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I for one get sick of TransTech bashing

Posted By: about no work on 2008-08-21
In Reply to:

Of course they have work.  Everybody wants banker's hours.  Duh.  It's not the company's fault.

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Bashing?????? You consider reporting nonpaying employers bashing? sm
Yeah, I got my 1099 too.  It included the couple of thousand dollars for invoices that she's never paid me for.  She really deserves her due now, doesn't she??  On the bright side, maybe the IRS can do something with her.  Cuz I ain't paying taxes on that money she's never paid me. 

No, I do not work for OSi however, as a medical Transcriptionist with 20+ years of experience and QA experience -- I have seen and heard it all -- "I cant work weekends because I want a 9 to 5 job, I want to make 100,000 a year because that is what the ads promise  -- I think that I can stay home with toddlers, and post on these boards all day"  Truth be told, it's a hard profession  -- the doctors names are not given, if you work for a compay in one state and live in another, you have to do the research  -- these advertisements that are on television promise a wonderful salary, BUT.... you have to work your butt off to get that salary  -- I have, as many of the OLDER and SEASONED MTs have seen a change in the "work ethiic"  You want to be able to have your cake and eat it too  -- MT is NOT an 8-5 Monday-Friday job -- I work for two services and am STILL barely able to make ends meet  - its not India, its not the Phillipines or anywhere else -- its learning the English language and THINKING for yourself once in a while -- "gee I can't find this or that" well, its a sad statement on our society, because when I learned to spell, I learned with phonics -- another thing that I had an advantage with in this field was that I sang from grade school and college and if I didnt "understand the translation" then I was lost  -- its NOT only typing -- its getting off boards like this and LEARNING something instead of "griping and complaining"


Sorry just my quarters worth after a 15 hour day

No bashing here...well, unless it's myself!

I kinda do that a lot.  Therapist says it's bad for me, detrimental to my self-esteem, yada yada yada...but I dig it.        

I got my 1099 too, which was great, but still doesn't mean she pays in a timely fashion.
If they HAVE work the people complain that there is too much work and if they DON'T HAVE work the people complain. Obviously the people complaining about TT not having work haven't got much experience working as an MT. You can't go out and get more work just to compensate for the slow times. TT usually has plenty of work...the hospitals get slow from time to time....DUH! It always gets slow this time of the year with the doctors taking their last vacations of the summer, people in general taking vacations,etc. Give up...go somewhere else if you don't like it. Leaves more for us.
If you donít do VR then why are you bashing something you know nothing about?
You have posted several things on here about what a hot mess. You are saying you are not doing. How do you know what the platforms are like and how it works? Gosh, I thought you were trying to do and coming up short, did not know you are not working on it.
No bashing here
I'm not going to bash you at all because I feel the same, and you're post helped me feel better about tht. I've been with MDI for 15 years (OMG!!!) and just feel so overwhelmed right now at the prospect of having to start over completely. I've been moaning and groaning to DH about this for days but today I'm putting on my big-girl panties, as they say, and am trying to find a new attitude. Who knows how things will work out, but I've got my fingers crossed and am saying my prayers! I know it's not for everyone, and for those who are moving on, I wish you all the luck in the world. Each one of us has to do what's we think is best. I'm going to try to start thinking positively about this and you never know, in the end it could be a good thing. Putting on my Happy Face now!
Why are you bashing this person?
Perfect example of bashing a company (Keystrokes) for no reason whatsoever. Giving helpful info to job applicants is a bash-worthy offense now? Sheesh.
Other than unsubstantiated bashing
how are they to work for, the platform, compensation, etc.
Everybody take cover! Here's comes the TT bashing again. nm
To soapbox gal and the others who are bashing her...
Come on now.  Have you stayed in the same MT job from day 1??? I honestly doubt it.  So truthfully what is the difference between her signing on multiple at one time and deciding after that or starting one, not liking it, ditching it, starting another, and so forth.  No difference really.  Other than that she knows she won't keep them all.  But another point is that the companies can afford to hire as many of us as they want at one time because it's not costing them any more (other than bennies IF they even offer bennies) to have 10 of us to do the job of 2 MTs or just having 2 MTs.  So more power to her!  Get real here!  It's time the tides were turned.
Ditto 200%. Also, most of the MT bashing...sm

by supervisors is not about the transcription quality at all, you know, what we were hired and paid (albeit poorly) to do... it's about the B.S. demographic crap, et.al, ad nauseum, stuff that is not our job in the first place, but the hospital's.  T

The MTSOs are so paranoid about losing an account that they're constantly BROWN-NOSING the client hospitals AT OUR EXPENSE

.  And we've been putting up with it.

