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It was referred to as stealing in a conference call by mgrs. sm

Posted By: JMO on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: that is not stealing lines - sm

Your equation doesn't always prove true if there is little work, if a person's primary account is an overflow account, or if it is the last few days of the pay period.  If people are scrambling to get jobs on their shifts and someone else comes along who doesn't normally work that shift, but is just doing so out of convenience for themselves, they are taking lines from what little jobs there are from the people who abide by the rules and what they had been asked by management.  This is most definitely stealing lines from fellow MLSs. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to have a primary account that always has heavy volume, and that may account for why you had never been told this by management. But, a good share of accounts aren't like this, and this has repeatedly been addressed by management as a problem issue.  If it wasn't a problem, upper management (Larry) would never have brought it up in conference calls and in email.

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    What was the OSi conference call about?
    a week or so ago - the one that was nasty
    Conference Call...
    Don't you remember the part where he said they want everyone to strive to achieve 40% above straight typing rate on ISR? It was when he was talking about this year's goals. Don't you know what that means? It sounded to me like we can expect a 10% cut in the ISR rate soon, as it is now a 30% cut from straight typing.
    MDI Conference Call

    Weíre so glad that you joined in this afternoonís conference call announcing the merger between MDI and Transcend Services.  This is an exciting time for all of us, but I know that even good changes can bring about anxiety and I want to assure everyone that we are here to answer your questions to the best of our ability.   

    All MDI team members are encouraged to send any questions or concerns you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ sheet youíve received to TeamMDI@mditrans.com so that we can address these in team conference calls which have been scheduled for Thursday morning (your team lead will provide you with the details).   

    Dorothy, Don, and myself, will continue to be available via email to everyone and will respond as quickly as possible to your questions and concerns.  We urge you to utilize the TeamMDI@mditrans.com email address for all your questions so that you can be assured of receiving the most accurate information as soon as possible. 

    We look forward to continuing to work with each one of you as we move to the future.    


    Carlotta M. Buckley

    MDI Ė Director of Transcription Services

    MDI conference call

    Interesting quote from that press release:

    ...including the conversion of some of MDI's business to Transcend's speech recognition-enabled BeyondTXT platform,...

    conference call
    They can see you? or just your name? 
    Fired via conference call? A new low, to be sure.
    TT 401K conference call
    Someone went yesterday and it lasted approximately 50 minutes. I'll probably go today.
    Was it Aflac? We have a conference call
    about it 2/29.  You should have received an e-mail about it last week. 
    They said this on a DSG2 conference call
    ...that it was overflow from MQ. This was news to me too.
    I just wish they'd find another conference call
    Fired by conference call
    along with about 30 others when SPi sent accounts to India and Philippines.  Two hours' notice of the mandatory conference call.  Two hours' notice to sign off before being locked out, and get time sheets in.  That was special!
    Second conference call this morning
    Did anyone learn anything new in the second conference call this morning?  To me it was mostly more of the same.  It seems like most people (me included) are mostly concerned with becoming an employee and having a set schedule and there didn't seem to be a clear answer on that.
    MDI - Second conference call this morning
    Did anyone learn anything new in the second conference call this morning?  To me it was mostly more of the same.  It seems like most people (me included) are mostly concerned with becoming an employee and having a set schedule and there didn't seem to be a clear answer on that.
    This morning's conference call

    My antennas went up right away this morning when the call began.  It was acknowledged that this news must have come as a surprise to us, but when our moderator said it had also come as a surprise to her only a few days prior, my hopes for some honest and forthright information went down the tubes.  It seems to me someone who was moving up in the chain of command would have known what was going on much longer than a couple of days.

    I took advantage of emailing one of the team leaders from Transcend last night with some questions about the flexibility of the schedules and shift work, etc., and here is the answer she gave to me: 

    We do have shifts instead of line count commitments, but we also never discourage anyone from working extra, and in fact we are always asking for extra help, so that isnít a problem.   Everyone here logs lines and hours for payroll.   The hours are because if you work overtime we do have to pay that.    We do usually ask that you see if overtime is allowed first, but itís not that big of a deal because most of the time we are so busy we approve it anyway, so yes if you want to work more you certainly can.     We consider $900.00 gross a pay period fulltime.   We used to count it in lines, but now we have come up with a money amount.    Thatís easy to achieve actually, but you donít have to stop at 900 by any means, it is just minimum to remain fulltime. 

    You will see, more often than not, we are begging people to work extra.   We cross train on platforms and most people have primary, secondary, tertiary accounts.   If one isnít busy another one is.   You will not be constrained on the amount of money you want to make ...

