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Wow...sounds like a good place to work.

Posted By: Original little mt on 2008-03-20
In Reply to: I think I work where you do, SM - MTMT

Sounds like they made it worthwhile.

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It sounds like a good place to work..
which is why they are at the top of my very short list.  I also am a long-time MQer and the thought of leaving is a little depressing, but it has gotten to the point where I have no choice.  p.s.  Glad to hear you were treated well, and that everyone is doing okay.  : )
Thank you so very much. Need to leave Mq and this sounds like a good place to go, thank you again!
Sounds like we work for the same place...sm
Same thing is happening to me.  I have worked 50 hours a week for the past 2 months just to get my lines in.  When I turn in my time sheet, I put down that I worked 100 hours in 2 weeks.  I got an e-mail from my company stating to please only put 80 hours down.  Now, this seems totally illegal to me!!!  They should not get away with this but what can I do?  I need to pay my bills.
Sounds like you work at a great place
That seems like a much more reasonable line rate for VR, 0.065 - correct.  A lot better than the 0.03 0 0.045 that most offer.  Would it be okay to ask who you work for? 
Sounds like the place I used to work for. The one with crappy program?
QT is not a good place to work IMO
Not a good place to work. sm
They screw you over and don't pay very well.  I would stay clear of them!!!!
Look, I think TT is probably a very good place to work. But
There was a legit question about line-counter software at TT, and they are not addressing it. Of course it makes for paranoia. As someone pointed out elsewhere, it's a business, not a social club. Nice is, well, nice, but my lines have been cut to death over the last few years, and, yes at this point I'd want an accounting, too. I don't even think TT is truly trying to rip anyone off, but it does seem like a bad PR and business practice. If the lines are calculated correctly, why not fix it so it's transparent and it's a win/win for everyone?

It IS bringing back some bad memories from the Q, when things were really exploding with some very serious, valid issues and posters were belittled when they tried to point them out. It is an awful thing to be invalidated by your peers.

There are some at TT who seem like they ARE being very petty and need a reality check, and there are some who seem that they have been so wounded elsewhere that they would forgive any MTSO anything just so someone will be nice to them. Like any service (and any forum), there will be nay-sayers and there will be cheerleaders, and the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

I think KS is still a good place to work. They

have 4 different platforms that I know of.  I think how much you like an account depends on what you worked on before coming to KS, how bad the company was you came from, what your expectations are of the company/account, etc.  If you came from SPI, MQ, or OSi (where things seem to be horrendous based on posts) then KS is probably the best place in the world.

While it isn't the place I think I'll end my career, I would still recommend them. 

good place to work
I am an IC and have worked for them for about 4 years. It was much better when it was MDI. They were much nicer and easy to work for. Now it seems money is the main objective (theirs). They always pay on time and live up to their part of the bargain as far as I know. The IC's are treated like step-children or worse now. We used to at least get a Christmas card, but no more. Nada. Hope this helps someone make up his/her mind. There are probably none much better.
good place to work?
pay, benes, etc?
Deventure is not a good place to work
QED pays weekly. Not a great place to work though; neither is Deventure.
Amphion just seemed like a good place to work
I don't like to job hop and between the 2 Amphion seemed better but I have misgivings now and afraid I will be let go. Do they let people go if they don't meet the line requirements?
DTS is not a good place to work. Very unorganized. sm
They have offices in Nashville and Carlsbad, I know. I was all hyped to work for them but it was such a disappointment. They kept losing my paperwork and were adamant about your hours worked. The recruiter was horrible, but now they have the former SPI recruiter, so who knows? The manager was ridiculous. Not far, very nasty tempered.
Very good place to work. When I worked there
I was paid $0.10 Canadian per line with spaces.  That was before the US dollar went below the Canadian dollar.  I think they hire mostly US MT's as there aren't enough in Canada.  I think you can also get employee status there.  Great bunch of people.  I would highly recommend them.
Is Proveros a good place to work?

Does anybody think this is a good company to work for?  Are they worth putting in a long term investment of time?  Do they pay fair and on time?  Good/bad accounts, run out of work?  I was just wondering if anyone had any information and//or thoughts to share. 

Seems a pretty good place to work. SM
I do sometimes run out of work. So far, I only have 2 accts, but it seems when my primary is out, so is my secondary, so I'll be trying to pick up more accts. Compared to my past work, I do not find that they have high ESL, pretty normal. I am a level 4. I think they may have 5 levels. Pay seems okay, even better than most. Good luck.
Any suggestions for a good place to work?
Does anyone have any suggestions concerning a good place to work for a Transcriptionist with 13 years of experience?  This is my 4th day out of work this week - my company is now outsourcing to India, and USA-based transcriptionists are apparently being forced out by attrition.  Any suggestions appreciated - thanks in advance.
Agreed. It's a good place to work. nm
Webmedx is a good place to work and has PT as well as FT. sm
Good luck in your search.
MDI is a good place to work. Depending on what account you get.... see msg
Some accounts are slightly overstaffed and there is less work but I know other accounts are swamped. Their benefits are comparable to other companies. Line count is reasonable and I like working there. The staff is really nice. Just like every company, what works for someone else may not work for you etc.. so go with your best judgement. They have been good to me so that is all I can speak for. Can I ask who else has offered you a job??
Dean Clinic - Not a good place to work. sm
The department supervisor treats employees like dirt, unless you jump the minute she screams or threatens you. They are making things extremely difficult for the long-time people so they quit, and don't have to pay benefits.  Quite a few already have since the first of the year. Anyone thinking about going in there had better turn and run fast, no matter what you may be promised. It's not a good place to work.

Posts from the last 2 yrs said not a good place to work. Lots of MTs
Well, I HOPE they're a good place to work...
... since I worked for TRS and thus got acquired by Transcend when TRS did.

Interestingly... when I was job-hunting about 7 months ago, I basically read every entry in the MT Companies section of another forum (M T Chat)looking for companies that got good reviews. Because it got very good reviews there, Transcend was the second-to-last company I applied to, just before TRS. At that time, Transcend was only testing for acute care (my 36 years of clinical in multiple specialties wasn't good enough, I guess) so they told me no thanks. And now they've got me anyway.

I am still reserving judgment because the merger only happened 2 weeks ago; and I am still working on my same accounts, under the same supervisors, on the same platform, so there have been no visible changes as yet....
I saw they were hiring but there is no way I'd work for them. Their ad sure sounds good with shif
differential and good pay etc.. but it means nothing if they dont pay their people and you had to fight to get it. No thanks.
Sounds like a place out of Jax FL with..sm
same initials as a beloved service here on this board.
Thanks for the advice. The idea of clinic work sounds good, but I do feel comfortable with acute ...
care. I have a lot of experience with operative notes, DS, consults, radiology etc.. but I am not that thrilled with ESLs. It is just harder to make money on them. I think I will look into clinic work. It was only the lack of work that was bothering me about these companies and mismanaging the accounts they did have, broken promises, and just getting the runaround.. over everything from benefits to work.
Sounds like a great place, but I wish they
straightened out that I have been reading about here for months and offer some PTO the first year. Everybody needs at least a day or two for illness, child illness, or just some R and R within a year's time. Also wish they hired part time to start out. Oh well, maybe someday as it does sound like a good place to try out.
This RC place sounds like a scam.
That is why resumes and references should be checked and verified.  Hiring inexperienced MTs is not an excuse to pay low.  5 cpl is a rip-off and RC knows it.  Good luck to those who want to work for that low rate, but these kinds of MTSOs bring the rate down for everyone.  Furthermore, usually an MTSO representative does not go on this message board, posting defending the company, no matter how big or how small.  They have better things to do.
Sounds like a place to keep in my file (sm)
I really just wondered how Keystrokes got my e-mail, and it finally occurred to me it would be AHDI. It was a nice ad, no doubt about it. Maybe when I am in the market I'll give them a call.

