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Independent Transcription...

Posted By: Mary Gleason is the owner? on 2008-08-16
In Reply to:

Does anyone have current information?  Is this the lady that stiffs on pay?  She is looking for spine ortho MT on other job board...  Any info?

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Independent Transcription
Please, someone let me know if this is the same person. She is responding to my resume and I certainly want to know if this is the case. That'll be the end of that.
Independent = what is it? (SM)
Independent just means you are not on a time clock. As an IC, you contract to do work in the format and time table as dictated by the person who contracts you.

For example -- my lawn man is an IC. He can do my lawn when he wants, as long as it is done twice a week, but not closer than 3 days nor more than 4 days, as long as he does not use any motorized equipment (noise making of any sort) before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m, as long as he does not do my lawn on weekends. My grass must be cut to a length acceptable to me. My bushes must be trimmed. The grass and trimmings must be removed from my lot. Plants and bushes cannot be changed, planted, nor removed without my permission. My sprinklers must be checked every time they come, and if I report a broken sprinkler, I expect it to be fixed with 24 hours.

But, given all of the above, the lawn man is an independent contractor and I pay a flat fee for services weekly. If he does not comply, I will terminate his service without notice.
does anyone experience trouble with getting paid when working as an IC?  i have been considering stentel and wonder if they have direct deposit and if pay is on time, lots of work?  I appreciate all the help.  thank you.
IC= independent
Perhaps you should read the law about it. If they control the specific hours, then the law says they have to hire employees. ICs can control their own schedules. obviously, that's why it's called independent. Read the IRS definitions.
i'm an independent sm

Literally NO politician gets a free pass from me.  Case in point:  Rick Perry & Kay B. Hutchison are running on the R ticket for Gov. here.  Neither of them will get my vote. 

John Cornyn won't, either. 

Too many career politicians that are self-serving and conveniently won't let US decide on term limits.  Does MQ give us all that?  Do they give us the health care that the politicians get?  Why should they get the platinum coverage for themselves and their family, and we don't?

Think about it.

I am independent but
the platform I work on, I think, is extremely good. I have said for some time now the money can be made but you have to have a good system and apparently not all fit that category. Oh, the dictators I have now are far from anything that resembles good dictators, terrible. I really donít know of anyone who escapes those (unless you work for a few doctors perhaps in an office) but I do a hospital that is about 400+ bed.
Independent contractor
I hope I'm on the right board here.  Can someone tell me the perks of being an IC?  Is it just that you can set your own hours?  What does being an IC consist of?  Do you pay all your own taxes, SocSec, etc?  I've always been an employee and exploring new opportunities, but from what I see being an IC looks like a pain, with no benefits!! Thanks!
Independent contractors
Can anyone who ICs give out a few good recommendations for good companies hiring ICs?  Anyone work FT for company and start IC?  Thanks
Independent Contractor..........nm
Independent Contractor
Can any of you IC's give me some info on what it is like to be an IC? I know you get paid by the line, but how many lines do you generally average a day/hour? Is there always a lot of work to keep you busy? Also, do you get to choose what hours you want to work instead of having set hours like you do as an employee? I just got hired by Terra Nova and would love any feedback on them as well. Thanks!
Independent Contractor
Thanks for the relys! If you don't mind me asking, which company do you work for? Is it a national company? It sounds like a great job!
Independent contracting

Saw an ad recently for a company wanting to hire recruiters to bring in MTs and in turn would pay recruiter/IC a percentage of their recruited MTs overall work for a certain period of time.  Is this legit?

I am an independent and I cannot get client to pay
Anybody have any options for me how to go about getting paid?
Independent contractor
I need some help deciding on whether to take an independent contractor position. I was just offered 0.08/line being an independent contractor. Is this typical pay for an independent contractor position? I currently make that as an employee. How does the paying into Social Security work? Any feedback on employee position versus independent contractor position would be greatly appreciated.The good thing about this job is no set schedule. The paying taxes, getting own insurance, and paying into Social Security is the things that I am worried about. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Need some help from independent contractors, please.

I am going from an employee status to an independent contractor.  Exactly how much more of my taxes will I be paying instead of my employer.  I am looking at my paystub from my employee status and I see FICA and Medicare being withheld.  Does the employer pay a portion of the both the FICA and the Medicare or just the FICA.  Is the percent like 7% or 8% or something else.  I am just trying to figure out how much of my line rate this is going to eat up.

Independent contractor
They hired me as an independent contractor, and I was told that during my interview.
When I was an independent appraiser, SM
I got paid nicely, but if I didn't want to do the work, it would have gone to someone else. Who would then have been the preferred independent to call on. I still remember crying at having to miss my daughter playing a fairy in a second-grade play.

