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I received an email from JG stating spaces would

Posted By: sm on 2005-09-17
In Reply to: Yes, I will, but I'm not buying this. I think someone's trying to stir things up. - nm

be paid now too. Got it at 9:19 a.m. with a follow up email 4 minutes later stating for clarification, this is permanent.

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I received an email from TransTech stating that they
are about to hire for many positions but just last week I read lots of posts on here about people running out of work.  At one time I had been really interested in working for them but this is really confusing and makes me very wary. 
I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

email again just stating you submitted
your resume about 10 days ago and have not heard anything as of yet for testing. They will get back to you very shortly then.
I got an email stating my score within a few days.
D just out an email stating that there MT's already beta testing the new platform

You obviously need to read your emails more closely.  She just sent out an email asking who did not have it on their computers yet.  YES, there are *special* people at TT already using the new software -- beta testing.  Read email from D dated 6/10/09. 

Get your facts straight before you tell me I'm lying. . . OK??

received the email, nm
received the email
no email received
can you provide more info?
a lot of us received an email
asking when we would be able to have an interview--NOTHING, NADA after that.

received 2 email warnings

I had received 2 email warnings

I received no such email, and I was paid on the 8th, not the 7th, and sm

since the line counts have not even been issued, it would seem highly unlikely that I am going to be paid on the 22nd.

I am sorry that you seem upset by my question, but I do not think it is unreasonable to want to know when I will be paid.

As far as letting you know anything, you have distanced yourself from the MTs so much, I really doubted that you would care.  Thanks for responding to me at least on the message board.

Yes, to me too. In fact, I think it was an Indian name in the email I received.
The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?
Just checking them out.
I have received no email about such conference call.
Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.
Keystrokes is definitely hiring. I received an email from them saying that they sm
are hiring a lot of new MTs. They emailed CMTs from what I can tell, as they also emailed a few friends of mine as well. Three of us have taken positions. The timing was right; I have had it with MQ.
I don't believe I trashed the company, and I had not received the email yet. sm
And yes, she is cheery and full of hope and promise, but that doesn't pay the bills now.  I appreciate your compassion. 
I applied on Friday and received an email
on Sunday asking about my availability for an interview. I responded on Sunday with totally open availability and I have not heard anything back. What should I make of this?
A month or so ago I received an email from Axolotl
Offering me a position, but the recruiter was very up front and told me it was an extremely difficult, heavily ESL dictator account, so I passed.

I'm not sure if that's the account for which they still have an opening, or if they've got something else available now.

I've never heard of the other place, so I can't help there. You might check the archives just in case there's in there.

I received an email from someone about Keystrokes being for sale - it is lie. sm

Yes, the owners met with the CEO of Transcend and went to dinner but it was 2 years and it was NETWORKING.  They had no intentions of selling to them and when they informed them of that, Transcend stopped coming around.  I work in the office.  Get your facts straight.

Submitted resume 9/28 late at night. Received email today. nm
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
I got an automated email shortly after and received info from Debra shortly after that. NM
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
I think most places pay for spaces. I work for TransTech and they pay for both spaces
as well as punctuation. I would never work for an MTSO that doesn't.
65 with spaces versus 65 without spaces; how to calculate?

Can someone tell me if you are getting 9 cents per 65-character line with spaces how much you would need to be paid per line to make the same amount per line if you are offered a ''65-character line without spaces?''  Thank you very much

So, if not spaces paid, what cpl would be comparable to at least 9 cpl w/spaces, do you know??
I think the OP was stating that she got some

However, I remember this job post and I think the pay was 7 cpl.  You get what you pay for is all I can say.   

As far as your reasons for job hopping, it makes me no nevermind, I was simply pointing out the fact that you've had four jobs in 15 years.  In my opinion, that is a lot of jobs to have in that span of time.  I had the same employer for 15+ years and have serviced the same accounts for 10+.  Longevity equals production in this business. 

I think that many promises are made to these MTs by these MTSOs, and then the promises are broken.  I think that causes a sour taste.  Let's face it.  Business is business.  

I am just stating my opinion like everyone else...sm
on the board. I must have struck a nerve with you for you to be so insulted. What's with "get over yourself" - just because I'm happy with my company and you probably aren't - means what? That I think I'm better than everyone? Don't think so. You should try being more positive, you might be more pleasant.
By the way, stating that you feel you let them down
is an admission that sounds like guilt. Don't get your denial of that issue either!
If DOL is all your HR dept will take, then anyone stating here they could
Perhaps you should just give it up if you are not willing to call and/or see an attorney for yourself. lol

Stating the name of a job position
I had though that all job ads posted had to state the name of the company; however, there is one posted by an MTRecruiter who seems to be looking for different companies.  Shouldn't that person name the companies who he/she is recruiting for?  Thanks.
Why did you say that? Now there will be 60 messages stating
I was getting 9 cpl with them and they let me go stating I could not do op notes sm
Op notes are all I do for MQ and my other job.  They just didn't want to pay me 9 cpl and they dropped me to 7 cpl on er reports.  It is an awful company to work for.  I would not go there in any way, shape or form.
and I am stating my opinion also. sm
If the companies don't want to set up auto e-mail they don't want to. you aren't going to change them. Grow up. Not being nasty just to the point.
This might be stating the obvious but...
Make sure you make the corrections and save the revised document!

