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I heard it was called APEX,

Posted By: and that it is hard to make decent line counts. on 2007-07-05
In Reply to: platform - theunknown


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Is Apex an internet word-based platform? Havent heard of it...
Anybody ever heard of a company called E-Dictate? (sm)

If so, are they good, bad, or somewhere in between? How are they to work for?

anyone heard of company called "Intellitipe".

considering an offer made recently by this company but i have no information on them. 



Has anyone heard of a platform called INFRAWARE??
I am mostly wondering if this can be run with a sateliite connection.  I know it works with dial-up.  Anyone know if it is  productive?
Anyone ever heard of a company called edisense?
They sent me a test this morning to take and I'm wondering......
Has anyone heard anything about a company called Digiscript?

Thank you. I did email you. Is there also a place called InTouchMI. I believe I have heard of
them but know nothing about them.
Has anyone heard of a small company called SRB in Florida. Curious.
Anyone heard of a company called Webscribe. Think they are in the Kansas City, Mo area. (nm)
apex = horrible
Apex is awful
I just quit working for a company that I otherwise loved because of Apex. It does EAT reports. Run away!!
Apex/Rad editor

Is 4 cpl reasonable pay for Rad Editor requiring 10 yrs exp?  Seems low to me.  Anybody know anything about Apex Radiology?

Transolutions Apex
Do you have high-speed DSL or cable? If so, I don't think you will have many problems. There are some bugs to work out, but they are constantly working on them and will have them figured out soon enough.

Numerous problems each and every day. Constantly calling support.
The Apex Transolutions uses
is a proprietary system developed in house.
Can anyone provide me with insight on how to make good line counts on this platform.   I have been working on this platform for more than 2 weeks and I can't get above 135 lines/hour as opposed to doing over 200 lines in my previous position.   If I can't get any better, I will be quitting.  Thanks for your input.
Used to be Apex or something. Bad program!!!!

It's still Apex and it still stinks sm
I'm hoping to leave there this week.  It is Apex and it really is the pits.  There is nothing MT friendly about it.  I also came to realize they only have 1 account so with that always running low there isn't much hope for making a living there.
Apex is HORRIBLE &

you have to agree not to do any Java updates and keep your system bogged down at 5.0 (Java now at 6.11).  It makes your whole computer slow, as well.  I don't think the dictators were too bad on the account I was on (maybe 20% were horrible), but we did have our share of cherry-pickers that would leave only the bad ones when we were low on work. 

he owner is nice.  The office folks are nice.  QA can be a little crochety.  The thing that irritated me the most was all the formatting rules and how the rules constantly changed. Nitpicky stuff.  Also having to constantly clear your file cache and the Apex POS being constantly down.  Junk! 

If you quit, remember to update your Java & your computer will be normal again.

Any info on Apex Radiology?
Are they a reliable company? Do have benefits, if so, what are the benefits?
Apex is proprietary thought sm
How were you on it at another company?
..this if you currently work there? How is the Apex software to use? nm
Transolutions Apex platform

I was just wondering if any Transolutions people here use Apex?  My account is moving over next week, and I have heard only a little feedback here and there.  Any opinions from users of this platform would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Any Transolutions MTs who work on Apex?
Are there any current Transolutions MTs who work on their Apex system and can tell me what it's like?  Is it a good platform?  Can you be productive on it?  You can email me privately if you'd like.  Thanks very much.
I believe Apex is a proprietary software used only by

Transolutions.  Unless there is some other platform by the name of Apex 

Worked on Apex, horrible..
As far as I know Transolutions is the only one that uses it. Worst platform I ever worked on. It is very difficult to get a good line count so you aren't the only one. Lots of other gliches with them also, quit after 2 weeks, making twice with another MTSO. Good luck!
Platform (apex) has problems SM
Hi there:
I have worked at Transolutions for almost 6 months. I wanted somewhere I could work for less than fulltime and get benefits.

The PTO is not bad at all (2 weeks of vacation a year, work half-day 3 of 6 holidays, other 3 are PTO, plus a week of sick leave and 1 personal time day.

The health and dental benefits for me are not quite as good. I live in a rather small city and if I ever needed to go the hospital I would have to travel 80 miles, same for in-plan dentist. If you live in a larger city you might have better coverage.

The company is small, around 180 transcriptionists. So you get lots of personal attention (customer support knows you by name). QA is not too bad. Management seems fine so far.

The real downside is their platform. Their new Internet based platform is called Apex. There are major performance issues, with it being impossible to transcribe while downloading (it freezes while downloading), freezing even when not downloading, just plain downtime from servers down and what not, disconnecting if there is any fluctuation in your internet service.