In any case, Stressed, your third-grader is way old enough to understand the importance of Mom's work--if you do and are sending him the correct messages. And let's face it, even sick, our kids don't need our constant attention, so stop feeling guilty. After all, when you work, you're not only doing that job, you're also teaching him how to be a grownup.
I work there as an independent but
you are going to see others come and blast the company for what? I have been there over 2 years, my pay averages out to be good, pay on time, no problems with the higher-ups. I have no issues with the company.
Are you an independent contractor?

Here's the link:

In the simplest of terms ... if you are looking for someone to hire you, then you're not independent contractor. However, if you see yourself as a one-person MTSO, and you conduct yourself in that fashion, then you are an IC.

I hope this helps at least one person. 

Am independent, taking off day and
was told they wanted me to make it up.
Are you employee or independent?
Independent and no micromanaging here
As I stated below, was going to start working a few days ago around noon, 30 minutes late for dining out and NOT ONE SINGLE WORK FROM ANYONE. I take time off, tell them the dates I will be gone (and only fair because the work has to go on) and NO PROBLEM. I believe even in being an independent a person SHOULD be aware that the work is to be done. I work on a hospital acct so that is a 24/7 job and I am aware if I take off here and there for no reason, then how does the work get done? I love it there, have no problems ever, no one bothers me and I would say some people apparently have some very sour grapes for reasons I do not know. I probably love this job with TTS more than any I have ever had. Not an issue for this independent.
IC status (independent contractor) sm

is just like it sounds.  You are contracting work independently from the company.  You pay all your own taxes including the other half of your SS which is called self-employment tax.  They cannot set your hours, but most places like to know an approximate time when you will be working.  I was IC for MQ for years and then they went to SE status where they had a little more control and then this.

Also, because you are IC you get no benefits whatsoever.  You are self-employed.  So if benefits are what you need, this is not for you.  But, if you need the flexibility it may work for you.  It worked for me for years.  Supported a family on it.  It was much better than what they have now.  In my case, I could actually pay my own insurance and disability insurance and still come out better. It just depends on the production you are able to do.  If you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Independent contractor status
Am nervous about this status as I have never been an IC before, but am willing to try it, just don't want to be highly disappointed.

any recommendation for independent insurance
Looking for reliable independent MTSOs
I am looking for independent MTSOs. Anyone really content with their company, I would sure like to know. I have many, many years of experience. Not interested in nationals. Been there, done that.
Independent Medical Examinations.
Independent Medical Evaluation (nm)

Independent Contractors and Schedules
I am an independent contractor and agreed to a certain amount of lines per pay period and gave an approximate schedule but am I not correct that by law if I get my lines, they can't tell me when and when not to work.  I have only one time not gotten my lines and only because there was no work and that was about 9 months ago.

I can't stand the vile threats of being canned for not working a certain schedule when they hire independent contractors.  What recourse do I have if something like that happened?  Labor board, law suit, etc?
Definition of an Independent Contractor
Defining the Independent Contractor

No consistent, uniform definition distinguishes an employee from an independent contractor. Some statutes contain their own definitions. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that when a statute contains the term employee but fails to define it adequately, there is a presumption that traditional agency-law criteria for identifying master-servant relationships apply (National Mutual Insurance Co. v. Darden, 503 U.S. 318, 112 S. Ct. 1344, 111 L. Ed. 2d 581 [1992]).

One comprehensive test that takes into account agency-law criteria and numerous other factors courts have created to define independent contractor status was developed by the Internal Revenue Service. Known collectively as the twenty-factor test, the enumerated criteria generally fall within three categories: control (whether the employer or the worker has control over the work performed), organization (whether the worker is integrated into the business), and economic realities (whether the worker directly benefits from his or her labor). The twenty factors serve only as a guideline. Each factor's degree of importance varies depending on the occupation and the facts involved in a particular case. Twenty-factor test [nl] 1.

A worker who is required to comply with instructions about when, where, and how he or she must work is usually an employee.


If an employer trains a worker ó requires an experienced employee to work with the worker, educates the worker through correspondence, requires the worker to attend meetings, or uses other methods ó this normally indicates that the worker is an employee.


If a worker's services are integrated into business operations, this tends to show that the worker is subject to direction and control and is thus an employee. This is the case particularly when a business's success or continuation depends to a large extent on the performance of certain services.


If a worker's services must be rendered personally, there is a presumption that the employer is interested in the methods by which the services are accomplished as well as in the result, making the worker an employee.


If an employer hires, supervises, and pays assistants for a worker, this indicates control over the worker on the job, making the worker an employee.


A continuing relationship between a worker and an employer, even at irregular intervals, tends to show an employer-employee relationship.


An employer who sets specific hours of work for a worker exhibits control over the worker, indicating that the worker is an employee.


If a worker is working substantially full-time for an employer, the worker is presumably not free to do work for other employers and is therefore an employee.


Work performed on an employer's premises suggests the employer's control over a worker, making the worker an employee. This is especially true when work could be done elsewhere. However, the mere fact that work is done off the employer's premises does not necessarily make the worker an independent contractor.


