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Thanks..I just e-mailed you....nm

Posted By: Too Old MQer on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: See the ads posted - Lvgonadream


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Thanks, I e-mailed you!
I just e-mailed you as well...sm

I am the one asking for info with 25 plus years of experience. 

Thank you! I e-mailed you. :) (NM)


They don't have to be mailed until 1/31, not be
received by 1/31. 
I e-mailed it to you. nm
I e-mailed you. (NM)
I just e-mailed you my MSN ID....I just
started September 6 with them.
They don't have to be mailed until 1/31.

You've only got a few more days before it should be there. 

I e-mailed you!
KS Rad MT - I just e-mailed you..(nm)

I e-mailed you!

I e-mailed you. I think we are at the
I e-mailed you.
I e-mailed you!
I e-mailed you too...nm


If they e-mailed you from here, they
didn't know your e-mail address, just sent it blindly.  By you responding to them they now have your e-mail address and you can expect more of the same. 
They just e-mailed me
Is their test the usual or is it one of those two hours tests or verbal over the phone?

Thanks in advance.
e-mailed you
They just e-mailed me!
She said that they have many openings currently for many different internet-based accounts! I'm so excited! I'm sending her my resume right now!
I e-mailed you
I e-mailed you. nm
They were to have been mailed on 01/31. nm
I just e-mailed you :)
I e-mailed you (nm)
Just e-mailed you (nm)
I just e-mailed you
in regards to Gulf Coast.
I e-mailed you. nm

Yes...I e-mailed you. nm
Don't have to be mailed until 1/31.
I e-mailed you but...sm
I can tell you that I've worked for her and she's great - professional as well as a genuinely sweet & caring lady. Pay always on time; no problems whatsoever.
I e-mailed you...nm
they were to be mailed for delivery
in october. that's today. the memo said if you did not receive one by 10/7 to notify them. So I would think that means they expect everyone to have them within the next week.
It says everyone so that it is fair! If they just e-mailed you and not everyone, then you would be
she e-mailed me saying she would call. when she never did ...
I called her. She went on to tell me how swamped she was at the minute and treated the call like an annoyance, but she said she would call me back later that day. Never heard from her again! Rude as all get out if you ask me. What a flake.
Thanks..I just e-mailed you back..nm
I just e-mailed you another message regarding KS..(nm)
Angela, I e-mailed you (nm)

I just e-mailed them back....
and told them that I have no idea how they got all of my information, but I have no interest in a position with their company and told them not to contact me again. We'll see what happens!
Oh, they do that at your house too - I once mailed (sm)
2 gift cards from my home mailbox to 2 different parts of town.  Neither arrived.  Tells me something about the P.O.  Mail delivery on my street is absolutely the worst!  Thankful for Direct Deposit.  I would let Deb know.
I know they never replied to me when I E-mailed them..nm
I'm not Kelly, but I e-mailed you

Hope you don't mind - I have some TT questions or just some ramblings about MQ...



need to work - I just e-mailed you (nm)

No, she e-mailed me, I'm not a recruiter
My TL said they were mailed yesterday, 01/31 also.

W2 were mailed 01/21 according to the intranet
Check the Keystrokes intranet!!!!

Lee has posted info on what you should do if you have not received you W2.

Keystrokes Rocks!!!!

exMQ..I just e-mailed you. Thanks! (nm)

I went ahead and e-mailed someone
There seem to be a lot of people in the lead here, but not sure which one is which.  To me this is a bit ridiculous.  I was put on production right off. 
I e-mailed you privately (sm)
It seems to be about 50/50 there. I personally have no work on my account or backup and it's been that way since October. I have talked to all the right people and I'm still sitting here reading and typing on MT Stars when I'm should be typing reports!
I e-mailed TransTech asking about...sm
part-time hours and sent my resume last Tuesday. I have 30+ years experience of both acute care and clinic work. I haven't gotten an answer back about the part-time hours yet. When I have e-mailed other companies about this, I usually get an answer from them within a day or two letting me know whether they are hiring or not. I was just wondering if no answer at all is their way of saying no.
Reply to the MT who e mailed me: So sorry for
I don't mind saying that I went to Transtech and absolutely glad to have switched companies. I know they are hiring right now, so if you send the resume and follow it up with a note and call letting them know your situation, you could be getting to work in a jiffy... I sure am sorry things turned out this way, let us know how it goes! Hang in there... and do try TT, it is really a great company.
To The Person who E mailed me
No I do not work for that company.  Will not state who because they are on here and this is where I got the job.  This is a company who hires U.S. MTs only.  They are not hiring at the moment, but companies just like them are.  They pay for training, even if you don't need it. They post jobs here and elsewhere.  They are smaller, somewhat less organized, but you NEVER run out of work and the pay is much better.  QA is nice, always available, and they actually encourage that you use them if necessary, e mailing with general questions.  Since they do not offshore, they can not afford to over-hire or have MTs sitting around doing nothing.  If I e mail my account manager, a very polite answer is received almost instantly.  And by the way, I did a little research on them when I went to work for them, here and elsewhere.  There were some pretty negative things posted that I found not to be true at all.  Do your own research and do not give to much credit to other's opinions.  My account could leave tomorrow, but at the moment I feel very blessed.  Plenty of work.  No nights, weekends, or holidays.  Good pay and benefits.  I have seen several of these U.S. only companies post here and elsewhere.  Reply as directed to make sure your resume gets into the right hands right away.  If you are not hired and they post again, apply again.  Happened to me.  I applied for a job one week with no response.  The very next Tuesday they posted another job, I applied, and was hired within 24 hours.  I fear your situation may not get any better so why not use your slow time to look for that perfect job.  Good luck to you.