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Posted By: Jukebox on 2006-01-09
In Reply to:

Has any one worked for Interpro? A lady called Podius is recruiting. I would appreciate any scoop. I am planning to switch from my hospital position to at-home. ...SB

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Interpro you can
No new info because everything is still the same. No way to track line count, management has no idea what they are doing. But having said that, they have just done major overhaul,so that may improve except they have left some of the originals in place, so it may not work out after all. They pay good but no one will stay. I think that says alot about a company. Also, they use Vianeta, a bad platform with a horrible spell-check.
Had a call from one of their recruiters, asked her if they were an American company to which she answered yes. But I was a bit wary when I went on their website interprobps.com and saw that the CEO was someone by the name of
Bala Ramamoorthy, which does not sound American at all but most likely indian.

I worked for them for a little while. It was terrible. The doctors are all bad. My friend did QA and they paid her production.
run like your butt is on fire........
can anyone give me any information about interpro? thanks
I work for Interpro and have for about a year now. I have no complaints. The people are nice, the management is friendly and easy to work with. If I need samples, etc, they are more than happy to help out.
Interpro nm

I worked for them over a year ago.  Platform slow and cumbersome.  Micromanaged every aspect. I think they have gotten rid of some middle management, which could only be a good thing.  I have since worked for worse companies. Might be just what you are looking for, wasn't for me.  It is offshore owned, which I am finding is definately not a good thing for US workers.  Thinking I will stick to US owned companies. A world of difference how MT/ED are treated. 


A year ago, everything was wrong with Interpro - paychecks were severely docked, jobs missing..turned out that management was stealing the company blind - the HR director was the CEO's sister; the CEO's husband was in charge of finances and payroll and the managers for the individual teams were the CEO's best friends.  The company was THE WORST.  In the past year, they cleaned out and got rid of the bad management and theft.  That improved.  However, the system - Vianeta - is still of bad sound quality, hard to understand sometimes, slow and cumbersome as stated above.  The employees and current management are nothing but team players, honest, and available to help you. 

What's Up With InterPro
Can anyone tell me what's the deal with InterPro.  I took the test, the recruiter (like all it seems) was thrilled, and now no phone call.  Is this worth it, pay-wise, work-wise, etc?????

can anyone tell me anything good or bad about this company?  considering applying with them and would like a heads up about them. 


thanks in advance

Also InterPro Medical Services.....email me if you want contact email.  They are hiring right now.

Looking to get out of the Q and transcriptionmatchmaker.com has said that InterPro has everything I want/need out of an employer, and that the management has changed for the better in recent times.  I know the posts have all been resounding bad on them in the archives.  I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about them now and in the last 6 months.  Help me ease my mind a bit!!


I worked for them a while back - like 5 years ago.  They paid well at that time, .11 cpl but their platform for most accounts was Vianeta - can you say horrible!  Their insurance rates were good BUT what I see now they are offering like 8 cpl and are under new management - so things have changed as far as compensation.  I started at 9 cpl and went up to 11, but only because platform was so slow.  Ask many, many questions.

I worked for them for a couple of months which I enjoyed.  They let me go due to inexperience, which I truely was.  The pay was on-time and the support team was great.   I don't know if that helps, but good luck. 

Does anyone have any information regarding InterPro Medical Solutions.  I have a phone interview with them coming up and was wondering if they are worthy employer.

Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated...


Interpro managers
Anyone have experience with Interpro management where they were made to feel stupid, lazy, an inconvenience and almost accused of lying about something demonstrably untrue...trying to figure out if it is me being over sensitive or if they treat everyone this way...need my job, but need respect, too..
Interpro management
Hhhmm,  dealing with M or S or D?  Sounds like it, lol.  Check the archives.  Interpro managment is notorious for being the worst there is.  They have no idea how to manage people.  They seem to think you can get the best out of a person by belittling or degrading them.  No, you are not being oversensitive but you either need to toughen up or look elsewhere, as I did.  I doubt things will change any time soon.
Another vote for Interpro
Interpro questions
Actually, I don't think some of the heads of departments just stepped down, they were told to step down.  Unfortunately, in their place were put people who only know how to treat others in a condensending manner and with disrespect. If you ask when the line tracking will be in place, you will be told soon, but it has been over a year that I am aware of and that capibility is still not available.  Also ask when they will be getting the new platform that will be more user friendly.  Again, you will be told soon, but don't hold your breath.  And do save all e-mails because acct managers will deny, deny, deny anthing they tell you.  You need to check archives on this and other boards to find out more about Interpro. 
Ex Interpro Employee

Well being an ex interpro salaried employee I can tell you they are the worst to work for.  Work 14+ hrs a day 7 days a week only to get back stabbed, treated worse the p o o p.  Make to feel like you are the lowest form of life on earth.

The do have a division that is in India.  They are trying to have american MTs type. But the management is so bad who knows.  The new gal there is making changes and what she should do is fire everyone of them in the so called management. Not hire family members. And let people with knowledge work on these accounts.  When the managers pawn their work off on others so they can sleep in, do other things etc. Then take all the credit that should be cause to terminate them.

