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Inscribe...anyone work for this company?

Posted By: Sara on 2007-12-24
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And is it possible to do JUST Radiology for this company? 

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InScribe - company out of KY?
Information regarding InScribe out of Kentucky?  Good, bad, medium?  Organized, pay on time...  Not worried about the work or type of work, just want to know more about the company.  Have not seen a lot on this board regarding that particular company.  Thank you. 
INSCRIBE?? Anyone ever heard of this company? s/m
I was offered a job, but don't have the details yet.  I have never heard of this company and would appreciate ANY information anyone can give me.  TIA!
Company called InScribe US
Anyone know of a company called InScribe US and can you give me more information about them. I have been offered a job position but would like more information before I make a decision.
I worked for a company called Inscribe...sm
but not for long.  Can you tell me where the one you are referring to is located?  If it's the same one I worked for, we have to talk! lol
The account I work on is on Emdat Inscribe
good company.
What companies work with Bayscribe, Emdat and Inscribe?
Also MedRemote?  I have worked with all of these platforms and they are very nice, just wondering who uses these.  TIA!
how do we work it? Easy answer - work for another company. That happened with the company
I was working for. I would wake up at 4 a.m. AND ON THE WEEKENDS TOO because they needed "coverage" supposedly and I would sit until 9:30 or noon without any work. Sorry, but my rent of $1450/month could not be paid with only $57/day. So I got another job and when I got the equipment and everything, then I quit for the other employer.
Must be a small company. I have never talked to the owner of the company I work for. sm
He wouldn't have time. Why would someone talk directly to the MTSO? Most do not know (or care) about the details just the big picture.
Don't know if this will help, but EMDAT InScribe is the name of the softwear program that is used by Allegiant Transcription.
Inscribe, LLC

Thank you for the response!  Your info is very much appreciated!

Inscribe, LLC

Does anyone have any info on this company based out of Kentucky?  TIA!

Any info on this company, the good/bad?
Has anyone heard of a company called Inscribe located in Florida.  They have a job ad on another board.  I did a search here and came up with nothing. 

A company has offered me a position using inscribe, how is this program.  I know you can use function keys to navigate but I think that would be a pain....  Just wanting some honest opinions on this program before I sink $$ in a foot pedal, etc. 

I work for Inscribe.  I think it is a very good company to work for.

Does or has anyone worked for InScribe and what are your thoughts on the company?  I am thinking of contacting them and don't want to make a mistake or waste my time. 




InScribe, LLC
Has anyone heard of this company?
I worked for Inscribe for one year.  They are very unorganized.  The owner tells you one thing, the supervisor tells you another and the work group manager tells you something different. They charged me for not expanding abbreviations when the account specifics clearly said to expand in the impression and diagnosis only.  They get very hateful and they accuse you of things you did not do.  They were nice when I first went to work there and I loved working there and then they got ruder and ruder.  They keep changing things up from one day to the next and keep you confused all the time.  They fired me without warning with no good reason.
I would not suggest going for Inscribe.  They are very unorganized.  One person tells you one thing and another tells you different.  Too many chiefs and not enough indians. 

Hey Everyone,  I was wondering if any one has recent info about InScribe.  I am thinking of a position with them, but would like to know more.  Please e-mail me or post a reply if you work there or know something.  Thank You!!


Does anyone have any knowledge about InScribe Transcription, such as pay rate, TAT, benefits, etc?  Thanks for your help!
I would love information also. I was just offered a test with them by the owner.
Lynn J.
Inscribe in KY?

Anyone care to share their experience with this company?  I would be working on the EXText platform.  I know I have to set a schedule and this is fine with me as I work the same hours every day anyway, but how are they to work for? 


Is it the InScribe in KY or in Texas.
Has anyone ever worked for Inscribe?  Start at 7 cents a line..  Any info about them would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Good Morning Everyone,


I saw a few different people here asking about this company and I first of all want to say DON'T DO IT!!! I worked there for a long time.  The same things happened to me the owner was nice the people were nice it felt like a family!  They even promoted me within 3 months to Assistant Account Manager.  I loved that job, because of the poeple that I worked closely with the MT's.  

I quit there as of recetly because of awful business practices.  These people are running out of money.  They have lost one of their biggest accounts.  I'm afraid for those of you getting hired now or just got hired that you may be out of a job soon.  My last pay check was due 2 Friday's ago and I got it this past Friday!!! I had to beg and plead for it!  Plus as an Assistant Account Manager you have administration time you have to keep your own hours on a time sheet.  That last pay period they called me a liar and wanted to take 24 hours out of my check!!! If I ever lied about my time I put less than I actually had put into this job because I was afraid to get fussed at!! I worked my butt off for these people and they treated me and my Account Manager like crap!!! They are very fake.  THEY ARE NOT TRANSPARENT!! They say that all the time they are very transparent and that is such BS because htey never tell you what is the right way to do something then you mess up and they scream at you for it.  How could you have known if they didn't tell you to begin with?  I just fear that someone is going to get hired there and end up having the same expereince that  I know so many have had.

This past month was the worst.  I was an asistant manager over 12 MT's I think out of all of them 2 are left!!! So, please if you are thinking that this is a good place to work just save yoruself the trouble and work elsewhere.


