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I got an automated email shortly after and received info from Debra shortly after that. NM

Posted By: Looking on 2006-12-21
In Reply to: Debra McNair keeps putting her ads up there - but never responds. Anyone get a response?


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Couldn't you just check the email that was sent out shortly after the editing

Didn't it say there would be no more incentive bonuses for editing??  You may have a lot of typing now, but it isn't going to be that way for long.   

Yes, and very shortly (see inside)
The assumptions that we're 'slow typists', 'newbies', or whatever other negative insinuations that can be construed will start flying.

I'd been an MT for 15 years before VR came along. I went into it with an open mind and took an immediate liking to it.

While it might not be for everyone, I sometimes get so exasperated with other posters insinuating that because an MT enjoys VR, that MT must be somehow inferior or incompetent.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys it :-)
I left SPi shortly before that happened
I wasn't all that surprised when I read about it. I was working for Cymed when they were bought out by SPi. Everything went down hill after that happened. There was less and less work each day, constantly changing management, and lots of other problems. I finally got fed up and changed companies and have been very happy ever since. Not too long after I left SPi, I came on here and read about that massive layoff. I knew it was coming, but I was kind of surprised that it happened so soon. This was over 2 years ago, but I'm still glad that I got out of there when I did!
I worked for them shortly. They were very nice and paid well and on time. sm
This what I did not like. On the account I had, each report had to be saved separately and then individually sent. It seemed to take a lot of time monkeying around with each separate file which was only about 10 to 11 lines long. I do know that not all of their accounts are like this. They were extremely nice people and paid well!!
Worked there shortly. Pretty disorganized. Hard to understand the
I don't like their UNpersonable automated email...usually shy away from
companies that are too busy to make you more than a number.
I got the same automated email, but did not get any additional emails...
apparently the left hand is not aware of what the right hand is doing. I would not bother with them at this point since they apparently are not on top of things. I would think they would have shut off the automated reply or at least changed it seeing as they have an ad running...makes ya wonder.
TT doesn't pay header and footer or any of the automated info. nm
received the email, nm
received the email
no email received
can you provide more info?
a lot of us received an email
asking when we would be able to have an interview--NOTHING, NADA after that.

received 2 email warnings

I had received 2 email warnings

I received no such email, and I was paid on the 8th, not the 7th, and sm

since the line counts have not even been issued, it would seem highly unlikely that I am going to be paid on the 22nd.

I am sorry that you seem upset by my question, but I do not think it is unreasonable to want to know when I will be paid.

As far as letting you know anything, you have distanced yourself from the MTs so much, I really doubted that you would care.  Thanks for responding to me at least on the message board.

I received an email from JG stating spaces would
be paid now too. Got it at 9:19 a.m. with a follow up email 4 minutes later stating for clarification, this is permanent.
Yes, to me too. In fact, I think it was an Indian name in the email I received.
The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?
Just checking them out.
I have received no email about such conference call.
Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.
Keystrokes is definitely hiring. I received an email from them saying that they sm
are hiring a lot of new MTs. They emailed CMTs from what I can tell, as they also emailed a few friends of mine as well. Three of us have taken positions. The timing was right; I have had it with MQ.
I don't believe I trashed the company, and I had not received the email yet. sm
And yes, she is cheery and full of hope and promise, but that doesn't pay the bills now.  I appreciate your compassion. 
I applied on Friday and received an email
on Sunday asking about my availability for an interview. I responded on Sunday with totally open availability and I have not heard anything back. What should I make of this?
A month or so ago I received an email from Axolotl
Offering me a position, but the recruiter was very up front and told me it was an extremely difficult, heavily ESL dictator account, so I passed.

I'm not sure if that's the account for which they still have an opening, or if they've got something else available now.

I've never heard of the other place, so I can't help there. You might check the archives just in case there's in there.

I received an email from someone about Keystrokes being for sale - it is lie. sm

Yes, the owners met with the CEO of Transcend and went to dinner but it was 2 years and it was NETWORKING.  They had no intentions of selling to them and when they informed them of that, Transcend stopped coming around.  I work in the office.  Get your facts straight.

