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Cool.....then from what I can figure out the company

Posted By: they are referring to is... on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: This is true. (NM) - Goldbird (Moderator)

Ny DoX out of New Delhi, India. What I want to know is how in the world would one of us (QT employee) get this kind of information in the first place?

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See, my company has these things called days off! Cool, huh?!?!
MD-IT hiring - looks like a really cool company to work for... any advice/information?
I sure would love to know more about the company - a search of this forum turned up zilch.  I was with Medquist for 8 years, and the company I went to did not deliver on the acute care account I was hired for..... 
I think that a company could figure
out who you were if they read these boards a lot of times because of what you say, or if you bring up a certain situation. Sometimes things are so specific on here that if you are in the company and know the employees, you could figure out who it is. One reason I don't e-mail or respond to e-mails I receive, you never really know who is on the other side.
Oh cool, thanks.

I could use a new home as well!

I'd try to keep my cool and just

call him back and remind him that you need to have everything taken care of today so you will be ready for training on Monday.  He may have had other things come up that he just had to take care of.  It might not be a case of disorganization, just a case of unforeseen circumstances on his end.  I'm sure it will be fine.  I know it's annoying but try and cut him some slack. 


That is so cool!
You are so lucky to have someone looking out for you and recommending a good company to you personally. I wish I had that kind of help right now. Always been with hospitals and having a really hard time working for MTSOs. Hospitals don't seem to be hiring or are through MTSO in my area, so I have no choice. But have been through the ringer, not paid correctly, not given what promised, insurance rate hike, uggg. The last 2 jobs I worked entirely for insurance and I just don't know what to do these days. You have an angel looking out over you. I hope someone e mails me someday with a great choice! And I hope someday this stress goes away! Good luck in your new situation and with that kind of support, sounds like you will do well! :)
Cool! Thanks!
Now I'll just have to remember to enter all of my lines in on Monday!
Cool, thanks!!!
Cool, thanks.
I think it would be cool!
I wanna do it now and I have 4 kids and a husband.  Hmm, maybe that IS why I want to do it!  LOL 
Don't know, but cool last name you have!
You are missing a wonderful opportunity to have an opinion column or blog! McBurney's Point would be an awesome name for an MT blog!
Cool! :) Thanks for the update! NM
cool change--sm
I sat back all day yesterday and watched the *backlash* you had wanted to start. It is unbelievable the twists and turns a post can take. Interesting! but entertaining, to say the least..thanks!
mean and nasty is not cool..
Even though you disagree with us, it's cool
that you can make an observation without accusing others of acting like children fighting over a piece of candy. Thanks! It's cool that at least SOME MTs can still agree to disagree without bashing each other.
Just went to their website, cool...
and there's one located near where I live. When I first started out in the hospital, I worked as a lab clerk/receptionist and did some transcription and since then have done acute care for 30 odd years. I told myself maybe if things keep going downhill I would check out the labs. But looks like I'd need more schooling anyway. Here's a job at Labcorp that sounded interesting, hope this comes through:

Medical Transcriptionist
Req. Code :
Division/Department : South Central
Location : Birmingham AL US 35277

Travel Required : None
Job Type : Full Time
Career Level : Entry Level
Education : High School or equivalent
Category : Laboratory Support
Job Description :
Monday- Friday 7am-4:30pm

Performs transcription on surgical gross descriptions and clinical diagnosis on surgical pathology cases comprise of complex medical terminology. Duties Will also include coding of microscopic interpretations, communication with pathologist regarding surgical cases, and other administrative duties.
Job Requirements :
Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent
Requires medical transcription experience
Candidate will need to be a Lab Corp Certified ICD -9 Translator once hired

Passing score on typing test of 70 net words per minute is required

I have been offered Onc position with them too, how cool.

Can't wait to get started either.  Maybe we should exchange e-mails and keep in touch, etc.  Let me know.

Cool. Good to know. Where in Michigan are you? nm
Cool Down! I posted about initials but I am NOT
It's only been 2 wks. I was just wondering if they were cool about not making the
LOL! Spheris is also cool if I lose DSL and they
That sounds cool. Wish they had it in my area. nm
Where do you get this program or device? Sounds cool! nm
Cool! I just dowloaded the trial version, and it's
Cool MT week gift from Webmedx...
Love it!  Cook's apron, with the Webmedx logo embroidered on the front.  I'll use it a lot.  Very nice gesture. 
cool board admin "stop the ...crap" nm
Cool beans - looking forward to maybe catching a few. Have a good day. n m