Penny Bashing!
I have never heard more woman being catty! Have any of you ever watched the movied called Mean Girls? I have worked with Penny and found her to be communicative, friendly, and out of her way helpful! Have you ever heard that old saying, if you don't have anything nice to say?
I wasn't bashing you...if you took is that way..sorry...
Keep trakc of who you are bashing, though! Is
crap and can't even do it cause you folks are so emotional you get the names of the companies wrong probably 50% of the time. So who are YOU fighting about?  TTS or TTD? This is what happened a few days ago with the whole mess, MTs reading ACRONYMS wrong and blasting the wrong companies, so some parties felt compelled to post defending themselves, etc. Sheesh - accuracy is our profession. Get your letters correct while you're trying to ruin a company - at least take aim and fire at the right one, OK?
This, too, is Obama bashing BS.
This belongs on the politics board. It's political garbage.

The Obama administration has not released details of any medical records plan and likely will not before some kind of health care legislation has been passed by Congress.

You don't start building a foundation until you know what kind of building you are going to build.
I have been watching this KS bashing and hope that it never happens to sm
my company. You are horrible, bitter, miserable people who seem to have nothing better to do than throw in 2 cents that mean nothing. I am apalled at the childish behavior of adults and profassionals.

Long distance? All of my 32 of my employees have to provide unlimited long distance or be local to Atlanta. They all have either cable digital or Southern Bell and no one complains as it is not very expensive and does not really add to their regular phone bills.

If you want more than 0.06 per line, you have to be willing to give and take too. MTSOs are here to make money too and I think you would be very surprised to see that we do not make as much as you think, maybe even less than some MTs.
This is the same poster who started the bashing (sm)
several months ago.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe she was let go but I might be thinking of someone else, pretty sure it's the same one though.  So much work I worked all weekend, and I wasn't even scheduled!
I agree - don't call it bashing.

I work for Precyse and I haven't seen anyone give glowing reports on this board (not like TT or KS, anyway!).  But, it doesn't bother me a bit if someone has something less than positive to say about the company - it's not a personal reflection on me.  I make a good living, take the good with the bad (if you're an MT, you know what I mean), and have the flexibility I need to raise a 9-year-old.  I bought a house 2 years ago and a car last year - and I'm a single mom with no child support.  BTW, Precyse honors mature (and I don't necessarily mean old!), responsible MTs who don't need a lot of hand-holding.  That's one of the things I agree with from previous posters.  And I definitely prefer it, rather than constant IMs or emails (how in the world are you supposed to get your work done?).

Wait a sec - I got off track there.  I don't consider it bashing a company if you had a negative experience there.  Please share your experience with others wanting to reseach jobs.  If there's a trend developing in a company or in the industry, this is where you'll see it - but only if people are honest.  What I do call bashing is when someone starts attacking the poor person who is trying to report a negative experience.  (Or when the spell-check police are on duty.  HELLO??!!  Chat rooms, instant messaging, and text messaging are considered informal conversations - NOT legal documents.)

Wait a sec - I got off track there - again.  Anyway, my advise is....find a good company that YOU like and don't worry about anyone else.

For all the 4 Season bashing, just want to say ower
It's about Nat'l Security, not bashing India
I have posted this before. It's not that American MTs are scapegoating India or Indian MTs.

Are 1st concern is with NATIONAL SECURITY. Some of our MTSO do transcribe for V.A. Hospitals (and 1 brave MT did whistle blow on Medquist for doing this).

I'm not against nation building; however, how is it that India and Pakistan have billions for nuclear weapons, BUT can't feed their people???

And, why do their top 1-10% of their educated, the Brahmans, ABANDON their country the 1st chance they get, and leave their country with a BRAIN DRAIN?

This situation is like Mexico in reverse. We get Mexico's uneducated and poor AND India's best and brightest.

These respective country's government MUST do better for their OWN PEOPLE!
Because the lefties have more fun bashing Bush.
Maybe instead of bashing companies and/or people
you should learn to SPELL first. Maybe that's part of the reason why you had no work if that was actually the case.
I don't even work there and am amazed at the bashing here. sm
From everything I can tell, there are only a handful of good companies to work for of the bigger ones yet I see a lot of negative, bashing posts for these same company that stink of one or two people with chips on their shoulders.

From all accounts, I think that the few that are good, including Webmedx, Keystrokes and MDI-MD, want experienced MTs who produce quality reports and do what they commit to doing in the time they commit to completely their days. Not too much to ask, but there are handful of people here at MTStars that feel like everyone is out to get them.

My advice to all of you that complain about QA departments and strict companies: Brush up on your skills, learn from your corrections, work your shifts OR GET A NEW JOB IN A DIFFERENT LINE OF WORK.

You all give professional MTs a bad name.
Talking about low pay is not bashing a company

AGain, they wouldn't be hiring if the pay was not so darned low!  I heard they are very nice.  I have not personally worked for them, but people want replies whether they are good or bad, and even the moderators say to not take everything you read on here to heart. 

If people want to apply and be paid that low rate, then go ahead. 

If Mary H is so honest and ready to help, why didn't she answer the pay rate question?  It's a fair question that deserves a fair answer. 

There is no problem with tooting your own horn, but when someone goes quiet all of a sudden when the subject of pay rate comes up, it just sends a message that the pay is probably very low. 

Some people are not worried about nice management because that's not what pays the bills. 

