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If your physician jumped off a bridge...

Posted By: MT on 2009-08-12
In Reply to: Have you heard what physicians are saying? - Are you joking?

would you jump right behind him? The bottom line is that the only person you can control is yourself. If a physician is not performing his job correctly, guess what? He will eventually lose his license. Why do you continue to try and justify punishing patients simply because people do not want to do their jobs correctly? However you spin it, it's still wrong.

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I jumped ship too. (nm)
I jumped ship

glad I did. 

I too jumped on the Transtech bandwagon
I had more work than I knew what to do with, then they hired a lot of people for new accounts which really hurt my accounts until they were settled in but thankfully that has been resolved and I even volunteered for 1 of the new accounts. They have a very small office staff and trying to get questions answered is like pulling hen's teeth. The manager seems to try to do everything herself instead of farming out some of her responsibilities, they are growing so much but their office staff is not growing with them. They are real nice though and I hope we won't have the work shortage we had the past few months. I had more work than I knew what to do with for a year and then nearly zilch.
I think you are right, but if us Americans jumped ship as soon as
it gets rocky, they would sink, but we hang on and on and wait for it to get better and then it doe not!
When Acusis first took over, lots of MTs jumped
see how things went. See if what DI said in that first online conference were going to pan out. I hired on with DRC knowing they didn't offshore, which was one of my criteria for an employer. Would never have hired on to it when it became Acusis.

Originally at that first meeting, they were telling us that after a few changes in software, we'd most likely be making more money. Didn't happen, even though we're now SEVERAL software changes down the road. He said the same about VR, but I just knew THAT couldn't be true.

And now this latest little blip on the radar - the outright lie we were told about pay rates going down. It's just so sad to see what used to be a happy, honest, cohesive little company like DRC being gobbled up and decimated like that.

In future job searches, I still intend to absolutely turn thumbs down on any MTSO that offshores. It's a greedy act that just isn't good for ANYONE in America.
Already jumped...wasn't going to be surprised again. n/m
What are they doing this time? Another pay cut? Sending us out Foley caths and Ensure so we never have to leave our desks? Putting everyone on 3rd shift Thursday thru Monday? Taking our firstborn children hostage until we make our line counts for the pay period?
Did not burn bridge, was well liked.
Thanks for the encouragement!
Bridge Documents

I worked for them off and on for the last 3 years.  They are a very good company to work for.  You commit to how many lines you are going to type each day and what time of day you plan to type them.  In turn, they ask that you do only the lines you have committed to, work during the time that you say you are going to work, and you usually can count on having the work there each day to make your line commitment.  By the same token, they require that you type the lines that you have committed to, log in during the time of day you have committed to, which I think is not unreasonable by any means as they do not overstaff which allows you to have the work you need.

All in all, they do not overstaff, you can count on stable work, they are always available to help you, pay is on time (direct deposit every 2 weeks) - never had a late paycheck, and they treat you like family.  In this industry, that is hard to find.

looking for Old Bridge Medquist address
Does anyone have the address and phone number for the Old Bridge, NJ office of Medquist?
I have a bridge in San Francisco I think you'd be interested in.
If you believe the answers below, I have a bridge to sell you.
VR produces a big mess & it takes a lot of time to correct it all. I'd hate to see an audit on those flying through it at full speed, and I'd hate to be the patient depending on a quality report.
oh my gosh build a bridge and get over it

Yeah you troll. Get back under the bridge.
I have a bridge to sale you? I guess its karma...
Even the long time Cymed recruiter jumped and went to another Nashville company.
i'm totally amazed they are still running but i feel an implosion any day now.
Your reading comprehension is very poor. No wonder you ended up with that bridge - sm

The message is to write to your representative on your own behalf. 

Is anyone familiar with Bridge Documents that has a job posting? Any info would be appreciated. TIA
Your physician
rocks and, unfortunately, is probably a minority in a huge amount of immigrants who come to the US anymore and do not truly become Americans. It was always with immigrants before, like my great grandpa who came from Germany at 35 and recently passed, that they wanted to be Americans and to assimilate into American culture. There is an interesting article this morning in the LA Times that Nashville has a huge immigrant population and that it is somewhat of a problem because people are not assimilating and are not learning English. They are working on passing a law declaring English the official language. I know where I live in Northern CA that I have seen this happen myself. I was at McDonalds one day waiting in line to order and a customer went up to the counter and started ordering in Spanish. The poor girl behind the counter was Indian and told him in English she does not speak Spanish. Where I live, we have a huge population inclusive of Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern people along with Hispanics. It is ridiculous and unnecessary to cater to 1 segment of the population. America's language has always been English and no one ever seemed to have a problem with that before.
Years ago I had this one physician who
in a rage, demanding that we type things exactly like he said it. Ok, Dr. Do What I Say---- he would mess up on his 1, 2, 3 and 4 and so like he said, when he said 1, 4, 3, 2, 9 and so on, that is EXACTLY what I gave him.
Story for you, went to the physician
a a workin on a Saturday, never do that, waited and when he asked why I was there, said well I have a couple of issues and he told me to tell him which more important, he did not have time for the 2. I chose the ribs which were really hurting (costochondritis) and what I did not get to talk with him about was had a breaking out of shingles. Anyone knows that can be really bad if it goes to nerve endings, horrific pain. I no longer see him by my choice.
Can anyone tell me about Physician Transcription Services, LLC?
Can anyone tell me how to change the dictating physician SM