I never knew that a message board had the strength to negotiate with an MTSO. How cool is that? Who
I know how to figure it,
how do you qualify for it? The account I work on never offers that, the most they offer is an additional 0.05 per line when they are behind.
Let's figure this out. sm
I am currently working for 10.5 cents per line, equipment furnished, and I get two weeks PTO per year, plus health insurance for $21.00 a payday and that insurance includes health/dental/vision/life, and direct deposit.  Compare that to FN, no insurance, no bennies, no direct deposit and, at most, 10 cents per line.  There are several small MTSOs out there who provide benefits and pay as I am describing here.  Why in the world would you work for a company who provides no benefits at all, not even direct deposit, for 10 cents a line?  I just don't get it.
I don't think anybody has been able to figure that out yet
You'll find a few people posting that it didn't affect their line count, but the majority of posters did lose big going to the platform.
Nothing to figure out, really. sm
They no longer pay for demographic info, headers (client letterhead), footers (signature line and DD/DT block/initials), CCs, etc. Add that all up times each page and that is a lot of lost lines, possibly hundreds of lines per day.
GO FIGURE!!! That is what is
what is wrong with our society, no one wants responsibility for there own actions. If you screwed up, and I know for a fact that some of you were not doing your work, because i am the MT that turned you in, then take responsibilty for your screw up. Quit blaming everyone at Shapin for your laziness. And now that your gone, I have your job and I absolutely love it. So I guess I owe you a thank you.
Not sure how you figure that one
Never heard this one before - trying to convert minutes to lines!

.9/line is not a bad rate, depending of course on the specifics of the work (type, difficulty of dictators, TAT, etc.

200 minutes could actually be very few lines if the dictator is a pauser... or a lot of work if they dictate like Robin Williams talks...

Ask for more details.

How do you figure your cpl?
How do you figure your cpl for editing?  I don't get it. 
D&L - go figure
Poor them, to hear them tell it, every body is lying on them and telling stories. I do not understand how they have Transcriptionist working for them. I have not heard a one that has gotten a check on time and one that they know will clear. Living from paycheck to paycheck and fearing a bounced check would scare me off for sure. Yes they have client's - they do not know what is going on - but I say let the owners type the reports, for sure the clients would not last a week with her skills. Everybody complains, but they remain there - can I just ask why - i would rather work for less than work and worry about a check.
here's the way I figure it

Okay, so 45 minutes of dictation equal 2700 seconds, say 1 hour per 1000-1200 seconds on average typing between 150 to 200 lph, counting referencing time and proofing time, I would say about 2-2-1/2 hours average of actual transcribing time.

It would seem that if you can't figure sm
out correctly how to calculate $25 an hour, you're not going to be able to reach that.
how do you figure that? If i'm doing less
the company makes less off of me as well.

Cheating out of money would more likely come from charging the client by the line and paying the Transcriptionist per report, among other ways.
Hon, if you can't figure out how to
do that, you need to work on your computer skills - LOL.
I figure...
...NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS! I would assume that I am doing such a good job that they have no reason to contact me.
how do you figure that?
Just curious
what I can't figure out is why any sm
interviewer/supervisor/owner or whatever would even tell that story to an employee much less a new-hire. I sometimes wonder if folks just do that to make themselves sound important. Personally I could not care less what goes on with other employees. I do my work, do it well and expect a paycheck. If that doesn't happen, then I am outta there.
you can figure that one out. Just figure sm
out what you make working at home and the number of hours your put in to make it. Compare that with the hourly wage in a facility. Most facilities still pay hourly and some have incentive plans.
I figure around
30-35% for all taxes.. For myself, I figure I'm saving gas, clothes, time, and car repairs by being an IC at home.
Trying to figure out why you would come here with those problems.
I can figure out the percentage, but...
How does one go about figuring their estimated tax?

According to what I've read on the IRS site, we have to pay estimated taxes. Well, great. I can estimate my income at what I'm making now, just starting out, but I don't see my income staying this low, so I would eventually be underpaying. I could estimate it at a higher amount, but what if I don't make as much as I think or hope I will? I can see where getting a refund is a good thing, but I'm more worried about underpaying.

Do you pay the tax on what you've ACTUALLY made in a quarter (it kind of sounds like it) or do you go about estimating your income, say you figure you'll make $20k a year, and put 25% of that away?

Just figure out average of how much (sm)
you have made per hour for the last, say 24 weeks.  If you consistently make under $15, I'd go for the salary.  If I was over most of the time, I'd go for production.  Figure out what would be a fair amount of time to go back.  Good luck. 
You WHAT???? That's your paycheck. You should figure it out on your own. sm
Do they hold your hand all day too?
Figure this, if you did 300 lph, it would be a whopping
300 x 1.5 equals $4.50, less than minimum wage and many times when you have Filipino MTs as well as offshore MTs, everything is 100% listen so it might be difficult to get more than 300 lines an hour, but let's say you could do 400 lines an hour, that is 3200 lines a day, that would be a whopping $47

QA editors are specialists in our field and this stinks to say the least