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send em this open letter in an email!

Posted By: . on 2009-02-26
In Reply to: Open letter to MDI and other employers going to VR - so disappointed

I worked 2 weeks at Transcend for 2 weeks, didn't know this is what was being hired to do. I quit when I realized what an absolute mess this was to completely completely reword the ENTIRE report for pennies. What a good deal for THEM. NOT ME!!!!

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open letter

You could not said it any  better.!!!!

open letter to Diskriter

You are having such a horrid time filling those job positions that I am willing to give it a go, but only for 12 cpl. Let me know. Yours very truly.


Open letter to MDI and other employers going to VR

In VR: 

Dear empty eye,


As an empty with plenty years experience comma eye was vary this dress to learn that I will shortly be demoted from an empty to a VR quote Editor unquote making far less money than my training and years of experience deserve period you are comma node out comma counting on technology to eventually fix the bugs in yore VR soft wear period mean while comma you are ????? a viable resource period sum of us wood much rather retire than see our tail ends miss used by working as VR editors period to whom will you turn when this VR idea fails to pan out question mark period paragraph person alley what I have all ways enjoyed a bout transcription work is the actual typing comma the rhythm and flow comma inserting a punk situation mark here comma subtly colorectal sin tax there comma and turning a complete mismatch of a dictation in to a real double report period lets face it comma many doctors are complete idiots period the dictate the rung medications comma or the rite medications at potentially fetal doe sages period they mambo comma wrestle peppers comma talk to colleges comma eat comma bleach into the phone and make other bodily noises while they dictate period even naive English beakers often do not have the first idea of proper sentence structure or grammar period yet comma you expect olive us to clean up a VR mess for half the money we are making now question mark we think not explanation point paragraph so cut costs as you wish comma in one or 2 years when VR comes to our accounts parenthesis or before parenthesis we will have found something else to do comma and the profess shun will be pourer for the lost of all of us period have a nice stay explanation point


MT translation:

Dear MDI,


As an MT with 20 years’ experience, I was very distressed to learn that I will shortly be demoted from an MT to a VR  “editor” making far less money than my training and years of experience deserve.  You are, no doubt, counting on technology to eventually fix the bugs in your VR software.   Meanwhile, you are jeopardizing a valuable resource.  Some of us would much rather retire than see our talents misused by working as VR editors.  To whom will you turn when this VR idea fails to pan out?  Many of us believe it is time to retire or find another line of work. 


Personally, what I have always enjoyed about transcription work is the actual typing, the rhythm and flow, inserting a punctuation mark here, subtly correcting syntax there, and turning a complete mishmash of a dictation into a readable report.  Let’s face it, many doctors are complete idiots.  They dictate the wrong medications, or the right ones at potentially fatal doses.  They mumble, rustle papers, talk to colleagues, eat, belch into the phone and make other bodily noises while they dictate.  Even native English speakers often do not have the first idea of proper sentence structure or grammar.  Yet, you expect all of us to clean up a VR mess for half the money we are making now?  We think not! 


So, cut costs as you wish, in 1 or 2 years when VR comes to our accounts (or before) we will have found something else to do, and the profession will be poorer for the loss of all of us.  Have a nice day!

Have an attorney send them a letter with
a copy of your contract. Also, as poster below says, look for a new job.
I thought it was a no-no to send/open attachments with emails.
i would send them a certified letter addressing in it sm
that they are harrassing you, you have asked multiple times, and times you have documented on late night phone calls. request them to remove you immediately and given them 3-days notice from time of signature of acceptance or you will file suit for harrassment.
I would send her a certified letter stating
you would like to know the above, and that if you hear nothing from her within a certain timeframe you will be contacting an attorney (whether you actually do or not).
Send a Demand Letter Certified

with your invoices.  Tell her she has 10 days to pay or you will pursue legal action.

You might also consider taking her to Judge Judy.  They are looking for new & interesting cases, but first of all you have to send out your demand.  Contact the show's website & submit your case.  JJ is an arbitrator though and you will get paid from the proceeds of the show - so the woman that owes you money doesn't really get punished per se, but does get a good dose of public humiliation on nationwide TV!   That way you let other MTs know what a rotten business woman she is.

The show pays your airfare/hotel too.  My daughter took a girl who assaulted her to JJ and she won 5K!  That's why I'm posting anon - can't really discuss specifics until after show airs.

If you work for DR they send a form letter to all employees about bonuses.sm
If you work for them and are eligle, they send a form letter out letting everyone know how it was figured.

YEE GADS the old bitty's are out today.
MDI owners email, said door open for emails sm.

So did anybody take her invitation to email her?  Curious.  I am not an MDIer but have been following the posts. see original post pasted below.

