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I used to work for Lanier transcription before it closed.

Posted By: anonymt on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: Offered job with MDI-MD using Lanier but concerned about...SM - me

I worked directly there at the site in Florida. The Lanier machine (like dictaphone) is great. If you use the Software developed by Lanier for text it is also great. I would not worry about the difference. I actually preferred that system to the C-phone. Of course now we have Dictaphone Extext with the demographics filling in and the 2 working together. But the Lanier system used to be wonderful. I worked on it for many years. High recommendations to that product.

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I work for them. Not sold or closed.

I think Lanier is only compatible with Lanier; however, call a techie guy to be sure. sm
DAC and Dictaphone are compatible with Dictaphone, DVI and VDI systems. Lanier is a monster all of its own! Unless you rerecord from the Lanier and then use the Lanier VXP player, as the MT companies do.
Any of you work for KS and use Lanier?
Could you please let me know if you have any problems.  Do they provide foot pedal?  What model Lanier is needed for KS?  Thanks.
I think Lanier is very propietary and will not work with
other systems.  Cphone and DVI are compatible with each other, and DVI is compatible with RTAS if you buy the RTAS footpedal that is compatible. 
Since they have a Lanier account, just how did you think you could get a test without a Lanier?
only by them doing a re-record to make the test file in .wav format so you could take the test? That's why the sound quality is so bad. In addition, you want a degree of poor quality in your test files. Because that weeds out the quitters.
Is all Keystrokes work done on Lanier or Cphone systems? Do they have any 'net accounts? Thx. nm
FYI - she had it closed before

I'm sure others got the same message when they tried to post.  This was sooo fun; let's do it again sometime!  ya know, when you're more on your game!

I'm sure everyone was so entertained by all of this.  I quite frankly have agreed and posted to you on other threads and I don't really think you're a moron.  I do, however, think that you went a little overboard with the copy and paste. 

I think we all have our moments when we think we know something only to find out we really didn't...

It's been a learning experience for me, and I hope for you, too!  Have a terrific night!

This thread is closed. sm
First, this topic has dwindled into tit-for-tat insult trading both in this thread and the one below. Both threads are locked.

Second, if you want to talk about cherry-picking, it belongs on the Main board as it is a transcription issue in all companies. A word of caution, though: Make sure you discuss the issue and stop the personal boxing matches and name-calling. If you have problems with a thread, do not try to police it - report it properly, please.



MQ Asheville NC closed several sm
years ago because of off shoring. Seems an employee suspected off shoring because the dictated and transcribed times that were coming back did not jive. Did some checking and confirmed her suspicions. The real kicker here is that this particular MQ office was doing ONLY VA ACCOUNTS! Hows that for giving out identities. Nothing like all the information on our soldiers, names, SS#s, etc. etc. She reported this. It was on all the news stations, big news. Long and short of it, they closed the Asheville office. People offered jobs in offices in other states or at home EXCEPT the person who ratted on MQ. I am sure her career is ruined but we need MTs who are not afraid to stand up. This profession is getting way out of control!!!!!!!
They closed the Mahopac NY office
Now, everyone in eight offices is sharing work? What do we do when they were already shorting us?
did - several times - and even closed and reopened.
Heartland already closed two offices

in India...they are surely closing down entire transcription business by coming December

Sources saying they were never making any money in transcription business. How will someone make money by sending work overseas and that too not keeping a track of what each individual Transcriptionist or Editor or QA is producing?

I thought the other Heartland had closed
shop because of their financial situation and bad business practices.

Good luck to you in your business.
Did anyone else when they closed have problems with their insurance not being paid
even though the premiums were deducted from your check.  I found out my policy had not been paid since October 1st and had to catch it up on my own.  Letter and email have gone without response (no surprise there) and phone has been disconnected.  Anyone know what agency would cover this.  Would have to think it is illegal to withdraw premiums and then not pay them.  Seems to me I should be reimbursed for those 3 months.
Because you are tunnel-visioned and closed minded
I've stated in NUMEROUS posts that you refuse to absorb that:
1. I took no cut in pay.
2. There is no compromise to patient care.

These are EXCUSES you've developed in your stubborn mind set to fall back on as justification to refuse to do VR, rather than admit you're scared you won't be able to cut it. It's as simple as that.

You're a completely negative force and I refuse to engage further with you.

Go ahead, trot down and apply for disability. Just more work for the rest of us who have open minds and are able to adapt to change and keep up with the times.

Heartland Information Services - 3 Branches Closed
You silly, closed-minded, judgmental woman...
I am part of the MDI/Transcend merger, so if I choose to laugh at the irony of the entire MESS we are ALL involved with, I will.

Who made YOU the LOL police, or did you self-appoint yourself to that all-important position?

Get a grip. You're not the only one stuck in this crisis so climb off of that cross you're dangling from and save a tree, mmmkay???

I'm sure I'll love having YOU as a new co-worker *eye roll*

Kinda closed-minded, but you're entitled to your opinion.
I'd much rather work in Saudi Arabia than downtown Detroit. Talk about double-ugh!
uh, and you did a little throat jumping yourself there - mail-order bride? broom closed?
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Lanier 219
Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the amount of light in the display on this piece of equipment?  In the small screen, I can see fine but in the larger screen there is not as much light,  and it is really hard to read the numbers.  Any help is appreciated.
If that is the same as DVI - now Lanier VXP nm
I have several Lanier LX219 if u are interested in purchasing
Anyone know of any companies using the lanier voice writer ? Thanks for input.
There are a few job ads now for Lanier 219
Are you using a Lanier or a DAC?
I have good quality with my DAC unit. My main account is Dictaphone and my first secondary is Lanier, both the same quality audio.
I use Lanier at MDI
Lanier is similar to C-phone in how it functions. If by referencing old reports you mean samples, you can ask your supervisor for samples of any dictator and she'll get you samples. If you need to look at reports you have done previously you can pull those up yourself, yes, even while working on a current job. You just open another internet window, log into Bayscribe (so you would have 2 different Bayscribe windows open) and look up your old jobs from that day or a month ago.. whatever.

