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If you work for DR they send a form letter to all employees about bonuses.sm

Posted By: Diskriter MT on 2007-12-21
In Reply to: Don't know, don't care, but I thought it was - me

If you work for them and are eligle, they send a form letter out letting everyone know how it was figured.

YEE GADS the old bitty's are out today.

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When I was hired they sent a form letter saying
starting pay was 8 cpl - no exceptions.  They talked raise frequently but never got one, never got paid for OT, never got paid for holidays.  There was a problem a few months ago and pay was late as supposedly they didn't have money to meet total payroll, but I never had a problem with my check. 
Just go to MQ board and read, form your opinion from current employees (nm)
Have an attorney send them a letter with
a copy of your contract. Also, as poster below says, look for a new job.
i would send them a certified letter addressing in it sm
that they are harrassing you, you have asked multiple times, and times you have documented on late night phone calls. request them to remove you immediately and given them 3-days notice from time of signature of acceptance or you will file suit for harrassment.
I would send her a certified letter stating
you would like to know the above, and that if you hear nothing from her within a certain timeframe you will be contacting an attorney (whether you actually do or not).
Send a Demand Letter Certified

with your invoices.  Tell her she has 10 days to pay or you will pursue legal action.

You might also consider taking her to Judge Judy.  They are looking for new & interesting cases, but first of all you have to send out your demand.  Contact the show's website & submit your case.  JJ is an arbitrator though and you will get paid from the proceeds of the show - so the woman that owes you money doesn't really get punished per se, but does get a good dose of public humiliation on nationwide TV!   That way you let other MTs know what a rotten business woman she is.

The show pays your airfare/hotel too.  My daughter took a girl who assaulted her to JJ and she won 5K!  That's why I'm posting anon - can't really discuss specifics until after show airs.

send em this open letter in an email!
I worked 2 weeks at Transcend for 2 weeks, didn't know this is what was being hired to do. I quit when I realized what an absolute mess this was to completely completely reword the ENTIRE report for pennies. What a good deal for THEM. NOT ME!!!!
Employees got a letter. Transcend is always first to come on here and deny
anything that is said that is not true. They are being very quiet about it. I also got one of the letters saying they are using an offshore trial. Do not know what the tie is being the moderator of this board and Transcend is, but sure looks like she does not want to apply the same standards to them that she does for other companies.
How do the Proscript quarterly bonuses work? nm
Are some of their production bonuses tied to the amount of work to QA. I wasnt sure about that. I
think that must be a different bonus.
Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
if they send work to someone who
offshores then quite simply they offshore
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
All I know is that they send work overseas. nm
I just called them. They are in NY but send 100% of the work
out of the country. No thank you.
does not send work offshore
MedScript Services in Florida
Does OSI send work offshore?

If so I won't bother.  TIA

Who is LK -- know TT did send some work to another service, but

but please let me know what you are saying because we TT'ers are very interested in what you are saying to us all -- I just know there is something very wrong with my line count.  I have been doing this too long to not know how many lines I can get.  I cannot put my finger on the problem -- I just know it does fall in my lap. 

This is really disturbing to me.

They do not send work to Focus...sm
or get work from Focus. Please get your facts straight before making up stuff on these boards. If you think you can prove otherwise send me your information.
She's right TT does NOT send work offshore.
Never have and never will.  The day they do is the day I quit because I never have worked for a company that offshored and I never will. 
OSI does send offshore work
do they send escription work to
or just beyondtxt work to india? I have been on escription.. my last paycheck is barely 300 bucks (due tomorrow) as there was NEVER any work on the accounts i had
Yes they do send work to India
I know because they told someone I know who is a facility that they would if they wanted their work sent over there.
MDI does NOT send work overseas.
Do they send work offshore?
Just wondering.
even if they send work overseas...
Please help me find a company to work for that has WORK and pays on time. That is all I ask at this point.
You send the work in using their program, yes. I never ran out of work sm

but I was just working part-time, and this was about a year ago, so things could have changed.  Isabelle and everyone seem so caring, it is hard to believe that they would consistently have MTs without work, but that seems to be a curse of the industry lately.

Good luck to you!

I wonder why they don't send a lot or all of their work to India? That's where a lot of work&
Ditto! Also add that they ignore e-mails you send and send endless IMs!
Yes that is the company MQ uses to send work to India.
Batch receive/send work?
Is there any company out there where you can download work in batches and send back transcribed reports in batches?  I can only get dialup and it is too slow to do 1-3 jobs at a time.  30+ years experience, big 4 and Radiology, Medical and Radiation Oncology.  I am currently employed in hospital radiology department but want to go back home.  Hate this winter driving!!!
Which nationals do not send work out of the country?

Which nationals do not send work out of the country? I need to find another job.


Does anybody work for SmartMed/TSI? When do they send out pay checks? TIA. nm
Keystrokes is and will not send work out of the country. sm
The owners feel strongly about that.
Webmedx does NOT send work to India.
They don't send work to anyone. Period. You can take that to the bank.
Transcend most certainly does send work to India.
And they are proud to have these partners
I really wonder how much cheaper it is to send work overseas. When you
think about it, IC here gets about 4 cpl for VR and about 8 or 9 for straight typing.  Overseas they have to go through a middle man or whoever owns the services and you cant tell me they arent getting a decent cut of the cpl and paying 3 cpl or so to their people.  Just my thoughts.  I bet the cost is very close anymore to what we earn.  I see Delta is bringing its reservation call service back here from India because of all the complaints from US customers. I would expect it is the benefits here for employees that causes a problem costwise for MTs.
They send our American work to the Philippines,
Philippines you would not be allowed to work.  Americans cannot get jobs in the Philippines because they are saving them all for the Filipinos - don't know if we'd want them anyway but that is beside the point.  Doesn't seem fair, does it, that they can take our work away from us and we get nothing in return.
Does Transtech send work to India? nm
Not hiring because they send most their work to India
Wbx doesn't even send work offshore. nm
yes, but I was told as an IC that if work was slow ICs get no work since they are nto employees
I want to know why ICs are still allowed to work when employees aren't getting work!!!
ICs should be the first to get NJA!!!!
Anyone know anything about Cbay at all in Maryland. Do they only send their work to India.
TransHealth does not send work offshore. Hires only US MTs. nm
None of the ones on the Job Seekers board send work outside the country. They
would not be allowed to advertise if they did.
I have no respect for companies that send work overseas
Don't you think we have enough people right here in the US without jobs? Instead of paying a decent wage for an MT, companies get greedy and undercut our workforce of extremely talented and hard working MTs of which a large percentage are single moms.
guess again, i'm inhouse and my sup would rather send out work to the agency
yep, to meet the TAT she will send it out, even if it means no work for the real hospital employees.
Anyone work for Excel Transcription out of IL - send me an e-mail nm