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If this is going to be an ongoing situation, she

Posted By: might not be glad. nm on 2008-03-20
In Reply to: aren't you glad you didn't quit? NM - mt


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spi and their ongoing nonsense

This company is hands down the worst company I have ever worked for in my 3+ decades in this business.  That arbitration agreement is not worth the paper its printed on.  They can TRY to make us think that though, can't they.  hmmmpfff.

Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!
Yep--same situation for me.

I just dread the thought of being yelled at, and then probably fired, because I can't keep a schedule.  I work when kids are watching a TV show, or taking a nap, or a neighborhood kid drops in to babysit, or dinner is taking extra long so I can squeeze in a couple more reports. Like you, THAT is why I've been with MQ for almost seven years now!

I feel like crying.

I just had this same situation come up - sm
I simply explained to the company that I would rather my present employer not be contacted at this time, since they are not aware that I am looking. I have another reference, so I hope it isn't going to be a problem. But like you, if things don't pan out with this company and I end up staying where I am, I definitely don't want any problems.
This is my situation.

I am a hospital employee thinking of going national mainly due to the drive though. There is plenty of work though and when the work is low which is rare, we file, the ones that know how code, code, sometimes we can help out with Release of Info (ROI), or do other things until there is more work so you are always getting paid. Great bennies too at my hospital too, tons of PTO time that a person can cash in.

The down side is that certain ones can get away with turning in crap work all the time. thers if they make one little mistake it is magnified and made to feel like they are the worst Transcriptionist in the world. Some are allowed to cherry pick and others get stuck with the worst dictators. Also a problem is that I am in an office with newbies who donít have to worry about production (rest of us do) and they act like children, literally. Sing songs out loud, shoot rubber bands at each other, the phone where family and friends can call on rings off the wall. I also have a loud speaker over my head where the operator comes on and says ďDR SMITH call 99999 or whatever.Ē I donít fit into the little cliques.  I cannot afford fancy clothes and I cannot afford to go out and eat once or twice a week, I have go to home and cook supper as I have two small children to feed.

I'm in the same situation - someone took all my
call me. I followed the employee manual and sent an email as my first step in problem resolution to my account supe (who never returns emails). And this is a new job I took because of the very same thing happening at the last one, with assurances that I would NEVER have this problem here!
Am not sure what the situation is. SM
If this is a local hospital, I was welcomed with open arms on no more than a medical terminology course, although that was years ago.  There is no better training than the one-on-one I received there.  Sometimes you will find there are people available to help you until you can get up to speed.  Even in a local doctor's office, you may not be on your own for awhile.  If you're not sure about the situation, don't hesitate to apply, and there is no need to mention your lack of experience.  I imagine it will show up on your resume, so they will know exactly what they are getting.  If you get to the interview stage, that would be the time to ask about training, what exactly is expected, how long you have to learn all you need to know, who is available to help, etc. Good luck whatever your decision.
my situation... c msg
I'm an actual full-time employee for two merged hospitals. Full benefits. also includes radiology. I went home 1-1/2 years ago. pay is 20/hr. The minimum production is 75 minutes plus 0.50/min after 80 minutes. all equipment provided including second phone line and internet connection. We do have outside vendors that back us up, but we have majority of the work. I'm happy with my position. Unfortunately the hospital itself is making cuts and the transcription department is one of its targets, although they haven't touched us yet. One of our vendors are now doing most of the work for one of our hospitals, so I am considering asking my boss to hire me as an IC.

I say take the job if you have more pluses than minuses, but remember, hospitals do lay off so have a back up plan. Good luck to you.
I don't think I would like that situation...

I think you should be able to see how many reports you did and line count for each.  I've had instances where a report I sent was missing from my total, and I would never have known if I wasn't able to get that detailed info.  I have always kept a log, also, of all job numbers to compare.  Maybe there would be some way you could check the line count for each report before you sent it and write it down and then compare the total to what shows up? but that would be a pain!

Your's is a different situation
than mine of course, and so we have different concerns.  I really do not know much about them, as the people who merged with MD-IT, who I will be working for, are very new to MD-IT (June of this year), and they really cannot give me many answers to my questions.  This is what concerns me the most!  MD-IT may be fine itself, but I am worried about the branch of it that I am dealing with.  Let me know if you would what you find out about them, and I will do the same on my end!  Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!!! 
Yes, same situation here also

You don't know the situation...
shut up until you do. It is not up to supervisors to train someone how to be an MT, they are only responsible for showing them how to use the software platform, unless they teach a transcription class. Companies hire MTs that have had years of experience, like duh. These were stupid errors only first-year MTs would make and this woman had more years of MT experience than me and still made them.

