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It's a general free advertising site - you have to be careful though (sm)

Posted By: Carolina on 2008-04-22
In Reply to: Craigslist - mary

because a lot of ads on there are scams...you have to look for the ones that are realistic.

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we're the free advertising . nm
For career changes, here is a fun site, some stuff is free sm
General Hosp...er General T-Tech
Lots of people have been burned by them..be careful, very careful. NM
Free enterprise. You are free to re-educate and retrain, as well!!!!
What's the complaint?!

You are still wrong to thank your company on an MT site, appropriate is your site.
Free sure. There are free on-line fax

services, in fact I used one last week.   Most do have limits on how often you can use and how many pages though.  You obviously would have to scan pages into a document, but maybe she doesn't have a scanner either.

She could have mailed paperwork back. 

Men, in general, do that a lot....not just....NM

In General

I for one, also feel that there has been enough said about a certain companies on this board  -- I work for a small service (probably less than 100 employees) and am treated fairly  -- my second paycheck was late, but only due to a goof at the end of the major hospital and the invoice  -- I was with a company where I was paid every two weeks like clockwork, but occasional gitches happen  -- and you have to plan for those things.  The subject though with this one company has become way too rendundant and I for one feel it's time to move onward and upward.

It is general transcription
Very hard work transcribing a bunch of people talking at once.
As a general rule....

75% is a pretty heavy figure on terms of ESL.  That sounds like an account no one else wants to do. 

What general area
The 3 big ones in my area have most of their MTs at home with full benefits and incentive plans. Most of their systems require high speed and some have a mileage limit for repairs, etc. Start calling all the local hospitals within 100 mile radius of you and see if they have MTs working from home. Most require a short period of in-house training but if you're experienced they usually send you home in a week.

just using general examples here...
not really talking specifics. and if you are making 10 cpl, you'd better rejoice and count your lucky stars. I was making that 5 years ago before I went with a big MTSO for health insurance, when they dropped us back to where I was making less than minimum wage, I quit. I'm now making 8 cpl...and I have 16 years of exp! I'm just saying, a rate of 6 cpl is a JOKE...you set your own standards, but we have to JUST SAY NO to the low wages they try to offer us now.
Well the questions are also so general

I think if people thought before they posted for example which platform, flexibility, etc.

As soon as someone puts that they had a bad experience, they are told that's not true, etc. etc.  It's a neverending thing on this company board.

If someone says they have had a good experience, then everyone starts applying and the company overhires and then everyone is mad about that. 

It makes no sense to me. 

Letting someone know they are able to search the archives is not rude at all.  It's a matter of using the correct string of characters and spending the time to do it though.

offshoring in general
I also think a lot of the services have sold their clients a bill of goods, convincing them that Turn Around Time is the big issue. This way they can justify sending the work out of the country to be done overnight, thus a bigger profit for them, and at the same time the clients buy into it because there is not enough quality control on their end to actually check what is coming back. I have seen a trend though in my area to bring back more in-house staff because of quality issues with outsourcing.
As a general idea,
people usually say you need about 2 cpl more to make up for paying your own SS, the employer not paying half of your health insurance, no sick days, no vacation days, no holidays, no short or long term disability, no unemployment, no dental, paying an accountant to help with your taxes, etc.... In my opinion, that stuff is actually worth more than 2 cpl, but that at least gives you an idea of what to aim for.
Just curious as to where they are advertising?
That may be but they are advertising. nm
no msg
Not advertising but looks like...
they are taking resumes, doing testing on their web site. I'm tired of going through applying, testing, etc. and then finding out the company is a nightmar so I thought I'd check firrst
Well, they are advertising for a
recruiter so I think they need to get that position filled so they will have someone who will reply to all the job applicants they have.  Now, that is just my opinion.
Where are they advertising?
I don't see it anywhere.
My comment is about posters in general.
I've never worked for KS and know nothing about them.

Nothing on this board tells me anything about them either. That is my point.

What is on this board is completely anonymous and we have no way to know who is actually posting and if there is any truth to it.

TransHealth - General question please
Can you tell me how work is picked up?  Do you load a certain amount at once, or is it a pickup one job at a time situation?  Also, how is the platform to use?  Do you have to work weekends, or is that optional?  Thinking of applying there.  TIA.
In general, has VR been successful for most companies? Thanks. nm
Try the Attorney General's Office...
for your State. Worked for me and I was an IC. Got my last check. Good luck.
I did not mean that is what they are doing. I was just making a comment in general. sm
I used to waitress, and you did not get the best stations or the best shifts until you moved up. My brother is an ER doctor. He was on midnights for years until there was an opening on days. His wife is a new nurse and always has to work every holiday and off-shift that there is as she has no seniority. My DH is a machinist. Whenever he switched jobs in the past, he was put on 3rd shift until someone left or was fired on 2nd and then 1st shift.