The demographics for Lanier and C-phone accounts have to be put in manually, but I find that I enter them faster with Lanier because you look at a little screen with them rather than waiting for the C-phone prompts telling you what they are, but you do have to be careful that you've entered correct information.

I suspect you are being put on the account I work on (good - we could use the help). Feel free to email me if you'd like.

i know lanier is old....  are there any companies still using Lanier?  I am so used to that system that my job is switching to wave pedals which I know is the new thing.  Also are there any great Radiology transcription companies that anyone can suggest... Please it has to be per line, not per report as I just left one paying $1.10.  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... 

I use a Lanier
and I am with MDI-MD.
re lanier
does this require unlimited LD and/or cphones or what is different?
Do you have to own a Lanier? (Please don't
Lanier at MDI
I would imagine that the work flow, quality of dictators, etc. is going to depend on *which* Lanier account you are on. I have one but it may be different than the one you are on (which can't be listed here), so I can't be really helpful when we are talking in general terms. You can email me if you want to get more specific.
Lanier sucks
I really really hate this company. The hospital I was working in with them to get out of the old DOS platform. It took them several weeks to get it up and running, and I use the word running loosely. Most of us worked at home and they could NOT get the home employees up and running. We had so many service calls it got to the point they were telling us we had no more calls per contract. The system couldn't count lines either. It ended up with the employees having to come back in-house to work and because of the lack of ability to count, the bonuses were gone which averaged 1500.00 a month. A 65,000 a year job GONE because of those goofs.
Not a Cphone - a Lanier!
Lanier at MDI is just for the dictation...sm

It connects to your telephone.  If you only have 1 phone line, it will stay busy the entire time you are connected, you cannot use call waiting.  You also pay the long distance.  The Lanier gives you the voice to type and you type the reports on your computer in the Bayscribe program which means you have to connect to that website on the internet.  Bayscribe does not fill in the Lanier screen info, job numbers, dates, etc.  You have to do that manually.  You do not have access to other reports, only ones you have done previously and you cannot access even that when you are in a report (unless you go out and come back and restore the report as if the power went off, which is way too much trouble). 

One good thing is that if you have another phone line you could use dial up if you don't have DSL or cable. 


I'm on a Lanier account
and we always have TONS of work!
Lanier accounts
How much do you define as a ton? I have a Lanier account, and while there is always work, add a few more full-time MTs on it and there won't be. This is a really big account, but the typical work loads are half of what they were when I started on it a year ago. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon of telling people to come get on my account.
Lanier accounts
Well, I am only part-time but I do around 1000 lines per day and am always being asked if I would like to do more.
Lanier system
It's not a silly question. A Lanier is similar to a C-phone and if you have a Lanier account at MDI you either need to own one or rent one from MDI. As for the other poster who asked a similar question, you also need unlimited long distance for any of MDI's Lanier or C-phone accounts. I have full (actual) unlimited phone service through my cable company, so that's not really any additional expense for me, maybe just a few dollars more than I was paying for regular phone service through the phone company with no long distance at all.
MDI Lanier Accounts

Tomorrow I begin training on one of MDIs Lanier accounts, about which I'm VERY excited. 

If anyone here who works on one of their Lanier accounts can enlighten me as to what to expect, such as the quality of the dictators, work flow, any idiosyncracies about the account, etc., I'd be forever appreciative.

TIA, fellow MDI'ers

MDI Lanier Accts
I, too, will be starting on a Lanier acct in January. Please keep us informed as to how you like it, as I am also curious, anxious to know what to expect. I worked on Lanier over 10 years ago, but can't remember what I liked or didn't like about it. Thanks for any info you are willing to provide once you get started and good luck to you!
Lanier machine
Speaking of Lanier in general, it's really not that different to use than a C-phone if you are used to that. You push a different number for sign-off, etc., but otherwise very, very similar. Sound quality is fine on mine.
I don't think MedQuist owns Lanier.

We used Lanier at a small hospital in a very small town before I went to work for MedQuist.

We also use Lanier at our hospital and yes MedQuist does own them
now as per our service representatives....

No, it is in a different location. I applied at Lanier once, also. sm
MedQ is on Century Blvd.
Not true at all. I have a C-phone and a Lanier
but still need DSL to get into the system to type. How do you come up with your logic? You obviously don't work with either.
Do you still need a second line to use their Lanier station? nm
CMT is part of Lanier's Cquence
on-line program part, as far as I know. There are 2 parts to it, the Next Wave Player and CMT. Cquence is the name of the entire program. What is it you want to do with it? Why an emulator?
Lanier and Dictaphone are two different things....
and you can find them on E-Bay or in the classifieds section here.  You will have to ask which one is needed for the account you will be on.  I don't know about the long distance, you will have to check around to see what is in your area.  I saw something a few days ago on the main board about unlimited long distance. 
lanier voice writer
anyone know of any services who use this unit?  Thanks!
I use a Lanier system called DVI.
There may be more than one, but I downloaded my work and then was able to work offline.  I didn't need to be connected to the internet to work.