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I left Amphion a couple of years ago and never looked back.

Posted By: anon on 2009-06-08

It was one of the best moves I ever made.

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I left a couple of years ago
From what I heard they still deduct like crazy but maybe they are better now than they used to be.
not matching for a couple years now since I left.
It was just sitting there. Started another 401K with next job. Let it ride say the politicians...yeah, right. Could have done better in Vegas.
I took this to LD's a couple years back and
I worked for them a couple of years back sm
Nice bunch of people, all IC. Nice platform. Always had plenty of work and I think they paid 7 cents a line. I did weekends and always had work. I'd go back to work for them if I could. They had lots of radiology and acute care and tons of cardiac.
I worked for them a couple of years back... SM
They are a pretty good company to work for.  Pay always on time.  Work flow waxes and wanes sometimes, but pretty consistent.  I liked them.  Only reason I left was to take a job in the office which didn't work out.  I'd go back to them in a heartbeat if I didn't need bennies.
I tested a couple of years back; never heard anything...
I emailed them for update; still never heard anything.
Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a


Go for it. I made the move a little over a year ago and have not looked back.
Plenty of work, nice people, decent pay. All in all, one of the best decisions I have made.
IntelliType and Amphion use ExText to name a couple.
I started at amphion a couple of months ago
and I love it! I stay on the same account and never run out of work. They are BEGGING for overtime, which they do pay extra for. The people are so nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend trying them out. Good luck.
Worked there for 2 yrs and left a couple months ago.
Couldn't take working with unqualified people any longer. A very unprofessional company.

Just left Precyse a couple months ago and it
was still that same way.  Nothing has changed, but the work coming from India has improved.
Left a couple of months ago and the plan will not
change until end of October.  Do you want family or just employee and children? If I remember correctly - the employee plus child(ren) was running about 225+ a paycheck and family (employee + spouse and/or children) was running high 300s per paycheck.
Yeah. Billy Crystal looked about 12 years old.
I left a couple of months for the same thing. The prior

3 months I was lucky to get in 800 lines a day.  I had a couple of days where I got maybe 4 reports.  I would sit in front of my computer for 12 hours/day, checking every 5 minutes, and still couldn't get my lines with 3 different accounts.

They hire away ahead of time for new accounts and after training they have to do something with them until the account goes live so they put them on other accounts temporarily and then there isn't enough work for the regulars. 

When I first started running out of work I watched the backlog report to see where an account might have a big backlog and there were 3 or 4 who were on OT most of the time, but when I asked to be put on one of those accounts I was told no.  There were many days that it looked like half the accounts had a 0 backlog.  Then they started hiring for 3-day weeks and 4-day weeks so there was no work on weekends to try to make up your lines/hours. 


Any happy Transcenders out there? I know a couple people have left, not sure why. nm

Couple of posts down on this board show many leaving Amphion lately. nm
They got back with me within a couple of days. nm

Why have so many MTs left Amphion?

Amphion Recruiter left
Question for those who have left Amphion. sm
Did you give a two-week notice?  Did they require it or did they not care whether you gave two weeks or not?  Thanks!
I did this a couple of years ago--SM
Hospital benefits were great.  Acct managed by Diskriter staff.  I had a decent acct manager but I have heard some of them have not been that good (the person I worked for has since left).  I used Chartscript, I like that platform, but the lines were tough to come by.  I normally would do a good 1500-1600 lines a day at my previous job (and at jobs I have had since Diskriter) with about 6 good hours of working and for some reason it took a full 8-hour day to get 1300 lines with Diskriter.  That is why I left.
It has been a couple of years since I was there
I did a couple of years ago.

If it is the same company, they pay weekly (nice), and are such nice people.  Everyone in the office was readily available to answer questions.  The only downside was they did not have a platform at that time.  Work was received and sent via FTP files, and I prefer to work on an actual platform.



I have been with them for a couple of years-sm
and I say they are great. Don't know anything at all about bait and switch - could be happening but it did not happen to me. I am with Shirley on the 9/10 because come on- it is a job. Probably account, account managers, things like that make a lot of difference but I say the management right up to the owner of this company are top of the line. Every issue I have ever had with them has been addressed fairly and settled fairly. I say talk to them.
A couple of years ago...sm
I had KU as a back-up account when I worked for MedQuist. I don't know if they outsourced all or their work to MQ or not.
This was a couple of years ago

and I really am over it.  Went through a false start with a company that looked like it would be a long-term home for me, but wasn't.  (This time, I was the one who said good-bye after a year.)  Now I'm with a company that I really like. 

Have you not noticed that the trend with employers nowadays is to fire you and have security escort you off the premises?  They do this so that discgruntled soon-to-be-ex employees have no time to mess things up on their way out rhe door.  Sure, SPi (a Philippine-owned company)  knew that the plan was to dump all of us when they acquired CyMed, but it was just  'good business' to play their hand close to the vest until they were ready.  They wanted us to want them, until they no longer needed us.  They needed us to work during the transition to offshore.  Then they were through with us.  At least I got unemployment.

This happened to the employees of the local branch of a national restaurant chain.  It was my favorite breakfast place and the company was closing restaurants all over the country, but the locals were assured that this was a profitable shop (it was always crowded) and they would be okay.  Right up until the morning they reported to work to find a sign on the door that the place had closed.  Had the corporate office given them notice, many would have found other positions prior to the closing.  What would the company have done then?  They weren't quite ready to close and needed those people to keep the place staffed until they were ready.  Dog eat dog world.

So I'm a lot more proactive now and at the first rumblings of a problem my resume goes out there.  This is what happened with my last job.  Things started to seem 'just not right' and so I found my current job.  But if I become uncomfortable here, I'll start looking again immediately. 

