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I personally would take the $15 simply because

Posted By: sm on 2006-01-25
In Reply to: Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production?? - curious MT

production-based work stinks regardless of how easy and how many normals there are. Production is never going to be a salary you can count on. Go for the $15. I sure would.

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And I was simply pointing out that saying
you weren't a recruiter.  I didn't say you weren't a happy employee, most recruiters are, and so are employees that get referral bonuses.  In fact, I didn't even say you were a recruiter.   IMO, it could have been just as easy and more polite to say, No, I'm not a recruiter than to give the snide, condescending remark, now wouldn't it?
Yes, I am. And simply look at the archives. nm
I don't think anyone has attacked you. You are simply
I was simply posting that
I was hassled by an MT who was fired. I could care less about your know-it-all antics. I'm over 30 and too old for your immature crap.

I was not IC, simply helping out
my local hospital when it was swamped with work, and agreed to help, at $1 per dictated minute.  WONDERFUL $$; I could type off at least $130-$140 a day, and over 20 minutes an hour.  It really is worth it, but ask for at least $1 per dictated minute. 
This is simply not true. nm
There was never a time that they could not meet payroll due to not having money in the past 6 years. When they first started out it was tight, but they are a huge company and I have never had a problem. I worked in the office for a while. They have a line of credit and never have to worry about that.
I am not a bully. I'm simply trying to tell the OP

to do something about her situation instead of whining about it and posting on here that there is no work and looking for pity.

There are plenty of companies hiring.  What's wrong with google?  Ever heard of that? 

Geez - try to help someone and you're called a bully, Grinch, and told to go away. 

So what does the OP want?  Because at this point, I'm clueless as to what she would expect with a post like that.  Almost any company on here would kill for a 3rd shift MT.

Simply trying to follow along here.
So what is the real concern in security here? I work with Escription and nothing is stored in my computer, download and upload each report to the company.  Most infringements are most likely occurring only by an MT who does not understand and practice confidentiality or HIPAA guidelines in this case mentioned originally.  We have been warned for years an MT can lose a job by any infraction, but this is a perfect example of that happening after the damage is done. 
I think it's simply many people do not have
enough money to go around and simply don't go in for medical care. At $20 a visit copay for internist, or $40 for specialist, then the prescription, many people can't afford the copays, especially if they have children.

Our good sized hospital is slow, as are the others in town as well. People just dont want to come in and have major procedures done and end up with the copays of hundreds of dollars.

I think people are prioritizing; feed your kids, keep a roof over their heads, or run to the ER for a case of the sniffles.
Nothing to feel sorry about. You simply got an offer
"too good to refuse"...Happens to me all the time whenever I interview for several positions, and they all have understood, as long as you're just honest. Sometimes the company you end up rejecting tries to match the offer of the better company. Then you realize how you needn't have felt bad - the original company would have, or could have, offered you more, too!
Mostly, I simply ignore the "trolls"..don't need em...nm
I simply asked her what the reason.. sm
..was for her post, to find out her motives, and to hopefully help deter some MTs from divulging more information than they should about themselves.  You never know on these boards.  So I feel that you insulting me was unnecessary, not my question to the OP about her motives.
Do you think Acusis may simply be a 'front' for what is really -
US companies are in India, not simply SM
subcontracting, they are established as companies in India. Large companies. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Simply put & point being - no different than a med student
Am I the only person who is simply grateful sm
to be employed? Wow. I don't understand why so many people feel entitled to a bonus. Back in the day, yes, it was much more common to get a gift or a bonus (esp if you worked for a smaller company) but now, with the economy as it is? I'm just happy to have a good, stable job. Count your blessings and don't envy what you don't have.
A former colleague went to work for them - said it was simply
I won't be more specific except to recommend that you pass on this one.
No sore spot at all. I simply do my job,
get my lines and hours in without much trouble and don't fret about who's getting the gravy work. I get along with my lead and supervisors well. I can do any report that comes my way, even the ESLs that others continuously skip over or suddenly lose their connection when they see the name or number. Simply do the job I was hired for, collect a nice paycheck and when my day is done I don't think about it again until the next day.  
I know people there who need to be fired and they won't fire them. That just simply sm
is not true.  They are a very nice company.  They have benefits which include PTO and sick time. 
She is here to slander a good company just simply
because they decided to change their mind on an MT trainer position calling the owner a liar. How sad is that. If she only knew the owner and what a good woman and professional she is.
the OP did not badmouth; simply asked questions.
Wow....calm down. She simply stated it wrong..
All you have to do is say don't you mean...

