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Must be a small company. I have never talked to the owner of the company I work for. sm

Posted By: anon on 2006-02-20
In Reply to: That was the MTSO though, not the recruiter. - sm

He wouldn't have time. Why would someone talk directly to the MTSO? Most do not know (or care) about the details just the big picture.

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Probably no "real" company name. I got the impression she was a private owner her own small bu
and..probably not a company we would have heard of before anyway. I applied so we shall see.
or maybe it's really a good company. Give me a break. If a company isn't talked about sm
on here, good or bad, it's probably too small to matter and does not offer benefits or anything at all.
I work as an IC for a small company and
I have worked for nationals and always hated having hundreds of different doctors and all the different account specifics, and above all searching for the demographics that I didn't get paid for.  Now I download from a FTP site, transcribe in Word and send it back within 24 to 48 hours (depending on the account).  I currently have 3 different doctors that I am very comfortable with and can breeze through.  I have no regrets about leaving the big nationals.
I also work as an IC for a small company
(without a contract too, so you are not alone, but working for me also). I just let my company know when I will be gone with plenty of notice (at least one month ahead of time), especially if I will be gone for an extended period such as a week or longer. Have never had any problems.
I work for a small company and
some of the clients have actually threatened to go with the larger companies that offshore to get cheaper rates. I've had to take a pay cut in order to keep the account from going to India. The clients will go where they get the better deal. Many of us will take a pay cut because of the competition regardless of how big the company is. I don't think anywhere is safe. You have to work harder to make up for the cpl loss.
I work for a small company in Iowa

The woman that owns the company is crazy.  She treats physical therapy like it's acute care.  They are office visit notes and she acts like they are Op notes and the doctor is breathing down her back waiting for them to be typed.  The physical therapist could care less ------- it's an exercise class lady - get over it.  At 6 cpl she wants a miracle. 

The owner of the company I work for says she will never sell but I doubt anyone could
pass up millions if put in front of them. I couldn't, that's for sure. A nice island somewhere with someone to bring me slushy drinks :)
They do not offshore. The owner's original company was bought by MQ; started a new company, whic
That's about all I know. I would give them a try. They sounded good!
Small but growing company, great to work for
Really sharp owner, great QA.
Absolutely not! I work for the best MTSO. I am have been so blessed to work for the small company I

I will share this about the MTSO I work for.  I called her late last Wednesday night after Church and told her I was compelled to help out with Hurricaine Katrina in some way and an opportunity arose for a small group from my Church to go to Louisianna this coming week.  Would she be able to cover my work.  She told me no problem without any hesitation and even donated money for the trip. 

And I am sure there are plenty of good companies out there to work for.  To compare us to migrant workers is just not right.

Need good small company to work for with flexible schedule - e-mail me.nm
but mgmt told me they outsourced some work to a small company at times.

There is no reason for me to lie about this.

I am NOT talking about offshoring, but the company whom they outsource to may offshore . . . I have no idea about that.  But straight from the horse's mouth, they have outsourced to a small MTSO before. 

You can notice how the work dries up all of a sudden when they turn it over to the service and we have no work.

TT mgmt may not tell that they outsource today, but they definitely told me about 9 months ago when I asked when the work was low.  From the way the jobs disappear occasionally, I think it happens quite often.

Awesome small company! Paid on time every 2 weeks. Plenty of work!
Owner is great. I would recommend this company to anyone who wanted to be paid what they are worth and paid on time!
Small company GREAT COMPANY

Axolotl is a WONDERFUL company with great benefits and competitive pay.  We have maybe 100 MTs but are growing rapidly.

Started small; great company. Rapid growth; not so great company
First year I was there was like heaven. Then the big growth spurt when they hired managers from another company (that I had run away from before because of their bad management) and let them kind of take over. Although I have no proof it was as though I got 'bumped' by these new people when they came in and I lost a good account, good manager, etc. My paycheck went down every month lower and lower, and it became harder and harder to make my minimal lines. Having any kind of advocate was nonexistent.

It depends on you and what kind of MT you are. Seems to me there are pretty much 2 types...

Sports like basketball where you have the pros who play with finesse, and then you have street players who think it is all about physical strength, period. More and more the physical strength is winning but the art of the game gets lost more and more...

As in this country where there are almost 2 sides now, those with intellect and thoughtfulness, and those who think the only way to be strong and be a leader is to beat up everyone who does not agree with you...and force your will on others.

Suffice it to say in my opinion WMX changed its philosophy of the way it treated employees and lost its heart when it grew, and it was literally almost overnight...

If you are a mass producer who has no care of what it takes to make money, if you are a 'street fighter' then it would probably be for you because you WILL have to fight for everything. Fight for the right account, fight for lines, fight to be treated fairly, etc. If you appreciate MTing for the art of MTing or have any kind of joy for the profession, my guess is you will not make it there very long...