There are also several flaws in the program itself: Autocorrect glossary will not accept a 2 word abbreviation (i.e., doe snot to does not). You cannot add your autocorrect glossary from spell check. Spell check suggestions are usually useless. The program doesn't automatically spell check on download. Find & replace doesn't work at all. No change all option on spell checker. Slowing down or speeding up the sound drastically distorts voice. Work types are listed in no particular order (makes it fun to search through 40 different ones if you need to change). Physicians listed in database without their specialties. There is also no way to review past jobs, voice or text.
Is Apex the name of the hospital account that
you are assigned to?  It doesn't sound familiar to me.  They also must have 2 different QA teams because super nice as you describe doesn't come close to what I've experienced.  I'm glad your happy though. 
Anyone using the Apex software with Transolutions yet? Wondering
Apex platform leaves a lot to be desired
I couldn't make any lines on it.  Feel free to email me if you want more details.  They do seem to be nice people.
Be wary of their platform. If it's Apex, I'd run. No money to be made there.
I would do whole pages and only end up with like 30 lines. No thanks. I would have starved at that rate and it could be their line counting system too. They do it based on only black visible lines which obviously means no spaces. Good luck though. If I remember right, they send you the footpedal but it's been a while.
The platform used to be Apex. The worst thing I have EVER worked on.

I quit after a few days of struggling with that garbage. I made like $9 in two days LOL. I just remember typing a half hour only to get 30 lines and it was like over a full page of text. I'd say rip off...

I used Apex with another company and it was awful. I'd do a full page of transcription and it'
out to be like 30 lines. There is no way. I quit after 2 days. I felt like the reports were easy but I was not working all day for $6 an hour.
If it's Apex, steer clear. I was on it with another company. It eats reports. Too many screens. s
The spellchecker doesn't work and it was REALLY hard to get a decent line count with it. It's also not compatible with too many expanders.
They have called me twice and I have not yet called them back
Per your recommendation, I just might. Thank you.
I called and called and e-mailed my STM. When that got no

results I went over her head.  Got another account, but with 3 accounts still not enough work to get in more than 20 hours/week.  I worked a shift that was part 2nd/part 3rd.  Some days OT was offered, but then there wouldn't be work the next day. 

I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
No one called you a joke, just called the post a joke because
we all know better, but you're entitled to your opinion.  You're the one insulting saying those of us who don't like SS probably couldn't cut it and that is the reason for our complaints.   You would be hard pressed to find anyone who ever worked for SS to agree with you about how wonderful they are.   They aren't getting new accounts, yet they always have an ad running - umm, let me think why that is. 
When I was called ...
I called Corporate back. I asked why were getting a call to verify we had received the letter. I was told that they wanted to verify the correct addresses for every employee, making sure each had received the letter, because our packets will be mailed out on 9/30 and are individualized as far as our base rates.

Personally, I would imagine that they have reviewed years of experience of MTs as well as the difficulty of accounts, as they have already stated, and come out with a tiered level of base rates -- the more experience you have the higher your rate as well as the more difficult the account you work on, the higher the pay...pay commensurate with experience and difficulty of work.
I bet if you called them they

would tell you.


They just called me AGAIN!!!
OMG! I am going insane! I just got yet ANOTHER call from a different person at SPI saying that she got a call from the hospital that I used to transcribe for saying that they had all these stat reports that were way out of TAT and no one at all on that account was working! Go figure! We all quit!!!! I don't know how much more I can take of these calls. I told her that I had better not receive anymore of these calls as I have made it more than clear that I don't work there anymore and haven't in 5 months!!! UGH!!!
Yes, it was a little different for me at first, too, but I called
Wendy and she explained it to me. Pretty simple now. Give her a call. She is always extremely helpful. Good luck.
Have you called them? They are more than
a little disorganized lately, but a phone call seems to take care of the problem. 
Someone called me...
The female I spoke with asked if I could produce 1300 lines/day (I said yes). She asked about my computer system (it met the required specs). She asked if I had an updated Cardiology book (I said yes). She said someone would call me soon--that was last month.
some guy called....
and he expected me to start right then and there-no paper work, contract, nothing. What made it worse, in the middle of him explaining the system and wanting me to start then, he kept telling me to hold on because he kept getting calls. He finally said he would call me right back (in the middle of me learning the system). I never answered his call.
Jim also called me for radiology hire. Anyone out there ever work for them? So many out there that just are not worth the aggravation
Called them...
I called Silentype today, as is my practice when I am job hunting to call and see how their office is run etc. I asked for HR/Recruiting and was told No I'm sorry, not today... and they hung up. What a bunch of idiots, what if I were an MD calling for some reason to speak with HR about a specific MT? SKip them :)
It's also called
supply and demand. There are so many MTs out of work and looking right now that they don't need to pay top dollar, even to the cream of the crop. There are too many MTs to choose from.
They called me...
I think thats what the meeting was going to be about too
I called my supervisor...
I really struggled with the decision to quit. I liked the company (a national) and accounts, but I could no longer handle the 20-hour minimum for PT as I already work a FT job and it just became too much. She was very nice about it and understood. She is a good supervisor and I felt I owed her that much. I did give a 2 week notice.