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I have to stick up for angry.

Posted By: outsider on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: I'm with you, Lisa - another happy camper

I am happy but I get unhappy when someone tries to push something off that is simply not true. She started her post with an untruth by saying she was in the trenches when it was pointed out in several posts that she is a team lead which is far from the trenches if you read the position open ads from Transcend - it is a lower management position that is used as a stepping stool.

She does not even give the same information about outsourcing that is given by the higher levels of management.

And her worry about offshoring or outsourcing or whatever word you want to use for sending our work to foreigners so they can take our jobs away is a croc - since the company was with before had a school in offshore.

If these positive thinkers would just post the truth it would be a lot better. When you start reading management posts that are not true, you wonder how much more is being hidden that you will uncover the longer you work for them.

You cannot say that any company is without problems. All you can say is how much effort is being made to correct what is wrong and let people make up their minds from that.

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who is angry???
You have every right to be angry!

I totally agree with your frustration, but to let it eat you up is going to affect your sanity.  You must move on.  It sounds like you are a good MT that flexes and really wants to work, so why not move on?  Do not take their BS any longer.  You see the other posts. 

I don't know if this is the same MDI-MD that Datakey MT is involved with (Baltimore office), but that lady is good for bait and switch.  She spoon fed me for about a week with discharge summaries after hiring me for clinic notes.  She told me this account had to be caught up first....  What a joke! 

Why so angry?

I only stated my experience with OSI.  I stated my point of view.  I have NOT worked for 6 nationals, so I don't have the vast experience of one who has worked for so many.  So far I am happy with OSI.  End of discussion.

How angry would you be if this were you? sm

I dropped a prescription off last night at CVS to be filled, pretty simple prescription.  The prescription was for Eucerin and triamcinolone mixed for eczema.  Today I send my hubby to pick the prescription up, mind you he had no idea of what the prescription was for.  When he gets home I open the bag to find a jar of Eucerin cream with the prescription label attached, seal on top of jar not even removed.  I called CVS about this mistake and she stated just bring it back and we will mix it.  I should not have to drive 15 minutes to take it back when it should have been filled correctly in the first place.  This tells me that the pharmacy tech/pharmacist, not sure which one filled it, did not read the prescription fully nor did the pharmacist whose name is attached to the prescription check it correctly. 

This angers me as it was a small mistake, but still a mistake.  How many people have lost their lives because of small mistakes.  You have a level of care that you are supposed to provide and today the pharmacist performed his job inadequately.  How many elderly that do not have a line of defense to help them have taken the wrong medicine and suffered severe consequences.  I am going to CVS shortly and they will hear from me, in a professional manner, but corporate will also hear from me tomorrow. 

Angry now
Everyone's upset with Lisa can be articulated in one sentence: Transcend IS SELLING AMERICA AND ITS WORKERS DOWN THE RIVER AND WE ARE MAD AS H*** ABOUT IT. My anger is not going away anytime soon.
Not angry at all!

The poster stating she is being scammed sounds angry.  The ones whining and complaining about how horrible it is that they have VR and blast every company they work for are angry.  Not me!   I signed the same agreements, I work longer and longer hours, yet I'm not moaning and groaning, yet you call me angry?  Look, if you agree to make a low line rate, do the math.  We all know what we are signing up for.  We know what this job is about.   We know where the industry is going.   Where is the scam?   Again, take it or leave it, but the constant whining is annoying.    I'm a work at home MT - that's it, it's not that special.   I have been doing this a long time and it has been an easier job than most and I have been very lucky.   Unfortunately, it is changing, oh well, doing the best I can, hope it lasts a little while longer, but if not, I'll be moving on to the next chapter.  The end!

What an angry person you are.
  Chill out man.
I agree. It's sad what one or two mean or angry
more sad that everyone just believes that every post is by a different person and is 100% correct and truthful.

