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How recent is this info? A contact said I'd be lucky to start at 7 cpl w/years of exp. nm

Posted By: Searcher on 2006-04-22
In Reply to: IC rates at Medware 9-10 cpl - nm


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I worked for them several years ago, so cannot provide recent info, but sm

the work was plentiful and easy (clinic work).  The pay was not so high, and was kinda weird, paid by character.  It is an IC position, and and so you are responsible for all taxes and such.   Also, if I remember correctly, you do not get your first check for 4 weeks, then it is every 2 weeks.  I was only working part-time so it really was not that big of an issue with me.  And I think direct deposit was not available, only paid by check, but it was on time. 

As I recall, Carol was very knowledgeable and fair.  With the pay scale going down every day, there are certainly worse places to work.

Hope this helps.  Good luck. 


More than 11cpl?? I had a recent contact with Ax tell me they get 8.5 cpl. Hmmm...nm
Recent Oracle contact said it was atrocious for several reasons, and you pay your own LD. Would
Recent contact who was there said they were unorganized, paid low, & flooded you with paperwork.
QT Medical. Last ad I can find is from May 2005. Recent contact said they haven't hired in over a
Any recent info on MedTrans Unlimited? newest archived info is 9 months old... m

Has anything changed in 9 months? Particular worries are the invoice/pay time; one post mentioned 2 to 3 week wait and another post stated 1 week. Info from the company states pay is sent out 10 days after the last day of the billing period, but we all know what is said and what is done isn't always the same. Another concern is the platform; some mentioned it was slow and cumbersome. They have 2 platforms from what I can gather.. Are they both slow? It seemed like certain specialties were done on certain platforms, or at least that is what I got out of the archives. I really hate to jump from the frying pan to the fire so any info would be VERY much appreciated.. the good, bad, and the ugly! TIA!!

Working Christmas - gladly. For years I was lucky enough (sm)
to have an in house job where others volunteered to work Xmas, Easter, etc. so those of us with small children could enjoy the holiday.

Now I feel it is my turn to pay back and work the holidays so the mothers of younger children can have that special time with them. It only lasts such a short time.

Happy Holidays to all.
Feel lucky you didn't get a rejection email. I have over 16 years experience
and this is the first test, since the very beginning of my career, that I have not passed.  I am stunned.  I'm not perfect by any means, but this is the first real rejection. I understood it early in my career, but after all this time, and working the past five years doing acute care for a couple of nationals, I get turned out by this company because I failed the test and they do not even tell you which part. I needed this job, but I guess it's back to the drawing board.
I left there several years ago, but from reading recent posts, SM
it seems to me that if it's the MTs who have been there for a couple of years or more that are are liking it fine there and sing the praises, and that it is the new hires or recently hired people who don't like it and don't seem to get work or at least get bounced around.  Just an observation from what I've read.  HTH.
Recent contact said 1100lpd AND 8hrs of time must occur for benes. 8.5 cpl/no benes, 9cpl benes. nm
Anyone have recent info on OSI? nm
Does anyone have contact info for
Contact info for MDI-MD?
Contact Info
Can you tell me how to contact this company? I would like to apply as well. Thanks!

Any recent info on DSG?
Have been offered a job and wondering of pros and cons.  TIA.
Anyone with recent info on
how work is at Stenomed, ad on job board?  TIA
Any recent info on TNI?

Feel free to e-mail me if you don't feel comfortable posting.  Thanks!

Any recent SPi info? sm
The archives have nothing very recent and nothing very nice to say about this company.  Have things improved there over the last year?  I notice their line count requirements are lower than most companies.  Does this indicate an inability to provide MTs with enough work or good sound files?  ANY recent information would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Recent TTS info anyone? (sm)
Wondering if anybody could post updated, recent info on TTS as to how the work load and getting paid on time have been for the past 6 months or so ???  TIA.
contact info
Do you happen to have the website information. I could not find a Smartmed out of Houston on my search.

Thank you,
More info on contact..

I sent my resume yesterday and received the questionnaire today.  I sent that back a little bit ago.  I then received an email saying they were reviewing my information and looking for a match (which got me all excited).  Then, the next line said they would contact me as soon as one is available. Sounds like they aren't interested...

Is this what you received in email back before the recruiter called?  I don't want my hopes up for nothing....

Thanks in advance!  I appeciate it...

Transform Contact Info.
softscript--any recent info?

hi, all.  i searched the boards for recent info on softscript; latest is from august--not very postive.  they say they're interested in an RN w/ MT experience & sent the link to their test.  just want to know if anyone working for them now (or who has worked w/ them recently) has any input.

thank you!    

Trying to find contact info for MDI-MD and MDI-FL
Since no contact info is allowed on this board, please feel free to post a link to info about what they hire (Employee, IC, PT, FT, etc). Thank you.
CorTmedical ~ any recent info on them?

Any recent info on etransplus...sm

The last I could find in the Archives was 2005. Thanks

if you notice - no contact info and
if you go to their website, they misspell their own name~~~!!!!! They TOTALLY offshore. I'm guessing they are a lot like Focus .. so STAY AWAY. Indians, working with indians, for indians, and employing us to do the work they aren't qualitified to do... pathetic.
New or recent info on Med-Scribe ??

