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If you read the posts in the archives you

Posted By: me on 2009-02-10
In Reply to: Ever hear of TransAm? - Sherri

will run as fast as you can.  They are not are reputable company and I'm not even sure they are a transcription company at all, but a front just to rob you blind.  We call them TransScam. 

There are multiple unresolved complaints with the BBB. 

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Read the archives. Many posts, none good. nm
I have posts in the archives, none of which SM

are favorable toward Diskriter, but not for the supposed reasons stated above.  This person is seriously misinformed about Diskriter offshoring at this time.  It is my understanding that a long time ago they offshored to the Caribbean islands but that is not happening any more and all the work is kept here in the U.S. now.

Whoever wrote the "Beware" post is not telling the truth.


There are some posts in archives...sm
If you do a search above, you'll find some posts about them, but all from last year. Some confusion in the posts about whether it's a franchise co. or not, but info about pay, platform, etc.
Read the archives. Hardly a day goes by that

someone asks info on a company that was just discussed the day before.  There are other forums besides this one too where you can get info on companies.  Post your resume on the various job boards.  There are companies that do not post ads but hire from the resumes.   My current position I was hired from my resume and I have been offered a couple of other positions from companies who contacted me from my resume who did not post ads. 

I work for a good company and honestly they are not hiring.  Other MTs do seem to get upset when people will not tell them what company they work for.  I don't believe they are afraid of losing their job to someone else (at least for the most part I don't), but they don't want the company to overhire.  There are many posts on the boards about people not having work for days on end because companies are overhiring. 

All you have to do is read the archives.
Overall it seems that most MTs are very happy.   BTW I am not a TT MT. 
Read through the archives. There have

been posts about them just above every well.  They are an Indian run company. 

Read the archives. I did QA and did not like it.
Read the archives and then RUN.
Why not read the archives?

Several posts in the archives stating this. nt
All that information is in the archives. It may even be 3 or 4 posts

down from where you are asking.  Maybe how many years of experience they have isn't listed, but then there are no guidelines which we are told to follow about posting about a company.   I know I worked for SoftScript and it was horrendous and I didn't have any non-ESL dictators.  Someone else will post about how wonderful a company it is, but all of the Ex-SS have figured out it is probably management because we ALL know better.   I figure there is there are at least a dozen posts and 11 of them are negative then it is a bad company.  I do agree though that a newbie doesn't know there is anything better out there. 

Many times people post read the archives and I'm guilty of that, because a company has been discussed so much and the very same questions asked again and again and again.   I tihnk it is up to us to do our own research, just like the word boards aren't for those too lazy to Google something. 


There are many good posts in archives
They seem to have a good platform and plenty of work.  I just applied myself after looking in the archives and reading the most recent posts.
nm, found several posts in archives saying
it was Magic version. 
see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
They have been discussed a lot lately. Look through old posts and archives.
If you read through the archives you'll see not
much good about this company, especially from people who refused to listen to the issues that others had and went to work for them anyway.  They offshore big time, constant turnover.   I wouldn't consider it.        
They were actually one of the companies I was looking at until I read the archives..it seems
they haven't changed at all with the negative responses this time around.  Thanks for the warnings! 
If you read the archives you should find what you are looking for, although

you won't find much good about them.  

If you read the archives you won't find much

good about them.  They switch you from account to account. They have had management problems for many years.  Their line counting is difficult to figure out and they dock you for lots of things.  They also offshore and are currently training women in Trinidad and somewhere else so you know what that means.   Some of their accounts are teaching hospital and I worked on one of them and the dictation quality was horrendous.  If you're a newbie I doubt they'd put you on it though. 

There are worse companies out there, but I still wouldn't recommend TRS. 


Read the archives. Someone else just asked about
them this week.   They are not a good company. 
Read the archives. Lots there, most of it not
good.   Someone else asked about them this week so scroll through the board. 
Read the archives. Someone asks about them
almost daily. 
You must do a search and read OSI archives

read the archives. also, low work
times outside of the holidays is just plain poor staffing, which can be done so that everyone has enough and the work is kept up. It has been done. Problem is, getting people to do more when there is a slam. No incentives for it? they won't come through. company solution? overhire.
Plenty of bad if you read the archives, but the
fact that they offshore so much is enough to keep me away. 
Read the archives. Doesn't pay much, you
pay expenses and get reimbursed. 
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
Lots of posts in archives stating that it is
a Indian run company.  Supposedly they have a U.S. storefront office in MA.  Turnover is very high, which is why they constantly have ads running.  The only good thing I've ever heard about them is they will hire newbies.  They pretty much have to because an experienced MT would not want to work for them unless they couldn't find a job elsewhere. 
Read the archives, lots of info there.
Read through the archives, horrible company.
The dictators are some of the worst ESLs, sound quality is horrific, the reports are so bad I had to basically retype them, flaky QA, management problems, etc.  
Have read archives, but can any current TRS employees ... SM
share how it is there now, specifically whether the required line counts are doable and if they generally have good accounts - also about the benefits.  Thanks!
I found Medgarde, but read in the archives...
that they don't pay for spaces and make you pay for their platform. Is this still the case?
Might check the archives as I think there were some negative posts a while back. NM


Lots of posts recently in the archives. Horrible
Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near
the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 
Read in the archives that Mediscript (FL) is "bad news" Why?
I read in archives that pay is 65 char wo spaces, is that true?
Read the archives or open your original post and
click on related messages.  
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
AccuStat...any new info? I've read the archives that are a year old...

I've read the archives but would like current info on this comany. Thanks nm
Worst company to work for. Read the archives and you'll
be hard pressed to find anything good about this company. 
Precyse Solutions -- I've read the archives and I'm looking for updated ...
responses. Is there anybody here that's actually happy working for Precyse? Are most folks making decent money there?

Read the archives. Lots of stuff recently. Not good.
Opinions on Focus. Please. I read all archives. Please most recent info. Thanks. NM
Frequent turnover, offshore big time. Read the archives, lots of info on them. nm
s/b...read these posts.

I did not read all the posts but...
11 cpl is still available in some areas if you are working independently...straight for the doctor...especially out west, but then you have to pick up work,deliver, etc., or work 'in house'. My relative in Washington State was getting 14cpl !!! Then again, she was young, blond, and beautiful! Might have gotten a higher cpl just for that!!! hey! facts of life.
read the posts further down re DRC

This makes me sad.  They always stayed under the radar, had stable crew, never a bad post. Hope it is a temporary rough patch. I always thought if the recruiter you talked with had been there for years (versus 3 or 4 days like most) it was a sign of a good company.


You just don't get it. Read posts above and below.
Do you think the T-shirts from China are of better quality than US-made shirts? You just don't understand...
You MUST read TTS posts below under