Sad for everyone.
That is horrible that she would be angry with you...
not your fault her quality was not what they required...hopefully she is not mad at you anymore and has moved on to a company that is the right fit for her...
Why such an angry post. Someone
was just making comments from their point of view. Something going on there. This board I am sure is for all comments, but seems like sometimes sore spots get pushed, or buttons. Why is anything an employee problem anyway? There is no employee problem. If the employee does not like the way they are treated they can leave. Just like if people don't like the comments on this board they don't have to read it. I sure hope the above poster does not hold a position with Axo...just IMHO.
What is up with all the angry, bitter MTs?????
Do you think we do this job as a hobby? Do you expect us to change our budget without any notice without major difficulty because work distribution isn't a high priorty to MTSOs?
Why so angry that some have husbands
who pay the bills? My gosh woman, get thee to some therapy! In the old days (not so many years ago) the men went to work and paid the bills. What is it about that that upsets you? You are woman, hear you roar....you work your fingers to the bone, can't pay the bills, feel unappreciated, but still continue to do this job. Why stay with it if it isn't fulfilling you?
I can understand you are angry, but the

only one you are hurting it you.  Let it go and move on.  Actually I think they did you a favor.  It wasn't the worst place I've ever worked, but certainly not the best.  There have been lots of changes since I left and they haven't been good ones for the most part from what I've read from the numerous posts here.

Unfortunately if you are new finding another job probably isn't going to be that easy, but if you don't adjust your attitude you're not going to last anywhere.   I'm not trying to be hateful either. 

And some on this board wonder why the MTs are angry!!
I just don't get why people do not have common sense, how would they feel having this done to THEM. I believe there is a law (I heard of it on TV or read it on google.com -- a law article companys need to give notice in this type of situation,. They DID know in plenty of time to help MTs prepare their lives. Makes me pissed at people.
You're angry? Really?
Wow!  It doesn't take much to anger a 14 year old though...  You're an adult MT?  this stuff makes you angry?  that's wild! 
I know you are hurt and angry but there is
They can adjust their pay scales any way they want as long as minimum wage is met for your state (if you are an employee). It is not illegal.

It PROBABLY will be illegal for you to contact clients as I am sure there is language somewhere in policy, etc., that states you are not to do so.

Be careful with your anger. It could get you in trouble.

Remember: Webmedx is not the first company to do this and the MT industry is not the first field to have this happen, either.

I should not have posted sounding angry. The
fighting back and forth is juvenile and I am not going to take part in it any longer. The only drama with Keystrokes is on these boards. Please don't let it stop you from applying. We want long-time, solid, steady MTs.
There are a lot of angry people on this board, but some of us here
are professionals and it is very difficult to read boards with the amount of unprofessionalism we see on these boards. I think we can expect it from some MTs in our field but when the companies come and act totally unprofessional I believe that is where we should take it that that company will be no different if you work for them.
Checked to see who the person was who was so angry...and....
She worked at Shapin for 2 days and was unable to complete her work with any quality at all. Her scores were in the low 80's. So YES she was MOST DEFINITELY let go and YES she is MOST DEFINITELY angry about that. Sorry S. Please retake a Medical Transcription course before moving on. All employers would appreciate that!
No, they have not. (insert angry face here)

I talked with a few other MTs and nada.  In my mind, this is just a really mean thing to do and there's absolutely no reason for it other than to be plain mean.  The lady who was in charge of this stuff before had them out by January 3rd. 

No end-of-year bonus either or even just a nice card....something that was always appreciated.  Team that up with constant lack of work, a noose that gets tighter and tighter as far as big brother watching, and you have a company that has gone waaaay downhill as far as respect for it's employees goes.

And that's the crux of it? How dare they get angry?
That just irks the heck of out of me that they have the absolute nerve to get angry when people start questioning how the bills are gonna get paid. That's ridiculous! I'd start looking now; if they've lost that account it could take months and months for them to find another one that size!
Nasty, angry, and bitter
About a year ago, none of us were. We knew there were changes and trying to go along with them, but as SM so perfectly put it, they have made it very difficult. I could not have said it any better SM, cheers to you.

