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Larry? Sue? Liz? Dorothy? Is that you? nm

Posted By: BO on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: Transcend Services - KW


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I agree that Dorothy will do whatever she can to
help, but if there is not enough work to go around, then there is nothing she can do about that unless she gets rid of some people.  If she switched people off of YOUR account so you could have as much work as you want, obviously those people were switched to another account, so the people on THAT account are going to have less work.  Sounds like most of the accounts are running dry right now.  There is only so much work and if you have too many people working it just makes sense there will not be enough to go around.
Is the owner's name Dorothy? (And her
That company's probably that new one based in Emerald City, Kansas.
Millionaire Dorothy In

Why would they? Larry isn't going to come here...
...to make company policy public, nor would anyone who cares about their future in management. This board is here for rumor, suggetion, help, support, and conjecture.

However, you might have some luck researching on the internet for an announcement, as they are a publically traded company (try TRCR, as that is their stock moniker). However, I was told quite a while ago what was happening pretty much from the horse's mouth, so it's true.

Another bell tolls for the demise of an all-American company.
To the MT who was *talking* w/ me a few weeks ago re MDI-MD who said Dorothy would be thrilled ...SM

to hear from me.....well, I finally decided to email them about a position.  It's sure been long enough, hasn't it? lol  I appreciate your encouragement and your help.  We'll just have to wait and see if they have a part-time slot for me.  I wasn't sure if I ever expressed my appreciation to you then, and I sure hope you see this now and recognize yourself in my subject line.  Thanks again!!


Have you talked to Dorothy? I mentioned last week sm

to her that I was having to scrounge all day to get my lines, and she was very helpful -- moving other people off the account and offering to give me a 3rd account.  I think if you let her know that you do not have enough work, she'll do what she can to help you.  At least, that has been my experience.

And I agree with the other poster ... typically, holiday times are slower everywhere.  Most people do not come in for elective procedures and such over the holidays. 

Good luck -- hope you find a solution that works.  :-)

Email Dorothy (owner) direct and ask
State the problem, how long do I hang on etc/  Get some definitive response. .
Larry King? - LOL - let's think of more -
You should send your note to Larry...

I would copy it and send it for you. I have only been working for Transcend for 1-1/2 months. The management seems great as well as the non-VR platform, it's easy to use, works very well. Man, why change a good thing? I've been trained on the new platform but have not started on it yet. VERY scared. I hope it works out as I don't want to have to look for a new job right away. I'm also working for a local clinic as an IC, part-time and have another opportunity for the clinic I just left to be a back-up person, probably IC as well. BUT, that won't be enough to pay the bills either.

I think part of the problem with these national companies is that they do look at their MTs as machines. They don't see faces behind the names, just numbers, $$ signs and the like. It is a very strange thing, having this cyber job and not meeting anyone face to face. Maybe if we all emailed Larry with our picture, pictures of our families, he would get the clue to let well-enough alone.

ya, dat daer Larry is sumptin else..
Position with Larry and Eileen
Yes, I was having trouble.  The directions are not clear as to which files to click to complete the test, etc.  I called and had it explained to me.  But the pay is $1.00 per page, which won't work for me.  Good luck.  Let me know how it turns out.
Larry just said that Transcend does offshore.
For the most part, I agree. Dorothy and I have butted heads a few times, sm

but I do believe that she truly cares about the welfare of her MTs, and is not some evil monster sitting on her throne, deliberately overhiring so she can make lots of people suffer.  As you pointed out, it is not even good business sense.

I am not on the inside track, so I really do not know what the plan is as far as continuing to hire new MTs when many are complaining there is no work, but I have to believe there is some kind of plan.   I have been fortunate.  I was running out of work, and they gave me another account, so I can make my quota.  Plus, I just decided I would be stubborn and sit and take the reports whenever I can get them, all day long if I have to do it that way. 

I suppose in my dream world, there would always be plenty of work, anytime I want it, with only the best of the docs dictating.   But, barring that, I still think MDI-MD is one of the best companies out there to work for, and I wouldn't consider leaving right now. 

Speaking of work, I had foot pedal issues last night, so I am behind and should get busy. 

Happy New Year, one last time. 

Larry Gerdes CEO of Transcend is aging just like the rest of us!
Has anyone applied for the chiropractic position with Larry and Eileen?
It says listen to the instructions carefully, but I'm having a hard time finding those instructions?  Anyone else having this problem?
Larry doesn't know if he's coming or going! One day a mass email to employees begging them to
even though no work, and the next day mass email begging people to hire anybody they can scrape up and now accounts out of TAT, etc.  Different story every day of the week, and I don't wanna hear about the company perils!  Just let me type! No thanks.