I just figured that MT would be the same. When I started at the hospital I am at, I got stuck with every weekend and holiday and evening for the first year. I just accepted it as the way things should be done. Why would services be any different? You should make someone new feel welcome, but the long-standing employees would resent it if newly hired employees get the best accounts and the best doctors. Kind of like paying your dues and proving that you are a good employee before they put you in the best positions.
In general, small companies
I just left one of the big companies because I won't do ASR because of the decreased pay. Smaller companies are usually straight transcription only, and I am now with one of those. There are quite a few out there.
escription is a general issue
If you look on the website for escription you will see a style guide that has a lot of nit picky format rules. It requires a lot of remembering little format things that we wouldn't normally do. They really should have someone to edit and someone else to make the format changes. it really is cumbersome and you can't make any money.
Transcription companies in general
AMEN SISTER!  couldn't have said it better
See ImageStat advertising on here too.
Be prepared to have to buy expensive equipment, like a $300+ Cisco router because they claim nothing else works with the system, and they have a very odd, untrackable method for counting lines.  It is gross lines, but sometimes the margins for reports are very wide with a tiny font.  Feast or famine with them because they do overflow work only.  QA is not nice, either. 
They'll keep advertising.

They need Americans who will perfect voice recognition for the Indians.

Then they won't have any use for us any more.

That's crazy! I wonder how they can get away advertising that.


I see Discriter advertising
over and over for the Mich account and an Eye account. They don't sound bad. Anyone have the scoop on why no one wants these jobs? tempted. .
Anyone currently working on the all OPs job they are advertising for. nm
Just a form of advertising
Kind of like a Q&A. Like does so and so offer insurance A: Why yes they do very reasonable. Q: Any info on this company. A: Great company!! Smiley smiley tappy tappy feet. Get a room---- pleaseeeeee
Diskriter is advertising for MTs again? Y
Anyone work for Diskriter?  Are they losing MTs?  I see them advertising quite a bit or are they getting new accounts?  Anyone work(ed) for them have any input?

Why is Transtech still advertising for MT's

I don't see them advertising any jobs, though...nm
If they're hiring, where is their job ad or link?  Thanks
They're advertising for MT?/QA? via (sm)
Corporate Transcriptionist's? via a very frequently hit resume board online as a link to their own questionnaire/employment form.....so it seems. jhmmmmmm.
no advertising campaign. It's just sm
those of us who have been doing this for a long time feel like you learn better by using books. Its sad that this profession has come to the point where looking into books is considered wasting time.
Believe I saw them advertising on another board for MTs...NM
What is the general opinion about the packet? Good or Bad
Did receive mine yet?
Also contact your state Attorney General
consumer fraud division. Contact the local TV station that has a department for such fraud and ask them to investigate. Once you go public, you will be paid. Best of luck to you.
Do they still do general, medical, and legal tranny? Thx. nm
just google general transcription jobs
A lot of the jobs are for legal work, so I imagine you need a big English vocabulary and fast hands for lots and lots of lines.

Just hired, a little nervous about it now, general question....sm
Just took a position with a well-known company, I'll withhold it for now to be considerate.  I was supposed to work Sun night thru Thurs. nights.  Friday evening I was sent the software download and called for training on it Sat. morning.  After the training, I had to answer a questionnaire, at which point I would then be e-mailed my specifications for the account I was assigned along with a 'test questionnaire' that I would have to complete and return and THEN I would get my access code to the system and my Acct. Mgr's contact info.  I sent my first little questionnaire Sat. morning and waited for my acct specs and 'test'.  On Sunday, I had yet to receive anything.  I called them and they said my Acct. Mgr. did not work weekends and would be in Monday!  I asked how I was to start my shift Sun. night then!?  Another person sent my acct. specs for me at 6 pm Sun., which was a 26-page manual on the particulars of this acct along with a 30-question test. I stated that I was supposed to start my shift in 3 hours, and how could I thoroughly complete reading this manual and answer the test questions and be prepared?  They told me I couldn't start that night anyway because I could not recieve my User ID til the Acct. Mgr. came in Mon. morning to give it to me and that I'd have it by noon Mon. (today).  Still nothing in my Inbox and its noon, AND I didn't get to work my shift last night and I'm supposed to work 20 hrs. minimum per week.  Is it normal for start-up to be so hairy and unorganized?  I'm nervous now.
Can any give me some general information about Keystrokes? (sm)
I am considering applying to them as they sound like a great company to work for.  What platform do they use?  Is it internet based?  C-phone?  Something else?  How easy and MT friendly is that platform?  How is the work load?  And finally, do they hire IC, PT, and/or FT?  Thank you.
General Facility with a cast of TTers.
Report to BBB, then contact attorney general's
Was always told a general rule of thumb...
60 minutes equals 600 lines, 80 minutes, 800 lines and so on.  The formula did pan out for me.  I was always able to figure out how many lines I would get by how many minutes I pulled from the system. 
GT is general transcription versus MT medical...nm