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I think they way overhired and I told my supervisor that too.

Posted By: part-timer on 2007-12-03
In Reply to: Can I ask what type of accounts you guys are on? - Bummin' too!

I'm on escription, clinic and hospital and all is low/out.

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My supervisor just told me that they were having
problems with people not sticking to their schedules and work being out of TAT.  You might want to ask the recruiter about scheduling before you make your decision, as it might be an issue. 
When I asked Cymed supervisor I was told
that this means the sign-on bonus.  She was rather evasive.?????
I hope you told her supervisor why you left!
Same here. I am sure they have overhired! sm..
Sad, because I really, really like FutureNet but I have been testing all week during the downtimes with FutureNet (which has been 20 out of 24 hours a day it seems)....I believe they have overhired and it is not fair.  I know that they have to meet their turnaround times but maybe they should have given some kind of incentive.  I know that may sound rude but everyone, at times, has hard times and cannot be there for a day or something.  But to actually go in and hire WAY TOO MANY people to make it where you cannot even come close to what you were getting is just ridiculous!  Why is always feast or famine?  I wonder if a lot of people are quitting or have quit because I know from my experience, my pay has been cut down to 1/6 of what I was getting prior...and my family and I cannot live off of that.
MDI-FL has overhired again.
DSG has overhired once again!
What primary accounts?  Bounced around all day scaping the bottom of the barrel because there is hardly enough work to go around.  Some of us have been there for a long time now and helped to keep these accounts afloat when there were only a few of us working when we said we would. 
More than likely overhired (sm)
I have been with them over 2 years. I have seen the volumes go and up down. I can always tell when they overhire and then it will level out (at least with my account).

I have noticed the work is running low on a lot of the accounts. So......who knows....time will tell.
If like MDI-FL, they overhired and no work.
Webmedx has overhired
Hired all of Medquist employees and now running out of work. Have several accounts that I work on, so that is not the problem.
I don't think they have overhired, but they hire
way too early for a new account.   From reading the message boards there are people who have finished training for an account that isn't even due to come on-line until December and I know at least some of them are working on other accounts until their account comes on-line.

They may very well have overhired, although there are usually at least 5 accounts who have OT on them almost every day.
They have overhired once again. Not much work
They have overhired for management sm
and are screwing the MTs. STill spouting the same have a nice day, we appreciate you policy. They bought another MT company last year, have totally partnered up with the totally bogus MT org (whom no decent MT has anything to do with), hired a lot of people from there for management, and have an agenda that is OUT OF CONTROl. Nothing there is to benefit the transcriptionist. Hope I die before I have to retire from there with nada.
True. I am leaving. They have way overhired and (sm)
just cannot make money with them. Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy!LOL!!:)
If they overhired it won't be a problem for long.
People get tired of them screwing with line counts and checks not consistently on time ...... and leave.   I can't believe they are still in business. 
TransTech has WAY overhired recently

May want to reconsider their offer or you could end up with insufficient work along with some of us - not all but some of us.

No TT overhired for the overflow account
they are putting those MTs on the other accounts.
That is the problem on my account...they overhired (sm)
I really hope they do try to rectify things with the accounts that are overstaffed because it is a great place to work and I do not want to look for another job.  All I want is steady work on my account.  I know it's hard to staff these accounts because they can't really predict how much work there will be.
My guess is that they've overhired again. nm
still, though, overhired. companies would get more cooperation if (sm)
they'd cut back on that. and, yes! communication - conference calling - using the voice so nothing is misinterpreted.
Someone suggested everyone has overhired a lot of former MedQuist people -
Not sure if this is true or not, but it is one possibility. A friend of mine says her checks have been less than half what they normally are for June AND July. Let's hope it picks up for us all soon!
Sounds like you are suffering from the overhired syndrome that is

causing lots of us to look elsewhere.  There are lots of MTs who work for more than one account.  They can't be without work so they juggle.  I don't see a conflict with working 2 jobs, unless both are full-time and then juggling them might be an issue. 

I've worked 3 jobs at once, 1 full-time and 2 part-time, but that was back in the days before work was offshored and VR and I had a ton of work and just couldn't do all that was being asked of me.  I have worked 2 for a short time while starting a new one and not wanting to quit the other one until I got a feel for things. 

They have overhired for the summer. We will ALL be running out of work!

They thought they had a new account and it was not a go, so overhire again.  They are just running this ship TOO TIGHT



I agree. Though I have found the IC job still overhired, I do better at my employee job
I stuck it out for too many months with my IC job as my 1 and only job. I got lots of accounts and tried lots of ways to get work, 24 hours checking. My paychecks were still pale. This went on for way too long. It was TAT and overhiring. Good for them, not for me. So, I decided to go with a big national I worked with years ago, as an employee, and took a split shift. Best move I have made in years to go back to the national. I have been drowning in work and my paychecks are finally getting to the old days, 2 or 3 years ago. I will definitely not let my IC job go but I will never depend on it again. As long as I show up now and then there, I have both jobs. Use the IC for pocket money and in case the national runs dry which is doubtful, I never have to go to tertiary accounts. It took me a very bad year and lots of jobs to find a good fit but I hope that people out there do believe it is possible to earn a good living. Just trial and error. And to those who work directly for a hospital, please count your blessings. I took my position directly way too lightly. Of course they have outsourced now. But it is possible to be back to 40K or more again, just hang in there!
look, they probably overhired, they don't care if 100 transcriptionist quit, just hire more.
Platform a bit slow, loads of material to know on each acct, they overhired
for the acct they put me on, so I sit and wait for work to roll in. They gave me a secondary acct, but again I wait. I think some are happy there, I might be if they didn't overhire and they beefed up their platform to move a little quicker.
TransTech has no work; that is why; lost accounts; overhired significantly BAD nm

Does TT care?  No, they get their big paychecks no matter if the MT's do or not.