Never worked for that place, but sounds like old MTSO
Not a good place

I had a 30-second interview and was told my team leader would be contacting me.  He never did.  It took me DAYS to get somebody to send me the account specifics, samples, etc., and it was never management who did it, it was a lady I met on here who faxed me what she had.   They throw you in there head first without the information you need.  They promise bonuses if you don't take a day off and make production...well I never ever saw it EVER.  Right before I left they sent out an email saying there would be none for that particular period because they didn't make enough profit.  The account managers get paid based on how many lines we do and if the account stays current, so expect constant emails from them saying how they didn't make anything this pay period and there are bills to pay, etc. 

Insurance:  The one person doing insurance is something else.   You get a big packet in the mail and you have to figure out yourself which you are eligible for, what percentage for life insurance, etc.   If you email him and ask him about anything, he doesn't answer.   I had been there 5 months and still did not have insurance cards for insurance I had been paying for all along.  I had to go to the top person in the company to get him to email me back.  He just doesn't do anything.

QA:  There were 2 on the accounts I worked on.  One was pretty nice and helpful but extremely overworked.  It was actually her who told me what I needed to know regarding account specifics because the first two months I was there, I never so much as got an email from my account manager.  The other one once sent me an email telling me I needed to go back to school and how STUPID the mistakes were and turns out it wasn't even MY report!!!  I called her on it and told her that is NOT the way to talk to people, especially new hires who have no information to start with.  She was just on a huge power trip and talked to people like dogs.  Had I been the actual person she meant to email and talked to like that, I would have been gone right then and there.

PLATFORM:  It's okay when it works.  When tech support, and I use that term loosely, installed it on my computer, he wiped out my Stedman's that was associated with my MSWord.  Years of adding gone!!  You don't get paid for what you have to fill in on the header page.  It froze up a lot and sometimes would get stuck on all caps.  It was very very slow.  I had to highlight and copy every single report because 2 out of 3 times, it would freeze and I would lose it and the backup retrieval feature didn't work. 

The accounts were very good, best I've had, but a combination of the management, system, etc., just wasn't worth the trouble.   They would tell us the profit margin was low and then send out an email with pictures of them partying somewhere, patting themselves on the back for the work their MTs do.  You never got a thank you for anything.  A bunch of the management members are married and/or related to each other which would be fine if anybody had experience.  Our account was assigned a 21-year-old manager who had never done this type of work before.  I don't think you should manage people if you can't do the work yourself.  I would send her mistakes in the automatic templates, doctors list, etc., and she had no clue what to do with it. 

Getting the required lines was difficult for some reason.  At other jobs I would do a minimum of 1500-1800 per day and with this system, I was lucky to get 900.  I know the system freezing up was part of it, but on the rare occasion when it worked, it was still very difficult.  

They constantly call you to help with this account or that account, which is okay if it's within your time frame to work.  I would get calls an hour before shift start from the secondary account person saying are you working today?   I never missed a single day while I was there and always worked OT, so there was no reason for this and I found it quite annoying.



good place to try

DRC in California. Never heard a bad word about them. Pay is decent, not exceptional. Good benefits.


good place
i've not been there too long but am very very happy -- decent platform, decent work, great people, direct deposit on time, flexible work window, work on a line committment rather than an 8-hr day.
InterPro is really not a good place to go! sm
I've been there and the company is just too disorgnaized, and it will never get any better "because" of the poor management and because they are out to make a quick buck by sending mostly all work to India or wherever else they can get cheap labor. I can really understand sending a small portion over there but these companies that thrive off India really have very poor quality, want reports done too quickly, and it's really just not a good business. I dont' really think that InterPro will carry on too long.
It's a good place for experience, IMO
But not for $$ or benefits. They do hire a lot of newbies and they don't hassle you if you haven't reached your goals (unlike other companies I have read about).