If a worker is required to perform services in an order or sequence set by an employer, the employer has control over the worker that demonstrates an employer-employee relationship.


A worker who is required to submit regular oral or written reports to an employer is likely an employee.


Payment by the hour, week, or month tends to indicate that a worker is an employee; payment made by the job or on a straight commission points to an independent contractor.


A worker is ordinarily an employee if an employer pays for the worker's business or travel expenses.


An employer who furnishes a worker with significant tools, materials, or other equipment tends to show that the worker is an employee.


A worker who significantly invests in facilities used to perform services and not typically maintained by employees (such as office space) is generally an independent contractor.


A worker who can realize a profit or loss resulting from her or his services is generally an independent contractor.


A worker who performs for more than one firm at a time is generally an independent contractor.


If a worker makes his or her services available to the general public on a regular and consistent basis, that worker is generally an independent contractor.


An employer's right to discharge a worker tends to show that the worker is an employee. An employee must obey an employer's instructions in order to stay employed; an independent contractor can be fired only if the work result fails to meet the agreed-upon specifications.


If a worker has the right to terminate her or his relationship with an employer at any time without incurring liability, such as breach of contract, that worker is likely an employee.

See: Employment Law; Labor Law; Master and Servant.
Gosh, I am so glad as an independent for them
i am just not seeing what you describe. Are you sure (if still employed there) that you are doing your job correctly, what kind of reviews did you get? You said if you donít log in exactly at the scheduled time? I was to work a few days ago starting around noon. Had gone out for lunch, was 30 minutes late in starting- heard not ONE (1) single word from anyone. If I am going to the doctor say during my work hrs, I send a note stating so, NO problem then. I have never been threatened. WHY would a place do this and if so, why would anyone put up with this? I am not saying you are lying- what I am saying is NOT EVERYONE, me included, gets anything close to the treatment you are stating. How would the place hold onto people to work for them?
MTSOs ARE independent contractors
So you theory has some holes :)

I've had large hospital accounts, medium surgery center accounts, small and large doctor office accounts and let me tell you, the headaches in dealing with this are no fun. Relying on MTs to do what they promise and then don't deliver is no fun.

Just because someone is an IC doesn't mean you get quality OR accountability.

Good thing you're independent,

Employee versus Independent Contractor


I have read this article (you have to scroll down a little, but I have found it helpful in explaining some things regarding IC vs Employee.  Just wanted to share for anyone who is interested.      


Independent contractor or employee status
Me again.  Does Transcription Relief hire independent contractors, or are you considered an employee?
Do you prefer Nationals or Independent MTSO
Does that $0.9/65 Independent Contractor job come with food stamps?/sm

Does that $0.9/65 Independent Contractor job come with food stamps?







lines/8 hr day/40 hr wk



















Health Ins @ 60+





2 wk off/pd vac/PDO





op costs





minus taxes











Who hires for TRUE independent contractor sm

positions..  Ones where they give you a set amount of lines and you set your own hours just as long as you get the transcription done within that period of time. 

Independent contractor versus employee?
Can someone please tell me the difference between independent contractor and employee status?  I was employed for a company about 6 years ago where I was an independent contractor and they didnt take out federal taxes.  I then went to a company as an employee status where they did take out federal taxes out of my check?  As an independent contractor, do they all not take out federal taxes and can you request that they do if that is the case?  I have almost 10 years experience and have been applying for jobs left and right with no response and have only been answering ads for employee based work because of the federal taxes?  I can not understand why I am not getting any responses.  What am I doing wrong?
IRS/Independent Contracting - Who to report violations to?
I've had it with the company I IC for. I'm working THEIR shift - get constant calls/emails even when I just stop to eat lunch. I use THEIR software. I follow THEIR instructions. I do the SAME THING over and over again every day.

I AM THEIR EMPLOYEE, but they call me an 'independent contractor'.

I'm fed up, and I want to report them to the IRS. I looked through the IRS website and couldn't find who to report it to or how to report it.

Does anyone know? Has anyone done this before and knows the protocol? You can do it anonymously, right?
Consumer Reports and other independent sources say no myth. nm
I SAW a book on it once, too. It was called The Independent Medical Contractor.
You need experience, an independent Fax machine, & your own DocShuttle/ByteScribe software. Pay in
Do they offer both statutory employee and independent contractor status? Thank you! NM
Minimum wage laws are for employees only, not independent contractors
Would you pay your plumber or pool cleaner (examples of other IC jobs) more because the minimum wage increased?
independent MTSO; freedom without a time clock and as the others said, same docs. nm
To be independent at Transcend, have to have own company established and federal ID number?
I guess that about tells it all, does it not? In other words not just the required 8 hour weekend but also you have to have established company. I wonder how many fit under that category?
Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.



TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA