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Lots of people have been burned by them..be careful, very careful. NM

Posted By: BTDT on 2008-04-11
In Reply to: All Type - Sue


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I hear ya about being burned, cant be too careful. nm
Be careful. They are nice people, but when you get the contract, sm

it has a clause in there that if you send something to QA that they think you could have gotten, then you are charged for QA's time, cannot remember how much, and it is docked from your pay.  My objection to that is, who is to say I could have gotten it or not?  What sounds like mumbles to me might be clear as a bell to someone else.

However, if this is your first time at an at home job, they would probably understand that and give you a break.  I agree with the other poster.  Just do the best you can.  Most all companies would rather have you leave a blank than guess.

Good luck! 

Be careful
Be careful
All I can say is be careful...
You will get a great offer, good training and be happy as a lark ... until you're out on your own, no one from IT will respond to your inquiries about technical problems, and they'll train you on one account (one that gives you great line counts) and then presto-chango, you're typing every ESL doc they dug out from wherever it is they hatch them from and you'll make ZERO dollars. I think the problem here is, like a lot of others, the good dicatators are going through VR (you'll notice, Transcend has a TON of openings for VR editors), and we (the MTs) are getting stuck with the dopes who cannot talk. I'm giving some serious thought to switching to editing - I'd rather do that and do twice the work, than try to figure out what these jokers are saying. Anyway, I was making great money during training with Transcend, but am now LOSING money and trying to decide if I should look elsewhere.
Be careful, though
My training went exceptionally well and I was on cloud 9. Then - WHAM!!! They put me on the account I was hired for (of course, no one told me it was different than the one I trained on), and it is AWFUL. I made great money right after training, until this new account ... now I'm taking a loss. These dictators are AWFUL - so I hope for your sake, when your training is over, they don't do the same to you.
Be careful. (sm)
I don't know if they do this anymore, but I was hired at a gross line count and then they changed things after hiring. I did the math, and I came out as losing money. Many others were complaining of the same bait and switch at the time.

I also ran into the absolute rudest QA staff of my long career at JLG. It sounded like the owner was going to try to straighten them out at the time, but I didn't stick around to see whether she did.

I had the highest line rate at JLG that I've ever had (13 cents, can't remember if with or without spaces); however, the constant running out of work and being asked to take the day off!, constant switching around of accounts combined with the rudest QA ever made it absolutely not worth it. I've come to the point I realize that it's the entire package an MT has to look at. Others have paid less, but I've been happier.

I hope this helps. I know you asked for those with a happy experience, but I thought I'd give you an honest experience.
Be careful
Whether you can do it or not depends on what they hire you for. Look at the postings a few days ago where people talk about the one account with all the ESLs that people scream about.
Be careful with them
Good pay, but many many problems. 2 yrs with them & I can't take it any more.
Careful about A. They will tell you
that you are hired for tier 3, but then say they meant 2 or 1 and give you a much lower rate!!
Be very careful.

You're not supposed to be sending intercompany information anywhere.  I would get it in writing first that your ISP isn't going to be tracked and your info handed over to Transcend so they can fire you.  With all the info on this board about what they are doing, Transcend still has their weekly cattle calls on the job seekers' board, so it doesn't look like Transcend is going to lose anything.

Just be very careful.

Be careful
There are huge tax implications. Yes, you get to deduct for certain home-office expenses, but only under specific guidelines and there is a minimum amount that you must have spent out of pocket. If the company is paying you very, very well, then I'd say go for it. Under no circumstances should you take an IC/statutory emp. (where they pay no taxes) job at the same rate of pay as an employee. Please take the time to consult with a tax person before getting yourself in what could be a very expensive proposition. You won't be sorry.
And be careful.
It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).
And be careful.

It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).

