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Being paid by production is a slap in the face of quality. Bills due

Posted By: Feel like I'm in a rach on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: St. Louis office - MQ Slave

determine the work ethics, from what I have witnessed. For an MT who has to come up with the money to live and the work available limited, there is a race to grab the best work, produce it as fast as possible and get on to the next job (which one may cherry pick simply because, well, they need the cash and have only so many hours to work, a limited amount of work available to them and, one might conclude, why not grab the easier work). It sucks. If there were ample work available to give the 8 hr a day MT her/him line count and provide her/him with a salary that one could live on modestly with a fair share of the good/bad, it would certainly make our days much more pleasant and then, quality would improve.

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production pay is NOT a slap in the face if you are
and a professional. To me, it is an opportunity to make as much money as i feel like pushing for. I don't feel locked-in to a certain amount of a paycheck.
I'm not sure why it's a slap in the face
They want the absolute best, prefer someone who has a CMT, and someone with years of experience dealing with ESL type dictators. In other words, they want an American. I personally don't see it as a slap in the face, but rather a confirmation of what we tell each other on this board every day...no matter how many third world countries they want to offshore the work to, they are nowhere near as good as an American MT, and the fact that Saudi Arabia wants to hire an American rather than someone from India, which is geographically a heckuva lot closer, makes that point.
I think it is a slap in every US MT/QA's face for SPI to be in Vietnam.

I would hope that no one would continue working for this company.  They have lied to their hospitals and my guess is a lot of hospitals would be upset to know their stuff was going to VIETNAM of all places.

Guess we can call their recruiter Hanoi Jane now.

Low is an understatement. Slap in the face is more like it!! nm
Crap, what a slap in the face. nm
what did you see and why is a job advert a slap in the face?...nm
Can't take it as a slap in the face .. TTS sent me an offer letter of 6 cents.-something sm

I have over 30 years of experience.  The sad thing ... companies advertise they want experienced MTs, but are not willing to pay for that experience.  On the other side, the starting out MT can't get a job because they want experience but you can't get experience if no one will give you a job .. kinda like the old Catch 22 I read in high school.

For every MT I wish a wonderful wage with great benefits and all you need ... for MTSOs I wish a happy match with employees that will help you satisfy your clients' needs and make you a profit as well, while you are being fair to the MT too.



In debt and all bills being paid!
I have worked for over 3 years with DSG and have always made the money I need to survive with extra $ left over. I quit multiple jobs to work with DSG full time and make more now that I ever did, working less hours!

Welcome to the DSG team!!
But, have you always been paid, and in time for bills
Are they dependable, and good income, really need to know. If the paper check is dependable, that would be okay, but really need to know specifics on reliability of pay, company, etc. Thanks again.
Got all bills paid but did not close down accts because
I knew, like you, this could ding your credit reports.
I am paid production only. Believe me, SM

I am not taking my time with these documents.  The problem is that even when the system is trained, you have to read EVERY LITTLE WORD and fix really stupid things like the dictator said "are" but the VR typed "were"---that kind of stuff.  It's horrible with things like that.


Yes, but you also get paid for your production..
better than nothing
This person obviously isn't paid production
Which means it's someone from mgmt who gets paid a salary and doesn't have to work much except to do damage control on here.
Their editors are paid by production
which is not ideal for QA. However, DSG was a nice place to work and made a good springboard for bigger, better things.

They're probably paid on production, too,
Too bad that's the standard
M.O. for most companies these days. Quantity over quality.
Hope QA DOES get paid on production - sm

the same as we MTs do.  I'm assuming, of course, that they were previously paid hourly.  Many felt they had to justify their jobs/salaries to the point of nitpicking the MTs to death about trivial things no one reading the report might notice except someone that NEEDED to find fault -- and as more & more was required of the MT as far as quality was concerned, regardless of the garbage dictation -- there was less & less for them to find faut with, which threatened their job security. 

Many of them became so intimidating to the MT, with their just a little feedback for you (also thoughtfully CC'd to everyone in management)... This really should have had a semicolon ... There's an extra period at the end of this sentence, you idiot!  So, now they've shown mgmt that they're really earning their oats. 