This is happening all throughout the what used to be called profession. Seems to happening all through everything these days. Humanity and heart are being pushed down to the bottom...
This company and KS are about the only companies talked about on this
board. As bad as MQ is about the only company talked about on another board. Ridiculous!
I talked with them and she was very nice... the company she wanted to
Sorry to hear that. I talked with Ann a few times, and it sounded like a good company. nm

Not Keystrokes. I have talked to the owner at a few conferences and I liked what she had to say abo
She said that as long as there are U.S. MT's willing and able to work who can do a good job, she will not consider offshore transcription and that with all the MT's here, there is absolutely no shortage and no reason to even entertain the idea. She told me that their goal is and always has been to be the largest U.S.-only transcription service. We all received t-shirts for MT Week that said All-American Team.

I am proud to work for a company that believes in the U.S.A.! If the owner's goals are agressive and part of the plan is to stay in the U.S.A., I want to work with them for the rest of the my working years.
Is this really the owner of a company
Wow! You are soooooooooo ghetto and ignorant. I am speechless!
Owner of a company
I agree with you. I would not want the responsility of owning a company or even managing. My dad was in management for 28 years. You are not there to make everyone happy and sometimes people have to be let go. If you cannot keep your end of the deal I would make you move on. Actually I would be a real hard a-- if I were a manager. A lot of it has to do with respect for each other. You need to appreciate what you have. Too many times these days everyone just wants a pay check regardless of anything else. Some people do not take pride in their work or anything else. Every thing is not hunky dorry every single day, either on our side or a manager/company owner's side. It is just not realistic.
and........ the owner of this company
is subcontracting work out for Medware. Medware and herself are one in the same.
I am a company owner
I hire people who can work whenever they want and how much they want and they don't need to tell me, so I don't have a clue about those things. I have work out of turnaround time, but I have no worries because my employees will work whenever they need a little money, so the jobs can just wait on them. Perfect scenario.
Must be a small company
It is a small company. Sorry if you're not impressed with my work. It works for me. I could do over 1,000 if I wanted to, but this suits me. I have another part time job that supplies me with income also.
Not MDI-MD - they are a small company
small company
has anyone ever left a national company to work for a small company?  just wondering if its a good choice to make. 
A small company usually can't
afford to lose the people they have, so you might want to speak to your manager about this and see what, if anything, can be done. It can be as easy as removing the MT's ability to reject the jobs they don't want to do. Great way to kill morale.
Never talked to the owner? No wonder you have not had broken promises. Consider yourself lucky!
I agree! I talked to the owner and another manager and it was not bad terms. sm
Not that it is anyone's business, but they have only nice things to say about her. If you ask if she was fired, Lee said that it was mutual and that she wishes the ex-recruiter well. I think it was unexpected and happened fast and then they both changed their minds, but who knows? M was a very nice person but I think she was too soft to be a recruiter. It's a tough job that I would never want. I doubt if it pays well either.
From the company owner to the employees
after somebody mistakenly forwarded an email from someone in India to the company employees- then they had to fess up. The person with the email slipup decided to "change jobs" within the company and it went to the pits after that with incompetent managers.
Talking to owner of a company
The reason I would talk to an owner of a company is simply this. If you have gone to the people you are told do and nothing is resolved it is time to go over their heads and elsewhere. When I did this he/she had no idea it was that bad. Now you know why?
Same at small company in Ohio sm
I worked for. Owner did all the easy and templated work. I almost went broke working for them. Only paid 8 cpl and have awful accounts. You'd be lucky to get over $400 a week there. Expects people to work 15 to 18 hour days and both weekend days too.
Medtrans the best. Small company sm
but very professional, and pay is excellent & on time. Pay is by the minute or gross line - depends what account you are on.
Even if it is a legitimage company it is a small
company if they can't cover payroll.  Your bank isn't going to wait for your mortgage payment until you get paid and I think the majority of us work for the money, not just to give us something to do with our spare time.  Too big of a risk to take.   
Big is Spheris, small is a company SM
with less than 10 accounts, mostly local to the company.
For a small company in NJ, not hiring right now though.
Not many posts cause small company

You didn't say if you interviewed for acute care or clinic.  There is not much chatter on this board because Axolotl is a small company.  About 20 to 25 acute care and 20 to 25 clinic MTs. 

Your questions:

Platform: can be slow depending on your accounts

Incentives: none to speak of besides overtime

Benefits: comparable to good.  Depends on what you need

Communication:  Average

Flexibility:  If you comit to working 7 am to 3 pm you better be there are 7 am.  If you don't call in they might call you to find out where you are because they are so small and need everyone to be there when they say because of turn around time.   No timeclock to speak of so you can work as long as you want to get in your 1200 lines per day if there is work.  When there is no work you have to leave after your shift even if you have not gotten your minimum lines in. 

