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I received a gift as well. s/m

Posted By: Diane on 2006-12-20
In Reply to: Christmas present - sodiepop

I really appreciated it as I have only been working for this company for a few months.  It's nice to be remembered at all.

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I too received the gift and it is very nice and quite useful (nm)
I have received gift from company on Chistmas day.
I received a Christmas card and a gift card 2
Christmas gift appreciated, but turns out not to be a gift if there is no work the day after

Christmas Day.  Yes, it was $25.00 (twenty-five).  I lost that much this morning when there was NO WORK.  I had so hoped to have a good paycheck this pay period, and was working very hard to have one -- as I need the money SO BAD.

I was appreciative of the $25, rather than some kind of novelty advertising token with company logo on it, like some MTSO's would give to a prospective client, etc.  Oh, yes, I made very good use of the $25.  I took it and paid my high-speed internet bill, a necessary tool for working my job --  which the $25 was very much short of paying that phone charge.

THANK YOU TT for the $25. 

TransTech MT week gift??? OR just low work gift??

Have any of  you rec'd anything from TT for MT week gift yet?

What gift....
I have never received even a card from Precyse and I have worked for them going on 4 years now. The odd thing, however, is that I get a Valentine's day present and an MT week present...maybe they don't celebrate Christmas, who knows. 
No gift for me . . . nm
Maybe it's a Christmas gift
in appreciation of a year of hard work.  Does Amphion ever send Christmas gifts to MTs?  If so, why gripe?
Christmas Gift
Those morons sent me chocolates for Christmas.  Unfortunatley my son was here to accept delivery.  I would have sent it back.  I'd much rather have my PAY!!!  They have the nerve to have BONUS pay in their ad for new MTs when they can't even pay the ones that are working there now.  I was on their payroll, so it had nothing to do with IC invoicing.  I think they guesstimate at lines because they are never close to what I have actually typed.  Glad I'm done with them!
Christmas Gift?
My gift  was an email from the company wishing me a Merry Christmas and then they sent out emails Christmas Eve and Christmas day asking MTs to log in and work some;-)
mt week gift
Just ask us MTs from Heartland what we got!!!! enuff said
how about gift certificate
for a spa/massage/parafin hand treatment/ something like that to soothe our aches and pains. A custom deluxe office chair or keyboard. I could go on, but I'm sure you don't want to hear my wish list.
I think a gift card (sm)
Wal*Mart, Amazon.com, something like that.  It's the thought that counts.  It's nice to feel appreciated!
Just got a little gift from PMedcom :)
No card, but Im assuming its for MT week!!  :)
Thanks for the MT week gift
Your thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me. I love Olive Garden!
Did you ever get your gift for MT week?
We received email to expect something in the mail over a week ago, mine never arrived. 
MT week gift
received a wonderful picnic throw from Deventure
Oops,that should go under TT gift down below. nm
Gift from Transcend! :) nm
We get a gift---last year, ...sm
one of those big insulated lunch carriers, the year before that a throw with the company name embroidered on it, the year before a duffel bag.
E-gift certificate from
To use at various stores online...Merry Christmas
I get $100 gift card from my doc plus
a wonderful card thanking me for all the hard work I do all year round, and my company sends a $25 gift check.
Christmas gift-OSi
Got a card,coffee mug with coffee, and lines that day. Also had pay deposited a day or so earlier, and that's much better than I've heard from other companies, at least pay-wise.
It is really bad when you "EXPECT" a gift.
Gift card
Hey, maybe for someone an extra $25 would come in handy. We do not know each others situations. The one thing I do know is the amount of income lost this year as compared with the past.

No, the poster was saying that it would be nice to be recognized, that we are not computers placing words into computers, that there is actually someone somewhere making sure that the work is accurate, on time, and profitable. None of us have our collective hands out..
That is an excellent gift!

I love aprons - it's kind of neat to get something with your company's logo on it, usually those are things you can't buy. 

I got a card and a gift.. as did everyone I spoke to
You may want to wait a few days and take that back.
anyone get a holiday gift from Precyse?
Just wondering.
Did you send her a card or a gift? nm
Precysers, can someone explain what the gift is?nm
Oh! That's very nice. We sometimes have gotten a V-Day gift from my company.
Thanks to SoftScript for my gift on MT week. sm
Although I feel this is not necessary, I certainly will use my travel mug.  I also stil use my reading light from last year.  Thanks to whomever is in charge of picking out this type of thing as you always find something that is either needed (without realizing it - i.e. the reading light) or something just fun like the mug (that can be used a lot). 
I got a nice Christmas gift from
This is my second Christmas with this company and is my second gift so there are MTSOs out there who do care about their MTs and do show their appreciation for hardwork!
Only after one year.... WM gift cert.
A Big Thanks to ProScript for the MT week gift
Just received my MT week gift from ProScript and wanted to say it is a very nice and useful gift and it is nice to be appreciated as a medical Transcriptionist from a company who really cares for its employees.
For the wonderful gift for MT-Week

It really is nice to be appreciated !!  

Is Chantix the MT gift? ROFL...

It's not job related but a generous gift
They believe we each have a responsibility to lessen our carbon footprint on the earth. They give the reimbursement as a reward and a thank you. Another reason I love working for them...it's not all about money and capitalism.
ProScript sent me a gift yesterday, SM

I thought that was very nice! I havent gotten a gift from an employer in years.

Thank you ProScript.

A jester would be a nice gift...
at least he would be entertaining. 
I got a gift card from Transcend!
I am very happy about thank and thankful for a great job!
Transcend gift card
I got my gift card from Transcend today too.  Its not a ton of money but every year they send us one.  It is nice to be remembered. 
Personally, I don't care if I get a gift or not. sm
Living with chronic disease here. After a very close call in the hospital this year and nearly returning home in a pine box, I am just grateful to wake up every day and still have my job.
MT week gift-eTransPlus

I recently started at eTransPlus and they are giving us a 1-year subscription to Prevention magazine.

When I worked at Spheris, in different years they sent coffee mugs, insulated beverage bags, small gym bags, but the one that sent a lot of people over the edge was the year they sent us a snow-globe with a mini-computer inside that said Spheris on the screen and then around the base the slogan was:

*All around the globe, Spheris MTs are hard at work.*  Just another unpleasant reminder of their *Follow the Sun slogan regarding their Indian workforce.



I would love that! Great gift. Nothing yet from JLG. nm
What do you think would make a good MT gift? sm
Just curious because as a former MTSO, I went crazy trying to figure out something that would please most MTs; no matter how hard I / we tried, there was always a contingent who were unhappy!

PS - I agree that a donation to AAMT in your honor was a cruddy gift!
Did my Christmas gift get lost in the mail?
Or, did other employees not receive anything either? 
One gave small gift cards ($25). Another...
sent homemade cookies/candy. Another one, nothing. Current one sends out a big gift box of various stuff. Actual signifant cash money? Never for me.

Do they owe us anything? No. I don't think so.
Ditto on Acusis gift - happy also! nm
We usually get a gift card for Walmart.. Last year,
I donated mine to a single mom whose 10-year-old was not going to get a Christmas because mom couldn't afford it. I've been a single mom so my heart went out to her and I got a bunch of people to donate items i.e. tree, ornaments etc.. food, gifts etc. I felt good about it and I know my employer would have felt good about me donating it to a family in need.
Gift card from Trans Tech nm