I didn't mean for my post to come off as bashing
I hope you didn't take it that way. Just wanted to throw out a couple of suggestions if you still had the time to get back with the company and negotiate. Actually happy to hear someone has an MT job that they enjoy! :-)
Thanks. I felt like bashing my head against a wall
I love the one where the MT was bashing a company for not contacting her..

Interesting that all those bashing TT have never worked there and those praising
TT are employees. Speaks volumes, dontcha think?
No one is bashing, just giving opinions from what they have heard.
Ummmm, let's make that UNDESERVED bashing
I work there and at MDI-MD (until THIS revelation today, my MDI days are now DONE), and I'd NEVER say anything negative about TT. There's just nothing bad to say about them. I had actually taken an offer from TT when the MDI-MD work started to evaporate, and am I glad I did!

You and I know how great they are...we work there :-)
There is a difference between bashing and legitimate negative opinion. nm
That is completely untrue. Why are people bashing Transcend on the board?
They are a good company, with good people.
Yes, it DOES! As you started with bashing and personal insults, you admitted being wrong...nm
Question. You posted complaints about Keystrokes and Spheris, but that wasn't bashing. So why
What the ____? He sent you a picture - what a psycho!

Tell me more!
LOL, sick!
They said they have sick time. What's up with that?

I think MT work is seasonal anyway....people will always get sick, but the time of year can affect how often and how quick people decide to go to the doctor.  Plus, if it's surgery or other procedures, if people can plan when to do them, they probably haven't picked June or July - when many people are on vacation, or grandkids are coming to visit....



What is sick is that there may be SM

about 15 total people in the QA world doing this, but they hold a minimum of 30 jobs and it could be up to 50 jobs between those 15 people and that is just working for nationals!

For all of you QA people out there wondering where the jobs are, that's your answer.  I wish these companies could cross-check with their competitors to match names, they'd be really surprised at what is going on out there. 

so sick of seeing these ads....
It makes me wanna vomit after a good laugh. All these IC positions, stating you MUST work this. You MUST do that. I'm so glad I have 2 jobs that are true IC positions. Of course I need to work to live, and I'm not lazy, but other than that, I do what I want, when I want, and how long I want. I am asked to help if can-NOT told. I do not get threats of being let go. These companies make me so sick.
And I'm getting really sick of
some of the people on this board (some, not all) jerking my emotions around. I have a conference call looming on my schedule for less than 4 hours from now, and I haven't got a clue what it will be about. And after reading this board this morning I am all but sick to my stomach with worry that it might mean I have to start job-hunting all over again.
Me too, sick of getting ripped off by SS
on a daily basis.  My lines at Softscript for the last 3 weeks since the server issue have dropped drastically.  I guess they think we cannot do math and only type.
feeling sick too!
I just wonder how many people here are just here to stir the pot and make everyone feel sick and scared and paranoid about their jobs?
feeling sick too!
Actually, I don't work for OSi, but work for another National that is always bashed on here. Things are changing here too and not very positive things are being said about changes and I was just making a general statement about people who like to make others feel paranoid about situations. But, I'm trying to look at it this way, there are thousands of MTs employed by my company and there are only a few here who are doing the bashing, so I'm trying to stay positive, but still a little afraid!!
Universal sick day
Been reading the posts about having an MT strike.  I agree with the comments about companies getting worse instead of better as far as paying IC and other transcriptionists.  We should just have a universal sick day (just one day) and see what chaos this causes.  May be it does not even have to be the whole day, just a couple of hours.
Anyone sick of Amphion??
I am sick of no work...I am sick of having to flex my time...I am sick of being accused of not making my line counts when they don't have work...I am sick of being a transcriptionist!
Sick of transcription
I, too, am SICK to almost being dead from being a transcriptionist, but being the only income for 4 people, stuck in the game.
SICK of this stuff
About TransTech!  They are the finest people in the business.  They would never do anything in a suspicious or ill mannered method involving line counting or anything else!  One might suggest if you work more and post less you would see a better line count.  It takes time to build up to a good line count, i.e. becoming familiar with the facility, with the authors, with the work types, building your word expander, and working diligently towards obtaining your goals, doing what it takes to achieve the line count goals you set for yourself, turning every stone in effort to achieve those goals before suggesting the line counts are not correct.  If the ESL are difficult, look at samples, invest in becoming more familiar with their way of speaking English. As far as EXTText for Word Client/Transnet/Dictaphone, I love the software.  Again from time to time, there may be issues, but for the most part, the software if very geared to good production for the MT.  I hope that all who read the posts about Transtech will be mature enough to make your decision by your own experience and not the experience of others.  I have been with TransTech for 4 years, and I am not saying everything is wonderful, we have our ups and downs which are almost always me and not them........but in all honesty they are the finest company with the best group of people I have ever worked with and for!  Thank you for reading my 2 cents on the line count saga!
I'm sick of set shifts as an IC.
THEN getting constant IMs to work when I'm supposed to be 'off'.  If you want me at your beck and call you better be giving me benefits!