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I have used it for the past 2 years through another company and love it!! nm

Posted By: MOMT on 2008-07-15
In Reply to: Keystrokes and DocQScribe sm - wondering


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Why not call them and ask? I've been with them for 2 years and love it. Best company
I have ever worked for.  There is always plenty of work, pay is decent and on time, and best of all I am treated well.  They offer all kinds of bonuses, continuing education pay, vacation pay, reasonable insurance through Aetna, life insurance.  Am I getting rich off this?  No.  Am I paid reasonably well?  Yes.  Would I recommend Transtech?  Absolutely!
Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
What I have done for the past 6 years - sm
For the first 4 years as an IC I paid quarterly to state and had hubby take out additional federal from his check.  I now have him take out additional for both, which is far easier for me.  The IRS does not care where it comes from, just that it gets paid.  Not sure if this is an option for you, but it works for me.
LOVE IT! Been here 2 weeks and am already up to my past production. The office staff are
wonderful, I love my account and am so glad I made this move.
Agree, but over the past five or so years, new MTs sm
have been relying on Google and the Internet as their only references. We know how reliable the Internet is(n't)!! The US MTs need to step up to the plate, too!!
I work there now, have for the past 2-1/2 years.
What feedback are you looking for?
I've been happy for the past 2 years
No problems at all for me, and only getting better now with our annual raise (I know it's small, but it is something), holiday pay, more PTO, etc.
just today - you're a little behind - that was for the past 3 years-
and ID thiefs are also overseas - did ya see Dateline this week?  Another point you are missing - we can prosecute those here - try finding somebody in Pakistan right now.
In the past 4 years I have always been paid on time
I have been a recruiter for 4 different companies over the past 15 years. sm
This is more common than most realize. For every 20 resumes I receive, only 8 are qualified. Of those 8, only 6 will answer their phone or call back when a voice mail is left. That always amazes me, as why apply if you have no desire to talk to the company? Of those 6, only 4 actually are qualified. You would be surprised how many only want 1st shift, M-F, no weekends, no holidays, no ESL doctors, only internet accounts, only word-based, only op notes, no op notes, only long reports, only short reports, etc. The list goes on and on. We hear about every health ailment, how some are working althought they do not need the money, wish I could say that, about how their husbands do not like them to work when they are home. We hear about how they have to leave for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon because they have to drive their kids to school. Did I mention that they need off every other Wednesday for 3 hours for Cub Scouts and every Thursday for two hours at lunchtime to be lunch mom at the school. Oh, don't forget that they get their hair done every Friday morning from 8 until 10 and they may have to drive their mom to the doctor every Tuesday. I am not exaggerating. They all assure me that they want a lot of volume, but of the 4 that I actually hire, it is even scarier. One may be perfect in terms of volume, quality and actually showing up for work. One will work for an hour and disappear forever. One will beg for work but only take 10 minutes off the system at most. One will have an emergency the first day and never call back, never actually starting.

So to have 100 employees, you need to go through 3000 resumes, hire 500 of them and hope to get 100 good ones.

I was going to work for a large company that gets a few bad and many good posts here but decided that the pressure would be too great. It is hard to find 5 good MTs for a new account. I cannot even begin to think how impossible it would be to find 25 or 30, as they have advertised in the past.

This industry sees a lot of job hoppers. Yes, there are a lot of bad companies out there, but they job hop for no reason it seems, other than someone actually expected them to show up and produce.

I am personally against offshore transcription and will not work for a company that send work out of the U.S. but I know why they turn to other countries to do the work. They have a better work ethic. When they find a good job, they stay with it forever. They appreciate that have a job and food on the table. It is a way of life for them and there are no second chances. They cannot burn their bridges or no one will hire them.

Maybe MTSOs need to have higher standards and hold their employees to them. There are thousands of excellent MTs out there, we just have to weed through so many to get to them that they sometimes get overlooked.