This is a wonderful company, I find it interesting the people who get fired always have their perspective and than there is the truth.  This company is built on communication, honesty and caring about their MT's.  Some people just can't be corrected and no one is fired without a reason.  This company has high standards and QA expectations which is great.  It is growing and far from out of business!!! If you have any questions the best person to ask is HR - 270-436-2798.
Wow, I have to say that I feel those of you are in need of venting about a Company that you yourselves were so strongly behind are just being spiteful and malicious.  I have found nothing but constant support and understanding from these people.  The kindness and the patience is way beyond any I have ever seen before in a company.  I feel as though I make a difference here and am supported in moving ahead.  I have been provided with a way and a means to stay at home with my family.  A very valuable thing.  I would not want to go back to Corporate America again where the freedom is limited and frustration levels rise along with your blood pressure.  As far as no work, NOT TRUE.  By far there is plenty of work and picking up everyday.  As far as your paycheck, hmm, did you still have Company equipment that required them holding your check, until the equipment was returned?  MAYBE, maybe not!  Anyways, I rest my case and ask you to be the judge.  I love working here. 
InScribe - Be all you can be.

I have been with InScribe for about a year and a half now.  We have not run out of work yet.  Transparent, yes, the owners are very transparent.  I don't know of another company out there where the owners have an open-door policy and they actually WANT to talk to everyone, get ideas.

This company is so unique because you really can move up.... move back down if you want to (or need to), and then back up again.  Each and every person is important.  We all just work together as a team to make our clients happy.  There is no undermining, you just log on and work.  What more could you ask for? 

I really encourage anyone thinking about InScribe as a home to try us out.  Make your own decision.  Message boards can be misleading, you really don't get both sides of the story. 


I would like to find out some information about Inscribe. I may be interested in working an IC position. If anybody could tell me what they think of Inscribe, good or bad, I would appreciate it.



Inscribe Job
Hi everyone I applied at Inscribe and I received a call back from them to take the test and everything. Well I have been working on it and I have got to a part in the recording where I am stuck. The guy talking is mumbling and I can not understand him. I really want this job this is the first call back I have had for a at home job and I don't want to screw it up. What should I do? Thanks!
I've been working with Inscribe for over a year now and learned real fast that it is much easier to use the F keys rather than the foot pedal.  It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but I find it much easier now and more comfortable not having to have my feet/legs in the same position all day.
I've worked for Inscribe for almost a year now.  I have no problems with the company whatsoever.  I have noticed that if you show up when you are supposed to, transcribe accurately and are responsible in making sure your work is accurate, they are a great company to work for.  If you prefer to rush through the dictation, leave tons of blanks or worse yet, just throw something in there, you won't last long.  Though they are willing to hire new MTs, they are not willing to put up with poor quality work or an unwillingness to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.   There are all kinds of transcription companies out there and there are all kinds of Transcriptionist out there as well... some good... some bad. 
Inscribe LLC
Hello anyone work for Inscribe LLC.  I am trying to make a decision between them and Alltype.  I looked at some old post.  Are you MTs who were new back in November still happy with inscribe. I would like to hear both good and bad.  Alltype pays very well but Inscribe seems a little more flexible.  Thanks
InScribe LLC
Anyone thinking should contact this company and read the testimonies on their website www.inscribe.us. Make your own decision by contacting them directly.
InScribe pay?
Does anyone know how well InScribe pays? I heard they start you out at 0.07 a line. When are eligible for a raise and how much is it? How much more do MT2s and MT3s make?
Anyone familiar with Inscribe or NTI? nm

Any info on InScribe, LLC? Thanks. NM
I absolutely LOVE Emdat/Inscribe. I have worked many platforms, but believe this is the best. Yes, you have to have a special foot pedal, but it is well worth it after all. If you have ever worked on the old Dictaphone systems like in a hospital, then you will find they are pretty much the same. Hope that helps!javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

iNSCRIBE - Kentucky
I have been contacted by this company...and was hoping for some insight.  Good/bad/disorganized.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.
Information on Inscribe - KY

Any infromation on inscribe out of Kentuck would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance. 


EMDAT InScribe does

Inscribe LLC, anyone working there right now. nm
If this is InScribe, LLC, out of Kentucky (sm)
In my opinion, it would be better to look at a different company.
Kentucky Inscribe nm
InScribe in Kentucky
It is the InScribe US in Kentucky, do you know anything about them?
tell me more about InScribe US out of Kentucky
You said you would suggest looking at another company, please tell me more. I am already having issues and haven't even confirmed I was taking the job.
Someone was asking about Inscribe Kentucky? sm
I will be honest, I have only just started, but there are some things I can tell you.

I was informed today that they pay for headers and footers AND spaces, which I didn't ask up front because I have not been paid for these things in years, I thought no one did.

They set you up with a mentor to help you learn their ins and outs, so you have a go-to person, which I think is very helpful. I have, at this point, spoken to both the owners on the phone. They were helpful and pleasant.

While I didn't ask about how many accounts or how many MTs, I believe them to be a medium sized company. They are transparent about who their MTs are and there is a contact list for all of us that we all get. That was different too because most of the places I have worked they really discourage MTs talking between themselves.

There is no IM required which means they don't pester you with instant messages all day long.

This is all I know for now, but it is better than the nothing I was finding out about them.
Emdat InScribe does this
I love Inscribe!!!!!!

I have been working for Inscribe for only a short time and as a previous supervisor in the past with other companies, I would have to say Inscribe is the best company I have ever worked for.  My work window is very limited right now, and they have been more than accomadating to my schedule.  I have had offers from three other companies to come and work for them for much more money since coming to work for Inscribe, but I would rather work for Inscribe.  I know that they take pride in the quality of work which is produced, not just getting it done in the fastest way possible.  Again, I love working for Inscirbe!!


I worked for InScribe.
They do want you to leave a blank rather than guess. I had an account with a lot of ESLs and had to leave my fair share of blanks, but I also made sure to research as much as I could including pulling old reports.

As for the test, I had blanks that I couldn't figure out and was still hired. Just do the best you can.

Good luck.