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In debt and all bills being paid!

Posted By: DSG happy on 2007-11-09
In Reply to: Well, crap. I was just recently hired - eaw

I have worked for over 3 years with DSG and have always made the money I need to survive with extra $ left over. I quit multiple jobs to work with DSG full time and make more now that I ever did, working less hours!

Welcome to the DSG team!!

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But, have you always been paid, and in time for bills
Are they dependable, and good income, really need to know. If the paper check is dependable, that would be okay, but really need to know specifics on reliability of pay, company, etc. Thanks again.
Got all bills paid but did not close down accts because
I knew, like you, this could ding your credit reports.
Being paid by production is a slap in the face of quality. Bills due
determine the work ethics, from what I have witnessed. For an MT who has to come up with the money to live and the work available limited, there is a race to grab the best work, produce it as fast as possible and get on to the next job (which one may cherry pick simply because, well, they need the cash and have only so many hours to work, a limited amount of work available to them and, one might conclude, why not grab the easier work). It sucks. If there were ample work available to give the 8 hr a day MT her/him line count and provide her/him with a salary that one could live on modestly with a fair share of the good/bad, it would certainly make our days much more pleasant and then, quality would improve.
It's called bills, bills, bills.

Have kids, work early mornings and evenings on the weekends and still get to spend time with them.  During the week early mornings, 5 hours while they are in school, then again after they are in bed.  You do what you have to in this economy - and really at all times.  Never did work 9-5 on M-F. 

This is healthcare. Most of us work with hospital accounts and the hospitals are open 24/7.  Shifts at the hospital are 7-3:30, 3 - 11:30, 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  Don't see very many 9-5 M-F shifts there, do ya? 

im going into debt and trust me, not much food on the table now. cant believe they would hire 32 new MT's and leave the ones who have been here 4+ years broke
Employers also like to know how far in debt you are
them!  There goes your negotiating!  If you're desperate they'll dangle any crummy old carrot in front of your nose.
Personally, I would not go into debt for a new car sm
just to get a bonus from a company. It does not make any sense to me at all.
I hear ya....we have no debt but our house...
and the gov't, to reward us for our hard work and effort that is supposed to be the American way, has decided that we should give them a bit more of our money tomorrow also. So I will grit my teeth and write the check.
Well, that won't help my credit card debt.

Yep, me too. Cant pay my bills and sm

I started screening my phone calls because bill collectors are calling now.  Work for a national that overhires with absolutely no work for months now, started a pilot program sending work to India, and only pays 1/2 the regular line rate for crummy VR editing.

That's how much all my bills are behind thanks to offshore

entities scooping my last job. But hey, attorneys make loads of moolah. Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to defend or provide services. I'd rather be poor.

All well and good if you don't have bills to pay
Hourly QA isn't that easy to find anymore.

Honestly if I were in the position of being changed to line rate, I'd figure what I needed to proof per hour to make my current rate, and do it. And you're right, the quality would suffer, and it would be what the company deserved. But I'd be doggoned if I'd take the hit in my own wallet; I'd do the best I could within those parameters.
Paying bills have nothing to do with it...
If you disagreed with what the poster was saying about productivity versus quality, and, at the same time claim 100%, you should show it. How can you state a strong opinion like yours, but still do what others do, like, gee, I don't know, make mistakes?
loyalty won't pay your bills
Are you going to pay my bills while strike is on?
will you share my bills too?
Phone Bills

Well just quit ATT for phone and internet went back to cable and started using MagicJack which supposedly is $20.00 per year for longdistance and local along with free 911.  Been on the MagicJack for about three weeks, hopefully this will be cheaper and if I get another job somewhere I can use this without having to have a land line

Obviously they don't have bills to pay. Insane.