It's not my responsibility to teach MTs medical terminology and spelling. They should already know.
Sad situation...

I am currently working for a company that acquired business here, only to eventually send it all overseas. I'm just counting the days before Iím given the boot...  I hope and pray that our next president makes it very unpleasant for companies who do this to Americans. What goes around comes around and you get what you pay for!  Let's see how long the clients stick around with the quality issues you will soon be faced with. I am very disappointed because I thought I was a valued employee... silly me! 

It's a sad situation...
Most of us expect not to be given raises...but I think that should change. It makes no sense to be at a company 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on years and never be given a raise. It doesn't happen in other professions, does it?
Never had that situation, but I was only

assigned 1 account and was told that if I needed to add to it to let them know.  I've only been with less than a year, but when I interviewed, they went over the account in pretty good detail with me.  So I kinda knew what I would be working on before I accepted the position.

Are you with MDI currently and are having a problem or just looking?

When I went through the same situation with
I called the bank with the paycheck account number and asked if a check for my estimated amount was covered. When I found it wasn't, I figured out the check wasn't simply lost in the mail and confronted the MTSO, who fessed up that things were temporarily tight. I quit immediately and stayed in contact daily until I got my wages. I do not give the benefit of the doubt anymore.
My situation
I do both ASR and transcription and never run out of work. I have two accounts, acute care. I'm not sure about the radiology side of things. I used to run out of work until I volunteered to do ASR, which keeps me busy when transcription is low. I never run out of work now.
I did run out of work off and on awhile back, as we will in this biz. I have several accounts (by request) and am almost never out of work. Lately very busy in fact. Yes, they have been very good about accommodating me. IMO it is a great company. Have been there a couple years now. Biggest drawback is feeling the need to work on days off if acct is busy. As they've said, if everyone for that acct put in 1-2 hours at those times, it would solve the client needs. Unfortunately, not everyone is so conscientious. good luck.
I had same situation

I applied to several companies.  A couple got me all excited but then blew me off after paying closer attention to my resume and how long I had been out of the field.  I applied with Focus and got hired there but never actually started because my former employer from many yrs ago finally got back to me and offered me a job (after testing since even they were skeptical even though I was a great MT back then).  Apply for everything you can and test for anyone who offers you the chance.  If you are interested in working for local doctors instead of a national company you could compile a list of who is in your town and start contacting each of them. 

Good luck.  You will find something.  Try not to get too discouraged. 

this is exactly how the situation is with VR...sm
good VR system + good dictator + good audio = happy VR-MTs

bad VR sytem + bad dictator + bad audio = miserably feeling VR-MTs

and all the variations in between.....
Yes, I had the same situation ...sm
I was hired a couple of months ago and excited to be working on DocQScribe again, but just 1 week into it the work started disappearing. I'd get in a half day or if I was lucky 3/4 of a day's shift and then no work. I was full time and only getting about 3-4 hours of work per day at the most. I finally had to leave due to the lack of work.
Sad situation
Boy are they gonna be in a world of crap when the new accounts come on and by then at least 1/3 of their MTs have left.
OT situation

They did lay off lots of people recently and are now hiring like crazy.  Even crazy MTs are coming back who have left (or are the one's who were laid off, hmmm, curious).  It seems that some at Ampion have little work while other specific accounts have too much work and are constantly being required to work OT almost every single day with the remarks from the MTSO that this is mandatory with no exceptions.  We do have a life besides Amphion, or at least I used to think so!

Same situation here
My account has more than enough work and I'm also on a VR program. I've no problem making about double the required lines every day and could do even more if I didn't take breaks to read these boards, lol!

I'm sorry for those whose accounts don't have sufficient work, but that's not the case with my account.

(And, let me beat the naysayers to the point - I am neither management nor a cheerleader, just a fortunate MT with plenty of work on my account).

Yes, that's a bad situation....

It is never acceptable to allow mistakes to be made solely based on the fact that you (general you) want to make more money/not lose money.  This is a constant problem with the production environment... MTs rushing through because they think they need to make X, meanwhile compromising quality.  If you ask how many here proofread their reports before sending, you will find that most do not.  Are we paid enough to proofread and slow down for quality?  I think most probably are not.  So, ultimately, the problem begins with the facility being cheap and ends with the MT who accepts that cheapness.  In this situation, I think the best solution would be not docking their pay, but maybe offer 3 warnings.  After the third warning, they are terminated.  But leave out the docking pay part.

