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In the past 4 years I have always been paid on time

Posted By: Another BTS MT on 2007-05-14
In Reply to: is Breitner still in the habit of not paying?!? I know there is a lot of bad. nm - Thanks


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In the past year and half, I have always been paid on time. --nm
In recent past they only paid....
about .02 or .025 cpl for the VR and most of it was VR work...and, if you didn't meet certain requirements they would keep half of your pay...at their discretion. All that coupled with being a totally Indian company makes it a bad choice.
In the past, they paid higher rates.
Those days are gone. When I worked there I started at 11 cpl. Soon after friends of mine applied and were hired, and benefits, including shift differentials, CMT bonus, etc., had gone away and pay had gone down. The bucks were there, but you had to hire on at the right time.
Rapid Transcript may have not paid in the past, But
I have never had a problem receiving my pay. I have worked for the company for 8 months now. I have not one time had to complain about not receiving my check. I always get it when it is due. It is not direct deposited, so it is possible for it to be a day earlier or a day later than you expect it sometimes only because it gets sent by mail. Hope this helps.
What I have done for the past 6 years - sm
For the first 4 years as an IC I paid quarterly to state and had hubby take out additional federal from his check.  I now have him take out additional for both, which is far easier for me.  The IRS does not care where it comes from, just that it gets paid.  Not sure if this is an option for you, but it works for me.
Agree, but over the past five or so years, new MTs sm
have been relying on Google and the Internet as their only references. We know how reliable the Internet is(n't)!! The US MTs need to step up to the plate, too!!
I work there now, have for the past 2-1/2 years.
What feedback are you looking for?
I've been happy for the past 2 years
No problems at all for me, and only getting better now with our annual raise (I know it's small, but it is something), holiday pay, more PTO, etc.
just today - you're a little behind - that was for the past 3 years-
and ID thiefs are also overseas - did ya see Dateline this week?  Another point you are missing - we can prosecute those here - try finding somebody in Pakistan right now.
I have been a recruiter for 4 different companies over the past 15 years. sm
This is more common than most realize. For every 20 resumes I receive, only 8 are qualified. Of those 8, only 6 will answer their phone or call back when a voice mail is left. That always amazes me, as why apply if you have no desire to talk to the company? Of those 6, only 4 actually are qualified. You would be surprised how many only want 1st shift, M-F, no weekends, no holidays, no ESL doctors, only internet accounts, only word-based, only op notes, no op notes, only long reports, only short reports, etc. The list goes on and on. We hear about every health ailment, how some are working althought they do not need the money, wish I could say that, about how their husbands do not like them to work when they are home. We hear about how they have to leave for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon because they have to drive their kids to school. Did I mention that they need off every other Wednesday for 3 hours for Cub Scouts and every Thursday for two hours at lunchtime to be lunch mom at the school. Oh, don't forget that they get their hair done every Friday morning from 8 until 10 and they may have to drive their mom to the doctor every Tuesday. I am not exaggerating. They all assure me that they want a lot of volume, but of the 4 that I actually hire, it is even scarier. One may be perfect in terms of volume, quality and actually showing up for work. One will work for an hour and disappear forever. One will beg for work but only take 10 minutes off the system at most. One will have an emergency the first day and never call back, never actually starting.

So to have 100 employees, you need to go through 3000 resumes, hire 500 of them and hope to get 100 good ones.

I was going to work for a large company that gets a few bad and many good posts here but decided that the pressure would be too great. It is hard to find 5 good MTs for a new account. I cannot even begin to think how impossible it would be to find 25 or 30, as they have advertised in the past.

This industry sees a lot of job hoppers. Yes, there are a lot of bad companies out there, but they job hop for no reason it seems, other than someone actually expected them to show up and produce.

I am personally against offshore transcription and will not work for a company that send work out of the U.S. but I know why they turn to other countries to do the work. They have a better work ethic. When they find a good job, they stay with it forever. They appreciate that have a job and food on the table. It is a way of life for them and there are no second chances. They cannot burn their bridges or no one will hire them.

Maybe MTSOs need to have higher standards and hold their employees to them. There are thousands of excellent MTs out there, we just have to weed through so many to get to them that they sometimes get overlooked.

Sorry for ranting, but I really enjoyed the OP's post and it struck a few nerves!!!
I have used it for the past 2 years through another company and love it!! nm
Keystrokes for the past 2 years!! I plan on retiring with them !! nm
I have mde over 60K doing MT for the past 5 years. Why are you so hesitant to post who you work sm
for?  Yes, I think you are a fraud am I am no jealous in the least.  At least I don't have to lie as a part of my daily business.  You still, an no other  recruiter responding, has had the integrity to post their company name.  No surprise.
I have been there awhile. The good posts are because over the past few years sm
they have really worked hard to improve employee relationships and it has worked. There are no problems there anymore. They used to say they were growing pains and we all wondered how long they could say that. Now I am glad I stuck it out because all the old problems (and I mean old being over 2 years or more) are gone. Great company to work for.
I have had a credit report run for the 2 out of 2 MT jobs I have had over the past 10 years - nm
This is not a past-time. This is my sm
profession. Maybe you should look to do something else since this is your past-time. A past-time doesn't usually pay enough to support a person. Most of the time a career does!
Actually, it is not a MQ account. They have gotten dozens of MQ accounts over the past 5 years thou
The account that everyone is referring to is high ESL, very Hispanic, in Texas. It is not bad once you get used to the doctors. It is huge and difficult but not impossible and not bad.