I don't hesitate to ask. Have been told "yes", and have been told "no." Never been to
Try going through supervisor. They should get
Why don't you say this to your supervisor?
Any acute care account may seem difficult for you. Express your concerns to your sup. and see if you can be placed on a different account.
My supervisor
Not sure who you had for a supervisor, but none of our supervisors have quit in the three years I've been here. Please be sure you have your facts straight there.
According to my supervisor....sm
you can work OT on any account listed if you are off hold for that account. If you see an account that you might like to help on, read the account specifics to see if you might like it and then ask your SMT to add it to your affinities. You will be on an initial hold, more than likely, but once you are off hold you can work all the OT you can stand.
Is KW still the supervisor?
If not, then things are probably much better.  Sounds like they worked out the bugs, though. 
Is your new supe 'D'?
Have you tried asking supervisor
for help?  I don't know if anything can be done about the clunky program, but perhaps you've encountered a lazy tech who is unwilling to work with you and your macros.  Maybe your supervisor or his/her supervisor can help.  It's worth a try. 
Let the supervisor know......

Well, I would think that if you can prove it you have a case. I know, this would make me crazy. I have felt the pinch of cherry pickers myself.

I wonder though, how is it that the supervisor doesn't know these people are taking an hour or two off or if their internet is down? Why are they emailing just you? If they are not notifying the supervisor, maybe next time you get an email like this you could email back and say something like thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to let -insert supervisor's name- know right away that you are not able to work at this time, let us know when things are -insert excuse for not working- back up again/you are feeling better/etc.

I would most definitely let the supervisor know every single time someone was taking time off for the reasons you gave. Then, the supervisor knows and can handle it accordingly.

Since she is not the supervisor, she
should never have been contacted to begin with. After the first one, however, I think I would have questioned the MT as to why she was not notifying her supervisor.
I liked Beyond Txt, I liked my supervisor
I liked my hours, I liked just about everything, except I was always just short of full-time lines. It was a high ESL, which is no problem for me, but I am very picky about QA. They also have a QA percentage requirement along with a line requirement, so every day I'd see those numbers and send less and less to QA b/c I'd take a lot of time to make sure I did it right. My fault. I ended up not able to support my child and I had to get a second job. Then I was exhausted and decided to just leave. I would have been very happy had I been able to make a higher line count with the QA I wanted and they required, and benefits. Like I said, one of those situations where I wished it would have worked out, but bills to pay, family to feed, all the rest! Good luck to you.
Must have the same supervisor or there all bad
99% of the emails I send my supervisor go unanswered the first time, and when I have to email her again because I really need an answer, I always tell her this is my 2nd or 3rd email so she knows how incompetent she is. I keep thinking maybe she will up her game, but so far it hasn't worked. Whenever I see a link asking for suggestions from any of the newsletters or emails we get from the company, I always send a suggestion that they do a survey of the MTs on 2 subjects. 1. How satisfied they are with their job. 2. How would they rate their supervisor's performance.

Apparently they don't like my suggestions as they never make an attempt at either.
My supervisor is also from NY, but
she is as sweet as an angel.  Maybe she wasn't born there. 
Call your supervisor.
I would call her and tell her you are at a point in time where you have decided it is important to take care of some personal issues. Be very upbeat, positive, and looking forward to the change. Tell her you have enjoyed so much working with her, and you will be glad to give a 2 weeks' notice, and would like to know if you would be eligible for re-hire if future pursuits do not work out.

Save the email.

If she wants more details, just tell her it's personal. You don't have to go into detail, and no, you won't sound dumb. :)
I called my supervisor...
I really struggled with the decision to quit. I liked the company (a national) and accounts, but I could no longer handle the 20-hour minimum for PT as I already work a FT job and it just became too much. She was very nice about it and understood. She is a good supervisor and I felt I owed her that much. I did give a 2 week notice.
Account to ASR - per supervisor -- been asking

supe about this for a year or so -- just told within the last week (after my many questions to her about where the work has gone on this account) that the account had gone to ASR -- I heard a "jillion" excuses from the supe for the "no work" situation, EXCEPT THE TRUTH -- that it was going to ASR. Now only get the jobs that ASR cannot interpret. MQ supes are definitely not for the MT -- but MGMT puppets !! Don't you tell the MT's that their accounts are going to AST UNTIL AFTER equipment is working well, and we can handle it without the MT  !!!!!!!!!!


OSI's quality supervisor probably can't
I also suspect that she's been posting all kinds of crap on this board because that's the kind of lunatic she is.
So is that why the new US MT supervisor is Indian?
It depends on your supervisor. They are all very different.
How so? Supervisor answers, no one else
Have you spoken to your supervisor
Just curious. You've spent time in training...have you tried to see if the issue can be resolved?
The supervisor's name was Denise. nm
Supervisor? He isn't on our side! No wonder he kept
calling this weekend to see if I could work extra! He and everyone in that office knew it was coming..how they sleep tonight, I will never know.
apparently you do not have the same supervisor I did!
Exact opposite. Pay was always on time, though.