If you think this company is something you would like, then more power to you, just remember they are about their profits and they do not gave a damn about us.
It was your stupidity that made me angry..sm
Don't you realize that you are a 'troll', contributing nothing to this forum?
After seeing all of the no work posts here, I'd think they probably got a lot of angry sm
emails, calls, etc.  I used to work for them and thought they were a great company, but even a couple of years ago, the work would dry up and you had to work a 24-hour day practically to get all of your lines in.  I still have an email from D that told me to work extra but not write it down on my time sheet.  I'm tempted sometimes to show it to the labor board and see what they have to say about it.  Probably not worth my time and effort just a funny thought sometimes.  I have moved on and the more I read lately with the VR and all that, it seems that was a good thing.  For those still there, I hope things turn around.  Good luck. 

or if we EAT, for that matter -- all that matters is the holy TAT and harrassment by leads, managers if there's even a hint of jobs going out of TAT. 

They think that by OVERhiring, as is happening again now, it will keep them in TAT.  What WILL happen is the same as last month: NO WORK!!! while management will remain incommunicato and aloof, as usual (remember -THEIR salary stays intact, payments on their hybrids will be made on time, their mortages will still get paid and their kids will get fed while we'll be struggling again for work. 

not okay for me to get angry but okay for her to antagonize, read the whole thread
if she talks like that to someone face to face she deserves to get her teeth knocked out.
She acts as if she feels threatened and angry
At least that was my impression of her.

You're right though. She'll get her come-down some day.

haha, you are the one who sounds angry and bitter...
Don't worry about me or what you think I should do or need to do. I still have every right to express my opinion on this board, and you again are being rude and typical of 'your' profession.

Again, I believe medical care should not be a business. That sounds ludicrous to me. People without insurance cannot have access to health care...and people like you do not care.

We get it already, now perhaps you can go bother someone else. You are really starting to get repetitive and rude.
Let me get this straight. You were angry because they did not have an opening on the account that y
were they supposed to do, remove a current employee to make room for you? They can only hire for accounts that have openings. I don't think they were unwilling to work with you, as you think, but maybe that's all they had open at the time.
nasty/angry/bitter people

they're just voicing their opinion, like you just did.  Does that make you nasty, anger, bitter too?  I have never gotten a Christmas bonus since I have been a medical transcriptionist/editor, so I don't miss it, but I can certainly understand those who have gotten it in the past being upset about not getting it now. 

I stick to it
While others simply disappear during the day. Its very easy to work a management job and take on another typing job at the same time, or even another management job for another company all within the same hours!!! Dang double dippers, guess they'll be having a wonderful Christmas while I sit here having to put everything on charge cards. I have absolutely no respect for these people and I do know quite a few. I don't talk to them unless I absolutely have to.
Don't quite know where to stick this, but
does anyone know if there are different legalities on this sort of thing depending on who owns the computer that was used; such as, personally owned PC or one owned by the company that has a problem with what was said on it?
True, and it seems less people care. I get angry when I see the lying ad sm

but I am powerless to stop it, so I might as well give up.  I wonder if the clients even know what really happens to their dictation, that it goes to India first, then to the MTs.  The work IS done by american MTs, so that is a plus, although they even tried outsourcing to another Indian company and lied to the MTs that it was due to the holidays ... this was at the end of January, no holidays. 

If they want to be upfront and say they are an Indian-owned, Indian-operated company employing mostly American MTs, that's one thing -- people can make an informed decision -- but to say Kentucky based when the company HQ is in India is nothing other than deceit, and my fellow MTs deserve better than that. 

I am a shadow of my former self - angry, irritable, and strapped for cash.
No worries. I can understand how her remarks could make you angry. sm

At least people, men and women, can now take off for that special time.  This is not the same by any means, but I remember working inhouse quite a few years ago and our supervisor had everyone so terrorized and in fear or being off that a woman had her gallbladder out and came back to work the next day!  I hope those days are gone. 