I am able to pay my bills as have money in the bank but
I really would like to be able to get the check when it is due. Direct deposit and just checked, still not there. I love my job and really make a decent salary as opposed to some who are not but gosh, looks like we could get when we are supposed to. It is not like we are not paid, just not on the date we are told.
Unemployment line for me . . . can't pay bills off of air . . . n/m
5 years there, pays the bills

Seems to depend on who you talk to.  I have been with Edix/Spheris for 5 years now, no real problems other than a couple of supervisors that weren't very nice, but I went off those accounts and everything is fine.  Our medical insurance has gone from pretty good to flat out crap and I think a lot of people have left because of it, but as far as the company they aren't that bad.  They always pay on time, I have never had trouble taking vacation or time off.  I would recommend them if you have another source for insurance. And let me reassure you, I am just a MT, not in management, not in recruiting.

45 days is too long, your bills are due every
30 days.
Glad YOU can pay bills. The rest of us..SM
are struggling big time.  You are weighing the fact that you don't have to pay for daycare and can go on field trips against everything else that's exploitative about this busines (I won't even go into outsourcing, although that's a major problem).  Would you advise your children to become an MT? 
Oh, yes, remember that we MT's get to pay our light bills

air conditioning bill, heating bills, phone bills, provide computer equipment and high speed internet, etc., etc.

The office staff get their utilities bill paid for while they work!  Maybe they should split the office utility bills among themselves and get a feel of what it is like to be an at-home MT. 

Transtech, I do thank you for my paycheck in order to pay all those bills, but we seem to be so underappreciated and are offered less benefits because we work at home -- as compared to the office staff.  I thank God every day that He has provided for me another year. 

Transtech, please show the number of lines we transcribe on our paycheck stubs so that we have something to compare to and can look at.  This is the first company that I have ever seen that does not show the MT the number of lines on the paycheck stub.  We have been promised that many months ago, but it has never come to fruition with the new payroll company you hired.

Thank you, Transtech office staff, for being the friendly people you are.

So DH pays the BIG bills. What if he were no longer
ALL the bills, on your own, with your salary or any typical MT's salary?
That bears repeating...'Loyalty won't pay your bills."

Such a simple words, but when put together like that they just make so much darned sense.  Head 'em up and move 'em out.  Lots better pasture out there. 


I just recently quit, I just couldnt pay my bills. nm
like how late? when bills/mortgage is past due?
an you gotta pay late fees? Is that what you mean? Boy, I hope you make a lot of money to cover that.
My creditors are just not accepting nice for $$$$ to pay my bills
We continue to get these emails from mgmt about big things in store . . . but we cannot tell you about it now.   This has been going on for a number of months now.  Who is going to benefit from those big things.  We MT's are LOSING money each and every day, but you keep getting the same size paychecks because you are either salaried or hourly employees. 
Bottom line for me is the paycheck. Nice don't pay the bills.
Why should I waste time proofing posts, they don't pay the bills. nm
Can you provide a link where we can read these bills in their entirety?

All I'm finding is H.R. 1653 is a bill that has to do with the inclusion of abstinence teaching in federally funded sex education programs.  And S. 810 has to do with obtaining federal grant money for scientific research.  See below for description and links to these bills.

S. 810

'A bill to establish a laboratory science pilot program at the National Science



H.R. 1653

'To provide for the reduction of adolescent pregnancy, HIV rates, and other sexually transmitted diseases, and for other purposes.



What you need personally to cover your bills should be the deciding factor. And what you MIGHT earn
If emails saying, "You guys make Transtech rock" pays your bills, let me know, because

I have figured out a way to pay my bills with such **old, wornout** words.

Management is rocking alright, because their paychecks are not affected at all with the NO WORK/LOW WORK situation that has been going on now for MONTHS and MONTHS.  That seems so unfair when without the MT's, the mgmt would have no paychecks!!!!!


If emails saying, "You guys make Transtech rock" pays your bills, let me know, because

I have figured out a way to pay my bills with such **old, wornout** words.

