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Just figure out average of how much (sm)

Posted By: easy answer on 2006-01-25
In Reply to: Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production?? - curious MT

you have made per hour for the last, say 24 weeks.  If you consistently make under $15, I'd go for the salary.  If I was over most of the time, I'd go for production.  Figure out what would be a fair amount of time to go back.  Good luck. 

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I know how to figure it,
how do you qualify for it? The account I work on never offers that, the most they offer is an additional 0.05 per line when they are behind.
Let's figure this out. sm
I am currently working for 10.5 cents per line, equipment furnished, and I get two weeks PTO per year, plus health insurance for $21.00 a payday and that insurance includes health/dental/vision/life, and direct deposit.  Compare that to FN, no insurance, no bennies, no direct deposit and, at most, 10 cents per line.  There are several small MTSOs out there who provide benefits and pay as I am describing here.  Why in the world would you work for a company who provides no benefits at all, not even direct deposit, for 10 cents a line?  I just don't get it.
I don't think anybody has been able to figure that out yet
You'll find a few people posting that it didn't affect their line count, but the majority of posters did lose big going to the platform.
Nothing to figure out, really. sm
They no longer pay for demographic info, headers (client letterhead), footers (signature line and DD/DT block/initials), CCs, etc. Add that all up times each page and that is a lot of lost lines, possibly hundreds of lines per day.
GO FIGURE!!! That is what is
what is wrong with our society, no one wants responsibility for there own actions. If you screwed up, and I know for a fact that some of you were not doing your work, because i am the MT that turned you in, then take responsibilty for your screw up. Quit blaming everyone at Shapin for your laziness. And now that your gone, I have your job and I absolutely love it. So I guess I owe you a thank you.
Not sure how you figure that one
Never heard this one before - trying to convert minutes to lines!

.9/line is not a bad rate, depending of course on the specifics of the work (type, difficulty of dictators, TAT, etc.

200 minutes could actually be very few lines if the dictator is a pauser... or a lot of work if they dictate like Robin Williams talks...

Ask for more details.

How do you figure your cpl?
How do you figure your cpl for editing?  I don't get it. 
D&L - go figure
Poor them, to hear them tell it, every body is lying on them and telling stories. I do not understand how they have Transcriptionist working for them. I have not heard a one that has gotten a check on time and one that they know will clear. Living from paycheck to paycheck and fearing a bounced check would scare me off for sure. Yes they have client's - they do not know what is going on - but I say let the owners type the reports, for sure the clients would not last a week with her skills. Everybody complains, but they remain there - can I just ask why - i would rather work for less than work and worry about a check.
here's the way I figure it

Okay, so 45 minutes of dictation equal 2700 seconds, say 1 hour per 1000-1200 seconds on average typing between 150 to 200 lph, counting referencing time and proofing time, I would say about 2-2-1/2 hours average of actual transcribing time.

It would seem that if you can't figure sm
out correctly how to calculate $25 an hour, you're not going to be able to reach that.
how do you figure that? If i'm doing less
the company makes less off of me as well.

Cheating out of money would more likely come from charging the client by the line and paying the Transcriptionist per report, among other ways.
Hon, if you can't figure out how to
do that, you need to work on your computer skills - LOL.
I figure...
...NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS! I would assume that I am doing such a good job that they have no reason to contact me.
how do you figure that?
Just curious
what I can't figure out is why any sm
interviewer/supervisor/owner or whatever would even tell that story to an employee much less a new-hire. I sometimes wonder if folks just do that to make themselves sound important. Personally I could not care less what goes on with other employees. I do my work, do it well and expect a paycheck. If that doesn't happen, then I am outta there.
you can figure that one out. Just figure sm
out what you make working at home and the number of hours your put in to make it. Compare that with the hourly wage in a facility. Most facilities still pay hourly and some have incentive plans.
I figure around
30-35% for all taxes.. For myself, I figure I'm saving gas, clothes, time, and car repairs by being an IC at home.
Trying to figure out why you would come here with those problems.
I can figure out the percentage, but...
How does one go about figuring their estimated tax?

