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It is normal contact accountant

Posted By: Ken Schrader on 2009-05-03
In Reply to: That is sort of hinky. - ginger

if the corporation is legit (has filed with the state and is active) and that corporation is paying you for services than they have the right before paying you to have either your social security number or ein number if you are incorporated. At the end of the year that company will send you a 1099 and you will have to pay whatever taxes on those funds you earned. There are advantages to both you and the corporation by having you as a IC. You are now able to write-off more things than a traditional employee being paid w-2. As long as the company does not demand that you be available at certain times than you would not be considered an employee.

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Should have been accountant -
this attitude isn't normal? What is normal sm
about people who come to a class, dont' have a clue what MT is and you tell them the truth?

Geeze you babies will never be on your own to not be babysat!
Get an accountant - best advice I can give you. nm
To Winnie - I do my own taxes not an accountant
I fill out Schedule SE which is the social security and medicare tax form.  However I have thought about hiring an accountant if I am paying too much or tax that I don't need to be paying.
No, just someone who is not an accountant. Responsible for 200+ employees, ICs in several states. No
Best advice I can give is talk with your accountant. sm
If you don't have one, seek one out. They would be the best source of reliable tax information.
The payroll dept isn't exactly qualified. There's no accountant on staff. sm
I wish they would just let ADP or something similar handle it. So many things are incorrect so often, taxes, PTO pay missing, etc.
No kidding! She shoulda fired her accountant, or perhaps hired one.

Not normal
Is this a small MTSO out of Florida?
That is normal
It can take up to a couple of weeks for them to get your IDs. It only took me a week to get mine when I started a few months ago, but I know of someone else who had to wait about 3 weeks.
I think that is below the average for lines. I don't work for KS anymore. However, I have been an MT for 9 years and I type 2000 lines per day. I could do 3000 but I don't want to work more than 6 or 7 hours a day.
Most def --NOT normal, especially at
Normal pay for QA?
Plus you have to redo almost everything you get or fill in 50 blanks. Ain't worth it.
It is normal
If a company is going to pay you for services they need either your ss or ein so that they can issue you a 1099 at the end of the year.All IC aka sub contractors no that they have to give a company a tax number what do you think you don't have to pay the taxes on the money you earn? They are going to report what they paid you to the IRS with so that they can write-off the expense they paid you.It is all very normal. probably wanted drivers lic for ID to verify with the IRS the correct ss number. if they took a bad number and did not check it out then they might not be able to write-off the expense.
is this normal

I am in trainingwith a company, learing this account and they audited my reports and count it against me, because I do not meet their standards, but I am in still in training just got hired.  Is this normal to be audited when you are still training?  aren't you suppose to be audited once you get out of training?

Don't know if it's normal but...
... I was fired from a company during training because my reports were audited and only 91% and the company requires 98%.
better than normal. don't complain
many only get 6
Edit BP normal?

For your normals that have either an abbreviation or a long form use the following:

type bp, get BP

type bpp, get blood pressure

type wnl, get WNL

type wnll, get within normal limits

type copd, get COPD

type copdd, get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

type cold, get COLD

type coldd, get chronic obstructive lung disease

Yes, sometimes the word cold will be used in a report, but it is so seldom unless you are doing pediatrics, that you will and should notice it.  Hope this helps.

I think it is pretty normal--sm
as when I start a new account, I am spending so much time listening for the big medical words and concentrating so hard on getting those right, that the little stuff gets overlooked. know what I mean? I think QA sort of expects things like that...it is a learning curve type of thing. relax.
I don't get the normal reports often,
but when I do get one, I discover they are set up without adding stop codes. For each jump-to-point, whoever made the normal could have hit CTRL F9, and then each time you use it, you could hit F11 to jump through the report. Why don't they use them?
Seems to be about right. Not high, but normal. Thx! nm
Its a very normal question
A short answer will save both you and them time - often its hard to wade through all the info on a resume.  If you take a simple and very pertinent question such as this as an annoyance, it looks like you need an attitude adjustment if you're looking for work.  It takes a lot of patience to jump through all the job search hoops, and you have to accept standard questions at face value and not take them personally.
This is their normal way of doing business when a new
account comes on-line.   Every time I say anything about overhiring or no work someone gets ugly.  Sorry it happened to you, but glad that others are speaking out.
Is this normal for a national?