in the gray field on the Spheris TWS screen. For example, if I need to change a dictating physician from a PA to the attending, the field is gray and I can't change those fields. 

Thanks  for the help.

Preferred Physician's Transcription, Inc.
Does anyone reading this post work for, or have you worked for, Preferred Physician's Transcription, Inc., out of Denver, CO, and if so, can you share your thoughts on the company regarding pay, benefits, etc.?
Physician's Choice Transcription

Can anyone provide me with some information on this company? Rate of pay, dictators, what they do and don't pay for, if you run out of work, etc.

Physician's Choice Transcription
Does anyone know anything about their training program?
Actually the physician that asked me to type for

and rearing my children.  I had a phone interview with a company that I found here on stars and when I couldn't make the first attempt due to a problem with the kids, she clearly understood and yes, I did get hired. 

Not all companies and physicians are children haters like you.  Sorry to bust your bubble. 

Not all MTs think their you know what doesn't stink and are very down to earth as well as the people who hire them.   

P/S:  This profession is not looked upon as such a bad thing ya' know.  Who told you that?  Where did you read that?  Furthermore, if this was the case, I don't think there would so many MTSOs out here working from their home offices.  And believe me these MTSOs are a dime a dozen.  Most of them do have children and work from home.  It is not uncommon and they are very professional.

Agree that E&O rests on the physician -
not the transcriptionist. Looked into this many, many years ago, as I thought it was something that I needed. Found out that the liability indeed rests on the shoulders of the physician - who proofs and approves his reports before signing them. Although I feel responsible for the accuracy of every report I transcribe,the bottom line is that it is the physicians responsibility - legally - to ensure that it is !!
When I worked for a physician transcribing
his letters, I was required to same them for 6 months. Would do me and him no good if I deleted the identifying info.
Account versus Physician sm
I think it is more the account itself than the physicians that want the verbatim, Though of course, there are those physicians that actually speak English and want it done thier way, but I think the ones that don't, especially the ESLs, expect us to clean up after them.  Either way, it too, goes against my grain to leave it incorrect and I have a very hard time with it. 
The physician makes the final

We are transcriptionists, not physicians.  We don't make any calls.  We transcribe what we hear, and they read the report and sign off.  It's that simple.  It always has been that simple.

No one here deserves the salary of anything more than what they get or make production wise.

Do you really think these MTSOs are charging a million dollars or what?  They make money by bidding accounts and then sub the work out whether that be by hiring employees or by contracting with an IC. 

I don't know where people come up with this idea that we are the bread and butter of these companies.  We are the worker bees.  Do a good job and you'll make some money.  I make twice as much now working from home than I did hourly with benefits and the benefits were crap.

I can set my own tone.  I transcribe to the best of my ability but by darn it if I can't understand what the dictator says, I leave a blank, and they fill it in.  That's what transcription is about. 

Diane's Physician Support Services

I was wondering if anyone has heard of this company.  It sounds like a nice harmless one, but I have been burned before.  I just really would like a heads up before jumping into something new.

Thanks so much!

Any info on Physician and Professional Services -

Beth Joyner is the owner.  Has anybody ever worked for them, or heard any good or bad comments about them?  Thanks in advance.

I think your physician gave you good advice

These MT schools are still cranking out the MTs as fast as they can (and taking their money).  I am sure they know that there already isn't enough work to go around and no work = no money.  Plus the fact that the MT trainee who could ever hit the ground running and make money right out of the gate is far and few between.

As for the coding, it is pretty obvious that is a huge candidate to be done by EMR and I'm sure it will happen in the not so distant future.  There will probably be someone an R.N.? LPN? EMT? who will do chart reviews to ensure that every possible diagnosis that could get another dime in reimbursement is put in the record.  That would be a few jobs depending on the size of the hospital.  I seriously doubt that these jobs will be offered to former MTs.