I updated my resume and saved it, but when I went to send it out realized I had not updated my email address. I updated it on the resume I was sending out at that particular moment, but forgot to change it and save it in Word. After I had to correct it 3-4 times as I went to send it, I FINALLY remembered to go into the actual document, make the change and save it.

Sometimes I really wonder how I function in day to day life, I'm such a scatterbrain, lol!!!
I am only stating that she posted on another board. I don't know her
one way or the other, you are right. I am not the basher. I just thought that post would clarify what someone else said. That's all. I am not bashing this woman. I am just giving information that I read while posting a question about Transtech on another board
He emailed me afterward, stating that he had
that he called to tell me about the additional ways. I never responded. The scary thing is that I had posted my resume to so many places here, so I had no clue who it was.
Several posts in the archives stating this. nt
I'm not being rude. The OP is stating she is lacking
work, and you give her a lecture related to your problems. Again, apples and oranges. That means opposite! So you slacked off and caused the company problems, etc. Unless you know the OP personally and are accusing her of same, your post is irrelevant. Are you helping her get work? Are you answering her question why there is no work for her? No, you turned her post into your own post! Help the lady out and answer her questions - she didn't ask for your work history, etc. Nothing said negative about the company, so you're rather protective. Unless, as often happens here, a whole thread was deleted by now and I missed it! Peace to you! Just trying to point out that your post is not helpful or on topic of the original questions!
Just stating the facts, maam.
Wow! What remarkable perceptive powers you must possess to be able to glean personal information from a 2-line post! If you ever get tired of QA, do consider the Psychic Friends' Network. Seriously though, what you refer to as ''answers'' and ''corrections'' are more often personal preferences (varying from QA to QA) and petty nit-picking about poorly communicated, ever-changing rules. You might want to examine, though, why you are emotional and upset enough to post rambling diatribes over MTs comparing their work experiences and pet peeves on an MT forum. Thanks for the heartfelt holiday wishes though (so good to know that you love me!) and for your approval to ''say what you have to if you must''. LOL!
Not trying to start anything just stating facts

But Amphion has just informed me that they are letting me go because I am not making their line count and its the end of probation.  I don't know if it is all the extra stuff I had to do in the document information screen before being able to type or I'm just stupid, but I have always made like counts before and have never ever been let go from an MT job before or any job for that matter.  I am not going to badmouth them but it is a very bad feeling when I know I did my best.  I'm not a newbie either, I have 9 years under my belt.

Not trying to start anything just stating facts
Don't feel bad, I just started there and I know I am not going to be able to meet their line counts with all the looking up things and a different doctor every report. I also have never had trouble meeting line counts before, but this is a joke. Just move on and chalk it up to experience.
not to but in but MTing put herself out there stating she was perfect...
and had 100% quality. No one is going to just take your word for it with a comment like that. I am not even in QA and thought the exact same thing when I read the post - I could not help but notice the errors.
Not really complaining, just stating a fact
had not gotten even an email and never did.
When stating something, please have your facts straight
I am the person you are talking about. I am not QAd once a year. Where you got that from, dreaming I guess. We are checked every 3 months with pulled reports. In between those 3 months we also are checked and hear back from QA and also if the hospital I do work for has any issues, also hear from them. My QA has never been 97 and last time was a 99%. I am glad my initials are on the report because I stand behind all work that I do. Oh, I might be fast but was told by the higher ups at my company we have even faster. Sorry you cannot make it on VR, quit hating.
Not insulting. Just stating my observation of the
w 2
All compaines count lines different--with spaces, without spaces, headers or no headers, 65 characte
a line, 75 characters, etc. I would ask each of them how they count their lines. Sometimes the way lines are counted does not make a company worth working for.
That post was not a whine. It was just stating facts. sm
I love my job. I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. I feel proud of what Keystrokes has become because I have contributed to this success and growth.

Not all of our MTs are problematic, but life sometimes gets in the way of working, and as a KS manager, I help out where I can. This is my job, and I love it, but I realize that it is not for everyone. I am blessed to do something I love for a company I love to work for.

There is a note on the intranet stating they are working on changes and that all of them should be c
If I were you I would email Lee directly and let her know that you havent heard anything back.

In the past week I have been added to two accounts.

Did you sign a contract stating the amount
I would send her a certified letter stating
you would like to know the above, and that if you hear nothing from her within a certain timeframe you will be contacting an attorney (whether you actually do or not).