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I make 9.5 cpl at Keystrokes and am very happy

Posted By: KSMT2 on 2008-01-19
In Reply to: Sorry, I found a wonderful position that started at - TJ

I started at 9, and now at 9.5. I make excellent money there for less than 10 cpl because there is always tons of work.

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Great post! I make 0.085 at Keystrokes and make more than at any sm
other company in the last 5 years. Why? Because there is always work for me. I love starting work each day, knowing that the company I work for appreciates me and has plenty of work. Transtech and Keystrokes sound very similar; those of us that work for either can count our blessings that we are not part of the cesspool or huge corporate mess that makes up the biggest few companies. We do not have to worry about our jobs getting sent overseas and we see a future in this business!!!
To - I was not happy at Keystrokes
I would really like to hear about your experience there. I haven't called them back yet to tell them if I want the job or not. How is their pay scale?? My email is: adoty2@rochester.rr.com.
Are you happy at Keystrokes??
Before I take the plunge...
I am very happy at Keystrokes...
I love working at Keystrokes. My line rate is fair, my supervisor is very nice, and the benefits are good. I am fairly confident in recommending them to anyone. Good luck to you!
I'm very happy at Keystrokes
Been there almost a year and have never had any real problems.
I'm happy with what I make. I still make more than if I went anywhere else and hardly noone in th
biz gives raises so I feel blessed that I make a lot more than most, raise or no raise.
Dare I ask? Any happy Keystrokes Rad MTs? (sm)
How is the MANTIS platform?  They state pay is by report..what is the amount?  Nice people or ogres?  Any input greatly appreciated.  Tired of wasting time with revolving doors of empty promises. 
I do. I hope you find something to make you happy and
that is something you can depend on. Whether in this business or not. I wish that for us all!
I wasn't complaining. I am quite happy with what I make.
My point was that experience in this field means nothing as previous poster thinks it should, and you have just argued the point beautiful.

I personally could care less what others make. I am happy with my wage and that is what is important to me.
I've been with Keystrokes for about 7 months, and I am very happy. sm
Pay is accurate and on time, plenty of work most of the time, and the people in management seem to genuinely care about the employees.  My primary account is in Meditech and at first I hated it, but now I do not mind it at all.  Hope this helps.  Good luck. 
I have been a MT for four years and I make $1800.00 per month. I am happy with my pay at this
I work for Keystrokes and have assigned doctors. I'm very happy. sm
I believe you can get overflow work if your doctor does not dictate on any given day, if there is any overflow work on that day.  My pay has always been on time.  I highly recommend them.
exactly....all of the people that I know that work for Keystrokes are happy and love their job...
move on if it is not the right fit for you...there are plenty of other companies out there...
To Happy Keystrokes... Do you have a link or address to apply? sm
Also, is it true that they actually give you the work types that you like, and how many accounts must you work on?  Thanks!
Maybe Keystrokes doesn't want to be an average firm. I am happy there and find sm
that their minimums are fair. QA standards are very high, which makes me proud to be part of a company that cares about quality. Quantity standards are also high, but so is my paycheck.
Keystrokes, if you can't make it there, I would not apply to any other national
this is just my opinion (and I am entitled to it). I have been with several nationals and I have found Keystrokes to be the most honest, not assigning bad dictation to new transcriptionists. Becky is a wonderful asset and bends over backwards on the front end to help. I have worked there twice (WILL NEVER LEAVE AGAIN)and had to find out the hard way it is a cold, cruel world with other nationals and their games. I have not found Keystrokes to play them, just get the work done and back to the hospitals and that is what I am paid to do.
When I worked for Keystrokes, I NEVER had enough work to make
even 1000 lines a day!  If I had enough work, maybe, but I NEVER did.  It ALL depends on your account 150%!!
Keystrokes clinic MTs, do you make good money?

IME it's hard to make good money doing clinic when paid by the line; some of the notes are only two sentences long.  Just wondering if it's any better at Keystrokes, i.e., good combination of short and long notes.

Keeps track of keystrokes and websites. Monitors you to make
I recommend Keystrokes too. I make great money, have a lot of work and have sm
been around the block a time or two.

I have worked for them for 6 months but had worked for them previously (in 2003). I left for several reasons but all of them have been resolved. I think a big part of the improvement is due to direct deposit and the office. When I worked for them before, the owner ran things from her home office but now there is an office that has a lot (not sure how many) people in it and I can get answers and help quickly when I need it.

I think that they had some growing pains but resolved them. I know that they are still growing, even faster than ever from what my lead tells me. If you have a lot of hospital experience, they are hiring for two new accounts and need good MTs.

It is not the hospitals on a short TAT it is what MQ wants to make the hospitals very happy with

them. I would assume the accounts are on 12, 24 or 48 TAT but wouldnt they love having their work back no sooner than it is dictated.

Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm)
and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 
Right and told we should be happy we have jobs. Not too happy right now.