Be careful
Depending the account you get you may spend more time with the demographics than it is worth and the line counts can be off if you copy/paste into regular Word and check them yourself, or even using a line counting program.
Be careful
Check the archives, where it is posted that they do not pay on time or do not pay at all, as well as some taking or having taken legal action against them.
Be Careful
I worked for them and made no money. When a QA position opened, I tested for it. They claimed I didn't pass. However, 2 years later, I am the QA director for another company. Hmmm. I think someone had a friend or relative that wanted the job too.
Be careful
This company makes a lot of promises they don't keep, their Editor is extremely difficult to work with, and their employee turnaround is awful.  Watch yourself.  I worked for them for two years and am SO glad to be done.
Be very careful...sm
They will tell you they pay for spaces but when you get your check (six weeks later) you will see you are not because the IType system they use does not count them.  When you inquire you are lied to and told they are not sure what is up.  They keep you on the hook but know all along they are not paying for spaces.  Apparently, they have been doing this for several years.  Do a search on this board.  As well, still waiting for my last check and it's been several months.  Won't respond to calls or e-mails.  No work either most days. 
wow, all I can say is be very very very careful ...
I can't emphasize it enough. Very bad reputation, but apparently the admins of this board were supposedly talking to him (owner) about not paying people and so forth and they have allowed him to post jobs again. But just be careful - there are quite a few companies out there that do not pay or will pay up to a certain point (i.e. when they are done using you) and you will never hear from them again.
Be careful!!!
They called me back for rehire and I have never heard a word. I quit because they never paid me on time. They promised me I would get paid on time, etc., but I have not heard a word from them. I would not be surprised if they are getting bought out by somebody else. I was supposed to have started back 3 weeks ago and still no word!!!!
be careful
D&L uses them for recruiting because they cannot recruit themselves due to bad publicity. I am sure there are others too. Same results as searching online for companies without the hassle of double testing or getting attached to a company you would never have gone to in the first place.
I just called a company and theirs is a 70 character line
I would be careful
I was actually hired by this company and their contract also states that they can lower your pay at any time and not pay for reports if they are not 100%. I was all ready and set to go ended up having emergency surgery. I called them and emailed them to let them know before I went to the hospital and then called when I was released stating that I could still do part-time and was very anxious to get started, but never heard anything again. I was very upset about this. The lady I spoke with told me how lucky they were to get someone with my experience and how I would quickly get raises, etc. Anyhow sorry about spelling errors, etc, have been up since 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. Good luck. If you take the job, please keep us updated:)
Be careful about.....
contacting the original client. I did that with another MTSO I had problems with and actually they sued me for damages and WON - wont do that again. Your best bet is to issue a formal letter demanding payment - not an email as that wont hold up in court and if she does not pay, then file small claims and use your contract as the evidence you need to prove your case.
Just my 2cw. :)

I would ask to sample a tape before even agreeing to quote a price/take the job. Could be interesting; could be a real chore.

Then I'd charge by the minute of dictation based upon that test - $1.00+ per minute depending on the quality/difficulty of the conversations. This is going to be a hefty bill! 1800 minutes by my estimation... What's the turnaround requirement? I'll do it! :)
MQ QA ...be careful
This thread is starting to sound like the MQ board!
I would be very careful with MQ

In case you have not read the MQ board lately, 70% of controlling stock has been sold to CBay Holding Systems, an Indian company, that will probably/possibly begin offshoring work to their Indian transcription company.  There is much debate over this, and I would caution you before giving up a good offer with another company.

As far as flexibility goes with MQ, it all depends on your supervisor.  Mine was great.  The pay was awful - no raise in 5 years.  Not to mention, ASR/voice recognition cuts.  See below.

MQ pays 70% (currently) of your base rate for voice recognition, which is pretty good in comparison to other companies.  About 75% of my paycheck was ASR.  If the other company is straight transcription, you will make out much better than ASR at MQ. 

Be Careful

After reading what SS reportedly promised you about upping you to 9 cpl when removed from QA, that jumped out at me.  If they were unethical enough to do as they did to the other MT, why would you be any different?  Just something to think about. 

I hope I'm wrong.  Truthfully, I had no idea that this co. was uncool.  I'm glad that names are being dropped so the rest of us will know intead of having to dig around and hope they get lucky re the proper info.

Hope you keep us posted.

careful what you wish for
Required degree.
Required hours.
Required employee.
Mandatory 99-100% accuracy.

and the inevitability of lots of oversight

be careful there
this is a strange company...went from court reporting to MT and don't really know what they are doing...they want only MTs that live in Michigan and they use templates and you don't get paid for lines you have to change, which you do a lot....count yourself lucky if you DON'T hear from them...been there and lost my butt
Be very careful, there are a lot of
scams out there that only want to get your personal information.
careful with this one
they are on the cutting edge of making things as cheap as they can for the client and screw the Transcriptionist at every possible opportunity....give it a try...but come back and let everyone know how it went...good luck! (sounds like technology is trying to do you a favor lol)
Be careful what you say here.

Julie you are so right!!!   I once came here and posted some rather unflattering comments about company I was working for at that time.  Well my boss saw everything and she knew it was me.  At one time I had a pretty good relationship with my supervisor, but needless to say, after the posting she was rather cool towards me.  It was very uncomfortable and she did finally confront me regarding my post and warned me that if I posted again like that, I might lose my job.  

I am just warning everyone here that you might think you are anonymous here, but they can find out very easily your identity.  Just be careful what you say here -- it could come back to haunt you.  