Exactly..please stick to the truth.
don't stick by their words
There is way too much of that in this industry.
Of course you stick it out with a smile. Really. That's what I would do. sm
Remember, she probably won't last long and then you one day may have her job. Don't let one person out of other really good ones spoil your new position. If it continues longer than a month or so, go above her head and speak your concerns. She's probably just testing you. You know if you are doing a good job or not, and if you KNOW you are doing a good job, then just take her comments with a grain of salt and continue working. Don't make a huge deal out of QA people who are rude. I swear, if I did that, I would have had over 50 jobs by now! Each and every single company I've worked for (3) have had at least one Grinch of a QA person and at first I would get all upset and then I grew up and realized that they are just grinches and the kind of people who probably really, really dislike themselves, so how can they like anyone else????

This is true - the IRS can stick it to them
Contact an accountant or the IRS directly (slow time of year anyway). Ask them - there are 21 points companies have to comply with for independent contractors - find out what those are. I know they cannot tell you when to work, discuss how you work, ask about working for others, etc. - there MUST be something in there about the pay issues, as well. DO NOT LET ANYONE GET AWAY WITH THIS. They will push it as far as they can, and will only stop when they are threatened with trouble with IRS - so make sure they are not violating IRS guidelines for working with ICs.
Why do ppl have to stick OSI on every post
I am in the same boat. Trying to stick it out
Glad that we have 2 incomes here. When I was a single mom could not have afforded to do this. What a shame!
I would try to stick it out as long sm
as you have your foot in there.  Most companies won't even consider you for acute care if all they see is clinic - you might actually like acute care once you get past the learning curve.  Good luck!
Perhaps you might stick to citing the law instead of SM
psychotic-like ramblings.
Not to be a stick in the mud but what new account? sm
I know we were supposed to get 3 new accounts before November, but what is the rest of the story? Please e-mail me if you cannot post because I had no idea there was something going live.
All we get is the short end of the stick. - nm

This board is full of nasty , angry, bitter people. Why? sm
With this economic crisis that the entire world is under, we still have jobs that are fairly secure. We have jobs that pay more than minimum wage. We have benefits, unless IC status. We have good work environments, do not have the risk of losing an arm, leg or life in a piece of machinary or being blown up in a mine.

Yes, there are companies that do not pay. Yes, there are companies that do not pay more than 6 cpl, but we have a CHOICE on who to work for. Don't work for them. There are plenty of good companies that treat their employees well.

Christmas bonus? My husband was laid off last week from a job he has had for 27 years. That was his bonus.

Unemployment is at record highs, prices are at record highs and it does not seem to have an end in sight for many years.

Perhaps a depression would show Americans that nothing is free and people would stop standing with their hands out all the time.

As a society, we have come to expect everything to be handed to us. As a transcription professional, it is disheartening to see all the angry, bitter, hateful posts here all the time.

Transcription companies face the same rising costs as every other company out there and I am sure they feel the crunch too, but they are not telling this every second like other industries.

I am not an MTSO, not a manager, not a troll. I am just an MT who is grateful for her job and skills that will allow her family to survive this crisis without scars.
glad I didn't stick
around too long at TT.  I thought it was bad organization myself.  Just my little input from experience!
Stick up lke they did to DMV outsourcing to Mexico
Everybody was outraged when they found out DMV was sending work and private info to Mexico. Wake up people! I have access to more information than DMV on the health records, yet nobody cares that transcription is being outsourced every where outside the US. You should see my medical records from my treating physicians that are transcribed overseas. i have never seen such a mess. It is no wonder that I flatlined on my last surgery. Somebody typed the wrong doses of medication, and the anesthesiologist gave me too much sedation.
I chose to stick with Clinic.....sm
because, in my experience, they are almost always closed or at least very, very slow on holidays.

So, over the years I decided I wanted a M-F schedule with holidays off. That's why I stick with Clinic notes.

Good luck!
New accts. Can I beat myself with a stick now? A-G-G-H
Why do you guys stick around to be treated like this? sm
How awful! Come to Webmedx where people are nice and answer your questions!