Sign on bonus and a 12 hour window to get work done in.  Slightly suspicious here, what is the catch? 

Any recent info on Zylomed? Thank you! NM
Execuscribe.. any recent info
Look up past messages that are current?  All I get on  Search are from 2004 and 2005.  Any recent info appreciated.  THANKS!!!!!
Any recent info on Keystrokes
Does anyone have any experience with Keystrokes? I am getting kind of fed up with my company that I have been with for a year, and I just got an e-mail Keystrokes saying that my resume meets their requirements and sent me a questionnaire to fill out. I was wondering how the pay is, how the accounts are, the managers, and how easy their platform is to learn. Any info, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!
Recent info on Wedmedx
Does anyone have any recent comments, pros, cons, etc, about this company, I have searched the archives but all I come up with are posts dated either 2005/2006 and would like to know some current info, such as line rate, ESL percentage, steady accounts, how are they to work for?  Any info would be appreciated, either on the board or in an e-mail.  Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.
NEMT - any recent info on cpl?....
I've heard in the past that their wages are low.  Is that still the case?  What could one expect for pay on an acute care acct?  Thanks for any info!
It is not the same place. ask someone here for contact info
for accustat in WI. They will help you. good luck.
Any recent info on TTS, Inc. out of New Hampshire? TIA. nm
Any recent info on IntelliType.
the good, bad and ugly? TIA
Check out recent info here.

Doesn't sound like a very nice company.  More info here:



Any recent info on TransTech?

I've been looking in the archives, but I can't seem to come up with much (specific) recent info, so I wonder if any current Transtech MTs might be willing to give me a little info.

Are they a good company to work for?  Nice people?  What type of platform they use?  Is it easy or hard to make your lines?  What is their approximate pay range (not specifically, just generally).  Do they have a decent (do-able) incentive program?  Are they strict with your schedule or are they willing to be a little flexible?  Is their benefit package really as good as it sounds?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm trying to decide between another company and TransTech, so any information that you could give me to help me in my decision, positive or negative, would be most appreciated!  You can email me privately if you don't want to post.

Recent info is there too. You can click on

related messages in your original post and pull up most recent info and then can do an archives search too.  If you click on the archive posts there are multiple posts within the original post usually. 

Of course you want the most current info, but for companies like Transtech or Keystrokes someone asks about these companies several times a week so there is a ton of current information on them. 


Any recent info on A STAT in FL
Just tested w/ them and wondering if some of the negative reviews from a few years ago still hold current. TIA!
Need recent info on NEMT...nm
Not brand-new info, but recent. (sm)
I think the rate I had there was 8 or 8.5 cents a line, as an IC, which isn't great. The problems I had with them were that they did not use direct deposit for IC's and the checks ALWAYS took at least 15 days to come. They said it was a slow post office. I took the envelope to the post office and they looked at the postmark and said it had only just been mailed 3 days earlier, which means they mailed it 12 days late but would not admit it, nor would they let me have direct deposit or overnight (even though I offered to pay for the overnight service). That was annoying as heck, as it happened every single pay period. The other issue was that they required me to work Sundays, and yet I ran out of work EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY. I was supposed to hit 1100 lines every Sunday and it never ever happened even when I started at 4 a.m. Oh, and when I moved to where there was only satellite internet available, they told me they were compatible with satellite, and they weren't, so I had to find another job fast and they couldn't ever figure out why it wasn't compatible, as their tech was actually just an MT who had taken a computer course. Oy. I liked the work, the supervisors, etc., but it wasn't great. I left almost a year ago and never looked back.
Any recent info on ZyloMed? Thanks!

Any recent opinions/info on TRS? sm
I am probably going to test for Transcription Relief Services this afternoon. Any opinions on this company before I do? TIA.
There's lots of recent info...
you just need to scroll down the page and maybe to page 2 or 3.
for more recent info, use the 2nd google
There is recent info here on this company.
Here it is again. Several divisions, they don't all operate the same. The one in Colorado uses Scribe and Express Scribe which isn't such a great program. I had problems with it freezing all the time. No demographics are filled in. (You aren't paid for doing it either.) You are expected to look up old reports and fill in blanks before you send to QA. They do not have 24/7 technical support. No overtime. No incentive/tier pay. Quarterly QA, must pass to be eligible for $50 bonus. Paid holidays. Some hire IC/and/or employees. Benefits (expensive but more than 1 deductible to choose from). Both straight typing and VR accounts. Cherry picking was a problem. Set schedules. Not for newbies.
Can you please email their contact info to me?
Or can I email you for it? The 'contact us' form on their website is coming back as undeliverable.
recent Softscript Info-sm

anyone have any recent info on SoftScript such as how much they pay and if they are okay.  please do not tell me to look at archives; I have already done that.  I want RECENT info please.  thanks

K&R Website-contact info
I was on their site and see on the right side a list of contacts and their emails. The one I think would be the person to contact would be under Transcription/Coding Services. Her email is Shannon@knrconsult.com

I see they are a
Service Disabled Veteran owned company. There would be no off shoring here, that is for sure!!

Thanks, I did that, just wanted more recent info