Another job opportunity might be that of what used to be called ART (acredited record technician), those people might be allowed to do chart reviews as they have always done it anyway, I even did it myself way back there.  The JCAH (forget what they're called  now) used to offer a study at home course but you had to be affiliated with or work for a hospital in order to have access to the records that were necessary to complete the course.  In some smaller hospitals ARTs (or whatever they are called now) were even heads of the medical record department.  I believe it is also offered as a 2 year course at some community colleges.

Sadly I think that those who have put themselves out for the expense and bother of getting and maintaining CMT credentials are just going to be SOL because I think those credentials and a buck might buy them a cup of coffee.

This is the way I feel and I could be wrong but I don't think so.

Beth Joyner Physician and Professinal Services

I had a horrible experience with this company.  I applied in for part time IC work in February but it was not until April that I rec'd my first very unprofessional email, but I had read nothing bad about the Co, so I came on board.  The first weekend I typed non stop too much work not enough typists.  She was so happy with me that she moved me from .07 cpl to .08 cpl, but nonetheless, the account ended up dropping us for the most part, meaning there was no work.  For nearly 2 weeks there was little or no work.  I had to take another company.  All of the sudden she had tons of work and demanded I do full time.  I responded I could not as I had to take another company, she told me I had to commit to part time hours for her, which I did, but there was no work during this time.  In the middle of all this was my 1 paycheck per month which is supposed to be mailed on the 10th from TX, I did not receive it until the 19th with a postmark of may 13th!  I rec’d countless phone calls and emails most of the email were junk emails and not concerning work.  In June she said that the 20 hours I worked for her that had no work was not enough I had to type 5000 lines a month, shouldn’t be a problem, but there was not work when I could type.  As I do have another account.  In June she sent out an email stating that she was changing pay from .08cpl to a sliding scale, the scale starting at 3000 lines.  I emailed her stated that I did not agree with it, but she was the boss :’) and I would make it work.  I asked her what if I type below 3000 lines, as when I am scheduled to type for her there is NO WORK.  She sent me a nasty email about her being the boss and making the decisions and it didn’t matter if I agreed… anyone typing under 3000 lines in a month was not worth her time.  I emailed her again, now I was upset stating I was joking, hence the :’) and that she still did not answer my question about typing under 3000 lines.  She sent me an email stating that she has tried to help me answer the question and she is done talking about this.  I did not respond.  The next day on my lunch break from my other account I logged on to Beth’s knowing I had to work extra hours to try to get my 3000 lines, when I logged off of her to go back to my other job she sent me yet another nasty email saying:  There is work, example you just logged off there is work.  I responded Example?  I am on my lunch from my other job and typing for you to try to make my 3000 lines.  She responded and said she has had it with my attitude, as of July 1st you will be no longer needed.  I responded are you kidding me you are firing me because I was typing for you on my break?

On July 5th I emailed her and said I will uninstall the program and what else is needed.  She asked why?  I said you fired me.  She asked for the email firing me, I sent it to her.  She responded back to me that she wanted me to continue working.  Against, my better judgment, I continued with her.  July 14th I rec’d my check, it was 27 +/- off.  I sent an email stating My check today was short 27 dollars, please remit payment immediately.  She sent me an email stating that I am not to demand money from her that is not how it works and I need some employee/employer skills.  I responded that I was not her employee, I run a business as an IC and that the statement “please remit payment immediately” is per NYS statute, payment has to be requested immediately and that I meant no disrespect by it; however, I did not appreciate her telling me my attitude would determine if I was paid or not.  She responded back that again I was fired.  Only this time she said that TX law says she can fire an employee after 3 counsels of work or attitude and she felt this was my 3rd.  She went on again to say how my QA was awful for the headings and dates and she was continually it.  I requested she be more specific and asked why didn’t she send me QA reports so I could correct it, she said that she “didn’t have the time”  I responded again she was confused as I was NOT her employee, she did not need a reason to fire me.

All in all even if we consider Beth as being right that my “heading skills and dates” are awful, what kind of a company keeps a typist working for them if the typist is horrible.  What does that say about the company AND what kind of a company doesn’t QA their employees or ICs and let them know in order to make them better MTs.  This company is very disorganized extremely disrespectful of its employees, IC.  I have emailed others who have had terrible experiences as well.


I would suggest run the other way, otherwise DO NOT have any personal emails with her in asking questions, be prepared for many phone calls, tons of junk mail and no feedback.

Info regarding Diane's physician suport service--sm

Any info on them would be greatly appreciated.  The good, bad and the ugly.  If you prefer to email that would fine.  Thanks.

Yes, jumped from account to account
Constantly rude office staff (especially payroll who often made mistakes).  Poor technical assistance.  Poor support on accounts.  Very slow to reply to problems.  Like to lay the blame for problems on an account with the MT instead of poor training and support by the office.