They also have 4 other new accounts in acute care they are hiring for and 2 other excisting accounts that are growing.

With all I see on other companies not having enough work, I am grateful for Keystrokes. They keep growing and improving and were the best move I ever made!
OSi with part time health insurance and paid time off
OSi does offer health insurance and paid time off for part time.  Yes, there have been changes.  Yes, there will probably be more changes.  I don't see anywhere that hasn't had changes.  If they don't change they will be out of business the way the economy is these days, just like some other companies.  If they don't make money, then I don't make money.  So, what is so different with OSi compared to other companies?  I see complaints constantly about all companies.  I don't think it is the fault of the company that they outsource or use voice recognition.  It just is life on life's terms these days.  There is still enough work for us, at least for me. 
Is it still being paid on time if you are paid on the 1st and 15th.....
and if the 15th falls on a Saturday getting paid on the 17th?  My bank is open and posts on Saturday that means I am not being paid on the 15th doesn't?  This has happened a lot lately. 
I work for MDI-MD and have worked part-time for Cobb in the past. sm

It has been about 3 years or so since I worked for Cobb Transcription in Georgia (very nice woman, by the way), so my info may be old, but I'll try to help.

Good dictation quality?

Yes for both MDI-MD and Cobb


Steady work?

MDI:  For the most part, yes.  There have been a few times, but you usually have enough secondary and tertiary accounts to make it through the dry times.

Cobb:  I was doing clinic work -- do not recall any times without work.


What are the work types?

MDI-MD has a few radiology and clinic accounts (I think), but probably the majority of the accounts are acute care.

Cobb may have hospital accounts, but all I did with them was clinic work.

Good platform?

MDI uses Bayscribe -- very easy to use.

Cobb used Word.

Pay rate?

MDI pays better than any other company I have encountered.

Cobb's pay rate is kinda low, as I recall, and it was based on being paid by the character.

Paid for 65 cpl with spaces?

Yes for MDI ... as I mentioned above, Cobb paid by the character.

Do you have a flexible schedule?

Yes to both.  MDI gives you a 24-hour turnaround time to do your work, and I think the same was true with Cobb.

Weekend work mandatory?

MDI:  You are asked to work 2 weekends a month, I think.  I pretty much work every weekend, so not sure about the official rules.

Cobb:  No.

Employee or IC?

MDI:  Statutory employee (they take out FICA, nothing else, so you do not have to pay self-employment tax)

Cobb:  Was IC only


No for both

Low or high volume ESLs?

Probably vaies with the account -- probably average with MDI.

I don't recall any ESLs at Cobb.

Dedicated accounts with the same doctors?

MDI:  You have a primary account and usually a secondary account -- pretty much the same docs.

Cobb:  Yes.

Dialup accepted?

Yes to both, as far as I know.  I have had cable so long, I do not recall.



Good luck with your job search.  Hope this helps.   If you have an offer from MDI, I'd take it -- it is a great place to work!   

Ugh - well I did all my work on time and I expect to be paid on time.

The phone company doesn't wait, the cable company doesn't wait, and the electric company doesn't wait for their money either - all of which I need to pay in order to do my job.  I work when I am supposed to, I help when behind, and give 110%, and I ask for my check to be on time. 

I think if an MTSO is going to have to mail checks they should do so priority to make up for the delay.

I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
Concerned about the low work at WebMedx over the past few weeks. Typical for this time of year?
I've not been through a summer with them before. My main account, which always had plenty of work and occasional overtime, has been low for well over a month now. I have 2 backup accounts that are low as well. In fact, all my STM's accounts are very low volume. In all the years I've transcribed, I've never had this problem in August. It worries me more perhaps since I'm ex-MQ and consistent low work was a signal of a major downhill turn for that company. Thanks.
Nope. I have gotten paid on time every time.
You must be thinking of somewhere else.
what do you think someone with 30 years experience should be paid ?


Many years ago I paid an employment agency a fee (sm)
for what seemed like a great job (non-MT). Two of us were hired for a job that didn't have enough work for even one person! In the meantime, I was making payments to the employment agency each paycheck. The two of us were working hard and doing well (we thought!)

The week before my last payment was due to the employment agency, out of the blue the manager began to find fault with every little thing we did, even if it was what she told us to do the day before.