Be careful with this---sm
I actually spoke with a *recruiter* by email one time a while back concerning this *so-called* employment position. I spoke with them because I had found a very similar advertisement, but with the same company, in a different job board (can't remember where any more). I copied the first ad, pasted it into an e-mail and asked them a whole bunch of questions. It turns out that there are two different *macro-solutions* and the one a poster below called is the *legitimate* one. The other macro-solutions is based in a third world country, and even though the position sounds *legit*, do not let the high pay fool you. This company *recruits* people here in the U.S. and it is nothing but a scam. All the *customer service rep* is there for is, as they put it, *collect funds from customers in the U.S., put it into THEIR bank account, keep 10 percent for themselves, and forward the rest of the funds to them.* It is a scam through and through, using a well-known company name to *suck in* naive job-seekers looking for a fast buck. Please do not get involved in this! DANGER! DANGER!
careful what you listen to
You might want to find out from someone who knows.  Call the office, check what the TAT log says.  There is work, they have been doing overtime on many accounts.  If that person posting isn't working, it is because they aren't trying to.  There was just an email sent around that if you account was slower you could do a different platform, etc.  Can't blame the company for this one - blame the one who sits back and waits for the company to come to them.  Don't have to, too many others who are stepping up to the plate!
Be careful with LD companies.
Some LD companies do not allow MTs at all. Some places have a cap on the minutes allowed to be used even if they say unlimited. Sometimes the equipment (C-phone, Lanier, etc.) will not work with some companies, as well as some phone cards won't work either. It really isn't that easy to find a LD carrier for an MT. You're better off working on the internet or working for a place who provides an 800 number.
Nothing good to say- so would rather not say anything! Be careful! nm
Its not all Transcribing. So be careful
This is just a reminder that there will be people out there to actually fool other people for working for them and not paying them. its like a new age of salvery.
X-press - be careful
Pay well, but many problems. Be careful with them.
Please be careful about posting such
You're going to incite panic and who knows if you are even an employee there.
Be careful who you work for
Let's be honest here. There are certainly more than 2 of us who have issues with pay from this company. Yes, some of us didn't work a full day but then we weren't hired for full time either. I was also told my check was in the mail, along with my tax form. Never did receive either of them. I'm not sure if being paid was my biggest grip with her, the part that gets me is when you asked for your back pay you were degraded by her. It was always something the MT did, never her. She has told a few of us that we would never make it as a MT and how unprofesional we were. This woman is a nut case and I wished I had listened to a previous MT that worked for her, I would not be writing this today. All I can say is stay clear of her and her company.
you should be careful, meggan
though i doubt that is your real name

you have named yourself and then made some statements about that company

not smart on a public forum
Be careful with eMTS.
Good company to work for but pay not that good and watch the line counts.  They have complete control over what they say your lines are.  Have been there a year and am looking to leave, just wating for my last $500 of the $2000 bonus.
Percentage and be very careful

how you fill out your return.  We had an accountant who was under investigation by the IRS which led to our being audited and we found that much of what he said was allowable was NOT.  i.e.  You cannot deduct a room for an office unless that is all the room is used for.  A guest bedroom with a bed in it is not an office.

Be careful who you send your
resume to. Now the troll has all your information. I do NOT send mine until I have a firm offer and have basically been hired and after I have checked THEM out. I have not had to do this for five years, but still I knew that it is not good to give yourself away like that. I wonder what they are going to do with those resumes? Maybe those who supplied resumes should find out exactly who this is in case of identity theft?
Be careful with Earthlink. I have them and

tried to get service through them but it wouldn't work.  Their service also goes through your computer, whereas digital phone doesn't, so if you have anything happen to slow down your internet speed it will effect your phone.

I spent 3 days talking with people in India to resolve my issue and what a major headache.  All I should have had to do was plug in 2 plugs and it should have worked but it didn't. 

I went with my cable internet provider and they actually have someone come to your house and set everything up.  So much nicer than having to deal with offshore customer service.  My ISP is Earthlink, although Time-Warner actually provides the service. 


be careful what you do with DocQscribe
Be careful of what you post.

I have just found out that the management of my old company has been spying on everything we post.  It is kind of embarrassing in a way.  That is why I post -- certainly do not want my boss and their management to see these posts.  So, girls word of caution to everyone out there.  Be sure it is anonymous and really be careful what you say.  It can come back to haunt you and you just might lose your job over it.  Beware!!!  



Be careful of what you say about TT or any company.
After last week's blood bath, TT already said they will sue people if untruths are stated on this board. I myself would not want to be sued over something like this. Just IMHO. I happen to like the place. And would not want to see any trouble started either for anybody's sake.
I would be careful of steering someone to TT
this way... perhaps in your experience the last paragraph is true, but not in many other MTs' experience...