Couple of posts here on page 11 near the top and then back during the summer, you should find a
I left Amphion for TT and doubled my income
I've been with them for a couple of years
Nothing changed from that article and it was a story about an incident from 15 years ago. The work is steady and my paycheck is on time. I have no complaints.
I worked for them for a couple of years - sm
It was awful. What should take me 3-4 hours to transcribe one hour - would take me up to 6 hours. These are seminars with MULTIPLE speakers. Everybody talks at once and you do not know who is who but are expected to know that!! I would keep many notes by my keyboard such as accent, deepening of voice, female or male,etc. But when you are working on a transcript that is 4 hours long, you are obviously not going to sit for 16 hours to finish it. The pay was good, but I would break it down and realize that it is not that great. Sometimes I only made $10/hour because of the all the accents of people and everyone talking over each other. The quality was many times not that great because they would record next to an air conditioner or to the person that had a cold and cough so I would have tons of inaudibles. Very frustrating work. The pay at the time took up to six weeks to get. They might have changed that since I left, but I do know that they were offshoring a lot of their work because they do have such a large turnover. One of my friends still works there and she told me that the company lost quite a few clients because the offshore work was hilariously pathetic. So maybe now they are changing their ways and structure. Who knows. But It is very difficult work.
I had an offer from them a couple of years ago.
I used Cquence for a couple years
I thought it was a pain in the rear.
not just these days over the last couple years
revolving door lol
I've been there a couple years and.....
I struggle everyday to meet my production. I'm really beginning to beleive the posts about the lines. I was PT with a different company before coming to TT and exceeded these lines in less than 6 hours. Something doesn't feel right here.
I worked for them a couple of years ago and
pay was above average and on time, but work flow was a little undependable, sometimes very heavy or sometimes nothing.
I have only been there a year, so I don't know about a couple of years ago - SM
My experience has been nothing but good. I have always had tons of work and great supervisors. I am always left alone to do my work and never bothered by tons of e-mails or phone calls. Whenever I have needed help or had a question, someone has always been there for me and have always been more than willing to help me or answer any questions that I may have. My pay is always correct and on time, and I have been able to make much more money at Keystrokes than I have at any other company that I have worked for in the past. I have no clue what they were like more than a year ago. Perhaps they did have some problems back then, but that has not been my experience at all there.
I tried to work with them a couple of years ago...
I did ortho a couple of years ago...
and it was definitely a challenge! What I did was got an ortho word book and studied it when I could. I also took as many repeated phrases as I could and put them in autotype. Hope this helps!
I worked for them for a couple of years
right out of school - they're a good company to work for. Granted, this has been a while back, but they were very nice, very helpful and always paid on time (most importantly!) Good luck to you if you decide to apply! =)
Yes, a couple years ago when looking I know I was in touch with them regarding....sm
a position and talked to the recruiter, I forget who it was, I will try to look in my records that I faithfully keep, but they were a recruiting company that works for many companies on contract as a middle man to help get prospective MTs, do some leg work, some phone calls, etc., weed things out, and send good prospects along, at least in my case with the lady I was speaking to.....have you spoken/communicated with them?
I got a pen for MT week a couple of years ago
Actually, within the last couple of years the IRS has really been cracking down on this.
The government is losing a ton of money in lost taxes when companies miss classify employees as ICs. Even some states such as Colorado are starting to impose stiff fines for companies violating this law. People just need to stand up for themselves and start reporting these companies to the IRS and their state labor boards.
Very happy at TransHealth. Been there a couple of years. nm
Worked for Spheris a couple of years ago
I worked for Spheris and would not recommend it to anyone who wants the least bit of flexibility in their schedule. You are expected to punch in and out to the minute on an online timeclock according to a very strict preset schedule. You aren't allowed to deviate from it without jumping through hoops and getting time off approved or adjusting your schedule, and you can't ask earlier than 2 weeks before the date you want changed. Kinda puts a damper on making vacation plans that may never be approved. I prefer a more open 12-hour window to work my 8 hours in, with no one keeping electronic tabs on my 24/7. I'll bet the FBI knows less about what their employees are doing on a minute-by-minute basis. I do have to say that their platform is pretty awesome, though. Wish the company I'm at now had it.
It didn't when I worked with MQ, but that was a couple of years ago. SM
Instant Text works very well with DQS, though.
I like ChartMatrix. Have worked on it for a couple of years...sm

There are 2 versions, the one they've been using for the past few years and a new one they're rolling out that can also be used with ASR.  I like the new one a lot better than the old one, but the old one was pretty good.  There are a lot more Keystrokes with the new ChartMatrix.

I have not worked on Enterprise, so I cannot comment on that.  Sorry.

I worked for Breitner a couple years ago

for about 3 months (if that).  They had more excuses for my check not being on time or the amount was wrong or the accountant was new or the accountant was on vacation or.....WHATEVER!  Glad I'm outta there.  They are thieves!  You get a subtraction for headings!!


That was a couple of years ago. Greed, India, not enough

QA, lies, lies, and more lies.  They lost a couple of accounts and they lost a major account, what little was left wasn't much.    I've heard L started another company and M is still her slave.  Don't know any other details.


That was a couple of years ago. Greed, India, not enough

QA, lies, lies, and more lies.  They lost a couple of accounts and then they lost a major account, what little was left wasn't much.    Owners divorced.  I've heard L started another company and M is still her slave.  Don't know any other details.

Until about the last year it was a great place to work and it took a lot of adjusting going from gross lines to 65 lines. 

Well put; I'm hoping to hang onto this for a couple more years (sm)
when I could retire - although I'd really like to keep working for a while longer. However, I think if I was a decade or 2 or 3 younger I would be looking into the field of medical information technology.