I e-mailed it to you. nm
Thanks..I just e-mailed you....nm
I e-mailed you. (NM)
I just e-mailed you my MSN ID....I just
started September 6 with them.
They don't have to be mailed until 1/31.

You've only got a few more days before it should be there. 

I e-mailed you!
KS Rad MT - I just e-mailed you..(nm)

I e-mailed you!

I e-mailed you. I think we are at the
I e-mailed you.
I e-mailed you!
I e-mailed you too...nm


If they e-mailed you from here, they
didn't know your e-mail address, just sent it blindly.  By you responding to them they now have your e-mail address and you can expect more of the same. 
They just e-mailed me
Is their test the usual or is it one of those two hours tests or verbal over the phone?

Thanks in advance.
e-mailed you
They just e-mailed me!
She said that they have many openings currently for many different internet-based accounts! I'm so excited! I'm sending her my resume right now!
I e-mailed you
I e-mailed you. nm
They were to have been mailed on 01/31. nm
I just e-mailed you :)
I e-mailed you (nm)
Just e-mailed you (nm)
I just e-mailed you
in regards to Gulf Coast.
I e-mailed you. nm

Yes...I e-mailed you. nm
Don't have to be mailed until 1/31.
I e-mailed you but...sm
I can tell you that I've worked for her and she's great - professional as well as a genuinely sweet & caring lady. Pay always on time; no problems whatsoever.