I, myself, after 30+ years, will always stand behind the quality of my work, but have gotten so that I'll listen to a bad dictation 10 times, or spend extra time on the thankless task of looking up unspelled MD names ...rather than send it to QA for more than 2-3 blanks ... more often than not, I've gotten the job back without the blanks filled in but an extra e-mail in re. to an omitted hyphen. 

It seems more & more QAs are paid on PRODUCTION ...But with many MTs too intimidated to even send anything to QA ... where's their production IF THEY GET NO WORK GOING TO THEM? Having dug their own graves ... No more hourly $$ , where they were just able to nitpick at their leisure while being paid for their nitpicking time, while the hardworking MTs got hard-earned pennies per line.      

Forum boards VS face-to-face
or on the phone with someone. Here we don't hear tone inflections or see someone's body language, so it's a lot easier to use the keyboard in ways we otherwise would NEVER communicate.

True part of human nature. Take it with grain of salt.
It's called bills, bills, bills.

Have kids, work early mornings and evenings on the weekends and still get to spend time with them.  During the week early mornings, 5 hours while they are in school, then again after they are in bed.  You do what you have to in this economy - and really at all times.  Never did work 9-5 on M-F. 

This is healthcare. Most of us work with hospital accounts and the hospitals are open 24/7.  Shifts at the hospital are 7-3:30, 3 - 11:30, 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  Don't see very many 9-5 M-F shifts there, do ya? 

If someone has the experience, the volume and the quality, whole package, they SHOULD be paid well.
Our employees, at 0.08-0.10 per line make $24-30 per hour. That is not peanuts.
their QA is rude. The office staff will slap you right in the head. don't think about it.
they are all nicey nice until you don't sniff the right way, then WHAMMO
They offshore, sound quality not great, quality
of work coming back from India is bad and they don't pay enough for editing it. 
you spelled quality qualitily maybe that is why you have quality issues.
Sorry, but even spell check misses stuff. You have to at least be able to spell to do this job. Well, you don't have to know English if you are Indian, but us Americans have to spell!
You get what you pay for. Face it. nm
Thanks. Is my face red!!! Duh !! nm

Prune Face! LOL
Saving face
She saw the boards, was furious, trying to gain some lost ground. If you notice the dates you know it was because of the boards. Hush money.
Let's face facts about SS...
While it is not fair to judge anything or anyone on the basis of unmonitored, anonymous blogs, created by a competing company in the industry who seeks only to destroy the competition, I can tell you FIRST HAND how a company like SS does not help itself in any way. As a former executive with the company, I can assure you that the rumors and speculation that goes on this blog is merely touching the tip of the iceberg of information,scandal and hipocrisy. Like a snake, the company is poisonous from the head on back to it's slithering, rattling tail.  Regarding the MT's- most are fairly normal, hard-working folk whom do the work that is expected and get paid on time. A small percentage of the 200+ medical transcriptionists actually substantially exceed standards, and for that they are handsomely rewarded. The issues have always come from a tyrannical VP who plays serious favorites with certain MT's and supervisors, and several piss-poor field supervisors who seem to thrive on power and authority. Add to that a paranoid executive team that is convinced every employee is tealing from them, especially MT's who are not typing eight hours straight! I know some MT's who can do 1800 lines in 5-6 hours, but if you don't work eight hours a day, you're a thief! This mentality trickles down and out to the field, where these extremely under-trained supervisors take it out on their subordinates, supported wholly by their managers. I predict the company will be folded or sold/bought out in two-four years.   
Yep, me too. Cant pay my bills and sm

I started screening my phone calls because bill collectors are calling now.  Work for a national that overhires with absolutely no work for months now, started a pilot program sending work to India, and only pays 1/2 the regular line rate for crummy VR editing.

Oops ... my bad ... wrong MDI ... I'm with MDI-MD. (face red here -ha) nm

Not unless he wanted to see my "oh" face - NM
Ugh, I have typed face lifts before. sm
No way would I want that spoon elevator peeling my face off the muscles and then wrapping my head in gauze. So gross. I'll take the wrinkles any day.
No, they have not. (insert angry face here)

I talked with a few other MTs and nada.  In my mind, this is just a really mean thing to do and there's absolutely no reason for it other than to be plain mean.  The lady who was in charge of this stuff before had them out by January 3rd. 