ESL:  If you are acute care you could get stuck on a couple of really nasty ESL accounts where you can go for several days getting mostly ESL and not enough others to average out the lines.  So if you are not real strong and love to do ESL getting lines in may be a problem during an 8 hour shift even after several months. 

Like any company everyone's experience is different.  What is great for one may be a disaster for another.  I have been with them less than 9 months and there seem to have been quite a few MTs whose names seem to suddenly disappear so it seems like Axolotl may not have been a good fit for those MTs.   

If you have other specific questions, you can E-Mail me. 

Good luck in whatever you decide. 


I'm trying to find out a company name. It is a small,

I think just an owner and IT person, company in Wyoming, I believe.   I can't remember the name of the company.  They offered me a position and I turned them down, but I need to make a list of all the companies I've turned down as many of them continue to contact me and I want to be able to say no right away instead of going through the interview again because I forgot.   I know there is a company in Cody, WY, but I don't think that is them.  They were extremely disorganized. 

Anyone have a clue who is may be?  I know I haven't given much info to work with. 

Should I go from national to small company?

Hello. I am sure many have asked this same thing before, just looking for a rooting section to feel better about this.  I currently work for a national.  With many changes, not feeling like a person, production sinking, morale gone, on and on and on... I decided to seek PT position with a smaller company.  So, I found a second company.  They are small, but growing. The director is a former MT.  They currently have about 100 MTs. The pay is very standard at 8 cents.  Their platform is slowing me down a bit, but they say they are working on upgradiing it.  Their communication and personal attention to me has been excellent.  I have 1 dictator. I see what work is coming in and have 20 hours to get it done. 

Is the small company too good to be true?  Being burnt from national, I am finding it hard to grasp that this really could be this good.  sure, the pay isn't as great..it is an IC position, rather than employee...but I am not stuck with God knows what work, changing all the time...and I am heard and appreciated.

Do I just bite the bullet and transition the small company into full-time and do the national PT?  Any comments, suggestions, etc would be appreciated!

Very small company in Florida.
There are only a handfull of us working for this company and so when other MTs cherrypick, it really affects the rest of us. I am constantly stuck working all the difficult doctors and trying to get the reports from going out of TAT while other MTs cherrypick the good doctors, even though their reports are no where near TAT.

This just started recently so I don't know if it is someone they just hired or not, but I am tired of it already. Since this has started happening, I have seen my pay drop as I can't get the same lines I could before with a mix of doctors. Now I regularly transcribe for the same three docs that no one wants to do and I am losing about $4 an hour. I am so tempted to just start cherrypicking myself, but that is not in my nature. I play by the rules, and I am getting dinged for it. Since my account manager could care less, I am looking elsewhere, which will be hard as I really love this account and the flexibility it provides, but I can't afford the loss in pay.
I agree on the small company.
I was my happiest when I was with a small company, but then they were acquired by a larger company and so I left.  I guess that's the point I was trying to make.  Working for a smaller American-owned MT company that doesn't overhire is a hard job to find simply because they don't overhire.  The MTs at that company don't want to leave.  The problem comes arises when a lot of larger companies pull the tactics mentioned before and then there are many, many MTs doing what you said...looking for another company.  That doesn't leave many smaller companies to chose from because most aren't hiring.  I think that's where the problem comes in with a lot of people being frustrated with going from company to company only to end up in the same boat a few years (or less) later.  There definitely is a downward trend in this field.  Some are fortunate to have the good jobs, but it's not the norm anymore like it used to be.
Opinion: Small company vs. larger one?

Just looking for opinions on the positive side and/or negative side of a small company vs. a larger one.  Help me out here....please!

At home ideally. Small company
I start tomorrow with a small company exactly as you
Hope it works out but I've had good success in the past from companies who don't advertise.
D&L site is medicalreport.com small company
pay is real low
Can you share what small company you found (sm)
that offers benefits (even if it is more costly).  It seems that all I have talked to don't offer any and I can't afford to go without health insurance.  Thank you so much in advance.
Try PMTKentucy for a small good company
They are small, but they are growing rapidly. They will start you as an IC, but if you are a good MT, you will be made and employee. They have posted several job openingings in the jobseeker section.
It wouldn't be a small company in SW GA would it? If it is, consider yourself lucky you got away
You obviously know nothing about the owner or the company. Many accounts are going to internet base
Long distance is not a big deal with digital connections.
Medical Transcription Service Owner and TTS is a company out of
the reason for the discrepancy has been explained by the owner of the company already - nm