Take a Xanax lately? Just a thought.
I simply send back a reply to
all political emails to ANYONE that thinks I don't have the intelligence to form my own opinions and say return to sender.  Some have definitely stopped. 
That's simply not true - the policy is if you are documented OOW sm
you are not required to use your PTO. Whoever said that is wrong and you should go higher up the ladder to ask about the policy.
Yes, its simply called a No Compete contract.
in our industry. MTs and management alike are bound by them, so really should be no hard feelings or a big deal. Its a very understandable clause and common in all industries, not just ours. If you don't like the clause, you don't have to sign or work for the company. Its not a biggie, really, and very common.
You are simply incorrect! I do support my family...
however, I have been able to adapt to all the changes that the medical transcription industry has encountered over the last decase; in fact, I welcome the changes and it has been interesting if you keep the right attitude.
That is simply not true. They still offshore approx. 80% of everything
and will continue to do so. That was the whole point of Nuance purchasing Focus. Whoever is telling you otherwise is simply lying to you...or you are lying to us!
I know, that wasn't the point. It was simply the play on words....
......simply the play on words in the Google blurb that fit the situation, not the whole related article.
I had assumed eScription was simply editing, not correct? (nm)

I wasn't being cold, simply matter-of-fact. sm
My own reproductive history isn't a factor in my opinion. In the list of medical procedures, some things are necessary for life, others are not, they are elective.

Medical insurance exists to protect you against catastrophic financial burden due to unforeseen medical expenses. IVF is personally chosen, it is 100% elective, and it is done only to satisfy a personal want.

Also easy to put an end to it if the company would simply communicate their denial of the rumors, as
To my knowledge, the owner still lives in India, simply owns a home here. sm

The work is received FROM the Indian office and sent TO the Indian office.  They used to hire only American MTs, but then started outsourcing to a company in India (big surprise).

I understand what you are saying, though.  And if they are honest about it, then it is the choice of the MT as to whether he/she wants to work there.  The fact that they blatantly misled in their ad angered me, but then again, I have been an MT long enough, nothing should surprise me.  I guess I have done my part, and I have no particular axe to grind so I should just leave this alone now.  I just was shocked when I saw the ad. 

Good luck to all of us in finding a job that treats us well and pays us even better (smile).

I think it's thoughtful in a way. Maybe your supervisor is just trying, in her own way, to make her MTs feel less isolated. Might not be the way you'd choose, but I'd take this sort of supervisor over one that ignores me any day!
Personally, I liked it better when it was
a small company.  I'm not excited about all the tiers of management that have been added, makes you feel more like you are just a number rather than someone who is making a difference.   Some of the team leaders are good, some are not so good, some are there to collect a pay check.  Pay is every other Friday, without fail.  As far as the programs to work  on, there are several, just depends on what you like. 
They KNOW THE LAW. I know personally I sent it to
them enough as well as others. They just do not want to abide by it.
I don't think some of these schools really care if their students gets a job or not; they are just in it for the money. I had a situation where my stepdaughter had a friend who took a course and wanted me to tell her where she could work. I had no answer. The school SHOULD have had some ideas, but a lot just don't care.
personally, i don't think they
overhire. I think it is a combination of short turnaround times, and work flow variations mainly, with maybe a few other factors thrown in for good measure...

also i believe that they (and rightfully so) hire a few more than needed as all of the new hires never stay. The ones that do are transitioned in slowly and then generally i believe (as with myself) get plenty of work. and they will work with account changes until you are happy. but obviously that doesn't work for everyone. i'm sorry it was a bad experience for you, but it has/still is an excellent one for me! wishing you well...
Don't take it personally

The QA people don't know you other than how they see your work. They can't possibly like you or dislike you.   I have found that most people who are very busy (I have been one of them) when they are sending e mails or messages along those lines, just don't have the time to pretty it up.  When you don't hear tonal inflections from someone speaking it's very hard to interpret how a statement is truly intended.  It's also very easy to take something in a way that it was not intended at all.

Ignore the perceived tone and focus on the content.  Keep every e mail as backup.  Make the corrections that they want you to make.  Now if they are being contradictory with themselves, that's one thing, but if they're just being picky . . . . . that's their job.

Just keep at it, don't take personally
Have you ever noticed how many hits (viewed) listed on each job posting? So say 500 or more and allll emailed a resume and only 1 position AND, say they stopped reading resumes after one or two and hired. See? Just keep emailing your resume, even go to the old listing and email. It is not costing anything, not a stamp etc. Just check both main job posting areas MTjobs and MTstars. Look to see if you can add or subtract something on your resume. Make the Font heading a bit larger.
Personally, I would not take it
I make way more than that now, but it the other things it offers meet your needs, go for it. Insurance isn't cheap to buy on your own, and that would be an attractive part of the deal. I personally couldn't handle the $13.50 an hour, but that's just me. Maybe the advantages outweigh the low salary? Do what is best for YOU.
personally, not really,
I am honored to have a job that others think sounds great. well, I guess I do get irritated if they think it sounds too easy, but whenever I've let someone listen to a few sentences of dictation, they get a whole new perspective!!
Why take it so personally? No one

wants to listen to YOUR ignorance, either. Maybe you should also stay in the seat that's best suited to you, and you know which one that is.

