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I guess my point about the Labor Dept....sm

Posted By: LiveandLearn on 2007-06-08
In Reply to: Withhold 10% of salary for 401(k).... sm - LiveandLearn

in my attempt at humor was not clear.  I reported this to the Labor Dept. over a year ago and we are close to a resolution, but it is taking this long.  I don't allow a company to steal from me without making a lot of noise, believe me!

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thanks for the support, Labor Dept. did say ... sm
that they will investigate and they will get compensation for me on lost investment earnings. MW sent me a check for what they withheld from my pay but denied my request for 4% interest that I would have gotten in my money market account. I truly hope this is just my problem and not the other 133 participants in MW's 401(k) plan. I have not been in the plan long enough to be vested so their contributions don't matter to me personally.
Every state's Dept. of Labor has...sm

rules and regulations re. unfair labor practices.  I don't just mean the BS with the IC and set schedule baloney.  What about:

1.  Requiring an employee to work a set schedule of hours, but not being paid for your time, just the actual lines produced during those hours.

2.  Being told during your set, scheduled shift/hours (which you're not being paid for, remember?) that, sorry, no work or work is slow, but you can't take the day off, because, what if everybody decided to take the day off.  Ergo, must sit glued to seat until work comes in.  Needless to say, line quota not able to be met in the specific schedule you're bound to but not paid for.

3.  Told at end of week you must make up line quota or, (take your choice):

a) Lose bennies for that month.

b) Expect a phone call (who is paying whose phone bill?  I know who's paying mine, and that's why the Almight invented voicemail).

c) You lose job w/o cause... it's in agreement, after all. Hire Indians or other US MTs who are desperate and who'll work for $0.01 less than you are.

d)  We take your first-born (That's next.. with what they are allowed to get by with).


Dept of Labor and All Other Agencies
PAYROLL ISSUES: Visit the web site of your state DOL. The federal DOL has hired 3,000 to handle the overflow of complaints. Complete paperwork for a complaint, send registered mail, then give them a followup call. They DO follow up.

EEOC: Discrimination by disability, age, gender, race, religion, etc. They have hired thousands of new mediators to handle case overload and are approving more cases for trial than ever before.

RETIREMENT FUND FRAUD: Visit the ERISA web site; they act fast and audit anonymously and take this issue absolutely seriously. They also represent you legally.

SOFTWARE LICENSING VIOLATIONS: Illegal software installed on your PC by employer can get YOU in trouble. Contact the BSA (Business Software Alliance) with any questions. They take online complaints either anonymously or, if you want to be placed on the reward list, they will audit your computer and if there is a licensing violation, reporters receive from $5,000 to $100,000 in rewards for reporting illegal or unlicensed software use. BSA investigates for Microsoft as well as any other proprietary NON-public software.

INSURANCE EXCLUSION/FRAUD: ERISA and state DOL. Also, look up the consumer protection agencies in your state; there may be an additional Insurance Commission.

Keep a diary, keep good, accurate records (dates, times, calls, emails); this information will prove to be priceless :)
Check with Dept. of Labor. We are in sm
no way considered pieceworkers. Unemployment may not see it that way, but we are officially classified by the US Dept of Labor as a class of employees who need to make at least minimum wage no matter what.
Dept. of Labor phone number
For Labor Dept, your point of contact depends on where you live I believe. The number to start with is 866-444-3272. Good luck, and please post if you learn anything new. This has been going on for me for nearly a year and not resolved.
That's so illegal - turn them in to Dept of Labor. How can they sm
doctor your time sheet? You mean you don't have any way to verify your HOURS worked? that's scary.
IC Paychecks-check with Fed Labor Dept
Having been an IC for over 15 years and working for places where pay was sent when they felt like it (including 2 large hospitals in my area) I checked with the Federal Labor Department to see what my recource was.  Employers have 30 days from date of invoice to pay subcontractors/ICs, after that you have to send them a letter demanding payment.  You have no recourse as a self employed person.  I am happy where I am right now (as happy as I can be in this business) pay is always in my acct when it is supposed to be (except for Ike last week and we were kept apprised the whole time.)
Dept of Labor & AAMT's new Apprenticeship Program
How does AAMT play into the offshoring bit? AAMT has launched a new MT Apprenticeship program derived from the U.S. Dept. of Labor??? AAMT is a true advocate of keeping our jobs US based. I recently heard this from Peter Preziosi himself.
I guess my point was that it wouldn't surprise me if they DON'T know the law. sm

Because of who is in charge of it.

Nothing surprises me with them. Fake it till you make it.