MDI-MD MT on 2009-07-29

I am hoping that all MTs for MDI got the email sent out this morning by MDI's owner. She is trying to keep us all informed and reassured. I have read posts over the past few weeks that MTs are out of work or really low in work. I, too, have experienced the same thing. Ask for more work in another account or specialty, even if it means going back on QA to cross train into something new. She says the work is abundant so we have to find out where. She also is going to hire 40-50 more MTs for new accounts starting in 30-60 days. Jump in early and see if perhaps you could share in some of these new accounts. I plan to do just that. She says her door is open for emails, so let's email her personally and skip your TL, as they may not know all the details yet. Good luck everyone and hang in there!

I'd resend an email AND a letter via mail (sm)
and follow with a phone call until I received a response.  Also to make sure nothing falls through the cracks so that I'm eligible for rehire.
Prove it to me then. I'm open for discussion. You can email me at admin@mtstars.com


Too easy to be ignored on email. Call repeatedly and sent a registered letter. nm
send me an email
I may know of a place for you
Send an email and ask
someone in the office who does the time sheets.
I always send an email sm
and ask all those questions before testing.  If they don't want to give me that info before hand, they aren't worth it.
I think there are 2? send them email and ask
.Just put you message in the portion where is says Apply Now (or did you see info elsewhere?
It's always best to just send an email and let them know - regardless what day.
If I send you an email to let you know
the person you think you are talking about is NOT me, then would you post on this board you made a mistake? I would be more than willing to do this. I am not an owner, I am not a boss, I guarantee you you do not know me. Want to take me up on this or go ahead with posting false things?
anything you need....send email. NM
I work there, but cannot send an email.
How can I help you
send me a private email
I don't discuss this company on the board and you will find few who do.
Send me an email and I will answer you :) nm
How is this better? I do not want to send my email address to anyone as sm
I end up on some strange lists when I do but I really am interested in Keystrokes. I have heard good things and bad and have weighed it out but this kind of cryptic message intrigues me. I just know that whatever happens, I am happy to go with a company that does not outsource and is very open about being against it. I have been burned by two hospitals and two services with offshore transcription.
To MT at Home - I tried to send you an email
but the delivery failed. Of course, I'm very interested in replying to you, but just do not know how.
Send them an email to ask and see if it comes back. nm
Debbie - please re-send the email
Maybe you should send AA an email informing
One answered below. Otherwise--I'd send an email see msg
asking who they were before I sent a resume.
If you send an email and it is not returned as (sm)
undeliverable, would you kindly pass the email on to me? Mine just came back as undeliverable. Hmmmmm. Feeling not to sure about this place......

Thanks in advance.
Why not send this to her email directly?
I think you should take this to her via email. Its easy enough to create an alternate ID so you would not be identified if you are trying to be anonymous.
Pumpernickel, could you send me an email too.. sm
I am the original poster and would love to hear any other information. Incentives would help and might make my decision to stay or go a bit easier! Thanks.
I could send an email saying how I love VR
I have seen reports of mine transcribed by humans which have errors on them. I am glad to be using VR so still want to send emails?
have tons to share - send me email
acute care or radiology?
Lol ! How in the world are we supposed to know who to send such email to ?

We do not know the account supervisor nor anything!  Strange . . .

We have been told NOT to call the office nor email for the last few days because . . . I did get that email !  Convenient when there is no work, isn't it?

I'd tell 'em, 'From now on, send me ONE email/day -
And I'd turn off the IM if they abused it like that.
I not able to send an email to you, info not available on server.
Send me an email and I will respond. I'm packing up and getting the**** out of Dodge. nm
Find the root file and send by email? ...sm
There should be a directory for it - that's what you will need to send to the tech for conversion. Good luck!
i'd like to know too. i did send an email back before wasting more of my time to see if the work
they email you some voice files to type and send back
Open RadNet first and then open IT. Then the up Arrow and highlight to link, then OK.
Sine you have access to the address book in Outlook just send the email to the entire team?
Ditto! Also add that they ignore e-mails you send and send endless IMs!
if you are open to another
company that hires part-time and pays PTO (with PT), e/m me.
Don't be so down on yourself. When that even better job comes open...sm

you'll be ready.  No biggie, and don't let the meanies get to you.  We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. 

She did say she would call you when the next job came open.  In the meantime, maybe call her back and ask her to make sure she calls your land line as it is the one you use most. 

It won't open for me either.
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
why they keep amherst open
amherst office runs all of the east coast offices. So you are probably safe if you tell HR you want to be managed by the west coast team. I think they are much nices to their MTs
keep your ears open
things are being restructured,it will most likely affect your office.
Still cannot open the files
The people at Type Right mentioned that they use Gear Player and that is what I use and I still cannot open up the files. I called technical support and they could not figure it out either. They said the files were corrupted. Sounds like something strange is going on if the rest of the people cannot open up the files either. I think I better pass on this company!