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Posted By: Interested on 2006-07-07
In Reply to:

I tried to send Karen Kirby my resume a few times but I keep getting my emails returned. Does anyone know of an alternative email addy for Karen? Karen: If you read this, please contact me if you're still looking MTs. Thx!

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Karen, thanks for the info..I just e-mailed you. (nm)

Does anyone have contact info for
Contact info for MDI-MD?
Contact Info
Can you tell me how to contact this company? I would like to apply as well. Thanks!

contact info
Do you happen to have the website information. I could not find a Smartmed out of Houston on my search.

Thank you,
More info on contact..

I sent my resume yesterday and received the questionnaire today.  I sent that back a little bit ago.  I then received an email saying they were reviewing my information and looking for a match (which got me all excited).  Then, the next line said they would contact me as soon as one is available. Sounds like they aren't interested...

Is this what you received in email back before the recruiter called?  I don't want my hopes up for nothing....

Thanks in advance!  I appeciate it...

Transform Contact Info.
Trying to find contact info for MDI-MD and MDI-FL
Since no contact info is allowed on this board, please feel free to post a link to info about what they hire (Employee, IC, PT, FT, etc). Thank you.
if you notice - no contact info and
if you go to their website, they misspell their own name~~~!!!!! They TOTALLY offshore. I'm guessing they are a lot like Focus .. so STAY AWAY. Indians, working with indians, for indians, and employing us to do the work they aren't qualitified to do... pathetic.
It is not the same place. ask someone here for contact info
for accustat in WI. They will help you. good luck.
Can you please email their contact info to me?
Or can I email you for it? The 'contact us' form on their website is coming back as undeliverable.
K&R Website-contact info
I was on their site and see on the right side a list of contacts and their emails. The one I think would be the person to contact would be under Transcription/Coding Services. Her email is Shannon@knrconsult.com

I see they are a
Service Disabled Veteran owned company. There would be no off shoring here, that is for sure!!

Nevermind, I found the info and who to contact. nm
Would you email me with a website or contact info for them please? Thanks. nm
Contact info on their website at www.etcofficeservices.net ..nm
Does anyone know what services the Hosp. of Univ. of Pa. uses or who to contact there for info of MT
MTx13, I just e-mailed you my resume and contact info! nm
Health Infomation Partners contact info?
Could you give me the website and/or telephone number of Health Information Partners? I'm not finding anything on Google. Thanks!
How recent is this info? A contact said I'd be lucky to start at 7 cpl w/years of exp. nm
Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
To: Karen
I wonder if you needed to set the controls.  You have to click the rewind, and then hit foot pedal under settings, and then click play and hit your foot pedal, etc.
To Karen
I sent you an e-mail.

Not me. Karen was gone, hired by Lee SM

herself.  Promises made to call, promises for others to call, I've called, no return calls.  No nothing.

If you don't have enough people to staff your accounts, you should look to the one running the show.  MTs can't wait around for months and call 15 times with no return call and not take another offer.


Karen, with a C-phone, would .....

one call into an 800 number or would I need unlimited long distance? What is the dialect of the ESL who does the dictating for the other docs?

This may be pulled from the company board.  Put it on top of the job seekers board and watch the replies come in, especially as morning comes around.  I will be watching.....think this will get interesting!!!

Karen - I emailed you!
The above sounds like a ringer or a Karen nm
gotta be a fake or a plant
would I work for LeePerfect or Karen Sorensen. nm
I have been there almost a year. You should call if you had a problem. I bet Karen hired you. sm
She's gone and I know she took all the files and did not return them but destroyed them, just being her pleasant self.
hi karen, i sent out a resume and got a response, but not working for them yet. ad on job board. nm
Contact RBJ
directory, go to World Wide News, but keep trying.   You may have a good fit, and company may or may not shut down, but plz remember her clients are reading this as well.  Will the client base be there in a month???
Thanks! Please contact me at:

octobermt@yahoo.com with info.

Thank you.

If you can get anyone to contact you and
actually hire you and then follow through after that it probably is a good company. I was hired last year but never heard back from anyone and when I would call nobody had an answer for me.
I'm not sure, but I would contact them again as
when I applied, I heard back in less than 24 hours.
UST...no contact
I have tested with them, sent my resume about 5 times, still won't call me back to say yeah or nay, what does it take? Just shoot out an e-mail either way, I hate companies who never give the courtesy of a reply at all.
You may want to contact them, some of us have
been working constant OT...can't imaging you being out of work....
I would contact them at....
www.medwaremt.com for that information as there are too many variables. Good luck!
Anyone know how to contact ELL, TX? sm

They had a post on Job Seeker's board a couple of weeks ago.  Sent a resume but no response. Are they legitimate? Can't come up with anything on Google search or searching this board. Thanks

I would definitely contact them.
and you have bills to pay.
Same here. I would contact them again as
you won't be sorry. I have been a MT for 30+ years and have never, ever worked for a better more appreciative company. I am going to be with MDI till they have to pry my hands from the keyboard! Keep trying!!
Again, have you tried contact TT regarding
your situation? As far as facts...account signifies one.
No contact !


I would love to contact my docs just to let them know what is going on. Not for payment from them, that is not the point. Just to give them a heads up.

Are you suing over a bounced check or nonpayment?  Can anything legal be done for nonpayment? Was there ever a contract signed by you about their pay schedule? Like, you will be paid every two weeks. I have a calender of pay dates is all I have ever had. Cannot remember signing a pay schedule contract.

Yes she contacted me last night and offered me 5cpl with 8 years experience.
Do you have a ph# or a contact name?
You can contact
the Better Business Bureau for starters to report their business practices.  They may intervene.  They may also direct you elsewhere for help. 
when you contact SM
the medical facilities, are you calling them, or sending them a standard letter, or email...

What has the response been so far?
Please contact me
I need a PT job ASAP. Is your company hiring PT? al_transcription@yahoo.com
who to contact
You can contact me at cissy.g@mediscribes.com. I am a TL/Team lead and QA for Cardioscribes. I am in touch daily with my team so I doubt you are on my account but if you contact me I can certainly put you in touch with your account team lead and QA and make sure they have your info as well.
Contact them again.
It's doubtful that Susan was the person actually posting the job ad (though possible, I guess). In my experience, everyone at T-C is very open and very, very friendly. If you're concerned, contact them again with your problem. As we all know, MTs come and go so quickly that things like resumes and tests can be easily overlooked, especially if the company is having a bit of a hiring spree. Not that it's an excuse to ignore your test results and not get back with you, but it does happen.
Where to contact them
I receive information through MTjobs.com newsletter and I believe it was in there. They do have a website for MDI and you can go there and apply for a job, or find out information.
If they don't contact you....sm
you won't be missing out on much.....find better, there are better companies out there.  FutureNet handles overflow only, they always have. 
Click on the link that says Contact Us at the top of the main page. Click on Contact Us again on the next page and an email box should pop up. There is no testing, it's just based on your resume and a phone interview, but I'm pretty sure they aren't hiring right now.