Management is rocking alright, because their paychecks are not affected at all with the NO WORK/LOW WORK situation that has been going on now for MONTHS and MONTHS.  That seems so unfair that their high paychecks keep coming in to mgmt -- when without the MT's, the mgmt would have no paychecks!!!!!


Training on the system, not paid, but if you are physically typing reports then you are getting paid
Oh, yea -- PAID, too. Grandmother PAID LEAVE would be a great drawing card to TT !!

Just love that PAID TIME OFF !!

Any company that makes you wait to get paid until they get paid by the client
is not a company you want to get involved with. That's part of being an MTSO, figuring out how to cover your payroll while waiting to get paid. I would stay away!
Is this a live count of lines paid for or same as CTRL I that we do not get paid for ?? nm
Me too.. the outsourced company was paid for and paid me for headers, but OSI does/did not.
I have always paid yearly and have never paid or been assessed a penaltly. nm
Be glad you get paid tomorrow. We are paid on the 1st and the 15th, so sm
since the 1st is on a weekend, we don't get paid until Monday.  It will happen again on the 15th of August …sigh.  It is the only thing I do not like about the company, though, so I guess a few weekends of poverty a year is not too much. 
I have Charter Cable for phone, internet and cable and love it. No worries about big bills. sm
Their service is not great but I have not had to call since I was set up 2 years ago, so it does not bother me. My whole block uses it and we are all very happy!
Lori never paid me and now ETC has not paid my friend.
What is WRONG with these companies?    
Is it still being paid on time if you are paid on the 1st and 15th.....
and if the 15th falls on a Saturday getting paid on the 17th?  My bank is open and posts on Saturday that means I am not being paid on the 15th doesn't?  This has happened a lot lately. 
At least you get paid, I would rather be paid late than not at all. Just my 2 cents.
Yea, at least u got paid. Everyone who worked for TSI is STILL waiting to be paid

I don't understand how Jayne cannot pay us.  We have christmas coming up.  I bet her family has a fantastic Christmas because she is using OUR money to pay for it.  I worked so hard for her and I know the other girls did too.  How insulting that she will not return phone calls or emails or PAY us.  How does she look at herself in the mirror knowing that the MTs who did all the work FOR her did not get paid.  She even sent me an email saying I give you my word HAHAHA her word is nothing, obviously.  Well, I will call the attorney for the THIRD time and see what is going on. 

To the poster, at least you got paid even if it was late.  I sincerely hope you get your last check.

Spaces, paid or not paid. Do you know? sm
I just started with a company and when I asked specifically if I would be paid for spaces, they said yes.  When I started using their program I noticed that the line count for each job did not include spaces.  I checked it with more than one program.  I called them and they said there was a glitch in the program that would be fixed.  It has been almost two months now and that glitch is still not fixed.  My checks do not include spaces either.  No one at the company knows what is up.  I can't believe I am the only one at this company who has deduced that they are not paying for spaces.  So, do you check your line counts to see if spaces are included?  You might be in for a surprise.  Man, I am tired of being burned when I am a reliable and honest IC.  Maybe time to do something else.  Thanks for listening.
You get paid when SHE gets paid from the client...sm
I don't like that at all.
Getting paid
You're absolutely right. Since it is part of our jobs, that means we should be paid for it. I'm in total agreement, we are ending up providing a lot of "freebies" MTSOs need to be aware that transcription involves more than just typing lines; there is "research", and the research part, which is actually bigger than the typing part, is not being compensated AT ALL. And GOOD MTSOs and GOOD MTs recognize that. BAD MTSOs and MTs that are truly "lucky" to be employed don't get it. Frustrating, isn't it?
it did say that we get paid if
DEP goes down (at a reduced rate of course to be found on Qnet or some such place). But no mention of what happens when we RUN OUT OF WORK which will be a daily occurrence when everyone starts sitting 39 hours or 24 hours and holidays. You could at least count on work the week after a holiday, not so anymore I guess.