In my 12 years, this is my first IC position with a national and I'm spinning my wheels. Just wondering if this is normal stuff I need to get used to?  

Things like, their field codes sometimes are there and sometimes are not, so if not, I have to go back and put in say the patient's name or DOB by hand. Ok, so that's not too big deal. But most of the referrring doc addresses are not in their system. So I have to look up in their info or search internet, enter into their system, but if there are no codes, have to go put all that in each document by hand. Their templates are mess, IMO. They don't have necessary spaces and some even have grammatical errors. But the worst...sometimes at the end of a report that has a lengthy template where I've had to delete some of it because it wasn't what he said (for example, they have a limited number of templates so maybe I have to use a stress echo template for a nuclear test, so I have to delete much of doc's canned words), it gives me a NEGATIVE LINE COUNT for that report. They have told me they can't fix this, that all in all I'm doing better in the course of my shift by getting paid for the templates, i.e., that it all equals out.

Their system is very slow, bogs down, all this click and point stuff I'm not used to, and I can't produce more than about 150 lines an hour. It's just a part-time gig for me, trying to make some extra money in these crappy times, but it's getting frustrating. Have I just been pampered with awesome MTSOs and docs all these years? Or should I jump ship? Sorry so long, thanks for your input.

If you cannot do ESL at a normal rate sm

of speed, like 100-150 lph (with 100 being the most horrible, barely speaking English, beneath poor audio) then you absolutely do not have the skills to make it in this business.

I have said this a million times - you have to have an **ear** for this work.  What they give you in these schools is not what you will be faced with in real life.  If you choose to coddle yourself with jobs that contain clear speaking clinic notes, then you will find yourself out of a job in a couple of years because nobody wants you if you can't do job after job of ESL at a normal rate of speed.

No it isn't normal. Is this Spheris?
What they are doing is legal and normal...
What they are doing is pretty typical, and legal. FMLA allows up to 12 weeks per year, BUT that is with a doctor's note. For the birth of a child, 6 weeks is typical. Most OB/GYN's approve you being off for 6 weeks for a normal delivery and provide a letter to you stating that.

Personally, I think even 12 weeks is far too soon to return to work, but that is just my opinion.
Rant: "My normal"
I'm working on a VR account. I could probably make some money if the dos wouldn't say 'my normal'.

HEENT: My normal.
ABDOMEN: My normal.
NEURO: My normal.

Of course, the VR system is not capable of inserting these things. It takes me a good 10 minutes to insert this stuff because I have to go through this drawn out process of finding the 'normals'. Ugggh! My check will be peanuts for sure.

This is their normal. If you look back through the archives
in addition to the fact that they offshore, you will find multiple complaints about them not returning calls/e-mails. 
EDITOR PAY FOR IC Position~ What is Normal Pay?

Can anyone tell me what is the Normal pay per line (65 char. w/ spaces) for an IC Editor these days???

Thanks! :)

That is totally normal and common.
Is no reply a normal thing with this co?
I am pretty new and have asked questions and never get any answers.  I don't know if this is the place for me.
Looks normal to me, especially this time of year nm

Template/normal Question
Has anyone ever worked IC for a company who didn't pay any of the template characters? For example, I have many templates that are full of normals (which we have to go through and change around to suit what the doctor is saying - or we have to insert information here and there), but we are not paid for the normals.

Needless to say, this actually slows us down a great deal and keeps our line rates much lower than it would be if there weren't normals in there.

I hadn't ever worked for a company that didn't pay for this, so I was wondering if this is typical outside of my limited experience.

Any insight?
No, this is not normal...If you are not getting emails answered...
I would contact someone in the main office..
BC/BS with $1K deductible, dental is normal sm
coverage and as the person below pointed out, you are wrong on the PTO.  Also, last year we were allowed to choose a plan with a lower deductible and pay for it and that choice was not given to us this year.  Why don't you try telling the truth about Webmedx instead of prettying up everything?
the normal standard supposedly is sm
1 minute of dictation equals 10 lines. Obviously if its a slow dictator then you make out really good. If its a really fast person, not so good. I worked on the minute basis for several years and did fine.

