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K&R Consulting, Inc?

Posted By: Anyone work for..... on 2009-08-14
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Just wondering if anyone has heard of or worked for K&R Consulting, Inc??? thoughts??

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Did some consulting for them but no MT.
They paid on time. That's about as much as I can tell you.
I did some consulting for them but no MT
They paid on time. That's about all I can tell you.
K&R Consulting
Does anyone have any information about K&R Consulting?  They are the ones who posted an ad hiring 55 MT's for a VA hospital?  I can't seem to find much information on them and they require a background search.  I am a little leery before sending off my info on a company I know little about.  Any info. would be great!  
K&R Consulting

Hello.  I was wondering if anyone had any information on this company, K&R Consulting.  They say that they have a VA Hospital coming on board and that is what the MT would be typing for.


I too just sent out an email to this company and was very excited for their quick response...literally 10-15 minutes...She started the hiring process for me, so let's hope everything goes okay...

Would love to hear from anybody working for this company to give me some further information on them.
LML Transcription and Consulting
Yes, I worked for her for a few years a couple years back.  Wonderful lady, pays on time every time.  I would go back and work for her again in a heartbeat. 
Her job is advising and consulting. LOL
You sound jealous.
Any info on K&R Consulting? sm

Their website is down and I can't find anything on here even in the archives. Thanks.

Bright Consulting
Has anyone had any experiences good or bad working for Bright Consulting?
Input on K & R Consulting
anybody know this company - good, bad, or indifferent???  thanx
What about Mitchem Consulting
What is the problem Mitchem Consulting?
anyone working for K&R Consulting?
I know they had VA accounts with a VBC line rate. Wondering how that is working out as far as making lines for QA and MT.  Thanx.
Anyone work for/know about K&R Consulting?

Are they organized?  Is pay on time?  Any other information.



No, but they did hire a consulting group to take over the
management of the MTS, and things went downhill quickly from there. We started getting bombarded with e-mails daily regarding the backlog (even with little to nothing on the system), and then they became very demanding about working extra when the minutes started building. Primary and backup accounts were always caught up.
The only communication is through your account manager. Don't expect to hear back from anyone higher. You're just wasting your time.
Anyone ever heard of LML Transcription and Consulting?
If so, your thoughts please?
Mitchem Consulting Network?

any info on this company??  Thanks in advance.


ETP going to offshore methinks. Consulting company
helping them document they could not find MTs in USA.  How is MOSAIC plan working out??
Uhmmm shouldn't you be consulting your lawyer

Ya know this has taken over the entire company board, and it's not fair.  No one can even ask regular questions due to all this mess.