However, I do think it is somewhat of a sink or swim situation. Not a lot of handholding here, if that's what you need. I don't even know if they do any clinics. I have all acute care, almost all ESL, and lots of ops. I personally don't find the audio on my accounts to be bad; it's usually the dictators and background noise that are bad. By comparison, I did 3 months for MQ simultaneously, and while the dictators were better, the audio was crap and you couldn't use your own wav player. I was doing stinky derm and ENT clinics - yuk - and when they finally put me on acute care, I never got the same dictator twice.

SS has started to provide a breakdown by job of line counts, which is a good thing. Constant changes in supervisory/management personnel. In summary, if you can do without the $$ and benefits and can jump in with both feet, SS is a good place to get experience.
They are a good place to start. Yes there are a lot
of ESLs, but everyone needs to learn to do them.  They have a mentoring program.  You can also have a more experienced MT available to you for questions.  It is hard to get a job with no experience, so I would definitely at least give it a try.
Good place if you are a mentee
OSI is not a good place to work if you are experienced because you will likely have more experience than your supervisors, not a good thing. Very unqualified, disorganized and condescending.
Transcend is a good place...
I always try to post this:  The recruiter is excellent.  She's awesome...  The equipment came fast.  I had a death in the family during training.  They totally understood and was going to hire me back, but the need they had were different than the days I could commit to, but I highly recommend Transcend.  They even started me higher than any other company I had contact with at that time.  This was about 3 years ago. 
As long as you don't need benefits, good place.
Totally agree. Not a good place to be right now. nm
MQ a good place to begin an MT career? I disagree.

I was relatively new to the MT world when I began working at MQ.  I recall it as an experience that almost caused me to totally QUIT the MT profession.  For one thing, the majority of dictators were horrendous.  Add to that the fact that communication with supervisors, QA, etc., was almost nil.  Then, I learned about the MT questions person, but I quickly became embarrassed and was afraid that he/she would get tired of me.  Working at MQ was definitely a learning experience, but it is my opinion that it harmed me more than helping me.  For one thing, I do not enjoy the experience of hypertension and migraine headaches, and I am sure that I would not enjoy the experience of a CVA.  Obviously, I do not work for MQ any longer. 

As it has already happened twice, I won't be surprised if I again receive a telephone call in which I am invited to reapply and work there again.  The first time that they called, I told them to take my name off their list, or put my name on their DO NOT CALL list.  But, they might call again.  For this reason, I have placed my old trumpet next to the phone.  A good blow of the trumpet in the caller's ear will be the only response they get from me.  I understand that pushing the O button on a touch-tone phone will create a similar effect. 



It is a good place to be. Safe. Reliable. Honest.
Once an MT's abilities are proven, MDI is extremely loyal. In return the MT is loyal. The way a mutually beneficial business relationship should be.
Sorry to say, this is generally not a good place for support or info. sm
In fact, it's pretty much a cesspool (no offense to true cesspools worldwide) filled with just enough folks who get their jollies being contrary, rude, deceptive, nasty ... you name it.

There are other boards that require logins and therefore there's less of the anonymous sniping that is seen here.

And, of course, this post will be deleted, while the nasty ones remain.

Very sad.
that place is he** and the owner is the devil. good luck with that.
Good place to start if you have no experience but you wouldn't want to stay there.

Unique experience working with and for the Indians and that's all I can say about that. Just realize that when you say NO.. because of the language barrier to them it means that yes, I will do it. LOL..I was new to the online biz too and they were my first job. In hindsight, YIKES.. but I stayed 7 months and then moved on.

I just started on eScription and it's pretty good. Higher than the last place I was
at. Starting base at 4 cpl, which is 1 cpl higher than I was making at TTS.
Sounds good. Thanks:)
Sounds good
What software do you transcribe in?  How do you send work back and forth? 
Sounds good.
for taking the time to help me.

Sounds good to me
If they can't keep up with the updated info I sent in May, how will they keep up with the latest info?  Is somebody shredding all the files?  I think I'll apply at the hospital 5 miles from home for almost any position they have!