I got suspicious, and on a day she was absent, found her file cabinet unlocked and took a look through her employee file. (Don't even bother to lecture me - I KNOW it was wrong, but I did it anyway.)

What I found was VERY interesting: It turns out that every few months, this company hired 2 people from this agency. They would keep them only until that employee had made their last payment to the agency, then let them go and hire 2 more. Also, our manager was very good friends with the owner of the employment agency!

Sure enough, a few days after my co-worker & I made our last payment to the agency, we were let go. Talk about a scam! And of course, back then I was too young & naiive to know I had a legal recourse.

LESSON LEARNED: Never, ever, pay anything for a job. Your skill is the asset, and you are selling it to the employer for your wage. (So don't sell yourself cheaply!)
About 1-1/2 years ago, I paid almost $600/month for COBRA. sm

That was for medical, dental, vision, one person.  Hope this helps.  It is tremendously expensive, but it does get you by until you get something else.

Good luck! 

May I ask if not getting paid on TIME
Always paid on time....sm
Nice folks to work for - small agency. When I was with them, they paid weekly (never late). The problem I had was that they would assign new accounts or new doctors to you without notifying you first.
Not paid on time
The only negative I have heard about this company is that they DO NOT pay their MTs on time. MTs are having to BEG for their paycheck, which is not professional at all!
Never - always get paid on time
paid on time
If you want paid on time, health insurance, PTO, good feedback, please come to work for Keystrokes.  I started in January and would not leave to go anywhere else.  The company is hiring now and needs basic 4 MTs.  I'll get off my soapbox now.  Thanks.
Because we don't get paid for down time
they would have to mark the hours as not working and thus not getting paid.
Paid time off
Welcome to the real world!!! If you are low man on the totem pole do NOT expect T-day or Xmas off -- those holidays truly belong to the MTs whom have been with the company for years. You can't even be expected to work outside in the corporate world and have a 2 week paid vacation after a year !
I've worked for Ubiqus for 2 years now and I get paid every two weeks.
I really enjoy the work because it's advisory board meetings, round table discussions, and big conferences of all fields of medicine.  I started with them right after I graduated and I've never done any of the doctor dictation, I like this work better.
I did phone training years ago on the platforrm and was paid 50.00 per call (sm)
The call usually lasted an hour, and was one-on-one.
I work them now..always been paid on time
and the changes that might be coming
I'm the OP..again, I've always been paid on time
I'm wondering about these several accounts going with speech recognition (many accounts that I have worked on), and what that will mean for us in the long-term.
PAID DOWN TIME by Diskriter - sm
Who are they kidding? I have to agree with the above poster, Diskriter does make Medquist look like a wonderful company. IT EVEN MAKES Spheris LOOK GOOD!

By the way, when did Diskriter start hiring PT????
I do not get 3-4 months paid time off
every year. I do work 50 out of 52 weeks.
Paid on time, but not good.
I always got paid on time at Nicholas..sm
I think there were possibly a couple of times where it was 2-3 days late, but she always let us know what was going on ... she's a nice lady to work for, friendly and flexible.

Biggest drawback for me was pay was only 7 cpl at the time (about 4-5 years ago), and there was slight disorganization due to rapid growth. New tech issues, specs, staff changes, etc. Decent dictators, though, and I liked working there. I left due to the pay.

All that being said, I now have my own MT service, and I personally do not agree with paying ICs when an MTSO gets paid. I consider that a business expense like any other, and I allow for and recoup those costs from the clients accordingly. An MTSO's collection issues/methods should not be the IC's problem, IMO. I believe an IC has the right to expect regular payment for services rendered.

If you can accept the payment arrangement knowing there MIGHT be times you'll have to wait, it's a nice place to work, though.
Got paid, but once again not for all my lines. Third time in a row
I have been shorted.  I'm done.
Cindy always paid me on time...
When I was there earlier this summer she paid once a week with a 1-week holdback (so you should get your first check in a couple weeks).

I have worked for her twice...for a while in 2007 and a while in 2008 and never had a problem with pay. In fact, her line counts usually came out higher than mine.

Good luck, I hope you like your job there.
An IC should not expect to be paid on time!
Then, the MTSO should not be expected to get her labor provided either. My goodness! What nerve! Good luck to you in recovering your much-deserved pay!
There is no paid PTO or sick time.
They still have not provided the *'much more to come'* benefits. I have the most sour and unhelpful team lead. Just about any company would be better than Focus.
But, have you always been paid, and in time for bills
Are they dependable, and good income, really need to know. If the paper check is dependable, that would be okay, but really need to know specifics on reliability of pay, company, etc. Thanks again.
Are you paid for your time to look up names, etc? nm
Can you elaborate? Do you get paid on time? Do you have enough work? sm
Are you radiology or acute care? What kind of problems?
How do MTs get paid if it is not on time sheet. Are they just working to keep