I don't know your situation
But I have some accounts on ISR but others aren't. I have no idea how fast I will be on the new platform or how many reports on any given day I will get that are ISR. There really isn't a way for me to calculate how much I will gain or lose. I'm just wondering how you can calculate that (seriously, not sarcastically). If I stay at the same percentage (roughly) and only increase my LPH by 31 (or so)I will make the same amount. Last year when the bonus came out, I really made a huge effort and was able to increase my LPH by quite a bit. I have many tricks using AHK and Instant Text and would love to help those struggling, as do many other MTs. We share a lot of shortcuts. I hope you can find a way to make up the difference. There are many creative ideas out there.
newbie in this situation
I think I am going to take the other job. I hate to do this, but the other job is also very flexible and a good company so I hear. Also, the other company is IC. I am just so discouraged, I am been working for an hour and a half on a very difficult, long OP report, but I guess I should be glad I got a job to do at the moment.
English. We cant help MQ got themselves into the situation they are in. They did it all alone.

Similar situation here..
That gal has some serious issues. I agree with you to each his or her own. Maybe you have to have something in common with her...i don't know. Just glad i found an editor position elsewhere.
A situation of give and take ..
What a great few posts from recruiters.  I share information and I also tell MTs who may not be a good fit for us about other places where I know and feel confident they will get a good chance to work.  I am still idealistic enough to think that first and foremost we are a community of people working the same industry and that we share so many commonalities.  I feel awful at times when I have to turn a really nice person away because their skills do not match what I am needing or my company cannot give them benefits or something that they need that is a deal breaker.  I think too that we need to work at being a bit nicer to each other generally. 
Similar situation here
I think I was "hired" at the end of June. Every step of the hiring process took at least a week. I am now still in "training." There doesn't seem to be enough work for me to practice on. I expected to be FT by now. I finished by DQS training the 1st week in August; got a telephone survey yesterday from MQ about DQS training, which really blew my mind. So concerned about the adequacy of the training and yet there's no work. Frankly, I think DQS is a piece of cake and don't know what the big deal is.

If I had quit my old job when I was supposedly hired, I would be SOL right now. I'm tempted to look elsewhere but as a newbie, I don't think I'm going to get a better line rate anywhere else and the benefits seem to be good.
Depends on situation
I am convinced after reading these boards that it is not the company as much as the situation. A good account and good platform seems to be the key. Very hard to compare the actual companies. They all make themselves look good on paper but if you are transcribing crap all day it just doesn't work.

How is the ESL situation at MDI-Fl? Any special
I was in a similar situation with them
They weren't saying resign or be fired but it was getting to that point. I could see it coming. I quit when the threats started. Too much pressure. I am sorry you are going through this too.
Yes, your situation is different than mine. sm
I would hope that your past outstanding work and performance would be what gets you back into the company. If not, then it's their loss. I wonder if you could try to get personal insurance and maybe work as IC for the hospital to prove yourself again? I never could do that. I can't get personal medical insurance, only through the state pool so being employee status is the best for me. It just irks me when employers base your ability to do a job based on whatever illness you have. I'm stubborn, I wouldn't go back to them if their only concern was my disease process. That's just my attitude. My pride is all I have left.
Yes. I had a similar situation SM

I had been trying to get it together to work for them for several weeks, months really.  Lots of emails back and forth.  They really wanted me, but I couldn't work it out for a long time.  Finally we set a date to get set up --- no contact all day from them.  The next day, she contacted me and we set up a definite time for yet the next afternoon --- but, again, I heard nothing from her that day.  I decided at that time that we had dragged each other along for long enough and I would just email her and tell her no thanks after all, which I did.  I really don't know if she is that busy or what, but an email would have been nicue (or getting some else in the office to call) when she wasn't going to come through for set-up.  I just ended up being afraid they would not be dependable for me. 

The lady you are emailing with is probably the owner, and I had talked to her on the phone several times - very nice.  I also read on a post here that she had built the company all herself and that it was a good place to work.  I just decided against it. 

She was happy about the situation? sm
While I realize everyone has the right to their opinion, it seems to me that anyone who is not seriously concerned about off shoring is doing their profession a disservice.  I personally applaud your attitude.  I doubt I would fight so hard in the same situation.  You certainly made me sit up and take notice.  I'm one who is considering not renewing my CMT because of this.  Don't let one person upset you, many of us are with you in this.
I am very upset about this situation
It is very upsetting to me to see what is happening to us and to see how people just seem to be accepting it. I can go on and on about it because I am to the point where I just want to cry - I made a good living at this for years and now when things should be getting better in my life - I have to revert back to years ago and work in a hospital instead of home to make ends meet. This is total injustice.
...old timers. Very sad situation for many of us. nm
I think you have two choices in this situation.

Since you have already discussed this with her and she has not made any changes...you can transcribe 30 minutes of dictation or more - depending on how much time you have - and return the rest, or you can find another MTSO to work for.  You can only do so much .