    So, if that takes any mud out of the water for you that's good, but it still seems that our flexibility and earning capacity will depend on someone else.  I certainly agree with everyone about the pay scale.  You can't convince me that they have gone through all of these negotiations and pay has never entered into the picture.  I believe it will be just exactly as one caller said this morning, they will attempt to equate the benefits with the pay, so I guess when my power company comes to shut off my electricity I can send them over to Blue Cross/Blue Shield or whoever to get the balance of my money. 


    I was on the conference call and was told
    that MDI would be a subsidiary of Transcend but would be called MDI/Transcend. Sounded like a crock to me.
    Missed conference call...(sm)

    I'm hoping for a recap email regarding the conference call.  In the meantime, anything interesting or noteworthy?  I'm definitely torn on this one, and hoping for some good news.

    They posted the conference call
    We all got e-mail that had had the link to open for the conference call if you missed it. Didn't you get it in your e-mail?
    I have received no email about such conference call.
    Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.
    Anyone know how long conference call lasts for new 401-K?


    Thank u, but I am confused. On our conference call, we were told

    that we would maintain our flexiblity and be able to meet our commitments in a 24-hour window.  Are you saying there are set shifts?  That is huge for me, as I cannot work a set shift around my kids' ever-changing schedules.  Right now we are required to work 2 weekends days per month and we commit to X number of lines per day on the days we schedule ourselves to work.  We were told this flexibility would NOT change.  We also do not request holidays off, but schedule ourselves to work one holiday per year.  We write our own schedules and submit them every 2 months.  The flexibility is the biggest reason I have worked for MDI for years and the only place I wanted to work again after taking a year off to be with a newborn.

    I like my current accounts, but am willing to also learn a new platform/account to make sure I have enough work.  But the flexible scheduling is imperative.


    Please give me the details.  :)

    I was on the conference call but didn't hear rates..Thank You! (nm)

    CBay fired more people via conference call.
    ...including one that they tried to get rid of in December but felt compelled to keep. 
    Town hall conference call was very impressive. sm

    I'm glad to be working for Webmedx. 



    the conference call cannot address the original question,
    which is trying to discern whether other peoples emails are seemingly being ignored or if it is just the poster's problem?
    Cbay systems layed off 32 employees via conference call on 12/21/2007
    Anyone here affected by this?  I am so sick over this.
    Can anyone comment on your Acusis conference call today? Hoping you're all still gainfully
    Why do KS mgrs and Leads do this?
    Why do you guys insist on coming to this board in an attempt to defend what idiots type? Then you have the gall to post 'KS MGR' or 'KS LEAD'. Your posts just make you look dumb and seem quite unprofessional when you do this. When you identify yourself as a KS MGR or KS LEAD, whatever you post reflects on the company as a whole. You stated 'you need to stop spreading lies'...is there not a better way to say this? Ignore the trolls. I doubt very seriously that people who are interested in KS will be swayed by these posts.

    If you insist on posting remarks to defend KS, don't make it known that you are a KS MGR or KS LEAD. Sheesh!
    MW doesn't even require that mgrs even know something about their accounts.
    Going to football games every weekend and taking another day to recover are the norm. Account specifics? What account specifics? Returning emails? Who does that?
    Plus some STMs (mgrs) do a daily update sm
    via email regarding which accounts (company-wide) need OT or make-up time.

    I've not had trouble making up my time, usually.
    not doing job = stealing
    If you are not doing your job and getting paid, how do you figure it is not stealing, or the equivalent????
    that is not stealing lines
    if you are scheduled to work in the morning and dont get on until afternoon, the work that you would have done at your scheduled time wasnt done, leaving a higher amount of minutes when you do get on.  It all works out in the end.  If there are 3000 minutes in the a.m. and you type your shift, doing 200 then that leaves 2800 minutes.  If you don't type in the a.m. and there were 3000 minutes, your 200 were not done. 
    It's not just stealing the computer...sm
    They want employees to take the work use only seriously. Some have used company computer to download s/w or visit questionable sites, or allowed children to use it, and this can result in viruses, spyware, adware. In addition, some legitimate s/w (like for keyboards) can cause issues with company s/w and require a lot of time of the tech department or crash the computer entirely.

    Makes sense to me, at least.
    *Stealing* clients

    You can steal things, but you can't *steal* a sentinent being (client) who chooses to go with you because you offer better service/better price or any combination of the two.  Said client can walk away from you, too, if you don't deliver.  What company does not try to lure clients from a competitor?

    If the severance is minimal, you can easily get another job, and you really believe the company would come after you, then maybe foregoing the severance would let you rest easier even if the clause wouldn't stand up in court.  If you really believe the company would come after you, do you want to spend time and money in court, even if you win?

    stealing clients
    I partially agree, but when a person uses insider information about a client's setup, preferences, etc. IMO that is stealing. You're using privileged information in an inappropriate way. So strictly speaking, a person hasn't stolen the client, but they stole the information they needed to get the client's business.
    No lying, stealing, cheating at all.
    And I am entitled to my opinion. I didn't say all MTSOs are ethical in their business operations but most are.