Sorry for ranting, but I really enjoyed the OP's post and it struck a few nerves!!!
Keystrokes for the past 2 years!! I plan on retiring with them !! nm
I have mde over 60K doing MT for the past 5 years. Why are you so hesitant to post who you work sm
for?  Yes, I think you are a fraud am I am no jealous in the least.  At least I don't have to lie as a part of my daily business.  You still, an no other  recruiter responding, has had the integrity to post their company name.  No surprise.
I have been there awhile. The good posts are because over the past few years sm
they have really worked hard to improve employee relationships and it has worked. There are no problems there anymore. They used to say they were growing pains and we all wondered how long they could say that. Now I am glad I stuck it out because all the old problems (and I mean old being over 2 years or more) are gone. Great company to work for.
I have had a credit report run for the 2 out of 2 MT jobs I have had over the past 10 years - nm
Actually, it is not a MQ account. They have gotten dozens of MQ accounts over the past 5 years thou
The account that everyone is referring to is high ESL, very Hispanic, in Texas. It is not bad once you get used to the doctors. It is huge and difficult but not impossible and not bad.

They also have 4 other new accounts in acute care they are hiring for and 2 other excisting accounts that are growing.

With all I see on other companies not having enough work, I am grateful for Keystrokes. They keep growing and improving and were the best move I ever made!
Love this company, love my boss, very informative QA.nm.
They are not a Fortune 500 company. They are a past INC 500 company. There is a
HUGE difference.

Just FYI ... the article was in the Rochester Business News. It notes that the person charged with everything was the owner's husband, not Linda herself. It was something that was done at the company that he worked for, not Execuscribe. If their biggest client is going to fill-in reports, I am sure they will bounce back and get something else. I doubt they do not know that it is happening. Any MTSO worth her/his salt keeps an ear to the ground AND has enough contact with their accounts to be up-to-date on changes about to happen, good and bad.

Perhaps you should not be so smug and instead focus your energies on figuring out WHY your customers were able to be taken from you. I hardly doubt that a good business person could be an ex-MTSO because of another service. There is too much work out there.

I applied for a company in the past...sm
and I needed to send my resume via email to his particular contact person. I asked him for his name so I could address the email accordingly. He simply gave me initials as his contact. Duh, I wonder why? (I'm most confident that he had a last name that would be quite suspicious). NOnetheless, I sent the resume, but deleted my phone number and address other than the state, as I had no intention of communicating with this guy ever again. I have many years of experience, and if I apply for a company who I come to find out outsources, I simply place an x by that company name.
I worked for a company in the past that was having

financial problems.  They wanted MTs to quit so they didn't have to pay unemployment and they would give me the worst of the worst.  I refused to quit, they would have to fire me, but when it became clear that my check might not be good for much longer I quit and they were out of business about a month later.

I don't know if they can manipulate TAT times, but I am getting work that is only minutes old.  I know they don't get a lot of work at one time so I don't really think they are hand-picking stuff.  I work my schedule, when there was OT I worked extra every week, my QA scores have never been below 99.8 and I feel like they want to keep me.  I'm not paranoid, but I am frustrated.  On my accounts I know what the situation is, but I wish they would keep us regularly informed about what is going on.  I don't want lies, but a little reassurance sure would help. 

What is your favorite company you've worked for in the past??
I'm just curious if anyone has a favorite company that they've worked for and why are they your favorite?
I LOVE DSG!! Been there almost 3 years. sm

The management staff is great, easy platform, pay is always on time, flexible schedule.

Yes they are still around - been there 3 years and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

I also have 12 years in, and would love to get out.....
Would you mind emailing me and letting me in on where you went to.......it sounds like a much better, happier place. I can't see things at the Q getting any better....Thanks!
Been with MQ for 8 years and love it.
I have done ER for 2 1/2 years and LOVE it. sm
I work full time too, and we seldom run out of work. If we should, (and that is rare), almost everybody is cross trained in other work types. Some times it gets boring..how many ways can you pull out a splinter or diagnose chest pain? The hospital I work for is the largest hospital on the west side of Michigan. Every single ER doc uses the same basic template. Then we have canned text. We are also allowed to make as many Expanders and macros as we can use to achieve your production quota. We have our fair share of mushmouths and speed talkers, page turners and dead air. And of course, every summer the new crop of residents rotates through, along with the medical students, and other hangers-on. LOL. We are still paid by the hour, but that is going to be changing as we have started VR. The higher-ups just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

ER's are busy 24/7 and more so during holidays, so the work is always there. If you like a variety, and you will get it, you will like ED work. There will be days you just shake your head in amazement at some of the stuff you will see come through the ER.
I love it too. It will just be gone in a few years. It's just
Been there 1-1/2 years - still love it! nm
I have been there for over 2 years and I love it...
great company to work for...You will not be disappointed :)
2 years at Medware - love it
Been there for 4 years and absolutely love it! sm

Good accounts, pay on time via direct deposit, higher pay than most, smaller company where people still know you by name and truly care.  As for the platform, you type in Bayscribe and send your reports in live via the web site.  Some accounts are converting to wav files, and some are still via C-phone and you have to pay your own long distance. 