Not a nice place to work.  Too many jobs out there. And Interpro on the resume well that is not a good thing to have on there. 

Good luck to all.

Interpro does that too - shove it thru
I worked at Interpro sm
I worked for Interpro.  Couldn't track line counts with the platform.  Had to C&P into a word doc. and use Word's counting function to even get an idea.  Also, their spell checker was horrible.  The C&P word doc. enabled me to use Word's spell checker but again, I shouldn't have had to do that.  They micromanaged the accts. Always had to change something when all I wanted to do was be left alone to work.  The accts I had weren't bad, but heard that other accts were not good, ESLs, etc.  The old management team of MB, DVS and SS were horrible but they are gone and new management is in place, so maybe things aren't as bad as when I was there. 
Interpro.. Still have questions
Can someone email me with the hourly pay range for QA. The old posts indicate that there is bad management. Is this still true? Do they offer direct deposit? Any problems with getting pay on time?
I also am an ex-InterPro QA - amen ..
to the above. They are scumbags.
Interpro - 'nuff said!!!!!!!!!!
Horrible - dishonest, bait and switch, EVIL
Does anyone have any information regarding Interpro? sm
I have an interview with them scheduled for later today and I was wondering if they were a good company to work for either as an MT or QA.  TIA.
Interpro Medical

Hi! Does anyone work for or know anything about Interpro Medical?  How easy is their format and their accts?  Thanks a lot. 

below, you asked about InterPro, because
Does anyone have info on InterPro
Interpro Medical
I worked with them for a short time and they were really good...they let me go as I really was not experienced enough at that time.  The pay was on time...good feed back and meetings for new MT's....Hopefully some day I will get the chance to work them again.  I love the company that I am with now but hey...you can kill alot more flys with 2 nets opposed to one....
InterPro is really not a good place to go! sm
I've been there and the company is just too disorgnaized, and it will never get any better "because" of the poor management and because they are out to make a quick buck by sending mostly all work to India or wherever else they can get cheap labor. I can really understand sending a small portion over there but these companies that thrive off India really have very poor quality, want reports done too quickly, and it's really just not a good business. I dont' really think that InterPro will carry on too long.
Another one, Interpro, sends a lot of theirs to India

as well as other locations outside the US

Does anyone know why MB was shown the door at Interpro? nm
Interpro - two words - STAY AWAY
They'll promise you anything to get on board, and then a month later you'll get an email telling you that you're now going to be paid about half what the original agreement was when you were hired, and there's more - you now have to work 20 hours a day.
InterPro? Any current information?

I did a search and I only see the most recent post from last September.

Thank you. 

Yes, Interpro is located in Rockville, Maryland - nm
Interpro? Anything worth letting a new person know about?
I used Vianeta at good old Interpro Transcription (sm)
and the platform was horrible - nothing but problems - but Tech Support was excellent!!  The platform did not work with Windows 98 ME, for me (about 2-3 years ago), plus the line counts were inaccurat.  Actually, I believe Interpro's line count was inaccurate - a separate issue.  I got to the point where I copied every single report to Word and used another line counter (Sylvan ?), but every check I received from Interpro was underpaid by $50+.
Is there any more current input on Interpro besides what is posted already? SM
Just curious.  They sound pretty good to me...  Are there still issues with pay?  Do they pay for spaces?  What are their benefits like?  Do they offer PTO?  What is up with the meetings?  How long are they?  Do you get paid for these?  Thanks guys!
InterPro Med Solutions....any current information??

I see that they don't advertise very often.....anyone work there and have any good or bad experiences?  Is the starting rate 8.5 cpl as seen in some ads?  ANY information would be wonderful!  Thanks!! 

Any current information on Interpro- good or bad. Thanks
Does anyone have any info on whether InterPro is good company to work for?

I am trying to decide between them and an acute care smaller company.  Does anybody know if they are a good company?



But check the archives about InterPro. Many problems there, not worth working there just to use your
Any NEW information about Interpro? All I find in the archives arent very recent
InterPro Medical...Hope this doesn't appear to be selling soul to devil.... but
I am seriously considering working for InterPro (a company owned by India that outsources).  Never thought I would, but I see they have BCBS insurance which starts in 30 days of employment, and other good benefits.   I am a diabetic with hypertension and paying almost $400.00 a month for Cobra health insurance, which will expire soon, thus will be left uninsured.  I've tried getting individual insurance, but no one will ensure because of my health problems.   Can anyone give me some specs on InterPro, i.e. current employees, etc.., or any other companies where insurance goes in effect 30 days of employment.

InterPro present or past employees care to share your experiences
I'm to take the test tomorrow.  Thanks in advance
Any thoughts on Interpro? Line count, spell checker, platform, management, pay rate? nm
Allegiant, Greenlight in Oregon, Interpro, Orion, Probity, Stat-IQ, & Stat-Med