Given the climate of the way these companies don't want ot pay for spaces, headers, etc it might not be a bad deal anymore. I guess it depends on how fast it takes you to turn around the number of minutes you need to type.

Good luck!
So what if you go OVER your normal line count?
It sounds about as shifty and unfair as an adjustable rate morgage. 'Adjustable rate' employee insurance.
Good luck if you get a job there...that is normal, not being able to get ahold of anyone, even when
What is the normal number of backup accounts
I have just been placed on my 5th backup account in the last month and a half.  I just know I am going to mess something up, trying to keep all of these straight.  When do you say enough is enough?  Is it even acceptable to say enough is enough?
I am so frustrated with this MTSO thing. Is this normal or what....sm
I know there are plenty of nationals who are screwy, misleading and otherwise unorganized and shady.  However, I came across a great one that gets great reviews on this board.  Their benefit package is excellent, pay is fairly normal, HR lady seemed to be thorough. This company contacted ME, at which time I told her I had an eMachine and heard it was not compatible with their platform. She said we could get around it with a different platform they just started using on many accts.  I tested, we then had a 45-minute phone interview (everything sounds good, let's see what account we can get you matched with, I'm sending you a schedule commitment to fill out, etc.).  Does that not sound like I've got the job?  Three days go by, still received no paperwork so I call her.  Oops, she probably forgot to send it.  I complete it and send it back next day.  A WEEK goes by with no word.  I contact her.  She e-mails that she is speaking with acct. mgrs. to see what their demand is on certain accounts and will get back to me in a couple days.  Another WEEK goes by and she e-mails that she found a good acct. match for me but it is not compatible with my eMachine, and would I be interested in purchasing a new processor from them.  Didn't I tell her that when she contacted me? But I answer anyway that yes I'll use a different processor because I've put off other job searches for almost a month now in hopes of starting this one and I'm REALLY desperate to start working again.   That last e-mail was sent to her almost a WEEK ago and I'm getting tired of contacting her to see why she hasn't contacted me!  So now I'm into this company for about a month now.  This all seems so half-@ss and unorganized, and this company is known for being the opposite.  I am SO furious and am about ready to blow, but I don't want to keep plugging away and testing if I'm 'this close' to working again.  Is a month unheard of with nationals? Again, this is one of the good places! UGH
Slow is normal from Thanksgiving through New Year's. (nm)
I was told they dont pay for normal reports (nm)
no message
No, Proscript does not pay for standard/normal reports (NM)
Wondering. Normal to have your quality review
delivered and discussed with you by the company's recruiter?
A few times a year? I think that's normal for this industry. nm.
It is not normal. This is the problem with MTs and MTSOs and why things are
You are correct. I am starting to think this person has been or is an MTSO, and supports the way MTs have been put down through the years. You are not a nut at all. Suck it up is unprofessional in any business. Can you imagine being told that in person at any other professional job? Plus the matter of 3 or 5 days or a week off for a death in the family should be dealt with with care in any company... so how is this spiritual? Well I suppose a lot of the sups in this usiness ascribe not to any Golden Rule but do it my way or highway. I say bravo for the highway and onto a higher thinking MTSO. They are out there... IMHO. The OP, you and others certainly do not belong in any type of psych note indeed!
Do they still dock pay for slightly lower than normal

expected QA scores, and use stars and apples as QA scores or do they come in real numbers now?

I agree. In a normal work environment, not only
would we be making more money, but they'd be supplying our electricity, internet, computers, headphones, etc. MTSOs are raking in the bucks while we're struggling to just barely get by, and then they want to whine about how big their profit margin is! Puhleeze! Get rid of some of your assistants, HR personnel, and mid-management if you want to increase your profit. Don't take it out on the MTs who are actually earning you money at their own expense!
Looking thru the job ads show 3-5 cpl for VR and a low-normal rate for straight typing. nm
Waiting for that first check is normal. Getting paid once a month is not.