Of course, as with all companies, one man's paradise is another man's hell, so I am sure there are those who will disagree with me.  If I can answer anymore questions, fee free to ask.

Good luck! 

I have worked there for about 2-1/2 years and love it. sm
I had a problem a few months ago waiting for an ID for a new account when I asked for a change. I am glad that they kept me on my original account during the wait because it took over 3 weeks. I was told that the hospitals can take a while but the wait was worth it as I am on the best radiology account I have ever been on. I have never run out of work and get paid both well and on time, so I am happy.

It is worth the wait.
Worked at MW for over 1.5 years and love it!
   Email me for more info.  :)
I love working for them.. have been with them for YEARS. xx
I have been there 3 years and only do rad. I was trained well and love my job. sm
The only complaint I have is that 2 accounts I was on went to Powerscribe. I was put on different accounts because I do not like to edit VR, so there was really not a problem. I get a lot of work and love my lead!
I agree...I have been with them for 2 years and love them...
They are the best, for me at least!!!
I have been at Keystrokes for 2 years and I love it...
I have never experienced or heard of anything such as the OP is claiming...all I know is that Keystrokes is a great place to work for and you were unhappy there let it go and move on...I truly hope you found a better fit for you...and to those that do not like working for Keystrokes, find another job...
I love Transcend, have been there for years...
started with MDI. The offshore component is mostly on Escription, and has never affected my workload.

Transcend is a good company; they treat me well and I make great money - I could care less if they offshore. Then again, I also have a Samsung TV, a German car and many things made in China!
Been at Keystrokes for 2-1/2 years and LOVE it!
I have also been at Keystrokes 2-1/2 years and love it...
Great company.
Ihave nearly 20 years' experience and love doing

Ops.  All the other stuff is so boring to me.  Not many days go by that I don't have to look something up.  There is always a new piece of equipment, a new procedure, and when you get new doctors coming it they may been from a different part of the country and their terminology is different for the same procedure that the other doctors use.  It is a constantly learning process.   If you have good reference material and utilize the equipment manufacturer's websites that helps provided the dictation is clear enough that you can figure out which way to go with it.  If you can do just one speciality, like doing GI procedures or orthopedic procedures it will give you lots of practice and it will be easier to become familiar with the terminology.  If you can get samples of dictations that will help also.   I would definitely take a chance on doing Ops.  You might not be able to do them, but then you might surprise yourself.    You always have the word boards to help when you really get stuck.   I think it is a great opportunity for a newbie.


I LOVE working for TransTech. Been there almost three years and it's
the best MT job I have ever had. You will enjoy talking with Debbie, who does the hiring.
Softscript does. Been with them 2 years and love it. No flames please!
I have been with KS for a few years now and love it. They grow continuously without sm
losing accounts, so that is why they are always recruiting. The last information I saw was that they doubled in size between last year and this year and will do so again by this time next year.
I left MQ for KS 2 years ago and love it. They have a lot of rad accounts. sm
I make great money even though I took a report pay cut because there is always work!
I am in training - 27 years experience. Love the platform! nm
I've been with the company almost 10 years. I know the truth. Hawaii was a company-paid vacation.
I hope it's a rumor..I left MQ for KS 3 years ago..I finally found a place I love (sm)
so I hope the rumor is not true!
Love this company - want to retire with this company...sm
Been with them for nearly 2 years now and absolutely love them. I make my living with them - I don't do this for fun money. I think the dictators are pretty decent - you will always have your good and bad ones. You just have to get used to them. I love the account I am on - been with the same one since I started. They are a VERY fair company to work for.
I love this company
I've been with them since last June and went with them full-time as an MT in September. (Left a supervisory job with another company). Insurance is very good and much better (and cheaper) than my last job. I NEVER have had any problems with No Work except at the usual times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm on a hospital account, so maybe that's why (as opposed to a clinic-type account).
Me too - I love it AND the company
Yes, same company. I love MDI-FL
It is always very busy. I am happyw with the company

Hard to find a company these days that does not offshore at least some of their work.