Hang in there, I had the same situation

It is hard to adjust to new rules, but you will catch on.  Reading over material/samples provided by the part-time employer is a great way to familiarize yourself with their ways of the trade.  Also, do not argue with QA.  Let it go.  If they let you go because of your QA score, then it was not meant to be.  There are plenty of others who would appreciate your intensity to learn.  Do not beat yourself up about it.  If you have a full-time job, then you know that you are worthy.  Keep trying, you are definitely playing it smart.  Never give up what you have until you find what you want. 

we had discussed the situation
We had had a discussion about my mom before the warnings and my supervisor had made the statement that I would not be terminated but that I could possibly be placed back on part-time.  Afterwards the warnings came and I requested a leave with no response.  I wasn't taking it lightly.  I knew my performance was very poor; I just didn't know what to do about it.  Actually I wasn't upset they terminated me it was kind of a relief but the deposit on my equipment hey had no legitimate reason for keeping any part of it.
tell new job where you work and situation, am sure will
How about talk to them? Every situation...
is different. Funny how when the company wants us to adhere to a schedule they are roasted over the coals for not being flexible but when the MTs expect certain things the company is supposed to go out of their way to accommodate them. If most transcriptionists worked in the real outside world they would be surprised at how flexible they would have to be, work when your company needed you, not when you wanted to.
I'm in a similar situation
About 3 weeks ago, we were offered a bonus for doing extra lines on a certain account, and I did this, but I have not received my bonus. I feel very weird about asking where my bonus is as it has been 3 weeks, but I guess I will have to if I want to know what is going on!
It depends on your $$ situation - sm

One year around the holidays I worked at higher-end national retailer, on a commission basis, to supplement my MT work.  I didn't want to get another MT job just for that to be slow, too.

I have the same situation you do and I, too, notify -
out of courtesy. Like you, I don't HAVE to, but I do out of respect not only for my MTSO but for the acount and the patients - all of which I do not want to lose. It's not all about what I want.

I understand exactly where you are coming from.

current situation
They use more than one platform for work. They just lost MULTIPLE accounts and there is not enough work to go around.
I ran into the same situation when I worked there--sm
I worked in Radiology on 3 accounts and still ran out of work pretty much every night--frustrating!
Special situation

Hey guys,

I got kind of a special situation and was curious if anyone had any suggestions.  I am living abroad for 6 months and then will be returning back to my house in the US.  When we came abroad I was working for a company and then started with another company a short time ago.  I like them a lot, but they are mostly VR and I can't stand it and make no money doing it, so I was out looking for another company.  I am a US citizen and pay US taxes, but I am having trouble finding a decent company to work for.  I know some people do this job and are military wives stationed all over, so I thought maybe someone would have an idea of a great company hiring at the moment?  I am fresh out of ideas.  I have several that will gobble me up gladly when we get back to the US, but I need to work while we are away.  I can stay where I am, but I am not really making any money and went part time due to the VR editing mess.  Anyone know of any solutions? 

Thanks in advance!! 

I was in a similar situation...sm

I think you made a great choice by asking and receiving more work, and I really hope that helps you.  I had tried to stay loyal to my company for years, but with so many changes and pay cuts I finally had enough, and decided it was time to go look for some different poo to tolerate, because every job has it, just depends on you about how much and what you want to put up with.  I looked through the archives here, looked on the company board, and then just started jumping on to different company sites and testing.  I received several offers after testing, which btw is not nearly as hard as I had feared after being in the same job for several years.  I found and accepted a better job that pays more, and I actually feel appreciated again.  I do know there are a lot of companies looking for 2nd and 3rd shift, and I did compromise on my hours and days, I am going from a M-F to a S-T shift, that should tell you something.  

Sometimes it just takes a little help from others to boost your confidence.  Some people sugar coat, some people vinegar coat, it all boils down to the same thing though.  See how the new account and work goes, and if you find you are still not happy, just start looking somewhere else.  Sometimes it just takes a different picture to make you happy.  Just don't be afraid to try.  You don't have to quit your current job to do it, use your slow time to train for the new job if that is the route you want to go. 

Even the mean people are feeling the crunch of this time of year, no matter how much they want you to believe they are not affected, that is bologna.  It is very well known it slows down this time of year.  Maybe that is why they are so mean.  Us nice sunshiny people probably do make them ill with all of our life is wonderful, LA te da, look on the bright side attitudes.  That is again a choice, you can either find something to be happy about or you can find something to be hateful about.  It is not right or wrong, it is people. 

So everybody quit bashing, and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or whatever is your special holiday!