I can't say enough nice things about this company; very flexible, you area a statutory employee. That means that they pay the employer portion of your SS. Great on time pay, tons of work. Do your lines and you are left alone! Expect to be responsible though. Pay for your phone; rent a Lanier or a C-phone if you don't have one; BayScribe platform. Anything that is a bit of an inconvenience is more than made up for. You will know to the minute how much you will make and how many lines you have typed. Check it out!

Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
I doubt you will make enough money in 5 hours a week to make
I make 4 cents a line, work part and make
over $500 a week on part.
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

Yeah, but we don't make what docs make. nm
Only Keystrokes. Worked at MQ until I came to Keystrokes. Started at sm
Keystrokes PT, liked what I saw and experienced, gave notice to MQ and went FT. Have not look back since. I had previously worked at 2 hospitals, for MDI, Transcend and MRC until bought by MQ. I plan on retiring here as long as they stay as they are.
No, Not with Keystrokes, visiting friend and using her pc, she got job with Keystrokes
I forgot to change the Name. I do not think Keystrokes is hiring anymore now. Would like some info about Diskriter though.
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
But we don't even make what in-house make.
It would be different if we made the same as the in-house MTs.  In a lot of cases, most of the people working in-house make much more including benefits than we do at home as full-time employees.  That's where I think the unfairness comes in.  The in-house employees don't all work every single weekend.  Most of them rotate at a much higher salary and much better benefits.  The MTs at home are expected to fill in for the in-house for less money, less benefits and give more and more back in the form of weekends and holidays.   Most remote MTs only receive benefits contingent on production, and even then they're not nearly as good as in-house benefits.  How is that equal in the healthcare team perspective?
you might want to make sure you don't make yourself look like an IDOT before you go any further.
I make $1.10 per report and make much more sm
than by the line. Day by day it varies and goes back and forth, but over a long period, it is better by the report. Make sure they pay links though; this is key.
Do Shapin MTs really only make 6 cpl and QAs make 1.5 cpl?
Why can't you make money with all OPs? I do all OPs and make
good money.  I'm not with WebMedX though. 
And always make sure you don't make line
counts that amount to anything.  They always place you with impossible ESLs as soon as you start making decent money. 
Been with Keystrokes staying with Keystrokes

I was there for the promises and guess what Keystrokes is making good on those promises. 

I get vacation time, 401K, and even AFLAC.  My pay is great, always on time as well as accurate. 

I have my main account and have been given back up accounts for which I have been fully trained and am comfortable typing on.  I have great leads, great tech support and plenty of work.

Am I biased???  Yes I am biased.  I am grateful everyday that I was given the opportunity to work for Keystrokes and their team.  I am grateful that my company's owner is a fellow Transcriptionist that goes home at the end of the day and works like the rest of us so she knows what a hard job I have and I know that she is working to make things better for me because unlike other companies I have worked for she understands what it is I do.

Please accept my apologies that you were unhappy with Keystrokes and chose to move on before all of the promises came to fruition but don't begrudge those of us that stayed loyal and are now reaping the benefits of a GREAT COMPANY WITH GREAT BENEFITS, LOTS OF WORK AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE GREAT THINGS TO COME!

I just want to say Thank you Lee, Jeff, Becky, Karyn, Martha, Annette, Paul and everybody else in the office for all that you do.

Keystrokes does not go by keystrokes, we go by lines. sm
1200 lines per day comes out to 150 lines per hour. Most transcriptionists are able to do 200-250 lines per hour, so this is not unrealistic, nor is it unreasonable. The hospital that I used to work at prior to coming to Keystrokes had a minimum of 185 lines per hour. The service I worked for prior to Keystrokes had a minimum of 200 lines per hour.
I make more than that with Spheris but never have work. I would rather make $1.25 and have work. s
My SIL works for KS, and she gets paid double for linked reports too. Where do you get $2.25? I am ready to leave Spheris.
happy here
Positive experience for me. Two years later, still happy, still busy, still meeting 300+ lines an hour. To each his own... guess it's jump on Diskriter is crap band wagon again day. On any given day, one company or another is being ripped a new one on these sites.
Probably one of the best. I'm happy there.
Happy with QT and FCM!!! nm


Happy there......
I am very, very happy at OSi. I left a company where I had been a IC for over 8 years and went with OSi as an employee. I have had no regrets. I think some people say QA is snooty because they expect a job to be done right and often times it isn't. We have access to all reports typed on our accounts and to tell you the truth, it's amazing how some of these MTs got hired.

I love the platform, pay is always on time and often incentives create huge paychecks. They are very professional and very flexible. No cons as far as I can see.
That's cause we are happy!!
Why do you want to bash anyway,let's talk about good things
I am happy too
There are some that still like Transcend.  i understand that others have valid complaints, but not everyone there experiences the same issues.  Some of us are really telling the truth when they say they are happy.
Happy for you.
I hope you like your new job. I have been contemplating applying with them myself but worried about their flexibility.
YAY!!! I am so happy for you. Out of (sm)
all the places I have worked, they really are the best!! For many,many reasons!!