According to what I've read on the IRS site, we have to pay estimated taxes. Well, great. I can estimate my income at what I'm making now, just starting out, but I don't see my income staying this low, so I would eventually be underpaying. I could estimate it at a higher amount, but what if I don't make as much as I think or hope I will? I can see where getting a refund is a good thing, but I'm more worried about underpaying.

Do you pay the tax on what you've ACTUALLY made in a quarter (it kind of sounds like it) or do you go about estimating your income, say you figure you'll make $20k a year, and put 25% of that away?

You WHAT???? That's your paycheck. You should figure it out on your own. sm
Do they hold your hand all day too?
Figure this, if you did 300 lph, it would be a whopping
300 x 1.5 equals $4.50, less than minimum wage and many times when you have Filipino MTs as well as offshore MTs, everything is 100% listen so it might be difficult to get more than 300 lines an hour, but let's say you could do 400 lines an hour, that is 3200 lines a day, that would be a whopping $47

QA editors are specialists in our field and this stinks to say the least
easy way to figure

An easy way to figure would be to type a document and count it with spaces and then without -- even use MS Word -- and that will tell you the difference.  Even if your line count program sounds double for caps, underlines, bold, this will at least tell you the difference between the two. 

Well, I think you are right and it is strange that no one can figure it out. I am also considering
not working for anymore companies that use it.  I think I lose about 75 lph at least. That adds up especially at todays rates or MTs. 
Six figure income??? sm
  Billers and Coders post says six figure income......yea, right!!!   Same post several times.......looks suspicious to me.  Maybe if you owned the company, you could get six figures....
Then she can intellectually figure out how to
do it herself! Sorry, but it does not work that way. Its the expansion system of MQ, not her intellectual property! Nice try, though. LOL
Here's a chart to figure that out-sm
This link has a chart that shows examples and tells how to figure that out.

On this chart, you'd be making about $22 more typing 55 cpl at 0.08 rather than 65 cpl.

They are always hiring, can't figure out why though.

Not like there is a huge abundance of work.

I just couldn't figure out

what company and if so, why say CMTs only and then not put the rate of pay.  I will never be a CMT either (20 years in MT field) and I think I can pretty much do what any CMT can do other than pay $300.00 for worthless initials.  I know a CMT and she got offered less than me at my company.  So, for whatever its worth (probably nothing), I just thought I'd ask about this one-liner ad demanding CMTs for a maybe account as to what the pay would most likely be since they are demanding certification. 

My SIL graduated from a course and thinks she's certified; I had to tell my brother that she's not certified until she takes the test by those ladies.  Anyway, the client has the ultimate say-so, not the BOS.  So even if you pass the test, does that mean you follow those guidelines?  Doubt it!!!!!!!!!!

I think that a company could figure
out who you were if they read these boards a lot of times because of what you say, or if you bring up a certain situation. Sometimes things are so specific on here that if you are in the company and know the employees, you could figure out who it is. One reason I don't e-mail or respond to e-mails I receive, you never really know who is on the other side.
You need to sit down and figure out what your expenses
will be to handle the account. Then figure a reasonable profit margin to create your rate. If you pull a figure out of thin air, you may well end up losing money instead of making it.
I can't figure out why you are ripping sm
this poster. she is posting her experience with MDI and her opinions about IC status and I agree with her. Also you need to look at your spelling and quit knocking somebody else.
Sure can't figure out why telling the sm
truth upsets you so much. I will put this MT way too long up against you any day of the week as far as quality and quantity! I am fed up with folks on here acting like anybody who has been doing this for 25, 30, 35 years needs to retire. For your information I am 53 years old, far from being too old to do anything. I have seen the stinking changes come along in this profession that have forced wages and line rates down the tubes for experienced MTs. I have listened to the complaining of the newbies who don't want to do the work it takes to succeed in this business, the ones who want it all right now etc. etc. and its sickening. Somebody needs to tell the truth and stop walking on eggshells around folks like yourself.