I guess my original point was that it's not all good for all MTs

I was thrilled when KS called me, and I had really high hopes, in large part based on what I read here in this forum.  But my primary account dried up after the docs went to voice, and yet it's still my primary account -- with no work!  There are two of us attached to this account, even though there isn't enough work for one part-timer.  Lately I have been checking the account from 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m., but there simply isn't anything to do.  The docs are doing their own work.  So why do we even have this account?

I too have a great relationship with my lead.  We talk on the phone every day, we e-mail every day, she regularly requests additional accounts for me, but still the work doesn't come.  It is truly a mystery, but based on some of the other comments on the boards, I'm not alone. 

I've already had two backup accounts fizzle out, and I'm waiting to train on a third -- but I'm only to do overflow and won't have any regular work from the account.

That is great for you that your accounts are steady and reliable, and I would love to be in the same situation.  I expected to be in that situation!  I'm used to 1400-1600 lines per shift.  I have had really good feedback from QA, so my work isn't an issue.  All I am doing is asking for enough work.  I thought that was why I was here.  I can't wait for accounts they hope to get in a week, a month, two months.  I have tried to give KS the benefit of the doubt, rationalizing that the accounts drying up is out of their control, but I need work and my family is counting on me to bring in a paycheck.  I've been waiting for work for five months.  Would you wait that long?

Mute point, I guess, but is that what people
Even MT management feels that each and every one of us are low-down scoundrels who steal an hourly wage while surfing the net?  That's a shame!  I worked hourly for 17 years and was never treated in the way this manager above comes across.  I was told great work and went above and beyond even for that hourly rate, which was not much, but I had benefits.  There was no line requirement, but there was TRUST! 
no way you are not in QA dept yourself
Any big changes at OSI QA Dept?

I took prolonged maternity leave and would go back to OSi but only if they have a different QA Dept. since summer of 2005.  I never recommend OSI to anyone and I would never return unless that has changed. 


Where is the HR dept?
Sounds like you are from the QA Dept--
in order for you to make ASSumptions of what my working experience at OSi was like. This is EXACTLY the kind of attitude most of the people I have dealt with at OSI have. You have just demonstrated my point, thank you.
Okay then BS, get it together. Your dept has been hit the hardest with
You might want to get busy.
So many QA people are getting fired, and she is still hiring replacements for them long before they have a clue that they are about to get the ax. She is not keeping anyone who knows more than she does.

Speaking of which, did you see the email about the account manager position? Only 2 years experience as an MT is required. Two years experience. Unbelievable! Cheap-cheap-cheap.

That is what is wrong with OSi. Nobody is qualified to do their uppity jobs, including the QA Director, except the MTs, who continue to lose work to India via outsourcing!!!!
If DOL is all your HR dept will take, then anyone stating here they could
Perhaps you should just give it up if you are not willing to call and/or see an attorney for yourself. lol

What companies use ADP for their HR dept? nm.
Why not call and ask the HR Dept???
Have you tried their payroll dept???
I went into a radiology dept. for a few years.
It was good for my self-esteem for one thing, got me up out of bed with the rest of the world, dressed nicely and out of the house with the morning traffic. Mingling with the masses was great also. Was surprised on how much info we can pick up just by chatting with whoever is beside us whereever we are. The office politics is what took the joy out of it for me. Favoritism, unfair distribution of work, etc plus the gossip behind each others back. I tried to keep to myself but some women simply insist on infiltrating your boundaries and if you refuse, are considered not a team member (being a team member is big in the work place these days; in my dept., it was more important that quality/quantity of work, reliability, ethics. I watched one woman get creamed during evaluations because she was a Debbie Downer, a personality trait that she could do nothing about.
Yes, the main transcription dept at DBO. sm
Run, MT, Run! Anyone considering working there should SERIOUSLY reconsider, especially as long as LC is still the dept supervisor. That's the whole problem right there and always has been - HER.
Don't know for sure but it is HUGE - so they must have an oncology dept.
Tell her to file a complaint with Dept SM
of Labor and let them tell the Dept. of Labor that.
Excuse me, my co's IT dept is in Nashville and sm
Seattle.  Don't say that the majority has IT support out of India, because it's not true.  Even Spheris (with a large presence in India) does IT out of Franklin, TN.
rad dept at the hospital I worked at
everything was automatic and errors throughout; no one cares anymore.... .  it's sad in a lot of ways... . needless to say, I no longer go to that hospital ; they can forget it; I wouldn't send my worst enemy there; yes it's that bad....
Had many friends in the QA dept who all left about the same time.
AND...yes, I do believe them!
Call the medical records dept there. Sm
I did a bit of this account, too, but my primary was a sister hospital. Loved it.
Apply for OSI QA dept if you cain't spell
It depends on the dept. Ortho tests, rad and HIM used to sm
but now they do not. I did hear that there was no difference in those that tested than those that had the experience, so they decided not to test anymore in those 2 departments at least.