You are you to constantly insult MTs here? This board is for MTs, which you are not, otherwise you wouldn't lose your drawers everytime someone posts something you don't agree with, HMMMMMM???

I don't personally know anyone s/m

who works on escription, they all seem to work on different platforms and some of the things they tell me they correct just blows my mind.  Most of them seem to have to put in headings or take them out and correct the numbering patterns in addition to making all kinds of really STUPID corrections.  Here is a good example one of my friends sent me this morning:

VR:  He will be given deep gentleman hospitalization. 


Dictated:  He will be given Epogen during the hospitalization.


So from what you say, I would say that it won't be long until MTs are really obsolete.  

I personally am getting started with them
soon and cannot be more excited. I look forward to working with them!
I personally would rather be warned of
a company's questionable business practices and stay away from them altogether than find out after I had been hired by them and got screwed out of my pay. 
Personally I don't think there are any psychics on here but I do see where someone would have
gotten the impression it was that service owner just based on the statement by the MTSO about the MT who bashed the company because they were fired. The MT had a good reason to be fired yet they blamed the MTSO. That is the only reason I thought it was that MTSO as well as I had seen something someplace else but this MTSO does usually use their name. Nothing psychic about it.
Personally, that's one of the things I liked

like I was really part of the health care team then, hearing doctors paged, hearing code blues called and hearing the pounding of the feet of the code blue team as they ran to the patient's room (of course the code blues aren't always on the floor directly above you, but when it is..).

Also, I've had a doctor pull up a chair and sit beside me as I transcribed his report where he mixed up left and right and he went through it with me and corrected himself. 

I dunno, I kinda like the in-hospital atmosphere.  I work at home now, but I do miss it being in the midst of it all. I never had that same feeling working for a service, because you are removed from it all.

Personally, and this is only my opinion, I would never ever
go with either one of them. I used to work for Diskriter, and while there are some people that had problems with them, there are others who did not. I personally had quite a bit of problems - ran out of work all the time, late checks, etc. etc.

I have heard great things about Alltype - I do not work for them. I currently work with three people who all work for them part time and have loved it.

I, myself, decided to go back to working for a hospital. The benefits were far better than what Diskriter was offering.
Personally, I would not reveal sm
the fact that I had a medical condition. Isn't it discrimination and illegal for a company not to hire you based on the fact you have a chronic illness? I have a chronic illness, for years, and have never been turned for employment based on that. I don't reveal it in interviews. It doesn't keep me from working and I seldom (maybe once every 2 years) take time off related to it.
I have personally experienced this.
You say that you have a job with meaning and subsance. What is so special about the job with Sten Tel. Did your other MT jobs not provide meaning and substance?
I personally know of one company that is

a horrible company and the turnover is incredible.  From all the bad stuff posted here there are probably many who don't apply and I've seen at least a couple of MTs who ignored the comments here and applied anyway, only to come back a month later and say we were right and it was a horrible company and everything said here was true.

I saw a company yesterday on the job boards advertising a double bonus.  I have also heard lots of bad on that company. 

I think most of the companies that offer the bonus offshore and I guess need U.S. MTs to handle the crap.  I think many of the companies have weird line counting programs or change their programs so that the MT finds it hard to get lines.  I think many of them have a very boggy platform where the MT spends too much time looking up demographic information instead of transcribing.

I don't understand the bonus thing.  If they paid a decent wage to start with, had a good platform, didn't have 80% ESL dictators, etc. they wouldn't have a problem keeping MTs.  If they can offer the bonus why can't they break that down over a year and pay 1 to 2 cpl more.

I also think many of the companies realize they will not retain MTs because of the various things listed above, so they dangle the bonus, but then they stretch the bonus over months or a year and hope that at least they will have you long enough to get your bonus.

I haven't seen a company yet that has offered a bonus that I would work for under normal circumstances. 

I work for a good company, that pays better than most, pays per gross line, easy platform, etc. but sometimes you just get in a rut and want a change.  I've tested with several companies and been offered positions with each of them, but I felt like my line count would be significantly lower, line rate was lower, so that I would not be coming out ahead with the bonus.