I received an email from TransTech stating that they
are about to hire for many positions but just last week I read lots of posts on here about people running out of work.  At one time I had been really interested in working for them but this is really confusing and makes me very wary. 
I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

Submitted resume 9/28 late at night. Received email today. nm
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
Debra McNair keeps putting her ads up there
I sent my resume in the day she put that ad up there and not so much as an acknowledgement that she received it.

Poor business skills.

I received their info
I simply couldn't believe they start at 6 cpl. Why on earth would anyone even consider it? If they can pay on a tier system, they are making a big profit at 6 cpl. Their system equals nothing more than slave labor.
I didn't bother when I received their info (sm)
and saw it took more than a month to issue the first check. A company that doesn't have enough capital to pay its subcontractors promptly isn't one I care to work for.
I don't work there but info that I have received includes ... SM

I don't know if they have clinic work.  However, if you are an experienced MT, I would think that they would hire you even if you don't do ops.  They use Doc-Q-Scribe (sp?) for at least one of their big hospital accounts out of Atlanta.  They offer benefits, but I have heard that the health insurance is very expensive.  I would imagine that they are hiring. 

I used to work for the owner years ago when she had another service, and she had the same right-hand man (er, lady LOL) as she does now.  They were always very good to me, and I really wish I still worked for her though I have a good job now somewhere else. 

Good luck, and I hope this helps somewhat. Post back and let us know how it goes. 

I have no idea, received preliminary info
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
ER already 100% automated
Please check out the article linked in my original message above. 
I just have to fill in patient's name and everything else is automated and

even filling in the patient's name is made easy, I just type it and enter and it goes where it needs to do and then I type.  The work is batched so I just keep typing until I have 10 -12 pages and then send, again all automated and then start another batch. 

I worked for YOG for a short time years ago and they had so many demographics it took at least 5 minutes to fill them in, had to constantly look up stuff on the lists to find correct info and never got the same doctors twice to be able to learn doctor's information so you didn't have to keep looking it up.

My server has never been down, except during hurricanes last year, so no down time.  A couple of times the hospital's server has been down and I've been able to get my lines, though had to take a break during my regular shift and work a little longer in the evening.  Never went a day with NO work.  System never locks up.


I think it's automated speech recognition - nm
Automated or automatic speech recognition...nm
There was 1 positive post in Jan. I emailed them and got an automated reply. Have years of ex
email me, I think I have some info. nm
Can you email me with some info?
I applied for an MT position. I can't even remember now whether I did some audio transcription test before their offer. I am being offered now a QA position, and basing on the contract they sent, it seems I will mostly work on VR editing. I have more questions to ask, but am not comfortable posting them here. Can you provide me an email address so I can correspond with you more about this? I appreciate any input from you.
Please email me with info.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would email the name of the company to me.

Thank you.
email if you would like info (nm)
Would you email me with the info on this
I am in the process of testing with a few companies and one of thenm starts with an E.

Thank you.
Please email for info......
I think you will want to know this......
no need to email when all info is here.
Thank you. Could you email me with any info on them would you mind please. nm
Can you please email their contact info to me?
Or can I email you for it? The 'contact us' form on their website is coming back as undeliverable.
She said EMAIL info. I can't believe you posted--sm
this on a public board with all your personal info out there for anybody to do anything they want with. If I were you, I would ask the moderator to remove this post before someone has a field day with your information! Email. Email. Good luck to you!
more info? I tried to leave my email address but could not..sm
Your new company sounds exciting and I am looking for a new job, either part-time or full time as my current job is not offering me enough work. I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me some details? I understood you are doing radiology. I would prefer op notes. Do you know if there are still openings and if they offer clinic or op or acute care? I have 30 years experience in all the above and more. Thanks for any help you can offer and good luck to you!
Would you email me with a website or contact info for them please? Thanks. nm
I not able to send an email to you, info not available on server.