Oh yeah I almost forgot......even with wages and cpl going down, us old-timers still make a good wage because we have done the time and got the experience and don't have to have our heads in a reference book or the internet every other word! But you don't get that proficient until you have done this for a long time do you?

If you knew what you were doing, you would know the difference between a real question and a question by someone who is just too lazy to look for themselves.

You get over yourself!
I never could figure out why, when the train - sm
whacks someone (who 99% of the time committed suicide), the whole rail system has to come to a halt for an investigation, and hundreds of people on the train are late for work.

Investigate what?
Cause of death = 'Hit by train'! How hard is that to figure out?
I am hoping they figure it out too.
I am having a really hard time thinking that TT would so quickly turn their backs on their MTs. I just hope they soon figure out that paying 50% for VR is ridiculous. They should be able to tell by the paychecks people are now getting. Will they care, probably not, but one can hope. I don't know what platform you are on, but I hope the one I am on is not supposed to be the better one, not that it is horrible, but can't imagine how it could be worse on another platform, it definitely wouldn't be worth it.
Are you the one who couldn't figure out IM?
I know, I give up trying to figure it out
This info was from the recruiter. Now she's saying we should contact *people who know the specifics about the merge.*

I still think once January rolls around we're going to transition into regular Transcend employee status, whether it's PT or FT.
I could never figure that term out myself.

Does management really not realize that if you run out of work on your primary account and have to work on 3, 4, or 5 different accounts that are unfamiliar and sometimes all on different platforms, that in itself is limiting?  I've done this so many times I can't even begin to count them.  I'm lucky if I make $8 an hour doing this, and the ONLY way it would help me reach my needed rate to qualify for full-time benefits is if I do it 15 hours a day!  How is this 'self-limiting?' If you're THAT familiar with your backup accounts where you're making what you do on your primary, you're running out of work consistently and this would make what they say about it being occasional an inconsistency.

It still seems like an arbitrary figure. It should be
Maybe you can figure out the mystery

Since you're so good at finding answers - help us with this one!  My check has been cut in half for this Monday.  Next check looks to be even worse - I've lost 4 hours each workday this week.  We've got rumors we're all getting fired, and our supervisor is on vacation until next week.  Why don't we have work?  Do you think its the holiday?  Nobody will tell us what's going on!Help us solve the mystery of the disappearing job!

Those of you that have the book, can you figure out what she is asking. I'm very curious too. B
I was thinking it might be easier to figure out
I know lots of QT MTs are in that area so figure
someone knows better than I do.   Wondered why they would maintain 2 offices as they aren't that big and don't have that many office/tech people - as far as I know they only have 1 tech guy and he's one of the owners, and out of the office more than in.  It doesn't matter, as long as my checks continue to come.
Cool.....then from what I can figure out the company
Ny DoX out of New Delhi, India. What I want to know is how in the world would one of us (QT employee) get this kind of information in the first place?
Idiots - you couldn't figure that out?
Ok then - MTSOs need to get intelligent enough to figure out how to

accordingly --- instead of overhiring and making us EAT THE LOSS. 

The need to smarten up!  I could do the plan but I'm sitting out here in the boondocks and can't see what is coming.  But I certainly could plan a schedule of people to work according to how much work I had OBLIGATED MY COMPANY FOR from the hospital --- surely there was some sort of anticipated work load when the contract was drawn up.

We all know how many reports ON AVERAGE one Transcriptionist can do of a certain work type.


Figure out how much you make per hour now and
I know - it is definitely strange but true & I can't figure it out!

I think you figure 30% should be untouched to pay your taxes.
I think it is. They gave me that figure before assigning
If I could only figure it out...stop laughing...LOL
I agree, but now I am sitting here trying to figure it out.
I don't work for KS and I am just a nosey person. Also, I type all day so I have nothing else better to do than wonder what the initials stand for. Sad. Very sad (I am referring to my curiosity). No joke.