No end-of-year bonus either or even just a nice card....something that was always appreciated.  Team that up with constant lack of work, a noose that gets tighter and tighter as far as big brother watching, and you have a company that has gone waaaay downhill as far as respect for it's employees goes.

I grovel before you with my face in the cat's litter box.

So, so embarrassing ONCE AGAIN.  Personality number 684 is dissatisfied with being a simple ASSISTANT Swine Rectum Examiner and wishes to be Top Pig, so to speak!  Just ignore that personality.  He is always whining and complaining and then turning to posting nonsense about our dear GP. 

Please pray that my interview goes well tomorrow.  As you can tell, I have quite a bit of experience with rectums!  And if I can convince them of that, I will once again be on my meds and will NEVER DARKEN YOUR MTSTARS DOORSTEPS AGAIN! 

Again, I beg your forgiveness. 

That's how much all my bills are behind thanks to offshore

entities scooping my last job. But hey, attorneys make loads of moolah. Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to defend or provide services. I'd rather be poor.

All well and good if you don't have bills to pay
Hourly QA isn't that easy to find anymore.

Honestly if I were in the position of being changed to line rate, I'd figure what I needed to proof per hour to make my current rate, and do it. And you're right, the quality would suffer, and it would be what the company deserved. But I'd be doggoned if I'd take the hit in my own wallet; I'd do the best I could within those parameters.
Paying bills have nothing to do with it...
If you disagreed with what the poster was saying about productivity versus quality, and, at the same time claim 100%, you should show it. How can you state a strong opinion like yours, but still do what others do, like, gee, I don't know, make mistakes?
loyalty won't pay your bills
Are you going to pay my bills while strike is on?
will you share my bills too?
Phone Bills

Well just quit ATT for phone and internet went back to cable and started using MagicJack which supposedly is $20.00 per year for longdistance and local along with free 911.  Been on the MagicJack for about three weeks, hopefully this will be cheaper and if I get another job somewhere I can use this without having to have a land line

Obviously they don't have bills to pay. Insane.

I can't wait until you fall on your face. The nerve of you sm
to think you are better than someone else. You are pathetic. Nothing will come good out of that statment mark my word.
To save face, quit. Don't think you can collect either way. -nm
I love the cliches, and smiley face. Thanks.
But still may wait on it. May just want to stay IC for now, and will reapply when sure I want a schedule.
and "face-to-face" needs no hyphens in this instance. NM

Brother, read it first before putting out a sad face. nm
Don't see how an MTSO can inspire faith and loyalty in his/her employees by blowing sugar up their collective behinds 1 day & all the while sticking it to them.  Call me sweetie pie, sugar cakes all you want, but don't do it in the same breath as telling us we'd all have to joint a 50% salary cut club, telling us that the low work for MTs is because of the Huge responses we got for our VR takeover and that because these brand-new VR'rs are so very productive all of a sudden -- (Why not chuck the euphimisms and say straight out, There's no work because it's gone to VR - in addition, we had to overhire a bunch of newbies as prophylaxis to a lot of expected resignations - added benefit, we don't have to pay any more bonuses to keep work in TAT - but you guys (you really do rock!) did pester us about low/no work, but will just have to FLEX until November when the new accounts (Ugggh) show up...hope your landlord, grocer, hungry kids are as understanding as you are, sweetie, sugarplumb - You're all the best! 
Oh, my...she's back with her signature red face and nothing contructive to say.
I am able to pay my bills as have money in the bank but
I really would like to be able to get the check when it is due. Direct deposit and just checked, still not there. I love my job and really make a decent salary as opposed to some who are not but gosh, looks like we could get when we are supposed to. It is not like we are not paid, just not on the date we are told.
Unemployment line for me . . . can't pay bills off of air . . . n/m
5 years there, pays the bills

Seems to depend on who you talk to.  I have been with Edix/Spheris for 5 years now, no real problems other than a couple of supervisors that weren't very nice, but I went off those accounts and everything is fine.  Our medical insurance has gone from pretty good to flat out crap and I think a lot of people have left because of it, but as far as the company they aren't that bad.  They always pay on time, I have never had trouble taking vacation or time off.  I would recommend them if you have another source for insurance. And let me reassure you, I am just a MT, not in management, not in recruiting.