    Seriously, if you read over the board, it looks like a few oldies who are bitter or newbies who cannot get their foot in the door. It doesn't sound like professionals with realistic complaints. It sounds like very withdrawn, angry individuals who do not come out of their shell except on anonymous boards. :)

    For the MTSOs who are unethical ... I think they should absolutely be shut down.

    Still yet, no one forces you to work for any company. It is entirely your choice. So, make a different one, please.

    Be happy.

    Wouldn't that be stealing work
    Maybe they are running out of work and unable to meet their minimum because YOU felt entitled to extra money - ever think of that?  One reason most employers insist on approved OT is to keep us from screwing each other this way and assuring everyone gets at least their minimum hours!  How thankful are your teammates for your help, I wonder?
    They are well known and referred to
    Stealing FROM, not FOR! whew, i'm already tired this morning!
    Gonna regroup, ha ha
    Not enough work to go around....Stealing from Peter to pay Paul
    It is great that you have referred
    I have too, and I would suggest others to give them a call.  They are a good company to work for and I have been very happy there.
    I just referred my friend who was hired
    no physical, don't know when they stopped it, background check yes - 2 weeks to hire date and benefits after 90 days. I work on 2 accounts and have no trouble at all making my lines. I have nothing bad to say about this company but everyone has their own experience.
    All caps is referred to as shouting. Yes, I know of them...
    I don't know about now, but a few years ago I worked for them and had a negative experience. 
    Not too worry.. I'm just feeling bad that I was probably the one who referred you to them LOL

    Before we received the we're sharing our work with our partners speech, I was happily referring them and now I'm in the middle of taking another job. If that one works out and they dont offshore, I'll look you up LOL

    The ones I referred to never worked for Keystrokes. sm
    They worked for the hospital and then as ICs for the hospital. I did not mean to upset anyone. If you were a mother/daughter team at Keystrokes, and I think I know who as there were 3 and now only 1, then you were well-liked and appreciated. I know for a fact that the owner speaks very highly of all three of the mom/daughter teams, even the two who are gone, saying that she wished they were back.

    These two MTs never worked there; they were from the hospital and had never worked anywhere else!

    I would never intentionally offend anyone and certainly did not mean to do so by the post. The two who chased Keystrokes off the account were proud of it.

    I have never heard ZyloMed referred to... sm
    ...as ZNF Transcription, although they are in Florida..
    I am the person that Sleepy MT referred to
    I work for On Time. I worked with Sleepy MT at the same company that was taken over by On Time. As far as the foot pedal, you can use on but they don't recommend it. They use F1, F2, F3 keys to stop, start and rewind. It took some getting used to but is okay. I still prefer the foot pedal though. I do neurology for 4 companies and there have been only a few times that there wasn't work but getting my line quota in is difficult on most days. Part timers are required 500/day or 2500/week. Full time is 1000/day or 5000/week. I do full time and it is difficult to get my 1000 lines in a day since most documents are very short (follow ups, etc). I usually work 8 a.m. to at least 6 p.m. each day. Most work is not available until 9 or 10 unless it is left over from the day before. Like I said, there is work but it is slow most of the time. There is almost never any work on the weekends so if you are planning on doing this on the weekend, this probably isn't for you. I am not sure if they are hiring right now. The jobs posted on the web site have been there forever and I am not sure when they were last updated. As far as the e-mail not working, the person who was in charge (whose e-mail that is) retired and I don't know if they updated or not. I make 0.8 cpl but if it is a template that the doc pulls in, I only get 0.4 cpl. My supervisor is pretty nice but she just took over for my old one who wasn't so great (the old one took the retired person's job). Support is kind of iffy. I find a lot of typos in a lot of the templates. They are a production based company so accuracy is not a high priority for them which really bothers me a lot. Basically, they are an okay company to work for. I am looking for something else part time so I can move down to part time with this though. My hands are wearing out and it takes WAY too much time to get my quota in every day. If you have any more questions, you can e-mail me if you like. Hope this helps.
    Where'd my post go? I'm the ŕst person" referred to...
    and I was only ASKING how she could be a CMT with only 8 months' experience! That's a legitimate question, I think, because the AAMT website clearly states that MTs must have a minimum of 2 years' acute care experience before testing for their CMT.

    I realize a poster later confirmed this, but as my post has been deleted and referred to, I wanted to clarify what I actually said. My post was not insulting. I was asking a question. :-) Thanks-

    Not to be referred to as a "scribe" or "typist" or "typing pool." nm
    That referred to the MT's applying where I was a recruiter a few years back not to my current te
    Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line