I do know that recruiting and hiring is always changing, trying to find new and better ways to process applicants. Not all changes work though, and they start over again.

If you have applied and not heard back, try calling Beth at the KS office. She has been processing the applications and question forms as quickly as possible but really does match everyone up well, which can take time!
Thank you. I would like to call HUP but I have no idea who to contact in the MR Dept. to talk to. Do
you know the direct phone number to the person in HUP MR because to go through the main number is like trying to call the president.
The payroll dept isn't exactly qualified. There's no accountant on staff. sm
I wish they would just let ADP or something similar handle it. So many things are incorrect so often, taxes, PTO pay missing, etc.
When I MT'd inhouse in a hospital medical records dept.,
the hourly pay was around $9/hr. I had plenty of experience too. The lady there who had about 25 years of experience made around $12/hr.... I have no idea why it was so low. That's why I ended up working for a service at home. As low as VR pays, that $9-$12 is starting to sound good though. What a shame this profession is.
Call the hospital medical records dept and ask who does their transcription. They will tell you.
support/technical dept is great. i use mine so i think that is just a personal choice and don't
Medware's IT dept. obviously doesn't work weekends.No lines count for 2 days. nm
not surprised
Excellent point, and point in case
look at the charlatan christian in the
Whitehouse who uses religion to push his agenda...

Christian IS as Christian DOES...
I understand your point, my point is why can't MTs and QA work together..
being QA doesn't mean you are above everyone else, you are just an extra set of ears...and why do so many MTs take offense to QA??? That is my point...you made have had bad experiences in the past with QA but not all QA are bad...
It may have to do with their labor law of ...sm
anything over 8 hours is considered overtime and must be paid 1.5x even if you work 12 hours one day a week.

It is no longer anything over 40 hours per week but anything over 8 hours a day. That, my friend, will cost the company plenty of money.

That is why companies are not hiring California MTs.

You might want to try IC positions......and not employee.
Labor Day. nm

You have to be IC because of labor laws sm

I don't know of any companies like this because they have to verify the # of hours you work.  Most places require a set # of hours per week, if you are full time often 32-40 hours, PT 20-32.  All I have dealt with require the hours be met more importantly than the lines, they have to have staff to cover set hours for client needs.  If your lucky enough to type 250 lph, apply for part-time, then you'll only have that 6 hour day you are looking for and not be obligated to type longer, then if you don't meet the line requirement in that time, you'll still have room to type longer without costing the company OT if you need to type another half hour or hour longer than expected to get there.  These companies have to be very careful to keep track of the hours because they are required to pay OT for anything over 40 hours, and they have a minimum line count so they know the have people that can get the work done instead of people that aren't disciplined to type from home.  All of this is just what I have seen in my 12 years as an MT, may be different for other MTs. 

US labor laws
Maybe this company is claiming ignorance of US labor laws b/c they are based far, far away. I have no idea, really. It's a lame excuse if that's their thinking. Something's very wrong at this company!
labor board
Oh boy, I worked for a place like this. They didnt actually threaten the IC's...but...the first time an IC was not available they would send them an email and say that their services were no longer needed. They held IC's to a schedule and let them go if they didnt work the scheduled hours, so yep, agree with you, they say IC, but expect EMPLOYEE like hours and schedule.
So they are not doing offshore labor only?
Are you the OP?
Contact PA Labor
Oh, well if you were not a part of the HMC account, by all means if you were not paid, email me and I will give you our contact at PA Labor and Industry. Im sure he would be interested in hearing your story, as the Marinos are just pleading innocence to all our woes.  You could be another cog in their wheel.  Email me and I will give you his name. 
PA Labor Board & D&L
They already have my information as well as the PA Sates Attorney's office.. There were a lot of us that quit in and around August, because when the big account people left, they ran out of money to pay us too!  My question is what did they do with all the money that we made on the other accounts that were not a part of the big hospital account.  Heard they (Marino's) live pretty high on the hog partying it up and jet setting or at least trying to keep up with the high society.  Sounds to me as though they have a Champagne appetite with a Beer pocket book. 
Ive used the Labor Board, and they definitely get
}:) heh heh heh
Labor board.
IC labor laws

HAPPY THANSGIVING...  Could somebody point me in the direction I am needing to get the independent contractor labor laws.  And can an employer tell you that you can submit your work in an e-mail if you cannot get into your system.  Doesn't that break confidentialty laws?  Anyway I am needing to know how IC work, works.  Can I set my own hours?  If I am too sick to work for a day and I tell my employer can they charge me a penalty fee?

I would appreciate any help I can get.